Constitutional Amendment Article XIII

Amendment Article XIII


Removal to another town. Repealed.

HJR 92                       1979

            Senate:            4404-4406

            House:            2854-2856

            Committee:     Government Administration & Elections: 871-871a, 900, 911

                                                Total Pages: 10 pages


Adopted: November 26, 1980 by a popular vote of 441,087 in favor and 225,096 against.


“ this would repeal . . . six-month residency requirement on voters who are moving into town.  This is in conflict with Article IX of the Amendments to the Connecticut State Constitution and it is also in conflict with the U.S. Constitution as construed by the federal courts.  In particular, for the record, Nichols v. Schaffer which is reported at 344 Federal Supplement, page 238.”


–John Maloney [Elections Attorney and Director of Elections Division, Secretary of State’s Office] testifying at a public hearing held by the Government Administration and Elections committee on March 21, 1979.