Constitutional Amendment Article XVI, Sec. 1

Amendment Article XVI, Section 1


Reapportionment. Congressional and general assembly districts to be consistent with federal standards.

HJR 3             1980

            Senate:            2558-2562

            House:             1446-1457

            Committee:     Government Administration & Elections: 54-61

                                                            Total Pages: 25 pages


Adopted: November 26, 1980 by a popular vote of  414,907 in favor and 203,837 against.


“ Common Cause believes the legislature should go a step further and substantially reform the entire reapportionment process.  The Common Cause model proposal has three main elements-strict anti-gerrymandering standards; non-partisan reapportionment commission and prompt judicial review.”


–Betty Gallo, Executive Director of Common Cause, testifying at a Government Administration & Elections Committee public hearing on February 19, 1980.