RG 079:001, Department of Environmental Protection: Central Office, 1944-2004

RG 079:001, Department of Environmental Protection: Central Office Inventory of Records


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Historical Note

Scope and Content



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Series 1. Commissioner 1957-2004

Series 6. Staff Services 1972-1985

Series 7. Bureau of Administration 1967-1981

Series 8. Hearings 1973-1984

Series 9. Tri-State Regional Planning Commission 1977-1978

Series 10. Internal Affairs 1973-1975

Series 12. Office of General Counsel 1973-1974

Series 13. Interagency Files 1973

Series 19. Office of Communications and Education 1972-1998

Series 20. Office of Affirmative Action 1977-1996

Series 21. Human Resources 1944-1974

RG 079:001, Department of Environmental Protection: Central Office

Inventory of Records

Finding aid prepared by Connecticut State Library staff.

Copyright 2008 by the Connecticut State Library

Overview of the Collection

Repository: Connecticut State Library
Creator: Connecticut. Dept. of Environmental Protection
Title: Department of Environmental Protection records
Dates: 1944-2004
Quantity: 203.25 cubic feet
Abstract: Central Office includes: Commissioner; Staff Services; Bureau of Administration; Hearings; Tri-State Regional Planning Administration; Internal Affairs; General Counsel; Interagency files; Communications and Education; Affirmative Action; Human Resources.
Identification: RG079_001
Accession: Multiple
Language: The records are in English.

Historical Note

In 1971, the General Assembly created the Department of Environmental Protection to address "the profound impact on the life-sustaining natural environment" by "the growing population and expanding economy of the state." The new department consolidated powers and duties of a number of small state boards and parts of the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources. These included the Park and Forest Commission, the Commission on Forests and Wild Life, the State Board of Fisheries and Game, the Water Resources Commission, the Boating Commission, the Shell-Fish Commission, Marine Resources Council, State Soil Conservation Advisory Committee, the State Board of Pesticide Control, the State Geological and Natural History Survey Commission and the Clean Air Commission.

Since its inception, the department has undergone numerous reorganizations as a result of evolving environmental issues and public policy mandating expansion of the agency's regulatory role. Restructuring the department to make it more "user-friendly" to business and to produce cost savings have also spurred reorganizations.

See also the Department of Environmental Protection Agency History.

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Scope and Content

Included here are records from the Commissioner, 1957-2004; Staff Services, 1972-1985; Bureau of Administration, 1967-1981; Hearings, 1973-1984; Tri-State Regional Planning Administration, 1977-1978; Internal Affairs, 1973-1975; General Counsel, 1973-1974; Interagency files, 1973; Communications and Education, 1972-1998; Affirmative Action, 1977-1996; Human Resources, 1944-1974.

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Series numbers have been assigned within RG 079 in its entirety and therefore the series described here are not numbered consecutively.

Series 1. Commissioner, 1954-2004,

Daniel W. Lufkin, 1971-1974, Accession: 1988-027 (part), 2 cubic feet.

Douglas M. Costle, 1973-1974, Accession: 1988-027 (part), 13 cubic feet.

Joseph N. Gill, 1957-1979, Accession: 1988-027 (part), 2 cubic feet.

Stanley J. Pac, 1973-1987
Subject Files, 1977-1987, Accession: 1988-018, 44 cubic feet.
Subject Files, 1973-1980, Accession: 1988-024 (part), 23 cubic feet.
Subject Files, 1974-1981, Accession: 1988-027 (part), 8 cubic feet.
Subject Files, 1977-1980, Accession: 1988-030, 3 cubic feet.

Leslie A. Carothers, 1987-1990
Chronological Files, 1987-1990, Accession: 1993-139, 2 cubic feet.
Speeches, 1987-1990, Accession: 1994-010 (part), 1 cubic foot.

Timothy R. E. Keeney, 1991-1994
Subject Files, 1991-1995, Accession: 1996-009, 1 cubic foot.
Correspondence, 1991-1994, Accession: 1995-038, 3 cubic feet.
Speeches, 1992-1993, Accession: 1995-039, 1 cubic foot.
Speeches, 1991, Accession: 1994-010 (part), 1 cubic foot.

Sidney J. Holbrook, 1995-1997
Correspondence and Subject Files, Accession: 2001-040, 5 cubic feet.
Speeches, 1995-1997, Accession: 1998-036 (part).

Arthur J. Rocque, Jr., 1998-2004
Log letters, 1998-2001, Accession: 2003-033 (part), 4 cubic feet.
Correspondence and Organizational Evaluation, 1998-2000, Accession: 2005-009, 9 cubic feet.

Rita Bowlby, Assistant to the Commissioner, 1973-1975, Accession: 1988-027 (part), 4 cubic feet.

Legislation Files, 1971-1991
Accession: 1993-140, 6 cubic feet.
Accession: 2003-033 (part), 10 cubic feet.

Miscellaneous Records, 1973-1997
Accession: 1999-026, 1989.
Accession: 1999-030, 1991-1994
Accession: 1999-035, 1973-1994
Accession: 1999-173, 1987-1997, .5 cubic feet.

Series 6. Staff Services, 1972-1985
Director George Russell, 1971-1985, Accession: 1988-022, 11 cubic feet.

Series 7. Bureau of Administration, 1967-1981
Assistant Commissioner Ralph Adkins Subject Files, 1967-1981, Accession: 1988-024 (part), 9 cubic feet.

Series 8. Hearings, 1973-1984, Accession: 1988-024 (part), 19 cubic feet.

Series 9. Tri-State Regional Planning Commission, 1977-1978, Accession: 1988-024 (part), 2 cubic feet.

Series 10. Internal Affairs, 1973-1975, Accession: 1988-027 (part), 4 cubic feet.

Series 12. Office of General Counsel, 1973-1974, Accession: 1988-027 (part), 1 cubic foot.

Series 13. Interagency Files, 1973, Accession: 1988-027 (part), 1 cubic foot.

Series 19. Office of Communications and Education, 1972-1998
Director. Subject Files, 1972-1998, Accession: 1998-035, 3 cubic feet.
Director. Subject Files, 1992-1993, Accession: 1998-036 (part), 1 cubic foot.
Director. Sound recordings, 1972-1996, Accession: 1998-039, 0.75 cubic feet.
Deputy Press Secretary, 1991, Accession: 1998-036 (part)

Series 20. Office of Affirmative Action. Affirmative Action Advisory Council administrative files, 1977-1996, Accession: 2001-017, 1 cubic foot.

Series 21. Human Resources, 1944-1974, Accession: 2007-044, 12 cubic feet.

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Restrictions on Access

These records are stored at an off-site facility and therefore may not be available on a same-day basis.

See the Rules and Procedures for Researchers Using Archival Records and Secured Collections policy.

Restrictions on Use

See the Reproduction and Publications of State Library Collections policy.

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Related Material

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As well in these predecessor departments, boards, and commissions:
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RG 079:017, State Park and Forest Commission
RG 079:022, Forestry Department
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Other record groups:
RG 002:29, General Assembly Task Forces, Environment Committee Task Forces
RG 005, Office of the Governor contain files about the Department of Environmental Protection and its predecessors.
RG 015, Office of Policy and Management for records of grant programs transferred out of the Department of Agriculture.
RG 089, Department of Transportation contains the major statewide areil photographic surveys.
RG 098, Department of Agriculture

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Index Terms


Connecticut. Dept. of Environmental Protection


Carothers, Leslie A
Costle, Douglas
Gill, Joseph N
Holbrook, Sidney J
Keeney, Timothy R. E
Lufkin, Daniel W
Pac, Stanley J
Rocque, Jr., Arthur J


Connecticut. Dept. of Environmental Protection -- Records and correspondence
Environmental protection -- Connecticut

Document Types:


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Container List

Series 1. Commissioner, 1957-2004
Daniel W. Lufkin, 1971-1974, Accession: 1988-027 (part)
Alwin Construction Company 19-1
Connecticut Historic River Bill
Environmental Policy Act-Letter to Prete and Ciampi
Letter Sent to Oil Dealers, 1971 December
Press Policy
Comments-Coastal Zone Management Bill-Letter to Governor, 1973 February 28
Cos Cob Power Plant (Penn Central)
Griswold-Mycelium Operation
Gypsy Moth-Letter to Oscar P. Stone
United Illuminating Company, rewires Mill and Quinnipiac Rivers, 1972 October 16
United Illuminating Company, requires Quinnipiac and Littler Rivers, 1973 February 9
Oyster Bay-Rye Bridge
Plan of Conservation-Development, 1972 November 27
Harbor Pilots-Transfer of Responsibility Letter to Commissioner Wood, 1972 November 20
Open Burning Directive, 1972 October 12
Policy Letter-Trail Bikes on State Land
Letter to President Nixon urge approval of Conference Water Bill
Park River Project
Trumbull Lake Water Resources Project
Letter to William Greenough: When Should A University Take a Stand?
Stream Encroachment Line Statute
IBM, Letter to Frank T. Cary
I-291 Draft Environmental Impact Statement
New Haven Water Company
Testimony before PUC, New Haven Water Company Lands
PUC Hearing, docket no. 11165
Environmental Quality Policy Act Testimony
Environmental Quality Policy Act-Letter to Prete and Ciampi
Enforcement Bill Commissioner’s Testimony
Enforcement Package
Connecticut Light and Power Co., Public Utilities Hearing
Statement by Commissioner to General Assembly Finance Committee, 1973 February 13
Statement re: State Transportation Fund
Draft Environmental Impact Statements, I-84
Policy Letter I-291
Land Use/Transportation Study
PUC Hearings-Commissioner’s File
Solid Waste Testimony as presented by D. Lufkin, 1973 March 23
US Army Engineers-Trumbull Dam
Press Policy
Governor’s Letter to IBM re: Land in Danbury-Ridgefield
Governor’s Executive Orders
Article by Allan Schoenhaus re: Solid Waste, 1973 March 18
Solid Waste
Governor’s Task Force on Housing-Interim Report
Comments on Environment Impact Statement
Bankers Pollution Code
Comments on the Bristol Brass Article
Address to Connecticut Business Journal
Environmental Editorial by DWL
Report of Governor’s Commission on Tax Reform
Open Burning Revisited, 1972 November
Connecticut River Ecological Study
Dan W. Lufkin-Resignation
List of Speeches and Articles
The Business of Business is America, 1970 April 22
Is the Corporation Dead?, 1970 September 22
The Canary is Dead
Statement DWL-Acceptance of Appointment, 1971 September 17
How can we improve the quality of life in the future?
Windsor Industrial Appreciation Day Celebration, 1971 December 9
Connecticut Education Association, 1972 November 22
Lincoln Birthday Remarks, 1972 February 12
Anniversary Convention of National Association of Conservation Districts, 1972 February 16
Joint Conference on the Environment Albertus Magnus College, 1972 February 23
Connecticut Valley Chapter, Public Relations Society of America, 1972 March 14
Mercy High School, Middletown, 1972 March 20
Hearing Commission on Highway Beautification, 1972 April 17
The Last Landscape, Connecticut Forest and Park Association, 1972 April 17
Clean Air: A Challenge to Connecticut Industry, 1972 May 4
5th Congressional Kickoff, 1972 May 12
Project Cheshire Cat, 1972 May 13
Three Kinds of S.O.B., 1972 May 18
NAACP Security Industry Tribute to Daniels and Bell, 1972 May 22
Appointments in Tomorrow, 1972 May 26
The Need for a Myth, 1972 June 1
Big Decisions for Connecticut, 1972 June 19
Six Tasks for a Modern Hercules, 1972 June 22
New Haven Trap Rock, 1972 July 14
Convocation Address: Hartford College for Women, 1972 September 8
Partnership for Survival UAW, 1972 September 14
The Power Struggle: A Question for Survival, 1972 October 18
Overview of Environmental Needs, 1972 October 19
Impact Zoning: A Plan for Connecticut, 1972 October 19
What is an Environmentalist?, 1972 October 21
Welcoming Address: Committee for the Future, 1972 December 6
The Growing Edge, 1972 December 31
The Buck Stops Here, 1973 January 9
Environmental Protection in Connecticut: Problems and Challenger, 1973 January 11
The Statehouse: Where the Action Is, 1973 January 13
Breeding, 1973 January 25
Playboy Revisited, 1973 February 2
Profit with Honor, 1973 February 6
Charging Times, 1973 February 16
Energy—Crisis or Community?, 1973 March 22
You and the Environment, 1973 April 17
Army Corps of Engineers 19-2
Bicycle Trail Report
State Bond Commission
Connecticut Citizens Action Group
Connecticut Industrial Building Commission
Deerfield Foundation
Environmental Defense Fund
Governor’s Budget Message, 1972
Governor’s Washington Office Appointment of Renee Stuart
Information and Education Advisory Committee
Interview Questions
Herb Kramer-Commissioner’s Calendar
Legislative Liaison
New Haven Harbor Dredging
American Express Forms
New England River Basins Commission
You and The Environment
Grass on the Riverbank
A Time for Anger, A Time for Love
Appointment in Tomorrow
Wounded Knee Revisited, 1973 June 8
Notes for Speeches to Republican Women’s
Governor’s Speech Soil Conservation Conference
New York Times Article, Exchange Students
My Dream for Connecticut, 1973 July
Foundation for Student Committee
Connecticut Association of Municipal Development Commissions
Politics of Pollution, 1972 March
A Modest Proposal
Environmental Editorial-DWL
Trash in Connecticut—Snow in Peking, 1972 May
The Work Ethic Revisited
Connecticut Water Company
New Haven Trap Rock Company-Wetlands
National Water Quality Standards Act of letters, 1971
Public Acts
Public Hearing Notices from Commissioner
Public I&E
Public Works Department
Questions for Interview
Rattlesnake Sanctuary
Recycling-Returnable Containers
Car Registration
Rickerby, Arthur Award
River Basin Commission
Sample letters
Scientific Institute for Public Information
State Budget, 1972-1973
Scenic Highways
Solid Waste Area Meetings Information Package
Oil Spill-F.L. Hayes
Senate Agriculture Committee
Staff Board Meetings
Stevens, Gerald
Support Letters
Procedure for Transmittal Forms
Transportation Department
Travel Vouchers
UCONN School of Agriculture
Utility-Industry, Con-Ed
University of New Haven
University Research Institute of Connecticut
U.N. Conference-Stockholm, Sweden
Winward Oceanography Institute
Power Facility Evaluation Council
Douglas M. Costle, 1973-1974, Accession: 1988-027 (part)
Engagements kept, 1973 December - 1974 December 18-1
Engagements kept, 1973 September-November 18-2
Engagements Referred
Engagements Refused
Biographies 18-3
Recap Island
Draft Report (Oil Refineries)
Refinery Task Force, 1974 August
Refinery Task Force, 1974 April-July
Refinery Task Force Public Hearing Tapes, 1974 December
Summary of Task Force Findings
Profiles: Supertankers I and II
Regional Plan Association
Regional Plan Agencies
Reports to Governor
Resource Conservation and Development Project for Eastern Connecticut
Resources Recovery Authority Correspondence, 1973-1975
Resources Recovery Authority-Minutes
Public Act 73-459, “An Act Establishing CRRA”
Resources Recovery Authority Draft Report to Legislature
CRRA (Miscellaneous)
Public Works Department 18-4
Public Utilities
Program Review Committee
Post, Russell Lee, Jr. (State Representative)
Planning and Research
Pierpont and Company, Public Relations Counselor
Environment Committee
Petroleum Products Control Commission
Personnel and Administration, Edward H. Simpson, Commissioner
Personnel Status Report
Parks (Miscellaneous)
Page, Stanley (Senator)
Pac, Stanley (Mayor of New Britain)
P 17
RYKAR Industrial Corp, Bridgeport
Rules and Regulations
Route 25, Trumbull
Route 7
Romanian Officials Study Tour
Carbone 18-5
Carlson, Adolf
Cashman, Peter
Children and Youth Service
Civil Penalties
Clean Water Program
Coal Conversion Task Force
Coastal Zone Management
Collins, Francis J.
Commerce, Department of
Comptrollers correspondence
Comprehensive Grant
Connecticut Business and Industry Association
Connecticut Conference of Mayors and Municipalities
Connecticut Park and Forest Association
Connecticut River Diversion
Connecticut River Dredging
Connecticut River Transmission Line Crossing
Connecticut River Gateway Commission
Connecticut Water Resources Planning Board
Conservation and Preservation
Conservation Commissions
Conservation and Development, Proposed Plan of
Conservation Foundation
Contingency Plan-High Sulfur Fuel
Council on Environmental Quality
Dam Safety Program
Darney, Assistant Director
Data Processing
Deleo Brothers Construction
DEP Citizens’ Bulletin
Governor’s Advisory Committee National Council on Environmental Quality 18-6
Letters to Governor
Governor’s Fiscal Speech
Code of Ethics
Environmental Centers, Inc.
EPA, Boston, MA
EPA, Washington, DC
Energy Agency
Energy Conservation
Energy Policy
Environment Committee
Letters Referred from Governor
Governor’s State Information Bureau
Geological and Natural History Survey
German Marshall Fund
Letters to the Editor
Employees’ Suggestions Committee
Federal Water Pollution Control Act, 1972
Flood Insurance-Federal
Flood and Shore Erosion Control Projects
Farmington River Watershed Association
Federal Energy Office
Federal/State Relations, Office of Barry Budlong, Director
Grasso, Ella
Governor’s Community Forums
Executive Order Guidelines
Executive Order #16
Executive Order #17 (533)
Executive Order #19
Executive Order #21
Executive Order #26
Executive Orders
Governor’s “Interim” Task Force
Governor’s Press Releases
Bantam Lake 18-7
Bantam Lake Dredging (Algae and Weeds)
Bluff Point
Bureau of Outdoor Recreation
Nehantic State Forest
Ansonia Airport
Cable Television
Candlewood Lake
Coastal Zone Management
Connecticut Wildlife Conservation Bulletin
Connecticut Wildlife Federation
Conservation Commission
Cottrell Marsh
Coventry Lake
Dead Man’s Brook
Devil’s Hopyard State Park
East Hartford Golf Course
Farm Brook Watershed
Flood Control Projects, Still River, Danbury
Fish and Water Life
Great Meadows Race Track
Griswold Airport
Griswold Point
Harkness Memorial State Park
Highland Lake
Water Supply on Housatonic
Indian Well State Park
Inland Wetlands
Lake Forest Dam
Lake Kenoshia
Lake Lillinonah
Land Acquisition
Gift Land Acquisition
Land Trusts-New Caanan Land Conservation
Land Use
Land Use-Trialbikes
Mamonasco Lake
Marshes of New Jersey
Mashmoquet Brook State Park
Mill River
Morningside Beach, Milford
Nehantic State Forest
Norwalk River Watershed Project
Open Spaces
Osbournedale State Park
Parks and Recreation
Pequonnock River Dam
Pachaug State Forest
Pomperaug River
Roaring Brook
Rocky Neck State Park
P & C Sawmill
Shell Fish
Silver Sands State Park
Strickland Property, Middletown
Tracy Pond Dam, Waterbury
Trumbull Airport
Trumbull Lake
Valley Railroad
Vesta Vestra
Interagency Water Resources Planning Board
Interstate Commerce Commission
Institute of Water Resources
In-Service Training
Indian Affairs Council
IBM Land Transaction
Information and Education
White, Susan, Administrative Aide-Office of the Governor
Stewart, Renee B., Director, Washington, DC, Office of the Governor
Housatonic Valley Council of Elected Officials
Housatonic Valley Association
Hoppers, Bristol
Herbst, Robert F., Essex Conservation Commission
Hellier, Sam
Hartford Times
Hartford Garage
Greater Hartford Process
Lueba, Robert, Executive Assistant to the Governor
Summary Record of Action (Water Compliance) 18-8
Status Report-Pollution Abatement Programs
Water and Natural Resources (P & C)
Barn Island (Wetlands)
Interstate Water Resource Planning
Wildlife Biology
Wetlands Moratorium
Wetlands Division
Wetlands Miscellaneous
Wetlands Thimble Island, Branford
Action for Clean Air
Air Compliance
Air Compliance-Dowd Group
Connecticut Air Pollution Emergency Plan
Air Implementation Plan
Application for Air Pollution Control Program Grant
Auto Emissions
Clean Air
Low Sulfur Fuel Exemptions
Notice of Plan for Air Quality Control
Bradley International Airport
Bridgeport Airport ILS/MLS
Clean Power Symposium, May 13, 1972
Connecticut Clean Air Commission
Cos Cob Power Plant
Energy-memo from Quentin Riegel re: Energy Survey Questions
Intra-Department Environmental Quality Division
Gypsy Moth Control
Hitchcock Chair
Impact Statement-Southern New England Telephone Co.
National Conference on Managing the Environment by D.W. Lufkin
New England Pollution Control Company
Norwalk Recycling Plant
Nuclear Power Plants
Oil Spills
Oil Spill Treatment Equipment Brochures-Advertisements
Outdoor Advertising
Environmental Quality-Personnel
Aerial Spraying
Planning and Standards
Quinnipiac River
Rooster River Flood Control Project
Radiation Compliance
Radiation-copy of Letter from Governor to Toby Moffit
Sewage Disposal Facilities
Solid Waste Announcement, 1972 July 11
Application for Federal Assistance-Solid Waste Programs
Solid Waste Management Plan
Solid Waste Proposal Plan
Solid Waste Proposal Packet
List of Companies which submitted Solid Waste Proposals
Solid Waste-Town of Cheshire
Solid Waste Compliance
Solid Waste Authority
Solid Waste Area Meetings Informational Package, 1973 March 16
U.S. Water Resources Council
Water Compliance
Water Compliance-Sewers in Branford
Water Compliance-Sewers in Litchfield
Water Compliance-Piper Brook Project
Windsor, Funds for Landfill Operations and Road Costs
Connecticut Light and Power
Energy Unlimited Limited-Hartford Civic Centers
Hartford Electric Light Co.
Policy, Planning and Research-Energy Crisis
Northeast Utilities
Power Companies
Power Line Crossings
Power Utilities
Policy, Planning and Research
Bureau of Outdoor Recreation
Policy, Planning and Research
Buzzuto, Richard C. (Senate) 18-9
Bond Funds Status Report
Bond Commission
Bluff Point
Beard Construction Company
Auto Emission Inspection Pilot Program
Attorney General, Robert K. Killian
Attorney General, Carl Ajello
Atomic Energy Commission, Contract
Atomic Energy Commission
Ash, Roy L., Director, Office of Management and Budget
Army Corps of Engineers
Apthrop, Grant B.
Appropriations Committee
Alwir Construction Company
Alm, Alvin, Assistant Administrator, EPA
Altobelli, Dan J., U.S. DOT
Air Quality Index
Air Pollution Control Program Grant
Air Compliance Oxidant Levels
Air Compliance Regulation
Air Compliance
Agricultural Lands Task Force
Agriculture, Dept. of
Agostinelli, Nathan, Comptroller
Ajudication, Office of
Addresses, Lists, and Directories
Chronological Files, 1974 January-February
Sulfur Oxides Regulations 18-10
Submerged Lands, Title to (report by Henry Beck)
Stevens, Gerald F.
Steele, Robert H.
State Vehicles
Spur Report
Space Requirements
Solvents Recovery Service of England
Solid Waste-Secondary Materials
Solid Waste Operator Training Grant
Solid Waste Management Advisory Council
Solid Waste Management
Solid Waste
Soil and Water Conservation Districts
Soil Conservation Service
Silver Sands
Shugrue, James F., Acting Commissioner, Department of Transportation
Sherwood Island
Sewer Construction Projects
Septic Code Revers
Secretary of State, Gloria Schaffer
Shultz, Robert (4th District Management)
Thames River Estuary
Towns and Cities
Transportation Controls
Telephone Calls Referred
Tri-State Regional Planning Commission
Travel Authorization
United Nations Association of the USA
University of Connecticut
Variance-North East Utilities
Water and Related Resources
Wolcott Race Track
West Rock Ridge State Park
Bureau of Outdoor Recreation
Budget, 1975-1976
Budget, 1974-1975
Branford Sewer Funds
Bottle Bill
Bradley International Airport
Bluff Point Report
Lavine, David, Director 18-11
Lattin’s Cove, Candlewood Lake
Lansco Inc.-Mycelium
Land Use
Land Use Transportation Program
Land Use Planning
Land Use Transportation Program
King’s Island Windsor Locks Canal
Kellems, Vivian
Miage Reports
Vacation Information
Attendance Report
Radio Spot-Energy
Comments re: Sale of State Land
Governor’s Speech to Connecticut Association of Municipal Attorneys, 1973 October 15
Commissioner’s Testimony
Speeches for Governor Meskill, 1973 September 7
Testimony at Council of Environmental Quality, 1973 September 18
Briefing Document re: Energy
Summary of Comments, Nasmi Elo-Technic Workshop in Washington, DC
Speech at East Hartford Women’s Club, 1973 October 2
Murphy, Johanna
Environmental Education Speech
Land Use Speech
Good News/Bad News
Energy Speech
Interview with Triple A
Testimony-Washington, 1974 February 25
Testimony-Commissioner Costle
Statement by Commissioner Costle and David Tunderman
Governor Meskills Energy Message
Land Connecticut’s Vanashing Resource
Remarks of DEP Concerning Noise Pollution Bill, 1974 February 8
Testimony on Energy Legislation
Testimony before Appropriations
Zalessky Property
Zajac, John (Senator)
Youth Conservation Corps.
Xerox Instructions
Newspaper Clippings 18-12
New Rural Society
New England River Basins Commission
New England Regional Commission
New England Power Pool
Nevas, Alan H. (Representative)
Natural Resources Defense Council
Natural Resource Data Center
Natural Area Preserves Committee
National Commission on Water Quality
Metro League of Women Voters
Miner, Dallas, Connecticut Conservation Association
Commissioner’s Memo
Massachusetts Reorganization of Department of Environment
Map Committee
Maine Oil Spill Case
Long Island Sound Study
Long Island Sound Hearing
Legislative Regulations Review Committee
Legislative Ethics Committee
Legislation, 1973
Legislative Progress Reports, 1974
Legislation, 1974
Legislation, 1975
Legal Matters
Noise 18-13
Northeast Utilities System, 10 year Forecast
Northeast Utilities Variance
OCS Resource Management Advisory Board
Offshore Gas and Oil Production
Oil and Chemical Spill Contingency Plan
Oil Pollution Skungamaug River
Old Rock Road
Organizational Chart (DEP)
Joseph N. Gill, 1957-1979, Accession: 1988-027 (part)
Disaster Committee 26-1
Drought Loan Committee Meeting Hotel Bond, 1957 November 4
Drought Loans
Drought Disaster-Hay Program
Milk Bottle File
Drought Disaster “Rainmaking”
U.S. Army Engineer Division New England re: Hurricane Protection
Red Cross-Blood Donors-J.N. Gill, 1957 February
Secretary of State
Requests for Whyte Report
TR 20
Computer Program HEC-1, HEC-2, WSP-2, TR 20
Legislation-Special Session, 1957 September 17 26-2
CT State Board of Agriculture re: The Effects of Exempting Farm
Livestock and Equipment From Property Taxes
Analysis of the Agriculture Doubt in Connecticut, 1957
Dept. of Agriculture
Stanley J. Pac, 1973-1987
Subject Files, 1977-1987, Accession: 1988-018
Adjudications/Final Decisions F-Z 1
Adjudication General
State Adj. General
Administrative Services
Affirmative Action
Air Compliance
Air Emissions
American Cyanamid 4
American Shakespeare Theatre
Amicus Journal
Annual Report
Appalachian Trailways
Appropriations Commission
Army Corps of Engineers
Arson Resource
Asst. Chief State’s Attorney (DEP)
Atlantic Alliance
A (miscellaneous) 5
Acid Rain, 1981-1985
Adjudications/Final Decisions A-E
Attorney General 6
Audit CPEP
Avery Brook Watershed
B (Miscellaneous)
Bantam Lake
Beach Erosion
Beacon Falls
Bear Mountain (Salisbury)
Bi-Weekly Staff Reports
Blood Service
Bluff Point
Board of Higher Education
Boat Ramps
Bradley Field
Bristol Landfill (Sewer)
Bristol Myers
Brookfield (Sewer)
Brun-Del Corp (Southington)
BTU Bubble
Budget (DEP)
Bureau of Land Management
Boating Accidents
Bond Requests
Bottle Bill
Bottled Water
Building Working Conditions (Heat)
Chronological Files, 1981-1986 7
House Bills
Senate Bills
C (Miscellaneous) 39
Canaan Airport
Candlewood Lake
Century Brass
Charter Oak Passes
Chatfield Hallow St. Park
Child Care Facility
Citizens Advisory Council
Citizens Bulletin
Citizens Crime Commission
Civil Preparedness
Claims Commission
Clean Air Act
Clean Water Fund
Coal Conversion
Coastal Embankment Advisory Board
Coastal Area Management
Coastal Area Management Advisory Board 43
Colchester Hampton Sewers
Colchester, Town of
Colchester Landfill
Coleman Brothers Show, Inc.
Combined Health Appeal
Combustion Equipment Assoc.
Commercial Dept.
Commission on the Arts
Communications (DEP)
Compo Cove Erosion
Comptroller’s Office
CONES (Coalition of North East Governors)
Conference/Meeting Rooms, S.O.B.
CT Academy of Science and Engineering
CT Agriculture Experiment Station
CT Association of Soil and Water Conservation
CT Audubon Society
CT’s 350th Birthday
CT Board of Higher Education
CT Business and Industry Association
CTC Results and Sampling
CT Chemical Corp, Bristol
CCAG CT Citizens Action
CT Conference of Municipalities
CT Council of Diving Clubs
CT Employees Union
CT Energy Advisory Board
CT Environmental Caucus
CT Environmental Mediation Center
CT Environmental Policy Act
CT Farm Bureau
CT Forests and Parks
CT Fund for Environment
CT Hazardous Waste Management
CT Historical Commission
CT Horse Council
CT Land and Water Conservation Fund
CT Lung Association
CT Marine Trade Association
CT National Guard
Connecticut River Assembly 40
Connecticut River Gateway Commission
Connecticut River Race
Connecticut River Study Water Resources
Connecticut River Valley Flood Control
Connecticut River Water Diversion
Connecticut River Watershed Council
Connecticut Siting Council
Connecticut Solid and Hazardous Waste Siting Commission
Council of Environmental Quality
Council on Soil and Water Conservation
Coventry Landfill
Construction Grants
Consulting Firms
Consumer Protection
PCB’s Meeting, 1985 August
Consumer Protection
Conyers Farm
Cooks’ Dam
Cooperative River Basin Study
Corrections Dept.
CRRA, 1982 January - 1985 July 8
CPTA-Current Year 22
CT Public Transportation System
CT Recreation and Park Association
CT Resources Recovery Authority
CT Natural Area Reserves Program
CT Petroleum Council
CT Resources Recovery Authority
CT Treatment Corp. 9
CT Urban Action Task Force
Conservation Commission
Conservation Officers
Conservation and Protection
Crystal Mall 41
D9 (Miscellaneous)
Danbury, City of
Day Pond
Delegation letters
DEP Reorganization Plans
Derby, Town of
Designation of Agents
DEP Achievements
Dinosaur State Park
Drinking Water
E (Miscellaneous)
Eagleville Dam
Eastern Lands and Resources
Eastern States Expo
East Hampton Sewer Project
East Hartford, City of
East Haven Landfill
East Lyme, Town of
Economic Development
Education Dept.
Electric Cars 10
Elm St. Cheese Co., Inc.
Elmco, Brookfield, CT
Emergency Call List-DEP
Emergency Response Commission
Emery Worldwide
Energy-Advisory Board
Enfield/East Windsor
Environmental 2000
Environmental Achievements (70-80)
Environmental and Energy Study Institute
Environmental Committee Legislation
Environmental Health Commissioners of New England
Environmental Protection Department
EPA (Federal)
Environmental Quality-General
Environmental Quality-Current Year
Environmental Quality-Previous Year
ERT Environment Review Team
EPA-Weekly Report
Equestrian Center Implementation Commission
Erosion-water resources
Essex, Town of
Ethics Commission
Executive Order #18
EWR- Lab Reports, 1982 September
Environmental Waste Removal, Waterbury
Environmental Waste Removal Sampling Results
Alpha F 3
Fairfield (Town of) Mill River
Farm River Flood Control Project
Farmington River Diversion
Farmington River Water Shed Committee
FEMA (also Civil Preparedness)
Federal Paper Board
Federal Water Pollution Control Act
Fire Safety
Fiscal Year-Following
Fiscal Year-Current
Fish and Wildlife
Fisheries Unit
Flex Time
DEP Inland Flooding Emergency Operations Manual
Flood Damage
Flood, Storms, 1982
Fly problems/also poultry 11
Forest and Park Association, Inc., CT
Forestry-current and previous year
Forestry-fuel wood/fire wood
Fort Griswold
Franklin, Town of
Freedom of Information
Fresh Air Fund
Frito-Lay (Killingly)
Futures-The Commission of CT Futures
G (Miscellaneous)
Gardner Lake
Gasoline Allocation
Gateway Commission
General Assembly Acts, Resolution
General Dynamics
Gillette Castle
Glasgo Dam
Glastonbury, Town of
Globescope II
Gorton Lake Shore Association
Gold, Martin D., Executive Asst
Governor Advisory Commission, A-K 12
Governor’s Draft Responses 13
Governor’s Correspondence-Current Year
Governor’s Office-General Correspondence
Governor’s Horse Guard
Granby, Town of
Green House Effect
Groton Sewer Outfall
Groundwater Contamination
Gypsy Moth
H (Miscellaneous)
Haddam, Town of
Haley Farm State Park
Hamden, CT
Hancock Brook Firing Range
Harkness Memorial
Hartford Riverfront
Hartland, Town of
Hazardous Air Pollution Advisory Panel
Governor’s Draft Responses, 1981-1982 14
Hazardous Waste Siting Board 15
Household and other Non-Commercial Hazardous Waste
Health Dept.
Hearts and Flowers
Hunting and Trapping
Human Rights and Opportunities
Hill Dye Co.
Hubbard Park
Housantonic Valley Association
Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites 16
Hazardous Waste-Incineration
Hazardous Materials Management Unit-Current and Previous Years
Hazardous Waste Management Task Force
Inland Wetland 17
Infrastructure Bridge Damage
Information and Education
I (Miscellaneous)
Immigration Naturalization Service
Indian Affairs
Inland Wetlands
Killingly Pond
Interstate Transport and Pollutants 38
Interstate Conference on Water Problems
Inspector General Office
Insulation-UREA Formaldehyde
Integrated-Environmental Assistance
International Union of Operation Engineers
Iroquois Gas Transmission System Pipeline
Island Brook Flood Control, Bridgeport
Alpha J
Johns River Ridge
Kemert Landfill
R (Miscellaneous)
K-F Brick Co.
Kerotene Co.
Killingly, Town of
Personnel Payroll
Interstate Highway 18
I-91/I-84 Interchange, Hartford Area
I-291 and I-291 Proposed Landfill
Nuclear-Current Year
Nuclear Publications/also Radiation
NPDES Program
Nuclear Power Plants
Natural Resources Center-Current and Previous Years
The Nature Conservancy, CT Chapter
Naugatuck, CT
Nautilus, USS
New Britain, City of
New Canaan, Town of
New England Governor’s Conference
New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission
New England River Basins Commission (NERBL)
New Haven/Stamford Dredging
New London
Miscellaneous Interstate Sanitation/Comptrollers Files 19
Administrative files, L-Z 20
Law Enforcement 42
Laurel Park Landfill
Life Be In It
Licensing and Revenues
Legislative Regulations Review Commission (LERC)
Legislative-Black and Hispanic
Legislature (State)
Legs hold Traps
Management Update News Letter
Managers Meeting, DEP
St. Managers Day
Management Incentive Plan
Management Advisory Council
M (Miscellaneous)
Long Island Sound Dredging
Long Island Sound
Local Assistance-Program Coordination
Litter Control Unit
Land Acquisition 44
Land Use Education Council
Land Water Conservation Fund
Land Fill
AKA Currently Farriciella-Landfill Association
Labor Dept. (Miscellaneous)
Lake Waramaug
Lake Winter Green
Lake Management
Norwich Town Flooding
Norwalk River
Norwalk, CT
North Haven Mall
North Haven, Town of
Manchester, Town of 21
Mansfield, Town of
Maps and Publications
Marien Policy Reports
Mediation Environmental Issues
Mental Retardation State Department
Messerchmit Property
Mental Hydroxide Sludge Slides
Mid-Conn Project
Morningside Revetment
Mill River Hamden
Minimum Stream Flow
Model Airplane Flying
Mohawk Mountain Ski
Motor Carrier Advisory Commission
Mumford Cove
Mute Swans
Nuclear Publications 23
Nuclear Stations Emergency Operation
N (Miscellaneous)
National Association of Conservation Diet
National Governors Association
National Governors Environmental Subcommittee
National Outdoors Recreation Review Committee
New Milford Sewers 24
New York State, Department of Energy Conservation
Newington/New Britain (Central CT Expressway)
News Releases
Newspaper Clippings
Newtown, Town of
Noise Control Unit
New England Commissioners
CT Siting Council Report
New England Utilities Customer Assistance and Conservation Program (1980s-1990s)
Final New England Regional Environmental Impact Statement
Northeast Utilities-General
New Haven/North Haven
North Haven Mall, (Volumes 2-4), 1983 June
Personnel Purchasing 25
Personnel Resume
Personnel Staff Services
Personnel Department of Administration
Planning and Coordination
Planning and Development
Quinnipiac Bridge 26
Radiation Control Unit-Current Year
Radon Gas
Railroad Advisory Task Force, Governor’s-Current Year
Municipal Recycling Program
DEP Regulations
Plymouth, Town of 27
Polish National Alliance
Portland, Town of
Press Conferences
Press Releases
Private Sector Initiatives of Governors Council on Voluntary Action
Properties Review
Public Utilities Control Authority
Public Service Announcements
Public Works Division
Conference Purchasing Division (DAS)
Purchasing (DEP)
Oil-Includes Regulations and Offshore 28
Oil Spills
Old Lyme
Old Saybrook
O (Miscellaneous)
Office of Policy Management (OPM)
Open Burning
Open Space Task Force
Oxford-Larkin Bridle Trail
P (Miscellaneous)
Pachaug Forest Gallup Land
Pachaug Pond Boat Launch
Parking Spaces
Parks and Recreation Advisory Services
Relocation DEP 29
Remington Arms Gun Club
Reorganization DEP
Resources Recover-SWMU
Restaurant Menus
Revenue Services
Revenue Textile
Ride Sharing Program
River Front Recapture
Rocky Neck Parks and Recreation
Rooseter River Project
Route 7
Roy Boe Bullehead
Boe, Roy LM Oral Arguments
Salmon Restoration
Satan’s Kingdom
Savin Rock
Scantic River Flood Control
Seismicity of US
Sherwood Island
Silver Lake Dam
Silver Sands
Sleeping Giant Trail
State Implementation Plan (SIP) 30
State Implementation Plan/Revision Advisory Council (SIPAC)
State Police
Steel Brook Water Fund
DEP Steering Committee
Sterling, Town of
Stongington, Town of
Stratford, City of
Stratford Land Improvement
Structure of State Government
Suffield, Town of
Suggestion Program
Supper Fund
Soil Conservation Service 31
Soil Water Conservation District
Energy Recovery Facility
Solid Waste-Current Year
Windham, Town of
Solid Waste Management Advisory Council
Solvents Recovery
Somers, Town of
Regional Water Authority South Center, CT
South Windsor, Town of
Southington, Town of
Space Requirement Administration
Sprague, Town of
Springfield by Pass
Staff Meeting
Staff Service
Stan Chemical, Inc.
Stamford, City of
Visitors’ Register
Standardization Committee 32
State Association Training Program
State U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
State Emergency Responds Commission
State Ethics Commission
Sea State/EPA Agreement
Sip-State Implementation Plan, 1979 June 22
SIP Appendix, 1979 June 22
Superfund Amendments 33
Mute Swans
T (Miscellaneous)
TAGA van
Task Force on Accidental Toxic Chemical Releases
Task Force to Study Sale of Water Company Land
Thames River Outfall
Thomaston, Town of
Tidal Wetlands
Tire Disposal
Tolland, Town of
Torrington, City of
DEP’s Toxic Laboratory
Transfer files, 1983 August
Transportation, Department of
Travel Reports
State Rail Plan Update, 1982
Travel Authorization Request 34
Travel Reports, DEP
Treasure Chest Inc., Windsor Locks
Treasurer, State of Connecticut
U (Miscellaneous)
Underground Storage
Union Carbide Corp.
United Illuminating, 80 Temple St.
U.S. Army Resources
U.S. Dept of Interior
U.S. Marine Corp.
USS Nautilus Memorial Development Plan
U.S. Naval Submarine Base
U.S. Saving Bonds Program
United Technologies Corp.
United Way/Combined Health Appeal
University of Connecticut (UCONN)
University of Connecticut (UCONN)-Incinerator
Urban Conservation Corps Program 35
Utility Contractors Association
V (Miscellaneous)
Valley Railroad Company, The Essex
Vehicles, DAS
CSU DEP Vehicle Assignment List
Vermont, State of Agency Environ
Vernon, CT
Voluntown, Town of
W (Miscellaneous)
Wadsworth Atheneum
Wallingford, Town of
Water Compliance, Current and Previous Year
Water Conservation
Water Diversion
Water Pollution Program
Water Resources
Water Quality
Water Resources, the Institute
Water Resources 36
Housatonic Scenic River
Water Service Consolidation
Water Supply System
Waterbury State Technical College
Waterbury, Town of
Weed Harvesting Equipment
Westbrook, Town of
West Hartford, Town of
West Haven, City of
West River Flood Control
Westport 37
Western District Headquarters
White Memorial Foundation
Whitefield Manor
Wild Animal
Williams Pond Dam Lake
Willow Brook Flooding
Windham Regional Energy Recovery Inc.
Windsor Locks Landfill
Acid Rain 2
Affirmative Action
Coastal Area Management
Coal Conversion
CT River Assembly
Council on Environmental Quality
Drinking Water
Flood Control
Subject Files, 1973-1980, Accession: 1988-024 (part)
Acid Rain, 1980 June-December 13-5
Acid Rain, 1980 January-June
EPA Reports on Acid Rain, 1980 January
EPA Reports on Acid Rain, 1977 June
EPA Booklets, Etc., Pertaining to Air.
Acid Rain, 1979
Adjudication’s-General Information, Etc.
Adjudication’s Unit DEP Final Decisions, 1980
Final Decisions-1981 Adjudication’s, 1981
Administrative (DEP)
DAS-State Dept. of Administrative Services, 1980 January - 1981 August
Affirmative Action
Aging, Department of
Air Compliance, 1977 January - 1980 December
DEP Air Compliance, 1977-1978
Air Compliance (Senate Bill 841)
CT. Air Quality Summary, 1980
CT. Air Quality Summary, 1979
CT. Air Quality Summary, 1975-1977
Algae Control 13-15
Ansonia Incinerator
Appalachian Trail
Appalachian Trailways News
Dept. of the Army Corps of Engineers
Asbestos, 1977
Attorney General, 1980
Attorney General, 1979
Asbestos Information from Housatonic Comm. College, 1977 March 3
Bantam Lake Restoration Project
Bantam Lake
Bartholomew’s Lake
Beacon Falls
Beaver Dam Lake
Bi-Project Status
Bluff Point - Groton
Bluff Point Environmental Impact Statement
Boat Ramps
Bond Commission, 1979
Bottle Bill Report, 1975 January
Bottle Bill Report - No Deposit No Return -NY, 1975 February 13-16
Bottle Bill Report to General Assembly, 1975
Bottle Bill (no dates), 1975
Bottle Bill, 1976-1978 September
Bottle Bill, 1977 October - 1978 December
Bottle Bill, 1979
Bottle Bill, 1980
Branford, Town of
Bridgeport, Town of
Bristol, Town of, 1978 November - 1980 December
Brookfield, 1972 January - 1979 November
BTU Bubble, 1979 December - 1980 September
Budget, 1977 January - 1980 April 13-20
Budget Summary of Fiscal Year, 1979
DEP Budget Request
Building, 1976 November - 1980 November
Canaan Airport Study, 1977 August
Canaan Airport, 1977 August
Candlewood Lake, 1975 January - 1980 November
Carcinogenic, 1977 January - 1980 August
Citizen’s Advisory Council, 1977 January - 1980 January
Civil Preparedness, 1977 January - 1980 November
Clean Air Acts, 1976 January - 1980 December
Coal Conversion Report- Bridgeport Harbor Station, 1979 December
Coal Conversion, 1980 January-December
Coal Conversion, 1974 August-1979 December
CAM, 1977 May - 1980 December 13-3
CAM Coastal Goals and Policies-Planning Reports #26, 1978 August
Colchester/Hampton Sewers, 1977 October - 1980 August
Colchester Landfill, 1977 December - 1978 November
Colchester Landfill, 1979 March-1980 December
Combustion Equipment Associates, 1977
Combustion Equipment Associates, 1978-1980
Commissioner’s Personal, 1977 July-1980 November
Commodore Marina, 1977 April-1980 June
Communications (DEP), 1980 March
Comptroller’s Office State of Connecticut, 1977 January-1978 January
CT. Academy of Science and Engineering
CT. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council FY79 Report
CT Assoc. of Conservation & Inland Wetlands Commission, 1978 August - November
CT. Assoc. of Soil & Water Conservation Districts, 1977 March-1980 December
CT. Conference of Municipalities Newspapers, 1977 January-February
CT. Construction Industries Assoc., Inc.
CEPA, 1977 March-1980 October
CT. Forest & Park Association, 1977 March - 1978 February
CT. Horse Council, 1978 April - 1979 October
CT. Industry Museum, 1980 February 11
CT. Marine Trades Association, Inc., 1980 June + 1980 December
CT. Public Transit Authority, 1980 September - 1980 December
CT. Public Transit Authority, 1980 March - 1980 July
CT. Public Transit Authority, 1970 December - 1980 February
CRRA, 1980 October
CRRA, 1980 August - 1980 December
CRRA, 1980 June-1980 July 13-10
CRRA, 1980 January - 1980 May
CRRA, 1977 January-April, 1979 March-December
CT. River Assembly, 1979 May+1980 February
CT. River Basin Plan (Report), 1976 June
CT. River Gateway Commission, 1977 June-1980 October
CT. River Valley Flood Control Program, 1978 June-1980 October
CT. River Water Diversion, 1977 October-1980 September
CT. Science Fair, 1980 February-1980 March
CT. Soil and Water Conservation Districts- Inventory Report 1978, 1978
CT. Urban Task Force, 1978 April-1980 October
Conservation Officers
Conservation + Preservation, 1977 September-1980 November
Construction Grants, 1977 March-1980 November
Consulting Engineers, 1977 February 2+7
Council on Environmental Quality, 1977 June-1980 October
Council on Environmental Quality
Eastern Region Conference of the Council of State Governments
Crystal Mall, Waterford, 1979 December - 1980 October
Dams, 1977 February-1980 December
Data Processing, 1973 September-1980 June
Debriefing Memos
Delegation Letters, 1980 April-1980 September
DEP Directives, 1977 September-1980 August
Dredging Disposal of Dangerous Materials in Long Island Sound
Dredging, 1977 February-1980 October
Dredging - Long Island Sound (New Haven/ Stamford), 1977 July - 1980 February
Dredging - Bio. Study, 1977 July
Drinking Water, Water Compliance Unit, 1977 June-1980 September 13-7
Emergency Operations Plan St. of CT., 1976
Energy Advisory Board, 1977 January-1980 December
Energy, 1980 April-1980 November
Energy, 1974 August-1980 March
Environmental Achievements
Fairfield, Town of
Environmental Quality, 1975 May-1980 December
Federal Paperboard, 1979 March-1980 November
Federal Water Pollution Control Act, 1977 February-1980 June
DEP Fisheries Unit, 1977 June-1980 December
Fish and Water life, 1977 March-1980 June
Fish life - ASMFC Reports (4ea), 1976, 1977-1979 September
Flood Control, 1977 March-1980 October 13-8
Fluorocarbons, 1977 January-1977 August
Forestry, 1978 July-1980 February
Forestry, 1980 March-1980 November
Forestry- Fuel wood, 1978 December-1980 September
Fort Griswold, 1980 June-1980 September
Gasoline Allocations, 1977 June-1980 October
General Assembly Legislative Program Review, 1979 February
Gillette Castle
Glasco Dam
Governor’s Correspondence, 1980 October-1980 December
Governor’s Correspondence, 1980 August-1980 September
Governor’s Correspondence, 1980 January-1980 July
Governor’s Correspondence, 1977 April-1980 July
Governor’s Correspondence, 1978 December-1980 June
Groton Sewer Outfall, 1976 October-1980 June
Groundwater Contamination, 1980 February-1980 December
Gypsy Moths, 1980 August-1980 December
Hamden, Town of
Hammonassett State Park, 1977 February-1980 December
Hancock Brook Shooting Range
Handicapped Recreation, 1977 August-1980 June
Harkness Memorial State Park, 1977 march-1980 September
Hazardous Materials Management Unit, 1980 January-1980 May
Hazardous Materials Management, 1979 October-1979 December
Hazardous Materials Management, 1979 May-1979 October
Hazardous Materials Management, 1978 February-1979 April 13-1
Hazardous Materials Management Unit, 1980 June-1980 December
Hazardous Waste Management Task Force, 1980 January-1980 October
Hazardous Waste Siting Council, 1980 January-1980 October
State of Connecticut Health Department
Hearts and Flowers, 1977 January-1980 December
Heritage Task Force
Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service, 1978 January-1980 October
Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service, 1980 March-1980 December
Housatonic River Commission
CL&P Housatonic Project
Helco Housatonic Project
Housatonic River Study
Housatonic River Treatment Plant, 1979 May-1980 January
Commissioner Stanley Pac
State of Connecticut-Department of Housing, 1980 December
Commission on Human Rights and opportunities, 1976 March-1980 August
Hunting and Trapping- Wildlife, 1978 October-1980 December
Indian Affairs, 1976 January-1977 November
Indian Affairs, 1978 January-1980 September
Indirect Source Air Compliance-Letters and Memos
Inland Wetlands, 1977 July-1978 December
Inland Wetlands, 1979 January-1980 September
Inspection and Maintenance, 1979 January-1979 December
Inspection and Maintenance, 1978 March-1978 November 13-19
Inspection and Maintenance, 1978 January-1978 February
Inspection and Maintenance, 1975 February-1977 December
Insulation- Urea Formaldehyde, 1977 December-1977 November
Insulation- Urea Formaldehyde, 1979 February-1979 December
Insulation- Urea Formaldehyde, 1980 January-1980 December
International Snowmobile Industry Association, 1976 May-1977 March
I-84 Eastern Connecticut
I-291 Farmington to Rocky Hill, 1976 December-1980 October
Interstate Highways, 1978 June-1980 November
Interstate Sanitation Commission, 1977 January-1980 August
Invitations, 1979 December+1980 May-1980 December
Ivy Mountain Farm - Goshen, 1977 January
John’s River Ride, 1979 December+1980 December
Labor, State Department of, 1978 January-1979 October
Lake Beeseck, 1977 March-1979 September
Lake Waramuag, 1977 January-1980 May
Lake Wonoscopomuc- Hypolimnetic Drawoff
Lakes Management, 1977 March-1979 September
Lakes- Twin Lakes Project, 1978 February-1978 June
Land Acquisition (SS Division), 1976 January-1980 September
Land and Water Conservation Fund, 1976 May-1980 December
Landfills, 1978 June-1978 November
Law Enforcement (C+P Division), 1977 March-1980 September
League of Women Voters, 1978 November-1980 September 13-2
Leesville Dam, 1977 November-1980 August
Legislation, 1976 February-1980 August
Legislative Program Review & Investigations Committee, 1975 July-1976 October
Licensing and Revenue, 1980 August-1981 December
Linear Park-Rte. 7
Litter Control Unit, 1980 December
LIS-Dredging, Heritage Program, 1975 January-1976 October
Long Island Sound-Dredging, LISF Heritage Program, 1977 February-1979 December
Malls, 1977 May-1979 November
Management, 1978 May, 1980 January, 1980 June
Management Incentive Plan, 1978 September-1979 June
Mattabassett, 1980 March-1980 December
Milford, 1976 March-1980 October
Motor Vehicle, State Dept. of, 1977 January-1980 July
National Governors Conference, 1977 February-1977 August
National Hurricane Conference, 1980 March
Natural Resources Center, 1974-1978 April
Natural Resources Center, 1978 June-1979 April
Natural Resources Center, 1980 January-1980 October
Natural Resources Center, 1979 May-1979 October
New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission, 1977 January-1978 December
NERBC, 1976-1977 August
NERBC, 1977 September-1977 December 13-9
NERBC, 1979 January-1979 October
NERBC, 1979 November-1980 April
New England Regional Commission (Hazardous Waste), 1978 May-1980 March
News Releases, 1977 February-1980 October
Newspaper Clippings Various Dates, 1977-1982
NPDES - National Pollution Discharge Elimination System, 1980 June
Noise Control Unit - DEP, 1970 December-1980 December
Norfolk, CT. - Town of, 1977 January-1977 December
North Haven Mall
Northeast Utilities Response to PFEC Questions, 1977 October 24
Northeast Utilities, 1977 December-1980 July
Northeast Utilities, 1976 November-1977 September
Northeast Utilities Report on Strontium- 90 Levels in CT. Milk, 1977 September
Northeast Utilities Stability Analysis Docket #12
Northeast Utilities Exhibit “R” (Bantam Lake), 1977 November-1980 August
Environmental Operating Report - Haddam Neck, 1975 January 1-1975 December 31 13-18
Environmental Operating Report - Haddam Neck, 1977 January 1-1977 December 31
Environmental Operating Report - Millstone, 1975 June 1-1975 December 31
Environmental Operating Report - Millstone, 1977 January 1-1977 December 31
Northeast Utilities Exhibit “R” Bantam Lake, 1980 August
Northeast Utilities Exhibit “R&W”
Norwalk, 1977 January-1980 December
Norwalk Harbor, 1977 April-1980 February
Norwich - Norwichtown, 1980 March-1980 September
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 1979 January-1980 December
Physical Protection of Plants and Materials, 1977 March
Purcell Report Critique - Bantam Lake
Oil + Chemical Spills Section, 1978 January-1980 October 13-12
Oil- Outer Continental Shelf, 1977 January-1980 October
Old Lyme Beach Association, 1977 July-1979 March
Old Saybrook, 1980 October-1980 November
Open Burning (Air Compliance), 1977 January-1980 June
Open Space Acquisition, 1975 May-1977 December
Open Space Acquisition, 1978 February-1980 August
Open Space Acquisition Request for Bond Funds, 1977 January-1980 February
Overtime, 1979 December-1980 December
PCB, 1979
PCB, 1975+1978+1977
PCB Housatonic, 1977 February-1979 December
PCB - State/EPA Agreement, 1977 August-1979 September
Permits Section (DEP)
Personnel - Adjudication’s, 1976 May-1980 October
Personnel- Administration
Personnel- Air Compliance Unit, 1976 April-1980 December
ACU Kennedy, Paula (Air)
Personnel- Asst. Attorney General
Personnel- Commissioners Office
Personnel- Complimentary, 1977 January-1980 December
Personnel- Conservation + Preservation, 1977 January-1980 October
Personnel- Employment Apps, 1977 January-1977 December
Personnel- Environmental Quality, Deputy Commissioner’s
Personnel- Financial Services
Personnel- Flextime Proposals
Personnel- Form 14 Tracking Sheets, 1977 November-1978 November
Personnel - Hazardous Materials Management Unit
Personnel- Information and Education
Personnel- Land Acquisition/Property Management
Personnel- Litter Control
Personnel- Management Analysis
Personnel- Masters Contracts
Personnel- Miscellaneous 13-13
Personnel- Natural Resource Center
Personnel- Noise Control Unit
Personnel- Parks and Recreation
Personnel- Personnel + Payroll
Personnel- Planning and Coordination/Coastal Area Management
Personnel- Purchasing and Central Services
Personnel- Radiation
Personnel- Resumes, 1979-1980
Personnel- Resumes, 1977-1978
Personnel- Retirement + Pension
Personnel- Senior Environmental Employee
Personnel- Solid Waste Unit
Personnel- Staff Services
Personnel- Water Compliance
Personnel- Water Resources
Personnel- Water + Related Resources
Pesticide Unit
Pesticide Unit, 1977-1978
Pickett’s Pond Osbournedale St. Park
Plainfield, Town of
DEP Planning + Coordination
Planning and Development (C+P)
Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan, 1974 December
Dept. of Planning and Energy Policy
Plymouth, Town of
Poultry Processing Plants Rytman and Kokoff
PFEC- Power Facilities Evaluation Council, 1977-1980
PFEC, 1977 November
Progress Reports to Governor
Property Management
PUCA Public Utilities Control Authority
Purchasing (DEP) 13-14
Quinnipiac Bridge
Radiation Control Unit, 1977, 1978
Radiation Control Unit, 1979
Radiation Control Unit, 1979
Radiation Control Unit, 1980
Radiation Control Unit, 1981
Radiation Control Unit, 1981
Railroad Advisory Task Force, 1979-1981
Railroad Advisory Task Force, 1981 April-1981 December
Redding, Town of
Rehabilitation Act, 1973
Regulations (DEP)
Re-Organization (DEP), 1974 December-1977 August
Re-Organization (DEP), 1974 November-1977August 13-6
Re-Organization (DEP), 1977 August-1980 march
Resource Recovery, 1977 March-1981 November
Ride Sharing Program, 1976 April-1980 November
Rippowan Flood Control, 1978 November-1981 February
Ridgefield Sewage Treatment Plant, 1976 May-1980 December
Rocky Hill Landfill, 1977-1978
Rocky Hill Landfill, 1978-1981
Rocky Neck State Park, 1977 May-1981 September
Rooster River Flood Control, 1977 May-1981 August
Route 7 (Linear Park), 1975 September-1981 August
Route 25, 1977
Route 72, 1977 February-1980 September
Roy Boe Bulkhead, 1976 July-1979 June
Rural Development Council, 1980 September-1981 January
Salisbury, Town of
Salmon River Flood Control, 1978 June-1980 October
Scantic River Restoration, 1978 June-1980 October
SCORP, 1978-1981 December
Security System, DAS Public Works, 1979 January-1978 January
See Program, Senior Environmental Employment Program
Selden Island, 1981 March-1981 August
Sewers, 1977
Sewers, 1979-1981 13-4
Shell beach
Sleeping Giant State Park
Sherwood Island State Park
Sick Leave
Soil Conservation Service
Solid Waste Management Advisory Council
CT. Solid Waste Mgt. Plan
Solid Waste, 1977
Solid Waste, 1978
Solid Waste, 1980+1981
South Windham, Town of
Solvents Recovery-Southington
Somers, Town of
South Windsor, Town of
Southington, Town of
Space Requirements
Squantz Pond State Park
Staff Services (DEP)
Stamford, City of
Standardization Committee, 1979
Standardization Committee, 1980
SIP State Implementation Plan, 1977 August-1979 February 13-17
SIP, 1979 March-1979 August
SIP, 1980 February-1980 September
SIP, 1980 September-1981 November
SIP RAC SIP Revision Advisory Committee
State Planning and Development Committee
State Science, Engineering & Technology Steering Committee
State Tree Protection Examining Board (Appointees)
State Owned Housing
Sterling, Town of
Stonington, Town of
Stratford, Town of
Structure of State Government (Preliminary Discussion Draft) 10/76, 1976 October
Suggestion Awards Program
Sulphur (High), 1976 January-1980 August
Sulphur (High), 1980 August-1980 December
Summer Employment
Talcott Mountain
Tashua Shopping Park (Trumbull)
Thames River Basin (Outfall)
Tidal Wetlands
Timber 13-11
Tire Disposal
Tolland, Town of
Tornado, 1979 October
Torrington, Town of
Trade Publications
Dept. of Transportation Proposed Transportation Control Plan, 1976
Dept. of Transportation, 1975 April-1979 December
1980 Master Transportation Plan
Dept. of Transportation, 1980 March-1981 June
Travel Authorization Requests
Tri-State Regional Planning Commission, 1976 August-1978 September
Tri- State Regional Planning commission, 1978 September-1981 February
Trout Brook Flood Control Project
Trumbull, Town of
Uncas Lake, Lyme, CT.
United Illuminating, 1979 March-1980 September
United Illuminating, 1980 October-1981 June
United Nuclear Corporation Project
University of Hartford Correction Institute
Urban Parks and Recreation
Upjohn, 1981 13-21
Upjohn, 1980
Upjohn, 1979
Vehicles, 1977 January-1981 December
Vehicle Assignment List, 1978 May-1981 December
Vernon, Town of, 1981 September-1981 October
Viking Wire Plant, 1980 July
Voluntown, Town of, 1980 May-1980 December
Wallingford, Town of, 1980 May-1981 June
Water Compliance Unit, 1980-1981
Water Compliance Unit, 1977, 1978, 1979
Water Conservation, 1981
Water Monitoring, 1980 January-1981 June
Water Pollution, 1977 January-1980 January
Water Pollution Control, 1977 May-1981 June
Water Quality
Water, Research and Technology, 1976-1977-1978
Water Resources, 1981-1980
Water Resources, 1979 June-1979 October
Water Resources, 1964 February-1978 June
Water Resources Council, 1978-1980
Water and Waste Management Book, 1978
Chronological File, 1977-1980
1977 April 1-30 13-22
1977 March 1-31
1977 January 1-31, February
1976 August 1-November 1
1976 June 1
1976 March 11-May 28, 1976 May 31
1976 January 2-March 10
1975 November 1-December 31
1975 August 1-October 31
1975 July 1-31
1975 March 1-May 31
1979 August-December
1979 January-July
1978 September-December
1978 May-August
1978 January-April
1977 October-December
1977 August-September
1977 June-July 13-23
1980 January-June
1980 July-December
Subject Files, 1974-1981, Accession: 1988-027 (part)
Legislation-Correspondence Session, 1974 23-1
Legislation-Proposed Legislation (EQ), 1977
Legislation-C&P Proposed Legislation, 1977
Governor’s Office, 1979 December
Governor’s Office, 1979 September-November
Governor’s Office, 1979 January-February
Governor’s Office, 1979 march-April
Governor’s Office, 1979 May-June
Governor’s Office, 1979 July-August
CPTA, 1978
CPTA, 1977
Railroads, 1977
Railroads, 1978-1979
Tri-State, 1976 January-February 23-2
Tri-State, 1976 March-April
Tri-State, 1976 July-August
Tri-State, 1976 September-October
Tri-State, 1976 November-December
Tri-State, 1977 January-March
Tri-State, 1977 April-June
Tri-State, 1977 July-September
Tri-State, 1977 October-November
Tri-State, 1978 February-April
Tri-State, 1977 December-January
Tri-State, 1978 May-July
Affirmative Action, 1977-1978 23-3
Air Compliance Unit, 1977
Air Compliance Unit, 1978
EQ Air Compliance, 1976
New England River Basins, 1978 January-June
PFEC, 1977 June-1977 November
PFEC, 1977 November-1978 February
Task Force-Railroad, 1977
CRRA, 1978 November-1979 January 23-4
CRRA, 1978 September-October
CRRA, 1978 July-August
CRRA, 1978 February-June
CRRA, 1977 December-1978 January
CRRA, 1977 October-November
CRRA, 1977 August-September
CRRA, 1977 June-July
CRRA, 1977 April-May
CRRA, 1977 March
CRRA, 1977 January-February
CRRA files, 1976
Governor’s Correspondence, 1980 July 23-5
CT Railway Advisory Task Force, 1977
CT Railway Advisory Task Force
Planning and Coordination, 1978 23-6
Public Utilities Control Authority
PREC, 1978 March-1979 August
Legislation-Correspondence, 1978 Session
Proposed Legislation, 1979
Public/Special Acts
Qualifications and Experience record
Legislator’s Program-Rules and Regulations Committee
Rail, 1980 January 23-7
Rail, 1980 August
Rail, 1980 September
Rail, 1981 January-February
Appointments made by Governor, 1976 January-June
Appointments made by Governor, 1975-1976
Miscellaneous Inquires from Governor’s Office
Governor’s File
Cam, 1977-1978
DOT, 1979
Energy Planning
208 Water
208 Water, 1977-1979
Water Resources Development in Connecticut
Water Resources Council Policy Study, 1977-1979
Wildlife, 1979
Governor’s Correspondence, 1976 March-April 23-8
Governor’s Correspondence
Governor’s Correspondence, 1977 January-February
Governor’s Correspondence, 1977 May-June
Governor’s Correspondence, 1977 July-August
Governor’s Correspondence, 1977 September-October
Governor’s Correspondence, 1978 November-December
Governor’s Correspondence, 1979 September-October
Governor’s Correspondence, 1979 July-August
Governor’s Correspondence, 1979 May-June
Governor’s Correspondence, 1978 January-February
Subject Files, 1977-1980, Accession: 1988-030
Affirmative Action Update, 1979 28-1
Attorney General, 1978
Bond Requests, 1977
Bond Requests, 1978
Bond Requests, 1979
Air Compliance, 1979
CT Air Quality Summary
Commissioner Pac-Personal, 1977
CAM, 1979
CPTA, 1979
Hazardous Materials Management Unit, 1978 28-2
Hazardous Materials Management Unit, 1979
Hazardous Waste-CT Industrial Waste Management and Recovery Task Force
Human Resources-DAS
Staff Services
Inspection and Maintenance
Air Compliance Unit-Indirect Sources
Energy, 1977 28-3
Energy, 1978
CRRA, 1979 February-1979 March
CRRA, 1979 April-1979 May
CRRA, 1979 June-1979 July
CRRA, 1979 August-1979
CRRA, 1979 October-1979 November
Environmental Quality, 1977
Governor’s Office, 1980 January
Governor’s Office, 1980 February
Governor’s Office, 1980 March
Governor’s Office, 1980 April
Governor’s Office, 1980 May
Governor’s Office, 1980 June
Leslie A. Carothers, 1987-1990
Chronological Files, 1987-1990, Accession: 1993-139
1990 February-January 1
1990 March-April
1990 May-July
1990 August-September
1990 October-November
1990 December-1991 January
Governor's responses, 1988 June 6 - 1988 October 21
Governor's responses, 1988 July 6 - August
Lake Williams
Farmington Canal Rail Corridor
Tom's chronological file
1988 January-June
Draft response for Governor's signature, 1989 November - 1990 June 1
Draft response for Governor's signature, 1989 March - April
Governor's draft responses, 1989 November
Governor's reponses to 1989 February
Governor's responses, 1989 April - July 2
Carother's letters, 1989 July - December
1989 July-October
Consolidated files, 1989 April - June
1989 January 11 - March 31
1988 December - 1989 March 20
1988 October 3 - December 28
1988 June 1 - September 29
1987 February 25 - 1987 July 24
1988 March 9 - May 31
Letters, 1987 November - Decenber
Chronological file, 1987 January - December
Letters, 1987 March, July, September, October
Speeches, 1987-1990, Accession: 1994-010 (part) 2
Timothy R. E. Keeney, 1991-1994
Subject Files, 1991-1995, Accession: 1996-009
Avery Point 1
Boating certification
Boating fatality
Beardsley Park
DEP magazine
E-2000 Conference
Earth Week 1995
Entrepreneurial Center RFP
Environmental Industries / CT Environmental Entrepreneurial Center
Environmental Justice / Equity
Fairfield Hill Hospital
Geoclean Environmental
Galaxy Mall
Green Industries
Recreation and Natural Heritage Trust Program
Land conservation
Lead abatement
Low Emission Vehicle (LEV)
Lattin's Cove
Long Island Sound Plate
Long Island Sound Advisory Committee,
Long Island Sound Programs
Low level radioactive waste
Lyman Orchards
Mashantucket Pequot
Mohegan Reservation
Mosquito control / Marsh restoration
Mute swans
Naval sub base / Dredging
Pollution prevention
Rising Pond Dam
Rivers Management
Silver Lake
Session Woods
Somers / Rye Hill Circle
Sportsmen / Hunting issues
Stadium project
Susan Starr / Decision
State Guard
UConn - Marine acquaculture
Unredeemed bottle deposits
Wesleyan Camp
Correspondence, 1991-1994, Accession: 1995-038
Representatives and Governor’s log letters (Responses), 1994 1
FOIA Requests, 1994
Representatives and Governor’s log letters (Responses), 1993
Representatives and Governor’s log letters (Responses), 1993 2
Representatives and Governor’s log letters (Responses), 1992
Representatives and Governor’s log letters (Responses), 1992 3
Representatives and Governor’s log letters (Responses), 1991
Deputy Commissioner’s letters (Responses), 1991-1994
Commissioner’s letters (Responses), 1991-1994
Speeches, 1992-1993, Accession: 1995-039 1
Speeches, 1991, Accession: 1994-010 (part)
Sidney J. Holbrook, 1995-1997
Accession: 2001-040
Correspondence, 1995 1
Arranged alphabetically.
Governor's log letters, 1996
Arranged numerically.
Log letters, 1996 3
Arranged numerically.
Subject Files, 1995-1996
Air 2
Evans, Bill
Firearms inventory
Governor issues, 1995-1996
Governor, 1995
Governor, 1996
Governor - Memos - Trips, 1995-1996
Holbrook, Sid
Holbrook, Sid - Car
Holbrook, Sid - Phones
Leff, David
Long Island Sound
Memos, 1995
Memos, 1996
Natural resources
Outdoor recreation
One / Chane, Inc.
Personnel, 1995-1996
Work hours
Subject Files, 1997
Attorney General, 1997 4
Attorney General, 1996
Attorney General , 1995
Air Management
Air Bureau - Contract
Beardsley Zoo
Barlow, D. / Bond agenda requests
Beehive Stadium
Delegation of authority
Emissions - New Jersey/Connecticut
Enforcement action / violations - pending
Evans, Bill
Flounder, Summer
General funds
Governor's Office, 1997
Handy & Harman
Holbrook, Sid
Holbrook, Sid - Car
Holbrook, Sid - Phones
Johnson, Doris
Lajoie, Sue
Leff, David
Licensed environmental professional(LEP) regulations,
Licensed environmental professional(LEP), , 2 folders
Mohegan destination report
Mosquito program
Natural resources
New London file
Northeast Utilities
Old Saybrook
Outdoor recreation
Pleasure Beach Bridge
Policy self policing
Political activity
Pollution prevention
Pratt & Whitney
Precision timer
Putnam Memorial State Park
Rocque, Art - LIS
Route 6
Safe Way
Santarsiero, Vito
Shakespeare Theater
Staff meeting 5
Sullivan, M.
Survey response
Telephone coverage
Volunteers - Thank you
Waste management
Water management
Waterbury Rolling Mills
Web trends
Correspondence log records, 1995-1997, 4 folders
OSHA citation at DEP, 1988-1995, 1 binder
Plasticrete-Quinnipiac River Incident Case # 95-5697, 1995, 1 binder
Accession: 1998-036 (part)
Speeches, 1995-1997, 3 folders 1
Arthur J. Rocque, Jr., 1998-2004
Accession: 2003-033 (part)
Log letters, 1998-2001
1998 11
1999 12
2000 13
2001 14
Inside Out newsletters, 1995-1997, 58 issues Unnumbered box
Accession: 2005-009
Correspondence, 1998-2004
Governor's Office 1
Chief of Staff Peter Ellef
Chief of Staff Sidney J. Holbrook
Greater Bridgeport Interfaith Action
Guide of Ethics for Public Officials
Commissioner's Office
Budget Information
Legislative Program review Committee Confidentiality Agreement
Testimony from confirmation hearing
Commissioner Rocque's testimony before Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee
Commissioner Rocque's confirmation hearing materials
Confirmation correspondence
Strategic business plan
Auditor's correspondence, 1999
Enforcement Program, Policy and Practices Group
Center for Strategic & International Studies, 1998
Brass Mill Mall, 1998
DEP reorganization , 1998
AIR Bureau reorganization
Waste Bureau reorganization,
Regional Water Authority - Re: The Watershed Fund
Bradley International Airport consent order
Brookfield condominium
Brookfield condominium engineering evaluation
Clean Water Fund analysis
Millennium Project
United Aluminum Corporation penalty
University of Connecticut landfill consent order
Office of Legal Counsel
Assistant Commissioner David Leff
Open space
James V. Spignesi, Jr.
Governor's Office 2
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal
State Ethics Commission
Commissioner's correspondence
One stop / IT Project
DEP P4 Labor / Management Committee
Office of Policy and Management - Secretary Marc Ryan
DEP budget reduction options to the Office of Policy and Management
Reorganization issues
Delegation of authority
Correspondence, 2000 September-December
Ethics Commission, 1995 3
Auditor's report, 1996
Correspondence, 1996
Candidates for Affirmative Action Administrator position, 1997
Governor's correspondence / Commissioner's appointment, 1997
Commissioner's correspondence, 1997
Executive and Legislative Nomination Committee - Commissioner's testimony
Delegation of Authority, 1997
Commissioner Sidney Holbrook, 1997
Commissioner Arthur J. Rocque's correspondence, 1998
Commissioner Arthur J. Rocque's correspondence, 1999
Commissioner Arthur J. Rocque's correspondence, 2000
Commissioner Arthur J. Rocque's correspondence, 2001 November-December 4
Commissioner Arthur J. Rocque's correspondence, 2001 September-October
Commissioner Arthur J. Rocque's correspondence, 2001 January-March
Commissioner Arthur J. Rocque's correspondence, 2001 April-June
Commissioner Arthur J. Rocque's correspondence, 2002 January-December
English Station
Sooty Six testimony
West Nile Virus budget program
Ozone Transport Commission
Emergency Operations
Northend Club (The honorarium donation to Schooner)
Commissioner Rocque's Correspondence, 2003 January-December
Ertel v. Rocque, Leff & Towbin
Affirmative Action - Marcia Bonitto,
Affirmative Action - Betty Lirot, 2002-2003
DECD reorganization letter from Commissioner Abromaitis
Marc Ryan Memo - Re: Council on Environmental Quality 5
Governor's Office
Natural Heritage, Open space / Watershed Land Acquisition Review Board
Commissioner Rocque's Correspondence, 2004 January-October
Route 11
Connecticut Energy Advisory Board (CEAB)
Organizational evaluation
Executive planners, 1996-2004
Organizational Evaluation, 2000
These are the files of Hugo Thomas, Environmental Management Consultant.
DEP Advisory Committees 6
Ambient monitoring
EDGE - Automated data & information management
PAMS - Automated data & information management - Andersen Consulting
Branch - Planning & standards roles - 1988 org
Budget documents
Bureau Chiefs planning retreat
Delegation of authority
Documents provided during interviews
Enforcement, 2 folders
Environmental assistances & outreach
DEP general statutes
Geographic Information System - GIS
Goodwin Conservation Center
Human resources classification
Information Technology Plan
Internal Advisory Committee
Natural Area Preserves
Current organizational charts
Historic organizational charts
DEP organization assessment survey
First DEP organization - Dan Lufkin documents
EPA Organizational charts
EPA / DEP performance partnership agreement
Pollution prevention
DEP programs & activities
Quality management plan EPA / DEP
Water allocation 7
Water Bureau fact sheets
Web site
Miscellaneous documents
Bureau of Air Management recent restructuring
Open space
Background material, .5 cubic feet
Organization material from other states, .25 cubic feet 8
Strategic plans, .75 cubic feet
Retirement and Attrition Risk, 2000 January, 1 binder 9
Draft Report - Organizational Evaluation: Informational Background, Issues, Opportunities and Recommendations, 2000 May, 1 binder
Final Report - Organizational Evaluation Recommendations, 2000 July 31, 1 binder
Draft Report Review Comments Not Referenced in Report, 1 folder
Draft report material, 1 envelope + 16 folders
Rita Bowlby, Assistant to the Commissioner, 1973-1975, Accession: 1988-027 (part)
Administrative Procedure Act (APA) 16-1
Department of Transportation Spraying Policy
Aerial Spraying Permit Application
Aerial Spraying, Statements on
Atomic Energy Commission
Bacillus Thuringiensis (BT), Safety Administration
Barn Island
Connecticut Agriculture Experiment Station
Connecticut Industry Magazine
Council on Environmental Quality
DEP/DOT Meeting re: DEP Policy Directions
Emission Control Vehicle
Employment within DEP
Energy and Environment
Environment Committee of General Assembly
Environmental Awareness Proposal (Guilford)
Governor’s Office, correspondence with
Environmental Impact Statements
Environmental Policy Act, State of CT
Department of Environmental Protection-Organizational Structure
Environmental Quality Division
Gypsy Moth/Pesticides
Gypsy Moth/Pesticides Background Information
Biographical 16-2
Travel and Expenses (Department of Personnel)
Indian Affairs (Legislation and Regulations)
Indian Affairs Council
Indian Affairs (Annual Reports)
Indian Affairs (Welfare Department)
Indian Affairs (Historical Data)
Indian Affairs (General)
Policy for Use of State-Owned Land by Motor Vehicles
Inspection: Solid Waste Disposal Areas
PFEC—Millstone Nuclear Power Station, Unit 1 16-3
PFEC—Millstone Nuclear Power Station, Unit 2
PFEC (Power Facility Evaluation Council) Minutes
PFEC—New England River Basins Commission Special Study Proposal
Neplan-Nepex Report (PFEC)
PFEC Policy
PFEC Publications in PFEC Office
PFEC Rules of Practice
PFEC Transmission Line Application Docket #2
PFEC Northeast Utilities Annual Report
PFEC Budget
PFEC Members
Press Releases
Preservation and Conservation
Regulations Review Committee Lists
Research Materials
Solid Waste (Landfill)
Speaking Engagements-Summary of Information
Staff Meetings (DEP)
State Parks
Transportation, Dept. of
Transmission Line-Branford/Old Saybrook PFEC
Transmission Line-Granby
USDA Environmental Impact Statement
Volunteer Services (with DEP)
Waterford School (Montville)
Water Pollution Control Act-Federal
Wetlands Preservation Program
Yale Environmental Law Society
Zoning Railroad Property (Westport)
Advisory Rulings-PFEC 16-4
Advisory Ruling (Groton)
Power Facility Evaluation Council (General)
Personnel (Supervisory) DEP
Gypsy Moth-Methods of Control
Environmental Impact Statement-Gypsy Moth Suppression and Regulatory Programs
Gypsy Moth Hearing Statements, 1971 December
Gypsy Moth Report (Avon)
Gypsy Moth Report File (original materials)
Pesticide Projects
Pesticide Co-op Federal Agreement
Pesticide-Drift from Aerial Application
Pesticide Hearing Notification Mailing list
Parks and Recreation Areas
Oil Spill
Pesticides (Information)
Pesticides (Legislation)
Pesticides Vegetation Management
Institute of Ecology
Indian Reservations
Land Acquisition
Landfill Route 82 (Haddam)
Pesticide Hearing Statements for Record
Pesticide Regulations-New York State
Pesticide-Public Hearing, 1971 December 7
Pesticide Registration
Lufkin, Dan W. (memos from and to)
Legislation-General Correspondence
Legislation-Bozrah Dam
Legislation-Watchdog Service
Legislation (Summary of 1972 Session)
Bills with Favorable Reports: Favored
Bills with Unfavorable Reports: Opposed
Bills with Favorable Reports: Opposed
Public Act 872
Environmental Bills, Status of
Highway Fund Act, Abolition of
Memorandums (Staff)
News clippings
New York State Organizational Chart
Noise Emission (Vehicular)
Noise-From Stationary Sources
Northeast Utilities (Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Co.)
Rita Bowlby
Legislation Files, 1971-1991
Accession: 1993-140
Records, 1989-1991
Aquifer Protection
Mail to Read
SB 710-DEP Cease and Desist Orders
Heritage Parks
HB 7162-No Discharge Zones
Norwalk Harbor-Demo Project
Submerged Public Trust Land
LIS Office-Lieberman’s Hearing Bill
LIS Congressional Caucus
Wildlife/Fisheries Regulations
Mandatory Recycling Regulations
Plastic Coding Regulations
Stream Channel Regulations
Air Compliance Regulations
Newsprint Task Force
Bio Medical Waste Regulations
Boating Regulations
Wildlife/Grass Carp/Boating Education-Public Hearing
CFS’s/Emission Standards-Public Hearing
Water Resources/Water Pollution, Diversion-Public Hearing
Open Space/Forestry-Public Hearing
Low Level Radiation/Waste Fund-Public Hearing
Bonding Projects/Appropriations Projects-Public Hearing
Packaging Tax/Siting Bill-Public Hearings 2
Pollution Control Orders/Endangered Species/DEP Contracts/
Pesticides/DEP Permits/Recycle Asphalt/HAZMAT Property
Transfer-Public Hearings
Underground Storage Tanks/Water Softeners/Aquifer Protection/
Water Company Lands-Public Hearings
Legislative Package-CRRA, CCAG (Bristol)
DEP Solid Waste Package-Public Hearing
Public Trust Land/No Discharge Zones/Structures and Dredging/Money
for LIS-Public Hearing
DEP Package, 1989
Agency Comments-Legislation
Miscellaneous, 1989
Water Discharge Permit Regulations
Flood Management Regulations
Microencapsulated Methyl Parathion Regulations
Nuisance Wildlife Regulations
Potable Water Grant Regulations
Privately Stocked Waters
Mandatory Reporting of Spills
Road Salt Regulations
Recreation Law Enforcement
Soil and Water Conservation District Regulations
Solid Waste Plan
Status Report Regulations
Striped Bass Regulations
Underground Storage Tanks Regulations
Water Compliance-General Conditions and Procedure Regulations
X-Ray Regulations
Petroleum Settlement Funds 3
Indian Affairs/Forest Fire Appropriation-Public Hearing
AAC Motorboats on Bolton Pond and Gardner Lake
AAC on Appropriation for Project Oceanology
AAC Collection facilities for Used Crankcase Motor oil
Hazardous Waste/SARA Title II-Public Hearing
Environmental Fees/Environmental Protection Fund/Bottle Bill-Pubic Hearing
Wildlife Bureau-Reports
Grass Carp
Environment Magazine (DEP)
E-2000 Advisory Board, 2000
Air Permit Regulations
Auto Emission Standards-NESCAUM
New England Governors
Governor’s OC Reports/CONEG
CT Delegation-Bills
Legislative Priorities, 1990
Clean Air Act-Summaries/Comments
DEP Budget
Benzene Emission Standard
Clean Air-General
Senate Energy Committee-Use of Methane
New England Energy Caucus-Clean Air Act
House Public Works-Clean Air and Highways
BALF Corp.
Route 6-Wetlands
Groton Sewer Outfall
Truck Weight Station (Greenwich)
MA Landfills-Webster/Couglar
TYCO-Water Diversion Application
McKinney Wildlife Refuge
Silver Lands
Shakespeare Theater
Marketing-Recycling/Economic Development 4
NGA Taskforce-Waste Management
CONEG-Source Reduction Task Force
Solid Waste-Ash Siting (1988 Bill, OLR Memo and Wisconsin Law)
Demolition Waste
Recycling Update, 1989 September
Mute Swans Regulations
Water Diversion Regulations
Freedom of Information
Regulations-Notice from Secretary of State
Feasibility of a Diesel Inspection and Maintenance Program for CT
DEP EQ Programs
State Superfund, 1987
Low level Radiation Waste
Quinnipiac River 5
Task Force-Aquifer Protection
Toxic Air Regulations
Task Force Bulky Waste Disposal
Task Force Septic System
Task Force Water Company Lands
Dam Safety Regulations
Regulations-Directives on Procedures
Environmental Quality Fees
Acid Rain
New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers Conference
Appalachian Trail
Boating Fund, Fisheries, and Hunting Fees
Bottle Bill
Cannata-Connecticut River
Coastal Management Act-Adjudications
Coastal Management
Connecticut Hazardous Waste Management
Connecticut Plan of C&D-Revisions
Connecticut Environment Roundtable
Contaminated Fish
Larson’s Connecticut River Preserve District
Crystal Water Company
Diesel Emissions
EPA-DEP Advisory Board
Global Warning
Governor’s Office
Economic Development Cabinet
Legislative Overview, 1989
Water 6
Limited Liability, HB 7096
Stop and Shop/Finner Site
Oil Spill Legislation
Press Release
Recycling Facility
DEP/GOV Speeches-Comments
U.S.T. Amendment
Governor Veto SB 148
UST Clean up
Weir Farm
Silver Lake Project
DEP Legislative Testimony, 1991
DEP Legislative Testimony, 1990
DEP Legislative Testimony, 1989
LIS License Plate
Accession: 2003-033 (part)
Records, 1971-1975
1971-1975 1
1976 2
1977 3
1978-1979 4
1979-1980 5
1980-1981 6
1981-1983 7
1983 8
1984 9
1984 10
Budget options, 1973-1989
Miscellaneous Records, 1973-1997
Accession: 1999-026
Connecticut Heritage Park System, 1989, 1 envelope Shared box
Correspondence, legislation, brochure, consultant's report.
Accession: 1999-030
Records, 1991-1994, 1 folder Shared box
Documents related to general ethics policy interpretations and boat launch facilities in Wethersfield.
Accession: 1999-035
Records, 1973-1994 Shared box
Correspondence with Congressional members, Governor and the Attorney General's Office; speeches; press releases; transcripts of radio interviews; and other materials. Primary from Commissioners Pac, Carrothers, and Keeney.
Accession: 1999-173
Records, 1987-1997 Box 1
Dioxin regulation, 1987-1988
Pfizer, Inc., 1989
Timothy Keeney, 1991-1993
Bi-weekly reports, 1991-1992
Timothy Keeney, 1991, 1994 1
Timothy Keeney press files, 1992-1993, 4 folders Box 1
Senior staff meeting handouts, 1992
Long Island Sound study, 1992, 2 folders
Senior staff meeting notes, 1995, 1997
Series 6. Staff Services, 1972-1985, Accession: 1988-022
Director George Russell, 1971-1985
Acid Rain 1
Affirmative Action
Aerial Photography
Air Pollution
Air Quality
Army Corps of Engineers
Boating Safety
Connecticut Environmental Policy Act (CEPA)
Citizens’ Advisory Council
Citizens’ Bulletin
Civil Penalties Act
Civil Preparedness
Coastal Zone Management
Department of Commerce
Computer-Based Resource Units
Conferences 2
Connecticut Forest and Park Association
Connecticut River Gateway Commission
Conservation Commission
Council on Environmental Quality
Data Processing
Detergents and Phosphates
Endangered Species
Environmental Education Report
EPA Citizen’s Bulletin
Environmental Education
Environment 3
Environmental Impact Statements
Environmental Review Team
Farmington River Watershed Association
Flood Insurance
Flood Control
Freedom of Information
Flood Plain Zoning
Garden Clubs
Hazardous Materials
Historical Commission
Housatonic Valley Association
Indian Affairs
Information and Education
Inland Wetlands
Institute of Public Services 4
Interagency Water Resources Planning Board
Lake Authorities
Columbia University Engineering Camp, Morris
Land Use
Limited Liability
Litter Control
Litter Survey
Audubon Society
Connecticut Agriculture Experimental Stations Publications
Connecticut Conservation Association
Connecticut Wildlife Conservation Bulletin
Connecticut River Watershed Council
Conservation leader
Council of State Governments
Environmental Education
National Wildlife Federation 5
Nature Conservancy News
New England River Basic Commission
Litter Control
Long Island Sound
Management Advisory Council
Manchester Community College
Marine Research
Minimum Stream Flow Standards
Mining and Mineral Extraction
Charles Mule
NASA Satellite Program
New Haven Rail Road
Natural Resources Council
Nature Centers
Natural Resources Center
Noise Pollution
Nuclear Energy
Ocean Pollution
Oil Pollution
Open Space 6
Open Space Program Project File
Organization Charts
Outer Continental Shelf
Park Improvement EMP Projects
Park and Forest
Permit Referral Information
Pesticide Control
Planning and Coordination
State Planning Council
Planning and Research
Press Release
Property Management
Property Review
Protected Plants
Public Hearings
Public Utilities Control Authority
Public Act 490 Court Cases
Publication-I and E
Resource Conservation and Development Projects 7
Rural Areas Development Committee
Septic Systems
Small Watershed Programs
Snow Mobiles
Soil Conservation
Soil Erosion and Sedimentation
Solid Waste Control
Stream Encroachment Lines
Testimonial Dinners
Tidal Waters
Title X Program (BOR)
Transportation Control Plan
U.S. Dept. Environmental Protection/Dept. of Interior 8
Water Compliance
Water Compliance (208 Program)
Water Companies
Water Resource Plan (Title III)
Water Resource Planning
Water Resource Institute Advisory Committee
Water and Related Resources
Outdoor Recreation Action
Regional Planning Agency Newsletter
State Government Administration
Water in the News
White Memorial Foundation
Water Compliance
Cars 9
Central Office Managers Meeting
Commissioner’s Policy Letters
Connecticut Firsts
DEP Labor-Management Committee
Education Programs
Flex Time
General Letters
Labor Relations
Land Acquisitions
Manager of the Year, 1984
Management Development Committee, 1983-1984
Parks and Historical Sites
Personnel-General Letters
Planning and Coordination
Program Budget, 1984
Ridgefield Water Supply Company
Rocky Neck State Park
Route 7 Linear Park
Rural Clean Water Program
Scantic River Park
Seagrant Program
Service Agreement/Correspondence
Shepaug Wild and Scenic River Estuary
Silver Sands-Milford
Space for DEP
Urban Action Task Force
Waramaug Lake
Water Resources
West Rock Ridge State Park
Wildlife-Open Space Coordinator
Misc-George Russell
Statements, Special Letters, Testimonials, Articles, 1958-1966 10
Statements, Testimonials, etc.
Statements, Testimonials, Messages, Progress Reports
George Russell
Hartford County Soil and Water Conservation District
Land Gift Booklet
Litchfield County Soil and Water Conservation District
Middlesex County Soil and Water Conservation District
Organizational Charts
PA 490
Speech Material/Quotable Quotes
Speech Material
Water Resources
Water Resources Institute
Wild, Scenic, and Recreational River Systems
Windham County Soil and Water Conservation District
Annual Reports Box 11
ASPA Conference, 1983 April 16-19
Bikeway, Windsor Locks Canal
The Bridge
Budget, 1981
Candlewood Lake, 1978
Connecticut Executive Management Program
Connecticut Environmental Protection Act
Connecticut River Diversion
Council on Environmental Quality
Dam Study
Executive Advisory Council
Fred Benedict
Goodyear Awards Program, 1984
Housatonic River
Interstate Sanitation Commission
King’s Island, Windsor Locks
Land Gift Booklet Revision
Litter Control
Management Update
Manchester Community College
MAC-Quality of State Government
Norwalk River Project
Public Information Center
State Government and Administration
Series 7. Bureau of Administration, 1967-1981, Accession: 1988-024 (part)
Assistant Commissioner Ralph Adkins Subject Files, 1967-1981
A-95 Review Information 9-4
Account Numbers
Administrative Procedures Act
Administrative Regulations
Administrative Report to the Governor
Administrative Services Dept.
Advisory Council
Agency Mission Statement, 1979
Air Compliance, after 1972
Air Compliance Thru, 1972 December
Algae And Aquatic Weed Control
American Mgt. Assoc.
American Report, 1971-1972
American Inst. of Planners
Air Regulations
Appropriations Act, 1974
Appropriations Committee
Assistant Attorney General
Atomic Energy Committee
Attendance Records
Attorney General-Correspondence
Audit-Agric. & Nat. Resources, 1967-1969
Audit Report, 1971 October 1 - 1973 June 30
Audit Report
Audit-Water Pollution Grants
Audubon Society, 1973 July 1 - 1976 June 30
Automobiles, 1976
Automobiles, 1975
Automobiles, 1971-1974
Banton Street
Basement Storage Area
Beach Erosion Projects
Beaches-Norwalk to Madison
Blaser, Zenit & Co.
Bluff Point
Boating Legislation 9-5
Boating Bill, 1973
Boating, 1970-1972
Boating, after 1972
Boating Safety Fund
Bond Act, 1971
Bond Commission Meeting, 1978 September 22
Bond Commission Meeting, 1978 December 8
Bond Commission Meeting, 1979 January 26
Bond Commission Meeting, 1979 February 23
Bond Commission Meeting, 1979 May 25
Bond Commission Meeting, 1979 June 22
Bond Commission Meeting, 1979 July 27
Bond Commission Meeting, 1979 August
Bond Agenda Meeting, 1979 September
Bond Fund Meeting, 1979 October
Bond Commission, 1979 December
Bond Commission, 1980 January
Bond Commission, 1980 January
Bond Commission, 1980 June
Bond Commission, 1980 July
Bond Commission, 1981 January
Bond Commission, 1981 May
Bond Commission, 1981 August
Bond Commission, 1981 September
Bond Funds-Summary
Bond Fund-Summary- Alphabetical
Bond Fund Summary- Category
Bond Funds-Priority Projects
Bond Fund Status Report
Budget Div.-Correspondence, after 1974
Budget Div.-Correspondence, 1970-1974
Budget, 1977-1978
Bradford, Armory
Budge Position Priorities, 1977
Brenneman, Russell L.
Burch, William R.
Bureau of Administration Minutes of Staff Meetings
Bureau of Outdoor Recreation
BOR, 1974-1975
BOR, 1973
Business Office 9-9
BOR, before 1973
Bus Schedules
California Plan
Capital Budget, 1975-1976
Capital Project Fund Request
Car Pool
Case Load of the Supreme Court-Report
Chart of General Funds Accounts
Citizen’s Committee to keep Connecticut Clean
Civil Defense
Civil Penalties
Claims Commission
Commission on Human Services
Commissioners Gill
Commissioners Memorandum #1
Commissioners Correspondence-In
Community Development Action Plan
Commuter Bus Tickets
CETA Title 6
CETA Title 1
Comptrollers Meeting
Computer Services
Conferences 9-7
Connecticut Action Now, Inc.
Connecticut Association of Assessing Officers
Connecticut Bank & Trust Co.
Connecticut Bus. & Ind. Assoc.
Connecticut Careers Trainees
Connecticut Commission on the Arts
Connecticut Conference of Mayors
Connecticut Conference of Municipalities
Connecticut Council on Soil & Water Conservation
Conn. Employees Union Indep.
Conn. Environmental Bulletin
Connecticut Forest & Park Association
Conn. Horse Council
Connecticut Newsletter
Conn. River Watershed Council, Inc.
Conn. TB & Respiratory Disease Association
Conservation and Preservation, before 1976
Conservation and Preservation, before 1977
Conservation Directory
Contracts-Status Report
Corps of Engineers-Correspondence
Council of Economic Advisors
Data Processing-Temp. Folder
Deferred Comp. Plan
Deferred Maintenance Project, 1973-1974
DeRosa, Joseph
Dues and Subscriptions
Eastman Trust
Economic Development Administration
Energy Research & Development
Environmental Education Act
Environmental Education
Environmental Impact Statements
Environmental Policy Act
Environmental Protection Act-P.A 872
Environmental Protection Agencies
Environmental Protection Agencies, after 1973
EPA, before 1974 9-2
EPA Training Grant
Equipment Disposal Policy
Etherington Commission
Executive Committee Meeting
Executive Orders
Experiment in Management
Fairfield, town of
Fair Labor Standards Act
Federal Funds-Forestry
Federal Funds-Water Pollution
Federal Receivable
Federal/State Relations
Federal/State Relations, before 1974
Federal Time Records
Filer Committee-Structure of State Government
Finance Advisory Committee
Finance and Control-Correspondence
F&C Correspondence, 1974-1975
F&C Correspondence, before 1974
Financial Data-General
Financial Data Accounts
Financial Information, 1972
Financial Projections-Fiscal, 1972
Flow Chart
Forestry Audit
Forestry Info.
Freedom of Information Act
Fringe Benefits
General Electric 9-3
GE Solid Waste Contract
Gengras Committee on Productivity & Efficiency
Geological and Natural History Survey
Geological and Natural History Survey-Source Material
George Dudley Seymour Fund
Giant’s Neck-East Lyme
Gorski Reports
Goodwin Forest Conservation Center
Governor’s budget Hearing, 1974
Governor Meskill’s Office Correspondence
Gypsy Moth Control Program
Governor-Environmental Statements
Governor’s Task Force-Agriculture
Governor’s Task Force for DEP
Grant Approvals
Harkness Memorial State Park
Hartford National Bank
Health Department
Historic Riverway
I.B.M. Contracts
Inland Wetlands
In-Service Training Courses
Internal Revenue Service
Intergovernmental Personnel Act
Inventory System
Job Analysis Questionnaire
Job Specs
Joint Funding Simplification Act of, 1974
Kaman 9-6
Kreines, Ted.
Laboratory Fees
Land Acquisition
Land Acquisition-Open Space, before 1976
Land Acquisition-Policies
Land Acquisition-Program Review Committee Report
Land Acquisition-Proposed Manual
Land Acquisition-Spec. Act Authorizations
Latham, January ice
Legis. Management Committee
Legis. Forms
Legislative Research
Levitsky & Berney
Library (Departmental)
Licensing & Revenue, before 1975
Lumber Mill
Lunatic Fringe
Management Analysis
Management Study
Manpower Ind. Waste Facilities
Mansfield-Coventry Regional Sewer System
Mashamoquet Brook State Park
Massachusetts Div. of Fisheries & Game
Metric Coord. Comm
Mohawk Lease
Monthly Analysis of Appropriation Requirements
Multigraphics Division
Municipal Assistance Program
Municipal Grants Programs
Municipal Correspondence
Municipal Wastewater Control
National Marine Fisheries Serv.
New England Regional Commission
Newspaper Clippings
N.Y. State Dept. of E.P.
Northeast Utilities Variance Request
Noise Control
NRSTEN Communications Network
OPM-Planning & Energy Policy
OPM-Tax Division
Office of State Planning-Correspondence
Office Services
Oil Refinery
OMB Circulars
Open Spaces-Status of Grants to Towns
Operating Budget Request-Fiscal, 1973
Operations & Enforcement
Organization Charts Units
Organization Chart B of H
Organizations (National & International) 9-1
Organization charts
Parking Tag Objection
Personnel-Central Office
Personnel-Conservation and Preservation
Personnel-Environmental Quality
Personnel-Policy, Planning, and Research
Personal Services Projections
Personnel Summaries
Pesticide Control
Plan of Conservation & Development
Policy and Procedures Manual
Portland Maintenance Depot
Press Releases, 1975
Press Releases, 1974 January
President’s proposed budget, 1973
Probate Court
Program Associates
Program Review Committee, 1975
Program Review Committee, 1974
Properties Review Board
Prospect Beach
Public Works Department
Public Works Employment Act
Purchasing & Equipment
Purchase Requests
Taylor, Robert B. 9-8
Title 3-WR Planning Act (Water Resources)
Title 10
Title 20
Transmittal Forms
Trumbull Town Clerk
Mt. Bushnell-Burnham
Tundermann, David
U.S. Coast Guard Agreement
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
U.S. Forestry Service
U.S. Dept of Commerce
U.S. Dept of Interior
U.S. Geological Survey
University of Hartford
University of New York
U.S. G.S.-Water Resources
Vacation Schedule, 1975
Washington Trips
Water Bank Program
Water Compliance
Water Pollution-Monthly Financial Statements
Water Pollution-Source Material
Water Resources
Water Resources Council
Water Resources-Source Material
Welfare Dept.
W. Rock Ridge St. Park
Wildlife Unit
WIN Program
Wolcott Race Track Decision
Adkins, Ralph-Personal
Workmen’s Compensation Division
Series 8. Hearings, 1973-1984, Accession: 1988-024
Part 1, 1973
Connecticut River Crossing Hearings, January 1973 7-1
Hearings. Volumes 1 to 15
Delso Brothers Hearing (Norton River) transcripts, 1973 12-1
Department of Environmental Protection vs. Alwin Construction transcripts, 1973 11-1
Solvents Recovery, 1974 3-1
Air Pollution
D’Addario Construction Hearing
Solvents Recovery
Record - City of Milford
Transcript of Hearing - Solvents Recovery Service of New England Book 1
Transcript - Book 2
Transcript - Book 3
Transcript - Book 4
Transcript - Book 5
York Research Report
SRS Burning Lob - 1972 Exhibit SS, 1972 3-2
SRS Burning Log - 1973 Exhibit TT, 1973
VV to XX
Solvents Recovery Exhibits A-N
Solvents Recovery Exhibits O
Solvents Recovery Exhibits P
Solvents Recovery Service of N.E. Hearing Files
Solvents Recovery Service of N.E. Transcript Book 1
Transcript - Book 2
Transcript - Book 3
Transcript - Book 4
Transcript - Book 5
Part II, 1975 8-1
Wolcott Race Track Hearings, 1975 September 22
Transcripts from Hearing Re: Old Rock Road Corporation
Application for Wolcott Race Track
Transcripts from Hearing Re: Old Rock Road Corporation 8-2
Application for Wolcott Race Track
Part III, 1978-1979
Public Hearings, 1978-1979
Arcangelo, Charles V. 10-1
Avalone, Lawrence J.
B & B Associates, 1979 May 10
Beard, Dan, Inc.
Bombeck, Hans and Cheryl
Bottle Bill hearing, 1979 July 6
Bruno, Alfredo, 1979 September 28
Bushka, Edward, 1979 November 5
Cavanaugh, Caroll
Chaney, William R.
Commodore Marina - Oral arguments
Commodore Marino, 1979 October 17
Connecticut River disposal sites
Connecticut River - Water Resources Unit, 1979 May 25
Cuisubarts - Oral arguments
Daly, John J. III
DiCambio - Oral arguments
Department of Transportation - Fijol
Department of Transportation - #74 Torrington, 1979 March 13
Department of Transportation - Routes 8 and 15
East Haven Sewer Commission
Gesner, Melvin, 1979 September
Gillette's Castle, 1979 April 30
Graves Marina, 2 folders
Groton, Town of
Groton, Town of, 1979 September 11
Gustaferri, Anthony - Show cause, 1979 September 18
H & B Associates
Higgins, Richard - IW 608
Hunt (Newton L.) & Punzelt (Philip M.)
Hunt & Punzelt - O/A, 1979 October 28
Indiantown Association
Iowa Terminal & Warehouse Inc.
Juranie, Dwight, 1979 April 24
Kennan, Hugh, 1979 August 3, 17
Larson Pond Dam (New Lakeview Convalescent)
New Haven Harbor dredge
New London redevelopment
Noank Shipyard , 3 folders
Norwalk, City of [oral arguments] 4-1
Owen, Nicholas
Palmer, Mr. & Mrs.
Parrilla, Joseph and Kenneth, 1979 September 12
Pistey, Charles, 1979 June 15
Pistey, Charles (Reconvened)
Pistey, Charles O.A., 1979 September 13
Potter, Jackson
Press, Carl, 1979 July 12
Ragged Rock Marina, 1979 August 29
Russell, Warren and Marilyn
St. Margaret’s McTernah, 1978 September 18
Salmon River
Saunders, and Lavoie
Shell beach Arguments, 1979 August 28
Steamboat Wharf, 1979 May 9
Stradmore Development
T.C. Construction Co. IW #593
T&M Builders/Nector, Inc., 1979 October 29
Tarius, Leo, 1979 May 8
Time Associates
Trefz, Christian J., 1979 April 9
Unimax Switch Corporation, 1979 April 11
Village Savare Property
Wagner, Robert, 1979 November
Welsh Pond Dam
Wies Frederick, M.D., 1979 September 26
York Haven Marina
Ziegler, Paul
Part IV, 1979-1984 6-1
Hearings, 1979-1984
Acme Chemical, 1980 July 7
AGC Inc., 1981 September 21
AGC Inc. Oral Argument
ASL Associates
Bodnur Ernest
Bass Plating
Bodnur, E., 1980 January 28
Bombaci and Bartlett,, 1983 January 15
Bostitch, 1984 May 12
Bradley, Kenneth, 1979 August 30
Bradley, J. Kenneth, 1979 October 31
Bradley, J. Kenneth, 1979 November 29
Bradley, Kenneth J. O/A
Bristol Myers Company
Buckland Hearing, 1982 February 24
Bushka, 1981 April 15
Bushka O.A., 1981 June 16
Canton, Town of
CBL Inc., 1982 July 12
Central Coast West/Quinnipiac River Basin
Commodore Marina, 1980 April
Conarc, 1982 July 19
Crowley, Stephen, 1984 September 10
CRRA, 1984 October 19
Crystal Mall O.A
Crystal Mall Oral Argument, 1980 August 25
Crystal Mall, 1980 January
D’Addario, 1982 February 16
D’Addario, 1982 January 10
Dept. of Mental Retardation, 1984 April 30
Dept. of Mental Retardation, 1984
DOT I-86
DOT Manchester, 1980 November 19
DOT Manchester Remand Hearing, 1981 September 2
Dritenbas, 1981 October 29
Dritenbas, 1981 March 19
K-F Brick, 1982 July 2 6-2
Lanafill Associ. Oral Arguments, 1983 July 26
Laurel Park 3rd Session
Laurel Park O/A, 1982 June 24
Laurel Park O/A, 1984 July 20
Levine & Millstein
Levine & Millstein Hearing, 1984 August 2
McHugh Hearing, 1982 January 19
Middletown, 1983 October
Midway Mall, 1983
Montville Landfill
Montville Landfill, 1983 November 29
Montville, 1984 March 26
Montville, 1984 June 19
Montville, 1984 June 21
Murtha, 1981 December 18
Segretario, Stephen, 1980 October 3 6-3
Segretario, S. O/A
Sockriter, Jay, 1982 September 30
Solvents Recovery
Solid Waste Disposal Inc., 1984 July 5
Stratford Land and Improvement Company O/A, 1980 July
Sulfur Utilities, 1981 February 24
Terminex, 1983 February 25
Terminex, 1983 March 2
Teminex, 1983 April 25
Thames River Basin, 1983 June 2
Union Manufacturing, 1982 July 6
Union Manufacturing, 13-Sep
Warehouse Associates, 1980 February 13
Warehouse Associates, 1981 March 1
Warehouse Associates, 1981 March 2
Westport, 1980 May 16
Westport Recreation Dept., 1984 February 1
Windham Sand & Stone, 1982 December
Yaworski Hearing, 1984 December 19
Yaworski Hearing, 1984 February 8
Yaworski Hearing, 1984 February 9
Yaworski Hearing, 1984 April 2
Yaworski Hearing, 1984 April 23
Yaworski Hearing, 1984 May 9
Yaworski Hearing, 1984 July 3
Yoney, 1979 November 14
Yoney Realty Corporation, 1980 January 25
Zeigler Hearing, 1983 January 13
Radio Information 6-4
Refuse Disposal System
Regulations Committee
Reid and Riege
Resource Conservation & Development Projects
Resource Recovery Authority
Retirement Commission
Revenue Report (Monthly)
Rocky Neck
Senator Lowell P. Weicker
Service Ratings
Shell Fisheries
Silver Sands St. Park
Slater, Karen M.
Snake River
Soil Conservation-Correspondence
Solid Waste, 1973-74
Solid Waste, 1972
Solid Waste through, 1971
Solid Waste NERC Proposals
Solid Waste Refuse Collection Demonstration Proposal
Staff Memos
State Liaison Officer
State Library
State Planning
State Police
Status Reports-Air
Status Reports-Appropriation Rearmts. (B-66)
Status Reports-Boating Fund
Status Reports-Bond Fund
Status Reports-Financial
Status Reports-Overall Picture
Status Reports-Personal Services
Status Reports-Solid Waste
Status Reports-Trust Funds
Status Reports-Water
Stevens, Gerald F.
Stewart, Renee B.
Summer Employees, 1976
Sundry Operating
Telephone Credit Cards
East Haven Industrial Park 6-5
Durham Poultry Farms, Inc., 1982 February 4
East Haddam
Elm City Cheese, 1984 September 21
Elm City Cheese, 1984 December 19
Essex, 1981 October 28
EWR, 1983 September 22
Environmental Waste Removal
Fidelity (Reconvened)
FIP Corporation, 1982 September 15
Forman, 1983 June 15
Gilbert Madelyn, 1981 March 5
Ideal Forging, 1983 May 25
Ideal Forging O/A, 1984 February 15
I-84, 1980 May
I-84 Part 2
I-84 Part 3, 1981 June 13
IT&T Hearing, 1984 July 26
IT&T Oral Argument, 1984 July 6
J&M Incorporated
Jajer, Maurice, 1980 August 6
Jenson, Robert & Ruth, 1981 October 16
Johnson, Herbert, 1982 February 10
Juliano, Frank and Jerry
Juliano, Frank and Jerry, 1981 June 26
Karlin, Toby, 1979
Karlin, Toby, 1980 October 24
Keeney Cove, 1980 January 31
K-F Brick, 1982 August 31
Napier, 1982 April 26 6-6
Napier, 1982 April 26
Napier Company
Napier Company Oral Agreements
Napier, 1982 April 30
Nash Family, Inc., 1979 May 30
New Milford Home Builders, Inc., 1980 July 16
New Milford Home Builders, Inc., 1980 December 2
O’Brien Hearing, 1981 February 9
O’Brien Oral Argument, 1981 April 13
Old Lyme, 1980 August 18
Old Saybrook Oral Argument, 1982 June 9
Oxford Fells
Peck, Arnold, 1980 January 10
Pfizer (Part 1), 1981 August 10
Pfizer (Part 2)
Phelps Dodge, 1980 November 23
Phelps Dodge, 1980 November 18
Portland, Cromwell, 1980 March 11
Pratt &Whitney, 1982 July 14
Pratt & Whitney, 1983 April 26
Russo, Joseph, 1980 October 31
Russo, Joseph, 1980 December 5
Russo, Joseph, 1980 December 4
Russo, 1980 December 3
Russo, 1981 March 18
Russo, 1980 October 23
Sasco Creek, 1980 July 15
Safeway Products, 1983 February 25
Santanelli, Lewis, 1984 April 25
Carbon Copies, 1979 14-1
Hearings, 1979
Achenback, 1977 October 13
Addison Bog
Addison Bog (reconvened)
Allen, Howard K., 1978 March 8
Allen, Howard K., 1978 April 18
Allen, Howard K. Oral Argument
Archangelo, Charles V., 1978 April 11
Banca, Attilio, Florence and Peter
Banning-Oral Arguments
Battelle- Wm. F. Clapp Labs
WC Beth- Mor 1
WC Beth- Mor 2
WC Beth- Mor- Oral Arguments
Better Formed Metals (WC), 1978 June
Boy Scouts of America (Quinnipiac Council)
Bradley, J. Kenneth
Bradley, J. K. Oral Arguments
Bride Brook Relocation
Bride Brook Oral Argument, 1978 June 15
Bustin, Kenneth, 1978 March 28
Bustin, Kenneth O/A, 1978 September 21
Caruso Bros. Oral Arguments
Casey Corp. Oral Arguments
Castle Rock
Cedar Island Marina
Cedar Island Marina Oral Argument, 1978 July 25
Chaplin- Wetlands Delin.
Chenrock, Joseph (Milford Harbor)
Civil Penalties- Appendix E
Clinton, Town of
Clinton, Town of, 1978 January 24
Commodore Marina, 1978 April 6
Commodore Marina, 1978 May 31
Conn. Paper Bd.- Montville
Conn. Paper Bd. – Montville, 1978 May 31
Cromwell Meadows, 1978 October 16
Crowley, James A., 1978 April 25
Cuisinarts, Inc.
DiCambio- Dredge, September 14 14-2
DiCambio- Dredge, 1977 September 23
DiCambio- Dredge, 1977 November 18
DiCambio- Dredge, 1977 December 7
DiCambio- Dredge, 1978 February 14
DiCambio- Dredge, 1978 February 28
DiCambio- Dredge, 1977 December 8
DiCambio- Waterline, 1977 September 13
DiCambio- Waterline, 1977 September 22
DiCambio- Waterline, 1977 November 9
DiCambio- Waterline 1
DiCambio- Waterline
Derby, CT of
Dinardo, Ralph
Dinardo, 1977 November
Dinardo, Ralph Oral Argument, 1978 April 3
Dept. of Transportation project #161-100 Wilton
Dutch Wharf
East Haven
East Haven (Shell Beach), 1978 January 11
East Haven Economic Development Comm.
East Haven Economic Development - Oral Arguments
East Lyme, 1977 December 14
East Village Association
East Village Association, 1977 September 7
Environmental Waste Removal - w.c.
ESM Associates
Faggella, Vincent
Faggella (re-opened)
Fairfield, Town of (Pine Creek), 1977 July 11
Fairfield, (Pine Creek), 1977 September 7
Field, Solomon
Forest Grove
Forest Grove (reconvened)
Forsell, Louis, 1978 May
GMS Construction
Glastonbury Dyeing + Finishing Co. (Oral Arguments)
Guilford Yacht Club (Oral Arguments)
Guilford- East Creek
Guille, Peter
Harry’s Marine, 1978 June 8
Harry’s Marine O/A, 1978 December 24
Honey Comb Association
Honey Comb Association- Oral Arguments
Jade Homes, Inc. 14-3
Johnstone Company, 1978 July 26
Juliano, Jerry
Juliano, Jerry
Juliano, Jerry
Kahn, Morton B.
Kopnicky (Horizon Hgts)
Lasker, Marvin
Low Flow Regs
M+M Development
Macchi Engineers (Dept. of Public Works)
Mason Island Marina
Mason Island Marina, 1978 March 30
Mason Island Marina Oral Arguments
Milford, 1978 June 20
Milford Engineering Association
Milford - Oral Arguments
Milford Wetlands Delineation
Muscolino, 1978 January 13
Muscolino - Oral Argument
Mystic Seaport
New Haven Terminal, 1978 September 20
New Haven Terminal, 1978 September 20
New London Redevelopment Agency, 1978 April 8
New London, 1977 December 21
New London (Rogovin), 1978 September 7
Nivers, Mrs. Daniel, 1978 June 27
Norwalk (BOE)
Norwalk, City of, 1978 August 29
Oppel, Clarence W.
Pleasant View (ESM Association), 1978 March 22
Pleasant View (ESM Association), 1978 March 28
Ratick, Elayne
Ratick, Oral Arguments
Renz, Ronald R.
Rocky Neck Hearing 14-4
Rocky Neck
Rocky Neck, 1978 September 28
J.M. Rosa
Route 25-DOT, 1978 April 24
Route 25- O/A, 1978 September 8
Route 72 Plainville, 1978 July 24-25
Sachem’s Head Yacht Club, Inc. Guilford, 1978 May 25
Second, Peter
Shell Beach, E. Haven
Shell Beach, E. Haven, 1978 September 13
Simpson, Arthur F., 1978 March 21
Stratford, Town of
Leo Tarius Corporation
Tokeneke Club
Torrington, 1978 February 22
Trefz, Christian, 1978 August 23
Wallingford, 1978 February 21
Warso, William (Oral Argument)
Willington, 1977 December 15
William, H. Wilson 78
UCONN Post Office
Zeigler (Old Saybrook)
Series 9. Tri-State Regional Planning Commission, 1977-1978, Accession: 1988-024 (part)
Minutes and special reports, 1977-1978 5-1 - 5-2
The Tri-State Regional Planning Commission is the official metropolitan planning organization for the interstate urban region of Connecticut, New Jersey and New York.
Series 10. Internal Affairs, 1973-1975, Accession: 1988-027 (part)
Assistant Commissioner Kenneth Wood, Jr., 1973-1975
Council of State Governments Regional Conference Committee on Environment 17-1
General Correspondence
Personnel (resumes)
Soil and Water
Soil and Water Conservation District
Soil and Water Conservation
Inland Wetlands 17-2
Move Plan (leased areas)
Move Plan (State Office Building)
Move Plan (Space-Middletown)
Solid Waste, 1971 December - 1972 December
Talcott Mountain and Tower
Telephone Numbers
Vehicle Identification-DEP
University of Connecticut
Water Companies
Move Plan (Personnel and Equipment Information)
Air Compliance
Air Pollution 17-3
Aerial Spraying
Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service
Atomic Energy Commission
Bankers Pollution Code
Bond Funds
Boat “Adlib”-Lund, Mark (Dr.)
Bridgeport Airport I.L.S. Marsh
Camping (State Parks)
Citizen Complaints
Civil Actions
Data Services Center-Environmental
Eagleville Dam Project
Eastern Connecticut Resource Conservation
Eastern Connecticut Resource Conservation and Development Project
Environmental Action Fund
Environmental Defense Fund
Environmental Impact-Housing Project (Groton)
Environmental Policy Act (State)
Environmental Protection Agency (Boston)
Great Creek, Milford
KCCB-Background Information
King’s Mark Resource Conservation
Land Acquisition and Land Development
Legislative Bills-Environmental (Passed and/or Favored)
Lufkin, Dan W.-Correspondence and memos
Memorandum (Internal)
National Association of State Environmental Protection Agencies
New Haven Water Company (Hamden Land)
New Haven Water Company (Town of Orange)
Northeast Utilities-Proposed Transmission Line
CT State Soil Conservation Advisory Committee 17-4
Move Plan (Return of Requested Information on Personnel and Equipment Requirements)
Miscellaneous Correspondence
Connecticut Valley Urban Area Project
Oil Spills
Parking Facilities-Route 86 Tolland and Willington
State Park
Pollution-Thames River (Norwich)
Power Facility Evaluation Council
Preservation and Conservation
Radio Communications
Small Business Administration
Secretary of the State’s Office
Soil and Water Conservation
Solid Waste (Compliance)
Solid Waste-News Publication
Solid Waste Publications and Brochures
Solid Waste, Wakeman/Walworth
Series 12. Office of General Counsel, 1973-1974, Accession: 1988-027 (part)
Box 24-1 also contains material for Series 11, Planning and Standards.
State of CT vs. Alwin Construction Co., Inc. Volume 1 24-1
State of CT vs. Alwin Construction Co., Inc. Volume 2
State of CT vs. Alwin Construction Co., Inc. Volume 3
Candlewood Lake Hearings
Grounding of F.L. Hayes, Volume 1
Grounding of F.L. Hayes, Volume 2
State of CT vs. Steven Weil et. al.
Candlewood Lake, Steven Weil Hearings
Series 13. Interagency Files, 1973, Accession: 1988-027 (part)
Public Utilities Commission, 1973
CT Light and Power Co., Application for Increases in Electric and Gas Rates, Docket No. 11399, 1973 April 25-1
Hartford Electric Light Co., Application for Increases in Electric and Gas Rates, Docket No. 11400, 1973 April
PUC Hearings, 1973
Additional Testimony of R.S. Bromage
Exhibits, G-43 to ML-Z
Brief of the Hartford Electric Light Co., Docket No. 11400
Brief for Intervener CCAG, Docket No. 11400
10 and 20 year Forecasts of Loads and Resources
Brief for Intervener, Berkshire-Litchfield Environmental Council, Docket 11390
Testimony and Exhibits
Reply Brief to the City of Hartford
Series 19. Office of Communications and Education, 1972-1998
Director, 1972-1998
Subject Files, 1972-1998, Accession: 1998-035
Acid rain 1
Anniversary (Founder's Day)
BES organization
BES organization, 1989-1990
BES organization
Boating safety education
Bottle Bill, 4 folders
Bottle Bill, 1980-1981
Bottle Bill correspondence, circa 1980-1989
Bottle Bill hearings, circa 1980-1989
Bottle Bill inquiries, 1981-1986, 1995
Bottle Bill - Laws - Press Releases, 1980
Bottle Bill - Proposed Changes
Budget / cut backs
Bureau of Fisheries - 1986 Federal Assistance Program
CCC Reunion
Citizen's Advisory Board for Non-harvested Wildlife, 1992
Citizen's Advisory Council, 1995
Civil penalty - Bottle Bill
Clerical support
Coastal creatures
Commissioner speech, 1991
Conn. Env.
Correspondence - Miscellaneous, 1972-1983
Correspondence / speeches
CT Native Americans
Customer Service Committees Directory
DEP accomplishments, 1991
DEP Advisory Council - ByLaws, 1987
DEP Affirmative Action
DEP 25th Anniversary
DEP logo
DEP organization / info / education programs
DEP slogan
DEP Web Site Committee
Deposit law
Division correspondence
Education - Branch of Env. Conv.
Education Committee
Education Committee 2
Education materials
Emergency regulation - extension
Education - current
Education - forestry related
Enforcement EQ
Environmental Quality
Environmental Exchange
Environmental Industries
Gen. Admin.
General info
Goodwin Conservation Center
Heritage CT
I & E Office Procedures
Impact of Bottle Bill, 1980
Inside Out
I. T. Committee
Keeney testimony
Land conservation
Legal clinic
LIS displays
LIS fund applications
LIS grants
Litter survey , 1980
Manager's meeting, 1985 March 28
Maps misc.
Maps - publications store construction
Mapping Committee
Misc. current
Northeast Fish & Wildlife (NEFW) Conference
Needs survey - publications,
Newsletter, Magazine, Inside Out
Notification - regulation - making proceed.
NRCE Committee
Official statements
Oil recycling
Press releases - Air
Publications (Margot)
Publication reductions
Publication responsibilities
Purchasing Review Committee
Sight & Sound - Special Olympics
Special events
Special Olympics 3
Sportsmen's Clubs, 1973-1975
Strategic Plan draft (Communications / Ed), 1995-1997
Take Pride in America
TERC Update, 1991 February
TIP law enf.
Urban & community ecology initiative
Urban ed. / career dev.
USDA Forest Service / Nat. Res. Cons. Ed. Grants
Volunteers - reports, 1989
Water abatement programs , 1972
Water information
WET grants,
Testimony in support of an increased handling fee paid to dealers or operators of redemption centers (presented by CT Food Stores Assoc.), circa 1981
Env. Prot. - teletape information services
Litter control statutes/regulations
DEP - budget request, 1974-1975
DEP lake & pond surveys, envelope
DEP rules of practice, 1992
Subject Files, 1992-1993, Accession: 1998-036 (part)
DEP Senior staff meeting 1
Senior staff meeting, 1993 January - May
Senior staff meeting, 1993, 2 folders
Early retirement, 1992
Sidney J. Holbrook meeting
Sound recordings, 1972-1996, Accession: 1998-039 Envelope
Bottle Bill hearing, 1987 April 10, 2 audio cassettes
Citizen's Advisory Council meeting, 1996 May 14, 1 audio cassette
"Connecticut's Mandatory Deposit Law", Public service announcement, 1 audio cassette
Panel discussion by Conservation Commissioners, 1972 July 27, 1 reel
Unidentified reel from DEP Information/Publications
Deputy Press Secretary, 1991
Office Files - Gov. Weicker, 1991, Accession: 1998-036 (part)
Avice 1
Daily updates - Weicker's ofifce
Emergency Plan II, 1991 August 1
Series 20. Office of Affirmative Action, 1977-1996, Accession: 2001-017
Affirmative Action Advisory Council administrative files, 1977-1996
Organization charts, circa 1987-1996 1
Organizational evaluation recommendations draft and final report, 2000
Memos, 1977-1984
Minutes, 1978-1984
Material, 1985
CHRO correspondence, 1987
Meeting announcement, appointments, 1987-1989
Minutes, agendas, appointments, communications, member list, bylaws, 1990
Minutes, agendas, annual reports, mission statement, 1991-1992
Minutes, agendas, communications, 1991-1992
Minutes, agendas, meeting announcements, background material, 1992-1993
Quarterly report, 1993
Handwritten notes, 1992-1995
Program Coordinator report, minutes, agenda, appointments, memos, 1986
Series 21. Human Resources, 1944-1974, Accession: 2007-044
Seasonal History Cards, 1944-1969
A-N, 1954-1957 1
O-Z, 1954-1957 2
A-Z, 1958
Pi-Z, 1949-1954 3
A-M, 1944-1948
N-Z, 1944-1948 4
A-C, 1944
D-Mar, 1944 5
Mas-Z, 1944 6
A-R, 1959-1962 7
S-Z, 1969-1962 8
Misc., 1960-1969 7
A-Cf, 1963-1969 8
Ch-Lav, 1963-1969 9
Lay-V, 1963-1969 10
A-Z, 1965 11
Employee History Cards, A-Z, 1969-1974 12