Constitutional Amendment Article VI

Amendment Article VI


Method of proposing and approving constitutional amendments.

HJR 9             1972

            Senate:            2340 – 2342

            House:            1004 – 1006

            Committee:     Government Administration & Policy: 49

                                                Total Pages: 7  pages


Adopted: November 27, 1974 by a popular vote of  398,029 in favor and 116,495 against.


“There is a  . . . section in our Constitution which we didn’t change when we went on annual sessions [which states] an amendment must go to the next even-numbered year [for the popular vote]”.


–Rep. Neiditz testifying at a public hearing held on March 8, 1972 by the Government Administration & Policy Committee on HJR 9 which would provide for constitutional amendments to be put to the popular vote in the next election, not the election held in the next even-numbered year.