Connecticut Valley Hospital

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Statutory Authority

Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 17-207

Agency History

1866, Chapter 37 (May Session Public Acts)

Legislation enacted establishing a hospital for the insane in Connecticut

1867, June 20

Cornerstone laid in Middletown for the General Hospital for Insane of the State of Connecticut

1874, Public Act 168

Name changed to Connecticut Hospital for the Insane; by 1879, commonly referred to as Connecticut State Hospital

1953, October 1, Public Act 53-505

Transferred for administrative purposes to the new Department of Mental Health

1961, October, Public Act 61-340

Name changed to Connecticut Valley Hospital

1995, accepted patients from Fairfield Hills Hospital upon its closure

1996, accepted patients from Norwich Hospital upon its closure

Published Histories/Articles

The Tercentenary and Connecticut State Hospital.  Middletown, Conn. : Connecticut State Hospital, [1950]. [CSL Call Number ConnDoc In713t]

Carini, Esta et al. The Mentally Ill in Connecticut: Changing Patterns of Care and the Evolution of Psychiatric Nursing, 1636-1972. Hartford : Dept. of Mental Health, 1974. pp. 12-134. [CSL Call Number ConnDoc M68 meiL]

To the Memory of Dr. Joseph W. Alsop : Also to the Trustees and Local Trustees, of the Connecticut Hospital for the Insane, 1868.  This reprint of one quarter of a century is presented by the first trustee of Hartford County.  Hartford, CT:  Press of the Case, Lockwood and Brainard Co, 1895. [CSL Call Number ConnDoc In713a]

Burr, Rollin H. “A Statistical Study of Patients Admitted at the Connecticut Hospital for Insane from the Years 1868 to 1901.” Publications of the American Statistical Association, vol. 8, no. 62, June 1903, pp. 305-343. [Available at the State Library in JSTOR, a subscription database]

Shew, Abram Marvin Shew, M.D.  “History and Description of the Connecticut Hospital for the Insane.”  First Report of the Board of Trustees of the General State Hospital for the Insane, of the State of Connecticut, Presented to the General Assembly, at its Session in May, 1867.  New Haven : printed by Thomas J. Stafford, 1867. [CSL Call Number ConnDoc In713]

Hartford Courant “From numbers to names, one by one…”, May 26, 2005, p. B3.

Hartford Courant “Giving names to people nobody wanted to know”, May 29, 2005. p. H1.

Agency Documents

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[CSL Call Number ConnDoc In713]

Digest of Administrative Reports to the Governor [CSL Call Number ConnDoc F40 d]

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Superintendents 1933-1969 in [CSL Call Number ConnDoc M68 meil]

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