Constitutional Amendment Article IX

Amendment Article IX


Lowers age of electors to 18 and relaxes qualifications.

HJR 48           1975

            Senate: 1869-1871

            House:  2290-2293, 2315-2316

            Committee: Government Administration & Policy: 403-406

                                                Total Pages: 13  pages


Adopted:  November 24, 1976 by a popular vote of 545,281 in favor and 119,533 against.


“This amendment would conform the language of the state constitution to the 18-year-old voting age now in effect and mandated by the 26th amendment [to the U.S. Constitution]. It would conform our constitution to the Supreme Court decision that durational residency requirements are unconstitutional, changing it to require only bona fide residency . . . rather than six months. [It ]would also abolish the literacy test which has been suspended by the Federal Voting Rights Act . . . [and] eliminate the necessity for an oath . . .”


–Rep. James M. Mannion, speaking on the floor of the Connecticut House of Representatives Thursday, May 1, 1975 to explain proposed constitutional amendment H.J.R. No. 48 which alters the language of the Connecticut constitution to reflect recent federal changes.