Constitutional Amendment Article XV, Sec. 1

Amendment Article XV, Section 1


Age requirement for senators lowered to 18.

HJR 103         1979

            Senate: 5849-5854, 5867-5869

            House:  6093-6099

            Committee: Government Administration and Elections: None

                                                Total Pages: 16  pages


Adopted: November 26, 1980 by a popular vote of  357,845 in favor and 320,945 against.


“Even if we allow 18-year-olds the right to run for office, this certainly won’t assure his or her election.  The process is an arduous one and difficult and, in many ways, helps sort people out.”


–Rep. Hendel speaking on the floor of the Connecticut House of Representatives on Friday, May 4, 1979 to explain a proposed constitutional amendment which will lower the age requirement for elective office to 18.