Constitutional Amendment Article III

Amendment Article III


Annual Sessions of the General Assembly.

HJR 160                     1969

            Senate:            1164-1223

            House:            1455-1488, 2572-2580

            Committee:  Constitutional Amendments: 1-44

                                                Total Pages: 148 pages


Adopted: November 25, 1970 by a popular vote of  455,483 in favor and 140,320 against.


“The mere fact that the legislature only exists for five months out of every 24 has meant that the state of Connecticut has come down to an executive commissioner form of government, in which the people really have very little power to express their wishes.”


–Rep. Stewart McKinney testifying at a public hearing held by the Constitutional Amendments Committee on January 29, 1969 to explain the proposed constitutional amendment which will provide for annual sessions of the Connecticut General Assembly.