Bellin, Milton R.

Bellin, Milton Rockwell (1913-1997)

Milton Rockwell Bellin was born in New Haven, Connecticut on June 6, 1913. He attended the Yale School of Fine Arts and received his BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS in 1936. Bellin assisted James Daugherty with murals for the Stamford Housing Project and acknowledged Daugherty’s influence on his style. Bellin painted seven murals at Central Connecticut State University for the WPA Federal Arts Project, and he completed 62 easel paintings, the majority of which were in water color. His works were allocated to the Nathan Hale School in New Britain, the Mystic Oral School, Central Connecticut State University, Norwich and Fairfield State Hospitals, and the Board of Education in Milford. Bellin later served as the Principal of the High School of Art and Design in New York City. He died there on October 7, 1997.


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Milton R. Bellin

Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Milton Bellin:

Farmer and Wife: oil
Small White House (aka: White House in Autumn”: watercolor
Outside the Studio: oil
Reflections: oil
Midnight: oil
At the Movies: oil
Winter Scene: oil
Girl in Red: oil
Captain Boone’s House: watercolor
Red Hot and Blue: watercolor
When Summer is Gone: watercolor
Winter Rein: watercolor
Yankee: oil
Indian Summer: watercolor
Wonderland: oil
Clearing: oil
Medium Rare, Please: crayon
Sin of Vanity (cartoon):  
Barn in Rain: watercolor
Westher Wood: watercolor
The Bathers: watercolor
Between Hours: watercolor
Montana Mountains: oil
Volcanic Land: oil
Yellowstone Lake: oil
Cabins: watercolor
Yellowstone Canyon: oil
A Pa. Mining Town Jr. High School: watercolor
White River, Colorado: watercolor
Denver, Colorado: watercolor
Road’s End: watercolor
Detroit: watercolor
Red Rocks & Rain: watercolor
Garden of the Gods: watercolor
Lake Tahoe: watercolor
Yellowstone Canyon: watercolor
Yellowstone Canyon: watercolor
Oh Mama!: watercolor
California Blue Jay- Yosemite: watercolor
Mountain Waves & Sky: watercolor
Physical Education:  
Tahoe, Evening:  
Weather Mood:  
Bellin, Milton R.