Constitutional Amendment Article XI

Amendment Article XI


Judicial censure, removal or suspension. Judicial Review Council.

HJR 44           1976

            Senate:            1191-1193

            House:            581-588

            Committee:     Judiciary:     357-358, 366, 388-390

                                                Total Pages: 17 pages


Adopted: November 24, 1976 by a popular vote of  527,198 in favor and 133,860 against.


“ What it provides is an alternative method for disciplining, suspending, removing judges over and above the present, very limited, cumbersome process either of impeachment or of removal by the governor on address of two-thirds of both houses.”


–Rep. James T. Healey speaking on Tuesday, March 23, 1976 during the House debate on proposed constitutional amendment House Joint Resolution No. 44.