Constitutional Amendment Article XII

Amendment Article XII


Supreme Court to have original jurisdiction for review of decennial reapportionment.

SJR 5              1976

            Senate: 1572-1576

            House:  3894-3901

            Committee: Government Administration & Policy: 199-208

                                                Total Pages: 23  pages


Adopted: November 24, 1976 by a popular vote of 499,448 in favor and 134,245 against.


“ I would also suggest . . . that a reasonable time limit be placed upon the Supreme Court in the issuing of its reapportionment decisions.  In this way, implementation of a new . . . plan could not be tied up in the courts indefinitely by aggrieved political persons.”


–Secretary of State Gloria Schaffer testifying at a public hearing held by the Government Administration & Policy Committee on March 25, 1976.