Benoit, Edward

Benoit, Edward (?)

Edward Benoit worked with George West lettering and painting signs for East Rock and West Rock Parks using larcoloid, an acrylic latex gloss enamel applied to primed metal surfaces. The signs were directional placed along nature trails; textual describing the life cycle, behavior, and habitats of birds, insects, mammals, and vegetation and explaining natural processed like the creation of boulders during the Ice Age; and representational providing paintings of animals and plants described. Benoit completed 177 signs for East Rock Park. His WPA Artist’s Work Card states that he also did “General Work in the Bldg.” from 1937-1938. Nothing else is known about him.

 Source:  WPA Artist’s Work Card.

Edward Benoit

Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Edward Benoit:

Black Eyed Susan: larcoloid
Bouncing Bet: larcoloid
Indian Pipes: larcoloid
Jack in the Pulpit: larcoloid
New Jersey Lea: larcoloid
Poison Ivy: larcoloid
Rattlesnake Plantain: larcoloid
Self Heal All: larcoloid
Water Pennymort: larcoloid
Virginia Creeper: larcoloid
Wild Peanut: larcoloid
Wild Strawberry: larcoloid
Four Leaved Loosetrife: larcoloid
Ferns: larcoloid
American Maidenhave: larcoloid
Bracken: larcoloid
The Christmas Fern: larcoloid
Hayscentend: larcoloid
Lady: larcoloid
Elm: larcoloid
Hemlock: larcoloid
Hickory: larcoloid
Hop Hornbean: larcoloid
Lichen: larcoloid
Licopodium: larcoloid
Maple: larcoloid
Mockernut: larcoloid
Oak: larcoloid
Pine: larcoloid
Sassafras: larcoloid
Tulip: larcoloid
Vebwin: larcoloid
Insects: larcoloid
A Model Dairy: larcoloid
Cicade: larcoloid
Cow Vetch: larcoloid
Cinquefoil: larcoloid
White Baneberry: larcoloid
June Bug: larcoloid
Honey Bee: larcoloid
Housefly: larcoloid
Monarch Butterfly: larcoloid
Mosquito: larcoloid
Praying Mantis: larcoloid
Lent Caterpillar: larcoloid
Wasp: larcoloid
Sassafras: larcoloid
Pine: larcoloid
Aspen: larcoloid
Sugar Maple: larcoloid
Cedar: larcoloid
Wild Black Cherry: larcoloid
Blue Flag Iris: larcoloid
New England Aster: larcoloid
True Forget Me Not: larcoloid
Virginia Spring Beauty: larcoloid
Black Throated Green Warbler: larcoloid
Eastern Chipping Sparrow: larcoloid
Dickissel: larcoloid
Connecticut Warbler: larcoloid
Red Eyed Towhee: larcoloid
Eastern Goldfinch: larcoloid
Black and White Warbler: larcoloid
Cat Bird: larcoloid
Oven Bird: larcoloid
Wood Thrush: larcoloid
Veery: larcoloid
Eastern Crow: larcoloid
Alder Flycatcher: larcoloid
Black Throated Warbler: larcoloid
Ant: larcoloid
Cecropia Moth: larcoloid
Firefly: larcoloid
Grasshopper: larcoloid
Nature Trail: larcoloid
Here Begins a Nature Trail: larcoloid
On This Trail You Will Find: larcoloid
End of the Trail: larcoloid
Police Tags: larcoloid
Fire Prevention: larcoloid
Nature Trail (Directions): larcoloid
Nature Trail (Directions): larcoloid
Nature Trail (Directions): larcoloid
Northern Blue Jay: larcoloid
Baltimore Oriole: larcoloid
Indigo Bunting: larcoloid
Scarlet Tanager: larcoloid
Red Billed Woodpecker: larcoloid
Red Headed Woodpecker: larcoloid
Northern Flicker: larcoloid
Cedar Waxing: larcoloid
Red Winged Blackbird: larcoloid
Eastern Rubin: larcoloid
Black Billed & Yellow Billed Cuckoo: larcoloid
English House Sparrow: larcoloid
Rose Breasted Nuthatch: larcoloid
White Breasted Nuthatch: larcoloid
Eastern Cardinal: larcoloid
Canada Jay: larcoloid
Eastern Field Sparrow: larcoloid
Eastern Tree Sparrow: larcoloid
Mocking Bird: larcoloid
Yellow Billed Cuckoo: larcoloid
Carolina Wreen: larcoloid
Northern Shrike: larcoloid
Eastern Blue Bird: larcoloid
Black Poll Warbler: larcoloid
Yellow Bellied Flycatcher: larcoloid
Brown Creeper: larcoloid
Eastern Meadow: larcoloid
Black Cevenian Warbler: larcoloid
Brown Trasher: larcoloid
Maidenhair: larcoloid
The Winged Beech: larcoloid
Leaves: larcoloid
Roots and Plants: larcoloid
Story of West Rock: larcoloid
Story of the Bolders [sic]: larcoloid
Another Rock Story: larcoloid
The Story Beneath Your Feet: larcoloid
Yarrow: larcoloid
Witch Hazel: larcoloid
Spice Brush: larcoloid
Sarsaparilla: larcoloid
Wild Sarsaparilla: larcoloid
Catbriar: larcoloid
Huckleberry: larcoloid
Blueberry: larcoloid
Shade Brush: larcoloid
Mountain Laurel: larcoloid
Wild Honeysuckle: larcoloid
State Flowers: larcoloid
Mountain Laurel: larcoloid
Trees (general): larcoloid
Trees (general): larcoloid
Let No One Say: larcoloid
Old Saying: larcoloid
Skunk Cabbage: larcoloid
Poison Ivy: larcoloid
Poison Sumac: larcoloid
Jack in the Pulpit: larcoloid
Pink Lady Slippers: larcoloid
Showy Lady Slippers: larcoloid
Grape Vine: larcoloid
Red and Gray Squirrels: larcoloid
Deer: larcoloid
Apple: larcoloid
Ash: larcoloid
Aspen: larcoloid
Beech: larcoloid
Birch: larcoloid
Catalpa: larcoloid
Cedar: larcoloid
Cherry: larcoloid
Chestnut: larcoloid
Dogwood: larcoloid
Smoothe Sumac: larcoloid
Trailing Arbutus: larcoloid
Flowering Raspberry: larcoloid
Sweet William Phlox: larcoloid
Virginia Strawberry: larcoloid
Cardinal Flower: larcoloid
New York Aster: larcoloid
Mountain Laurel: larcoloid
Common Sunflower: larcoloid
Oxeye Daisy: larcoloid
Virginia Creeper: larcoloid
Violet: larcoloid
American Columbine: larcoloid
Black Chokeberry: larcoloid
Pasture Rose: larcoloid
Flowering Dogwood: larcoloid
Sweetflag: larcoloid
Red Chokeberry: larcoloid
Black Eyed Susan: larcoloid
Benoit, Edward