Barbour, Harold

Barbour, Harold (1889-1961)

Harold Barbour was born in Newtonville, Massachusetts in 1889. He attended the Art Students League in New York City and worked in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1929 Barbour and his wife moved to Higganum, Connecticut and lived there until his death. He was active in the Central Connecticut Art Center in Marlborough. In addition to illustrations and cartoons, Barbour wrote poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. He was active in the Brainerd Memorial Library, serving as chair of the Board of Trustees, and  was a member of the Haddam Historical Society. The Haddam Historical Society now owns the [Harold] Barbour Collection of cartoons and illustrations, his fiction, non-fiction, poetry, pencil sketches, photographs, and wood block prints. Barbour worked for the Public Works of Art Project, a program funded prior to the WPA Federal Arts Project. For the WPA, he painted 54 easel paintings and two murals, one depicting a scene from the Portland Quarry and the other, a shipyard in Portland. Both are in the Portland High School. A series of easel paintings on tobacco farming were allocated to the Portland Board of Education. A series of ten easel paintings was done for the Children’s Village in Hartford, Connecticut now known as the Village for Families and Children. Barbour died in 1961.

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Harold S. Barbour

Works of Art Listed in CT Archives’ database from Harold Barbour:

Bo-Peep’s Sheep: oil
Pig Who Went to Market: oil
Goosey Gander: oil
Cat and Fiddle: oil
Cow that Jumped Over the Moon: oil
Bo-Peep: oil
Jack and Jill: oil
Three Blind Mice: oil
Wise Old Owl: oil
Children’s Heads: oil
House Among the Trees: watercolor
New England Church: watercolor
Village in the Winter: watercolor
Portland Shipyard: oil
Portland Quarry: oil
Interior, Tobacco Shed: watercolor
Setting Machine: watercolor
Girls Picking Tobacco Plants: watercolor
Pulling Cloth: watercolor
End of the Season: watercolor
Tobacco Factory (Warehouse): watercolor
Girls Sewing Leaves: watercolor
Sewing Cloth: watercolor
Meig’s Point, Clinton: pen & ink
Connecticut River School: pen & ink
Boys Picking: watercolor
Tobacco Wagon (Sun Grown Crop): watercolor
River Scene: watercolor
Tobacco Country: watercolor
Carting Off the Leaves: watercolor
Burning Off: watercolor
Sketches for Library:  
Night Traffic: watercolor & pencil
Tug Breaking Ice: watercolor & pencil
Connecticut #1: watercolor
Connecticut #2: watercolor
Conn. River Steamboat-1830: watercolor & pencil
Barnet House: watercolor
Mist: watercolor
Red and White House: watercolor
Sunset: watercolor
The Center: watercolor
The Lane: watercolor
Boat Landing: watercolor
Conn. River Shore: watercolor
Dublin Bridge: watercolor
Onset Cove: watercolor
Durham Road: watercolor
Windy Days: watercolor
Moonlight, Grout House: watercolor
Red Barns & Connecticut River: watercolor
Yellow House: watercolor
House in the Valley: watercolor
Haddam Main Street: watercolor
Red Oak & Village: watercolor
Goosey Gander: oil
Barbour, Harold