RG 089:001, State Highway Department, 1894-1993

RG 089:001, State Highway Department Inventory of Records


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Series 1. Road improvement registers 1894-1913

Series 2. Supervisor of Repairs, West Willington 1921-1929

Series 3. Manuals and organizational studies 1930-1987

Series 4. Hartford Bridge Commission 1939-1951

Series 5. Groton-New London Bridge Commission 1939-1943

Series 6. Old Lyme-Old Saybrook Bridge Commission 1945-1951

Series 7. Reports and studies 1939-1992, undated

Series 8. News clippings and maps circa 1940-1965

Series 9. Photographs circa 1930-1958

Series 12. State Highway Commissioner certificates of finished projects 1895-1931

Series 13. Merritt Parkway 1937

Series 14. West Rock Tunnel 1948-1949

Series 17. George S. Koch 1975

Series 19. Merritt Parkway Toll Plazas 1939-1988

Series 21. Surveyor field books 1956-1962

Series 26. Personnel Administrator 1942-1969

Series 27. Engineers' Files 1917-1984

Series 28. Blueprints 1922-1960

Series 29. Bureau of Fiscal Services 1968

Series 30. Bureau of Planning & Design 1957-1993

RG 089:001, State Highway Department

Inventory of Records

Finding aid prepared by Connecticut State Library staff.

Copyright © 2012 by the Connecticut State Library

Overview of the Collection

Repository: Connecticut State Library
Creator: Connecticut. State Highway Dept
Title: State Highway Department records
Dates: 1894-1993
Quantity: 53 cubic feet
Abstract: In 1895, the General Assembly established a three person board known as the State Highway Commission to monitor town expenditures of state funds as well as construction and improvements to public roads. In 1897, the legislature abolished the board and created the State Highway Department headed by the State Highway Commissioner. In October 1969, it merged into the new Department of Transportation.
Identification: RG089_001
Accession: Multiple
Language: The records are in English.

Historical Note

In 1895, the General Assembly established a three person board known as the State Highway Commission to monitor town expenditures of state funds as well as construction and improvements to public roads. In 1897, the legislature abolished the board and created the State Highway Department headed by the State Highway Commissioner. In October 1969. it merged into the new Department of Transportation.

See also the State Highway Department Agency History.

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Scope and Content

Included here are road improvement registers, 1894-1913; papers from the Supervisor of Repairs, 1921-1929; manuals and organizational studies, 1930-1987; Hartford Bridge Commission, 1939-1951; Groton-New London Bridge Commission, 1939-1943; Old Lyme-Old Saybrook Bridge Commission, 1945-1951; reports and studies, 1939-1992; news clippings and maps, circa 1940-1965; photographs, circa 1930-1958; certificates of finished projects, 1895-1931; report on the Merritt Parkway, 1937; report on the West Rock Tunnel, 1948-1949; George S. Koch papers, 1975; photographs and blueprints of the Merritt Parkway toll plazas, 1939-1988; surveyor field books, 1956-1962; papers of the personnel administrator, 1942-1969; engineers' files including those of Warren M. Creamer, 1933-1984, and Harry Mardoian, 1917-1960; blueprints, 1922-1960; a manual from the Bureau of Fiscal Services, 1968; and Route Change Notices from the Bureau of Planning & Design, 1957-1993.

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See the Rules and Procedures for Researchers Using Archival Records and Secured Collections policy.

Restrictions on Use

See the Reproduction and Publications of State Library Collections policy.

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Index Terms


Connecticut. Groton-New London Bridge Commission
Connecticut. Hartford Bridge Commission
Connecticut. Old Lyme-Old Saybrook Bridge Commission
Connecticut. State Highway Dept


Bridges -- Connecticut -- Groton
Bridges -- Connecticut -- Hartford
Bridges -- Connecticut -- New London
Bridges -- Connecticut -- Old Lyme
Bridges -- Connecticut -- Old Saybrook
Charter Oak Bridge (Hartford and East Hartford, Conn.)
Connecticut Turnpike (Conn.)
Merritt Parkway (Conn.)
Raymond E. Baldwin Bridge (Old Lyme and Old Saybrook, Conn.)
Roads -- Connecticut -- Design and construction
Roads -- Connecticut -- Maintenance and repair
Thames River Bridge (Groton, Conn. and New London, Conn.)
Transportation -- Connecticut

Document Types:

Clippings (information artifacts)
Manuals (instructional materials)
Minute books

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Administrative Information


Accession 2013-032 was transferred to the Connecticut State Library on January 30, 2013.

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Container List

Series 1. Road improvement registers, 1894-1913, Accession: 1977-007
Arranged by year, then by county, then by town.
Box Item/Folder
1896-1896 Item 1
1895-1913 Item 1a
Series 2. Supervisor of Repairs, West Willington, 1921-1929, Accession: 1978-016
Papers, 1921-1929, 1 envelope (24 items) Item 2
Routine notification of responsibility assignments for road, bridge and fence maintenance.
Series 3. Manuals and organizational studies, 1930-1987
Accession: T002753
Griffenhagen and Associates Report of the organization and procedures of the State Highway Department, 1930 November, 1 volume 3
Griffenhagen and Associates Connecticut Highway Department: A report on the organization and procedures of the department, 1931 May, 1 volume
Griffenhagen and Associates Standard Practice Instructions, Bulletin No. 1, Employment and compensation of the staff of the Bureau of Business Administration, 1931 May, 1 volume
Griffenhagen and Associates Manual of rules and procedure for central filing, 1932, 1 volume
Griffenhagen and Associates Manuals of rules of procedure for financial administration, 1932, 1 volume
History of road making in Connecticut, circa 1935, 1 volume
Merit system rules. State Personnel Department, 1942, 1 volume 3a
Land, building and equipment requirements, Bureau of Roadway Maintenance, 1944, 1 volume
Job descriptions, State Highway Department, 1946, 1 volume
Long range program, 1954 September-Octo9ber, 4 volumes
Current maintenance matters, studied as of March 1, 1956, 1 volume
Manual. Bureau of Property Control, 1956, 1 volume
Includes a memo regarding supervision of Portland Plant.
Creator: Charles A. Maguire & Assoc., Inc. Master transportation study, 1970, 1 volume
Introduction to UNIVAC "120" computer, 1958, 3 volumes
Includes photos and manuals.
Accession: 1993-042
State-wide highway planning survey in cooperation with United States Bureau of Public Roads, 1938, 1 folder Shared box
Includes correspondence between R.L. Steiner and Charles Andrews on Colonial Connecticut schools, 1925.
Accession: 1993-046
Manual of procedure for the coding, extension, and punching operations in connection with the road use study, 1931 May 1, typescript, 1 folder Shared box
Accession: 2013-032
Code of Recommended Practice for Standards of Accuracy of Maps, 1945 January, 1 volume 1
Connecticut Universal Mapping Committee - Large Scale Map Standards, 1979, 1 volume
Interchange Number: List of bridges and highways by town, 1987, 1 volume
Manual of Standard Procedures for Preparing State and County Maps, 1937-1965, 1 binder
Specifications for general highway and traffic maps, Bureau of Highway Planning, 1946-1953, 1 binder
Standard Specs. Aerial Topographic Map Preparation History, 1950-1955, 1 binder
State-wide highway planning survey in cooperation with United States Bureau of Public Roads, manual of instructions for rural road inventory, 1950-1955, 1 binder
Series 4. Hartford Bridge Commission, 1939-1951
Accession: T002753
Minutes, 1939-1951
1939 August 22 - 1941 March 17, 1 volume Item 4a
1941 April 14 - 1943 August 9, 1 volume Item 4b
1943 September 13 - 1950 April 17, 1 volume Item 4c
1950 June 27 - 1951 January 3, 1 volume Item 4d
Charter Oak Bridge Scrapbook, 1939-1945, 1 volume Item 4e
Accession: 1989-038
Construction records, 1940-1945 1
Construction records for the Charter Oak, Connecticut River and other small bridges.
Contracts and special provisions for construction, 1940-1945, bulk 1941-1942
Bid summaries, 1941-1943
Legislation, undated
Correspondence, 1942-1944 3
Surety bonds, 1940
Project estimates and design reports, 1940-1945
Estimates of expenditure requirements, 1951-1953
Includes: For the biennium ending June 30, 1951; For the Biennium ending June 30, 1953
Manager's daily reports for the Charter Oak Bridge, 1943-1950
Statistics on revenue traffic, non-revenue traffic, and cash receipts.
1943 September - 1947 2
1948 - 1950 February 3
Accession: 1999-092
Charter Oak Bridge Scrapbook supplement, 1945-1947, 1 folder Item 1
Series 5. Groton-New London Bridge Commission, 1939-1943
Accession: T002753
Minutes, 1939 July - 1943 June, 1 volume Item 5
Accession: 1999-090
Groton-New London Bridge Commission scrapbook, 1939-9143 Box 1
Series 6. Old Lyme-Old Saybrook Bridge Commission , 1945-1951, Accession: T002753
Minutes, 1945-1951
1945 August 22 - 1946 July 12, 1 volume Item 6a
1946 August 29 - 1947 December 3, 1 volume Item 6b
1948 January 6 - 1949 August 5, 1 volume Item 6c
1949 August 26 - 1951 January 2, 1 volume Item 6d
1945 August 17 - 1951 January 2, 1 volume Item 6e
Partial duplicate of Item 6d.
Series 7. Reports and studies, 1939-1992, undated
Accession: T002753
Resolution authorizing construction of highway bridge between Hartford and East Hartford, 1940 7
Project proposals, WPA trolley rail removal, 1942
Hartford parking plaza, 1945
Creator: New Haven City Plan Department Report on the proposed alternate route for the Wilbur Cross Parkway, 1942
Report of the West Rock Tunnel, 1953
Alternate location study for the relocation of Route U.S. 1 in the Stratford-Milford area, 1952
Intersection of Church Street extensions and relocated Route 34 and Greenwich-Killingly expressway, 1955
A highway lighting test installation, 1956
Report to the Board of Selectmen from Town Plan Commission, Greenwich, on alternate route for the Post Road, 1951
Preliminary report on buildings displaced by the alternate route, East-West Expressway, City of Hartford, 1956
Planning report, Interstate 91, New Haven through Meriden, 1959
Projects [for highway work] scheduled to be advertised, 1962-1963, 3 photostats
Accession: 1993-034
Statewide highway planning survey route mileage logs, undated, 1 volume Shared box
Accession: 2013-032
Connecticut Geographic Names Alphabetical Finding List, 1981, 1 volume 1
Prepared from a computer file by the United States Department of Interior, Geological Survey, Branch of Geographic Names, Geographic Names Information System.
Delaware Mapping: A report describing the mapping procedures used by the Delaware Department of Highways and Transportation. Prepared by the State of Delaware Department of Highways and Transportation Mapping Section, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, undated, 1 volume
F.A. Charts Project Studies, 1940-1960, 1 binder
Official Mileage, Public Utilities Commission, State of Connecticut, 1939, 1 volume
Official Mileage, Public Utilities Commission, State of Connecticut, 1992, 1 volume
Series 8. News clippings and maps, circa 1940-1965
Scrapbook, circa 1940-1960 8
Miscellaneous clippings and other items evidently removed from reports or scrapbooks.
Series 9. Photographs, circa 1930-1958
Accession: T002753
Charter Oak Bridge, , 1 album Item 9
Raymond E. Baldwin Bridge
Volume 1, 1946-1947, undated, 1 album Item 10
Volume 2, 1948, undated, 1 album Item 11
Volume 3, undated, 1 album Item 12
Thames River Bridge
1941 February 20 - 1942 March 21, 1 album Item 13
1941 May 27 - 1943 March, 1 album Item 14
1941 February 20 - 1944 March 23, 1 album Item 15
1941 November 22 - 1943 September 10, 1 album Item 16
Connecticut Turnpike
Volume 1, 1955 February - 1956 September, 1 album Item 17
Volume 2, 1956 October - 1957 June, 1 album Item 18
Volume 3, 1957 July 7 - 1958 January, 1 album Item 19
Supplement, 1 album Item 20
Road maintenance, 1940-1950, 1 album Item 21
Contents: Route 2, Colchester, mixed in place surfacing, drainage installation, Barber-Greene mixing plant; Route 2, Lebanon, plant mix; Route 4, Farmington, stone surface treatment; Route 167 Simsbury, stone surface treatment; Route 181, Barkhamsted, stone surface treatment; Route 72, Plainville, stone surface treatment and loading and spraying at quarry; Miscellaneous stone surface treatment; Portland, Route 14, mud jacking; Norfolk, Route 49, Butler's Bridge; Preston Route 2, PCS, North Stonington, Route 95, PCS; East Haddam, Route 149, PCS; Enfield, Route 20, PCS; Manchester, Route 44; Bethany, Route 69, PCS; New Hartford, Route 4, PCS; Wallingford, U.S. Route 5; North Haven and Wallingford, U.S. Route 5; Manchester, Road 437 at Hockanum River Bridge; Greenwich, U.S. Route 1; Eastford, Route 91; Hartford Expressway.
Road maintenance, 1930-1933, 1940-1946, 1 album Item 22
Contents: Derby, Route 34, retaining wall; Canton, Route 44, wire rope fence; New Hartford, Route 4, wire rope fence; Barkhamsted, Route 81, wire rope fence; Farmington, Route 4, wire rope fence; Avon, Route 167, wire rope fence; Bloomfield, Route 185, wire rope fence; Stone fence, unidentified; Waterford, Route 32, old and new location; Woodbridge, Route 67, site of accident; Bolton, Route 44, Reservoir dam failure; State Highway Dept. exhibit at Hartford State Armory; Suffield, Route 75, detour sign; New Milford, U.S. Route 7; Naugatuck, Route 8; Hartford-East Hartford, Charter Oak Bridge; East Haven, Route 142, retaining wall and steps; Middletown, Route 157; Goshen, Routes 123 and 61; Goshen-Cornwall town line, Bunker Hill picnic area; Goshen, Route 4; Glastonbury, Road 917; East Hartford, Charter Oak toll station; Various structures; Greenwich, Merritt Parkway toll station.
Road maintenance, circa 1941-1949, 1 album Item 23
Contents: Working on Merritt Parkway in Stamford; maintenance equipment; maintenance plant; snow equipment; snow conditions and removal.
Unidentified bridge construction, 1932 November 30 - 1933 May 15, 1 album Item 24
Unidentified bridge construction, circa 1930-1939, 1 album Item 25
Pavements and attractive nuisance, 1950, 1 album Item 26
Contents: 1) Damage to pavement caused by trucks: Norwalk, Milford and West Haven, U.S. Route 1; Meriden and Wethersfield, Route 15 (Berlin Turnpike); Old Saybrook, Route 154; Avon and Canton, Route 44; Berlin and Wethersfield, Route 5/15 (Berlin Turnpike); Wethersfield and New Britain, Route 9; Guilford and Branford, U.S. Route 1; Torrington, Route 25. 2) Attractive nuisance: Protective fence at two wing walls of the bridge on Route 109 over Bantam River, Bantam, Conn.
Also contains loose photos: Snow removal on Route 4, Goshen, 1940 February; Mianus River Bridge Construction, 1957 April 30; maintenance equipment.
James Henry MacDonald memorial dedication, 1933 August 30, 1 album Item 27
MacDonald was Connecticut Highway Commissioner from 1895 to 1913.
The memorial is on Avon Mountain.
Bureau of Planning Studies planning survey, circa 1938-1939, 1 album Item 28
Includes a photograph with Warren M. Creamer, State Manager of the State-wide Highway Planning Survey. Also shows equipment used to conduct various measurements.
Bureau of Roadside Development, 1935-1936, 1 bundle (54 photographs) Item 28a
Contents: Bolton, U.S. Routes 44 and 6A; Chaplin, Route 91; Columbia, Route 14; Danbury, U.S. Route 6; Farmington, U.S. Route 6A; Groton, Route 84; Haddam, Route 9; Meriden, Route 71; Newtown, Route 25; Prospect, Route 69; Stamford, Route 104; Stonington, Route 84; Trumbull, Route 25; Waterbury, Route 69; Wolcott, Route 69; Unidentified.
Bureau of Roadside Development, 1935, 1 envelope Item 28b
Contents: Danbury, U.S. Route 6; Easton, Route 58; Stamford, Route 104; Stamford, Route 137; Cromwell, Route 9; Haddam, Route 9; North Stonington, Route 84; Branford, U.S. Route 1A; Shelton, Route 110; Trumbull, Route 25; Prospect, Route 69; Waterbury, Route 8; Winchester, Route 49; Norfolk, Route 49; Sharon, Route 4; Columbia, Route 14; Suffield, U.S. Route 5A; Windsor, U.S. Route 5A; Meriden, Route 71; Berlin, Route 71; Haddam, Route 9; Chaplin, Route 91; Loose material.
Photographs are in folders with descriptions of projects.
Creator: H.C. Casten Hartford-New London Road, Routes 2 and 85 from Glastonbury to New London, Proposed maintenance betterments, 1947 September, 1 bundle Item 28c
Maps with photographs.
Accession: T003272
Merritt Parkway, 2 boxes 1-2
Accession: T003273
Unprocessed photographs, 8 boxes A-H
Accession: 1984-109
Unprocessed photographs, 2 boxes 1-2
Prints and negatives.
Series 12. State Highway Commissioner certificates of finished projects, 1895-1931, Accession: 1984-112
Contains handwritten and typed certificates submitted for approval for road, trunk line, and finished wood guard railing projects. Certificates generally contain information about the project, materials purchased and cost claimed. Later certificates contain a more complete itemized listing of materials purchased by the town, including a final quantity estimate, contract price and the amount spent. Certificates sometimes also contained detailed descriptions regarding the road's physical dimensions. Some files include blueprints, sketches, daily labor cost reports, materials receipts, estimates of project cost sharing between the towns and the state, and the Comptroller's voucher receipt.
Andover - Bristol 1
Brookfield - Darien
Derby - Ellington 3
Enfield - Guilford 4
Haddam - Manchester, 5
Mansfield - New Canaan 6
New Fairfield - North Canaan 7
North Haven - Preston 8
Prospect - Southbury 9
Southington - Torrington 10
Trumbull - Westport 11
Wethersfield - Woodstock 12
Series 13. Merritt Parkway, 1937, Accession: T002753
Report, 1937, 1 volume Item 29
Report by Public Works Commissioner Robert A. Hurley analyzing Highway Department projects especially the Merritt Parkway. Hurley makes suggested changes in the department's organization and operations.
Includes photographs, graphs and charts.
Series 14. West Rock Tunnel, 1948-1949, Accession: T002753
Creator: Connecticut State Highway Dept. The West Rock Tunnel on the Wilbur Cross Parkway, 1948-1949, 1950, 1 volume, typescript Item 30
Report with official construction photographs documenting construction of the West Rock Tunnel on the Wilbur Cross Parkway.
Series 17. George S. Koch, 1975, Accession: T002753
A collection of addresses, talks and random thoughts by George S. Koch over the period 1955-1975, 1975 March, 1 volume Item 31
Includes photographs.
Series 19. Merritt Parkway Toll Plazas, 1939-1988
Historic Resources Survey Greenwich Toll Plaza, 1988, Accession: 1988-009, 15 photographs (1 folder), b&w, 8.5 x 11 in.
Office, View west
Inside office, Lunch area
Inside toll house control office
Toll house, View north-northeast
Toll house and office, South face, View west
View South-Southwest, North face, Heading toward New York
South face, View North-Northeast
Automatic toll machine, View South-Southwest
Automatic toll house timbers, underside of roof
Underside roof and timbers
Inside toll house
Inside toll house
Automatic toll machine collector and counter
Toll house, View west
Toll house and office, South face, View North-Northeast
Historic Resources Survey Milford Toll Plaza, 1988, Accession: 1988-034, 12 photographs (1 folder), b&w, 8.5 x 11 in.
View north east showing west side of plaza
View south east showing plaza office
View north showing toll booths for the I-95 connector
View south east showing toll booths, timber beam roof
View south showing east side of plaza and north side of plaza office
View north east showing interior, cash box, intercom in toll booth for the I-95 connector
Interior view in rear of plaza office showing heating system
View north east showing toll booths, toll signs, roof and traffic control lights
View north showing timber roof framing
Interior view
Interior view of plaza office showing loose change counter, computer and desks
Interior view of plaza office showing change counters for tolls and desk
Blueprints, Accession: T003274
Toll station, Greenwich, Conn., Sewage disposal system, 1940 September 19, 1 sheet
Parkway toll station for State Highway Dept., 1940 March 18, 4 sheets
Includes: No. 3, Elevations & sections of toll house, 2 copies; No. 4, Plans & elevations, Administration building; No. 5, Plan, Typical toll booth
Parkway toll station & administration building for State Highway Dept., 1940 March 8, 3 sheets
Includes: No. E-1, Electrical plan & details, Merrit Parkway, Creenwich, CT; No. E-1, Electrical plan & details, Wilbur Cross Parkway. Milford, Conn.; No. E-2, Electrical plan and elev, Merrit Parkway, Greenwich, CT
Plumbing & heating ,Administration and toll buildings, Merritt Parkway, 1939 December 29, 1 sheet
Series 21. Surveyor field books, 1956-1962, Accession: 1989-004
Notes regarding various State Highway Department projects from across the state.
Aerial map checks 1
Avon to Windsor, 1958 July, No. A
Bloomfield - East Granby - Simsbury; Crowell - Berlin; Bloomfield - West Hartford, 1957, No. A
East Hartford Center, 1961 May, No. A
East Hartford - Berlin, 1956 March, No. A
East Hartford - South Windsor, 1961 March - April, No. B
Elmwood, 1961 April, No. C
Glastonbury, 1956 February, 2 volumes
Glastonbury, 1956 May, 2 volumes, No. 53-84, A, B
Glastonbury to Manchester, 1958 May, No. A
Hartford - Bloomfield, Relocation Route 9, undated, No. A
Hartford - Bloomfield -Enfield - Suffield, 1957, No. B
Manchester to Vernon, 1958 March, No. A
Middletown to Southington, Rt. 6A, undated, No. A
New Britain, 1962 April, 1 of 1
New Britain, 1961 May, No. E, Sheet 1 of 1
New Britain to Hartford, 1961 May, No. G, Sheet 2 of 6
New Britain to Hartford, 1961 April, No. I, Sheet 4 of 6
Plainville to West Hartford, Relocation Route 6, 1957 March, No. A
Plainville to Plymouth, Relocation Route 72, 1959 August, 2 volumes, No. A & B
Plainville to Simsbury, 1959 June - July, 3 volumes, No. A, B, and unnumbered 2
Wethersfield, Berlin Turnpike, 1961 April, No. D
Avon - West Hartford, Avon Mt. - Creeper Lane, undated, 5 volumes, No. 04-55, A, B, C, D, E
Bloomfield, Maple Ave. , undated, 4 volumes, No. 11-97, A, B, C, D
Bulkeley Bridge, undated, No. A
Cromwell, Relocation Route 9, 1951 July, No. 33-60, A
Cromwell, Relocation Route 9, 1954 February - March, 2 volumes, No. 33-60, A, B
East Hartford, Connecticut Blvd., undated
East Hartford, Garage storage area, undated
Mountain Road drainage, undated, 2 volumes, No. 64-66
Manchester, Channelization, undated, 3 volumes, No. 76-72
No. 1: Line notes; No. 4-5: X-section
Mansfield, Route 32, 1956 June, 2 volumes, No. 77-88 3
Middletown, Newfield Street, undated, 5 volumes, No. 82-64, A, B, C, D, E
Middletown, Route 9, undated, No. 82-86
New Hartford - Canton, Relocation Route 4, undated, 2 volumes, No. 657, 658
Simsbury, Bridge over Farmington River, undated, 2 volumes, No. 128-59, unnumbered, 3
Simsbury, Route 10, undated, No. 1
Southington, Misc. Route 20, undated, No. 131-73
Stafford, Middle River Bridge and approaches on Route 32, undated, No. 134-67
Stafford, Crow Hill Road, undated, 2 volumes, No. 134-69
One volume not titled
Tolland, undated, No. 142-61, A
Volume not titled
Wilbur Cross Hwy widen, Connecticut Route 20 to Massachusetts State line, undated, No. 145-52, D
Area covered is Union, Conn.
Vernon, A section of Wilbur Cross Highway, Section #4 construction and survey, undated, No. 146-41, C
West Hartford, Bishops Corner, undated, No. 155-58, A 4
Wethersfield, Route 5-15, undated, 8 volumes, No. 159-86, 1-A, 1-B, 2-A, 2-B, 2-C, 3, 4, Master index
Wethersfield, undated, No. 159-, Act 19
Wethersfield, Nott St., undated
Wethersfield - Meriden, Berlin Turnpike misc. info, undated
Wolcott Garage proposed site, undated, No. 166
Series 26. Personnel Administrator, 1942-1969
Accession: 1995-033
Staff meetings, 1958 September - 1969 April, 1 binder 1
Agendas, memos, minutes and organizational charts produced for bimonthly meetings held to improve communications between directors and heads of major units. Loose items found in binder include a list of Connecticut Hightway Department Standing Committees, June 10, 1969 and a policy memo regarding Intoxicants - Intoxication, April 7, 1969.
Arranged in reverse chronological order.
Policy and procedures manual, 1945-1954, 1 binder
Memos and letters regarding department and statewide policy includes partial chronological index.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
Connecticut State Employees Association meetings, 1957-1963, 1 binder
Correspondence, minutes, memos, agendas and other documentation regarding monthly meetings between the Commissioner and CSEA. Loose items found in binder include correspondence, agendas, handwritten notes, etc.
Arranged chronologically.
This is volume 3. There is no indication of the location of volumes 1 and 2.
General letters 1-76, 1942-1962, 1 binder
Correspondence regarding administrative policy clarifications.
Arranged chronologically.
Commissioner's letters, 1941-1967, 1 binder
Policy directives primarily concerning personnel issues but also dealing with daily operations. Reveals impact of outside events such as World War II on operations.
Arranged chronologically.
Business administration memoranda, 1952-1957, 3 binders
Routine memos regarding policies and procedures concerning budgets, telephones, vehicle maintenance, central mail service, safety equipment, etc.
Arranged chronologically.
Accession: 1995-058
State Employee Council No. 16 meeting agendas and minutes, 1955-1964, 2 binders 1
Binder labeled "#2" contains 1955 - 1959 September; Binder labeled "#3" contains 1959 October 27 - 1964 June 26.
Series 27. Engineers' Files, 1917-1984
Warren M. Creamer files, 1933-1984
Warren Milton Creamer was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania on July 18, 1894. He graduated from Trunity College in Hartford in 1917 and began working for the Connecticut State Highway Department in 1922. He served as project engineer in charge of design and layout of the Merritt Parkway from Milford to Greenwich. He later served as the department's Director of Engineering and Construction and from 1958-1966, the year of his retirement, as Director of Staff Services. He was a president of the Connecticut Society of Civil Engineers and sat on the Highway Research Board in Washington, D.C. He died in Farmington on July 7, 1979.
Accession: 1995-057
Consists primarily of research and writings on tunnel construction both foreign and domestic.
Awards - General Motors - Better Highways, undated 1
Connecticut Public Expenditure Council, Comparison of PUblic & Private Pay Scales, 1968
Highway Department organization chart, circa 1968
Policy manuals - updates, 1969
Professional papers, unpublished, 1961
Articles, draft & final, 1962, undated
Foreign translations, 1960-1961, undated
Papers, professional, draft & final, 1963, 1962
Trinity College, book donations, 1984
Retirement, press release, 1966
Reports, 1958-1975, 1 binder + 9 items
Accession: 1998-040
Field books, 1933-1939, 19 books 1
Contains staking data, traverse lines, and excess data sections of the Merritt Parkway.
Books are numbered as follows: M-1, M-1-S, M-2, M-2-S, M-3, M-4, M-6, M-8, M-9, M-10, M-12, M-13, M-14, M-15, M-16, M-17, M-18, M-19, M-20.
Index in front of each book.
General notes, 1937-1866
Daily diaries of activities as employee of the State Highway Department.
1937 May 16 - 1953 February 2, 23 books 2
1953 February 2 - 1966 June 27 3
Mileage books, 1946-1956, 1961-1966, 5 books
Harry Mardoian files, 1917-1960, Accession: 1999-143
Harry Mardoian was a bridge designer.
West Rock Tunnel, 1940-1948, undated 1
Blueprints, 1941, 1946, undated 1
Computation sheets, undated 2
Correspondence, 1946-1948 3
Drawings, 1944, 1948, undated 4
Miscellaneous, 1947, undated 5
Proposal, 1941 March 11 6
Special provisions, 1940-1947 7
Design analysis on void jobs, 1938-1960, undated 8-10
Includes the following: Pumpkin Ground Road Bridge over Merritt Parkway; Thames River approach over Groton, Conn.; Bridge over connection with Route 5A, North Meadows Highway, Hartford; Woodward Ave. Bridge over U.S. Route 1; Bolton Notch interchange; Briggs St. over U.S. Route 1, New London; Bridge over Nonnewaug River on Route 47, Woodbury; Bridge over Quinebaug River on Route 101, Pomfret and Killingly; Junction box on U.S. Route 1, Groton; Relocation of Route 72 over Berlin Turnpike; Greenwich Ave. Bridge over Pawtuxet River, Warwick, R.I.; Chestnut Ridge Rd. Bridge over Derby Ave.; Route 6A over Powperaug River; Ridge Road Bridge over Hartford Bypass; Mill Plain Bridge, Route 6 over R.R., Danbury; Route 6 bridge over Quinebaug River, Killingly; U.S. Route 1 over Quambaug Cove, Stonington; unidentified.
State Highway Department publications, 1943-1955
Cuts and fills, 1943-1950 11-13
Published monthly by and for the Connecticut State Highway Department
First issue present is Vol. 2, No. 3, September 1943
The following issues are not present: Vol. 4, No. 9, September 1945; Vol. 6, No. 10, October 1947; Vol. 9, No. 12, December 1950
Standard specifications for roads, bridges and incidental construction, 1955 January, 1 volume 2
Book cover and verso of front end leaf inscribed, "Harry Mardoian"
A copy is available at [CSL call number StLib Conn Doc T687 stsp 1955]
Specifications for highway and bridge design by contracting engineers, 1954 May, 1 volume
Geometric highway design standards : report of Committee on Geometric Design Standards, Connecticut Highway Department, 1951 March, 1 volume
A copy is available at [CSL call number StLib Conn Doc T687g ge 1951]
Geometric highway design standards : report of Committee on Geometric Design Standards, Connecticut Highway Department, 1954 August, 1 volume
A copy is available at [CSL call number StLib Conn Doc T687g ge 1954]
Other publications, 1917-1949
Engineers' manual / by Ralph G. Hudson, S. B., 1917, 1 volume 2
First edition
Verso of front end leaf inscribed: "H.H. Mardoian, M.I.T. 1918"
Steel construction / Lee H. Miller, Chief Engineer, American Institute of Steel Construction Inc., 1928 December, 1 volume
First edition
Title page inscribed: "H.H. Mardoian, 2-2/29"
Commercial tunnel liners, 1933
The Commercial Shearing and Stamping Company, Youngstown, Ohio
Commercial tunnel supports, undated
The Commercial Shearing and Stamping Company, Youngstown, Ohio
Public roads: A journal of highway research, Vol. 19, No. 7, 1938 September
Engineering news-record, 1944 November 16
Alpha composite construction engineering handbook, 1949
Second edition
Porete Manufacturing Company, North Arlington, N.J.
Photographs, 1936, undated 3
J.N. Cross, in charge of bridge design, George L. Dunkelberger, architect, Connecticut State Highway bridge department, 1936 September 16, 1 photograph, b&w, 5 x 7 in.
Merritt Parkway bridges, undated, 30 photographs, b&w, 8 x 10 in.; 1 photograph, b&w, 4.5 x 6.25 in.
Includes: Glenville Water Company Road bridge, Greenwich; Round Hill Road bridge, Greenwich; Taconic Road bridge, Greenwich; Stanwich Road bridge, Greenwich; Rocky Craig Road bridge (now Guinea Road bridge), Stamford; Riverbank Road bridge, Stamford; Long Ridge Road bridge, Stamford; Rippowam River bridge, Stamford; High Ridge Road bridge, Stamford; Newfield Avenue bridge, Stamford; New Haven Railroad bridge, New Canaan; Ponus Ridge Road bridge, New Canaan; Old Stamford Road bridge, New Canaan; Lapham Avenue bridge, New Canaan; South Avenue bridge, New Canaan; White Oak Shade Road, New Canaan, 3 photographs; Bas-relief panel of a Puritan, Comstock Hill Avenue bridge, Norwalk; New Canaan Avenue bridge, Norwalk; Silvermine Avenue bridge, Norwalk; Perry Avenue bridge, Norwalk; State seal, Perry Avenue bridge, Norwalk; Main Avenue bridge, Norwalk; Decorative panel on abutment, North Avenue bridge, Westport; Two workers at base of abutment, Merwins Lane bridge, Fairfield, 2 photographs; Center pier and decorative iron railing, Merwins Lane bridge, Fairfield; Decorative iron railing, Merwins Lane bridge, Fairfield; Decorative grapevine on pilaster, Huntington Avenue bridge, Trumbull; Unidentified bridge
Series 28. Blueprints, 1922-1960
Accession: T000837
Town of Westport. Plan and profile of a section of the Shore Road from Norwalk to Fairfield, April1922, 1 bundle (29 sheets)
Accession: 1980-040, 20 sheets
These blueprints were discovered in the map collection in 1980 and transferred to the Archives.
Construction details and fittings for wire rope railing, 1935 June, 1 sheet
Metal beam type rail (Type R-B) & (Type MD-B), 1960 September, 1 sheet
Construction details and fittings for wire rope railing, 1945 March, 1 sheet
Type "D" "E" & "L" endwalls reinforced concrete pipe; Underdrains & outlets perforated pipe, 1942 June, 1 sheet
Endwalls slope paved inlets and outlets, 1942, 1 sheet
Fences, barways, barricades, tree well & root protection service bridges slope paving, 1940 January, 1 sheet
Cross sections of roads in Lebanon, Conn., 1946, 14 sheets
There were originally 39 sheets in this set, 14 of which are present.
Cross sections, Goshen Road, 1946, 3 sheets
Sheets are numbered 15, 16, and 17.
Cross sections, Village Hill Road, 1946, 3 sheets
Sheets are numbered 18, 19, and 20.
Cross sections, Church Road, 1946, 4 sheets
Sheets are numbered 32, 33, 34, and 35.
Cross sections, Colchester Road, 1946, 4 sheets
Sheets are numbered 36, 37, 38, and 39.
Series 29. Bureau of Fiscal Services, 1968
Revision "C" (No. 3) of the Manual of the Bureau of Fiscal Services, 1968 Mary 10, 1 item 1
Series 30. Bureau of Planning & Design, 1957-1993
Accession: 2013-032
Old Route Change Notices, 1957-1963, 2 binders 1
Route Change Notices, 1968-1993, 1 binder