Butler, Frank

Butler, Frank (?)

There is little known about Frank Butler except that he worked for the WPA from 1936-1937 while living on Shore Beach in Branford, Connecticut. He painted several signs with images of insects, animals, and plants known to be at East Rock Park. He used the medium larcoloid, an acrylic latex gloss enamel applied to primed metal surfaces. For information about the park, go to www.cityofnewhaven.com/Parks/ParksInformation/eastrockpark.asp.

Source: WPA Artist’s Work Card.

Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Frank Butler:

Black flag Iris: larcoloid
New England Aster: larcoloid
New England Aster: larcoloid
Eastern Meadowlark: larcoloid
Brown Thrasher: larcoloid
Eastern Robin: larcoloid
Black Throated Green Warbler: larcoloid
English House Sparrow: larcoloid
Connecticut Warbler: larcoloid
Eastern House Sparrow: larcoloid
Dickissel: larcoloid
Oldfield Goldenrod: larcoloid
Eastern Goldfinch: larcoloid
Rose Breasted Grosbeak: larcoloid
Eastern Chipping Sparrow: larcoloid
Red Eyed Jowkee: larcoloid
Smooth Sumac: larcoloid
Brown Creeper: larcoloid
Wild Black Chair: larcoloid
Hickory: larcoloid
Flowering Dogwood: larcoloid
Sweet Flag: larcoloid
Black Chokeberry: larcoloid
Pasture Rose: larcoloid
Red Chokeberry: larcoloid
June Bug: larcoloid
Poison Sumac: larcoloid
Poison Ivy: larcoloid
Violet: larcoloid
Common Sunflower: larcoloid
Cecropia Moth: larcoloid
New York Aster: larcoloid
Sweet William Phlox: larcoloid
Hophornbeam: larcoloid
Lichen: larcoloid
Mountain Laurel: larcoloid
Chestnut Oak: larcoloid
Blue flag Iris: larcoloid
Very Bird: larcoloid
Jack in the Pulpit: larcoloid
Rattlesnake Plantain: larcoloid
White Baneberry: larcoloid
Very Bird: larcoloid
Wood Thrush: larcoloid
Oven Bird: larcoloid
Grape Vine: larcoloid
Red & Gray Squirrel: larcoloid
Flower Signs: larcoloid
Witch Hazel: larcoloid
Crow: larcoloid
Witch Hazel (Shrub): larcoloid
Cat briar: larcoloid
Spice Bush: larcoloid
Sarsaparilla: larcoloid
Let Us Say: larcoloid
Let Us Say: larcoloid
Shad Bush: larcoloid
Retouching 23 signs: larcoloid
A Nature Trail: larcoloid
Painted 47 Flower Markers: larcoloid
End of Trail: larcoloid
Begins: larcoloid
You Will Find: larcoloid
Ends: larcoloid
White Breasted Nutch: larcoloid
Painted 15 Flower Markers: larcoloid
Cat Bird: larcoloid
Painted 46 Flower Markers: larcoloid
Painted 8 Leaves Signs: larcoloid
Nature Trail (Direction): larcoloid
Painted 3 Leaves Signs: larcoloid
Painted 6 Trail Signs: larcoloid
Painted 10 Floral Markers: larcoloid
Painted 17 Trail Signs: larcoloid
Painted 3 Leaves Signs: larcoloid
Painted 9 Flowers Signs: larcoloid
Horsetail: larcoloid
Horsetail: larcoloid
Huckleberry: larcoloid
Laurel: larcoloid
High Bush Blueberry: larcoloid
Varnishing 26 Flower Signs: larcoloid
Varnishing 2 General Signs: larcoloid
Mushrooms: larcoloid
How Much Do You Know Etc.: larcoloid
Woodchuck: larcoloid
These Falso Beech Drops: larcoloid
Trees: larcoloid
Ferns: larcoloid
Ferns: larcoloid
Nature: larcoloid
Fern: larcoloid
Trees General: larcoloid
Butler, Frank