Arsenic and Old Lace Connecticut Style

Amy Archer Gilligan courtesy of Wikimedia CommonsEverybody loves a creepy tale…especially as Halloween draws near. But as they say, truth is stranger than fiction and CT is certainly no stranger to ghastly moments in history.

Her name was Amy Archer-Gilligan and from 1910-17 she had a penchant caretaking elderly boarders who just happened to be financially endowed. One of these hapless souls was her husband for a year until he along with 5 other verified victims over the years died of arsenic poisoning.

In 1924, after court trials, Archer-Gilligan was officially declared insane and sent to Connecticut Hospital for the Insane in Middletown where she maintained a long term residency until her death in 1962 ….

In addition to an interesting book in our collection documenting this most gruesome tale, the State Library also has the Supreme Court Records & Briefs of her case available in both paper & digitally by request.