RG 033, Connecticut Work Projects Administration, 1935-1944

RG 033, Works Progress Administration for Connecticut Inventory of Records


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Series 1. Writers Project

Series 2. Guide

Series 3. New England Guide

Series 4. Coastal Guide

Series 5. Pictorial Guide

Series 6. Connecticut Fact Book

Series 7. Connecticut Place Names

Series 8. Ethnic Groups Survey

Series 9. Town and City Histories

Series 10. Histories of City Parks

Series 11. Hartford Flood

Series 12. Bridgeport Library System

Series 13. History of Norwalk Schools

Series 14. History of Hartford Public High School

Series 15. History of Labor in Connecticut

Series 16. "Patriotic Pamphlets"

Series 17. Studies of New England Life

Series 18. Folklore and Folkways

Series 19. New Haven Tercentenary

Series 20. Survey of City Governments

Series 21. W.P.A. Histories

Series 22. Hurricane

Series 23. United States Travel Atlas

Series 24. Vacation Guide

Series 25. New Haven Summer Recreation Guide

Series 26. Coast Guard Academy History

Series 27. Miscellaneous Writers' Project Material

Series 28. Architectural Survey, Census of Old Buildings

Series 29. Historic American Buildings Survey

Series 30. Historical Records Survey

Series 31. Church Records Survey

Series 32. Manuscripts Inventory

Series 33. Federal Art Project

Series 34. American Imprints Inventory

Series 35. Maps and Charts

Series 36. Publications

RG 033, Works Progress Administration for Connecticut

Inventory of Records

Finding aid prepared by Connecticut State Library staff.

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Overview of the Collection

Repository: Connecticut State Library
Creator: United States. Works Progress Administration for Connecticut
Title: Works Progress Administration for Connecticut records
Dates: 1935-1944
Quantity: 205 cubic feet
Abstract: The Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) was established in May 1935 as a central organ of control for the relief projects supported by the United States Government. In Connecticut, Offices were opened in New Haven, with later district offices in several other cities.
Identification: RG033
Accession: 1942-011 (except where noted)
Language: The records are in English.

Historical Note

The Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) was established in May 1935 as a central organ of control for the relief projects supported by the United States Government. Taking over responsibility for the work relief programs of the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (F.E.R.A.), which went out of existence at the end of 1935, it became the major agency in efforts to provide work assistance for the unemployed during the later depression years. An independent agency at first, on July 1, 1939, it became part of the new Federal Works Agency and its title was changed to Work Projects Administration. It was abolished on June 30, 1943, and finally liquidated a year later.

In Connecticut, Senator Matthew A. Daly was appointed State Administrator on June 8, 1935. Offices were opened in New Haven, with later district offices in several other cities. F.E.R.A. projects, workers and officials were quickly transferred to W.P.A. and additional new programs were developed rapidly; by November over 15,000 persons were on the rolls, and by the end of March 1936, 28,671 persons were at work on 963 different projects in Connecticut.

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Scope and Content

Most of these records relate almost exclusively to the Writers’ Project. The Writers’ Project was initiated was initiated late in 1935 as a part of the Federal Project No. 1, which also embraced programs in art, music and the theater and was later to include the Historical Records Survey. Federal sponsorship ended in July 1939, but most of the projects were carried on with local sponsors (in many cases the State Library). The first undertaking of the Writers’ Project was the preparation of the Connecticut volume of the American Guide series, published in 1938. Subsequently many other manuscripts and reports were written1, most of them intended for publication by State or local government sponsors.

Also included are records of the Architectural Survey, Historic American Buildings Survey, Historical Records Survey, Church Records Survey, Manuscripts Inventory, Federal Art Project and American Imprints Inventory.2

The record of other W.P.A. programs in Connecticut must presumably be sought in the files now in the National Archives or among the archives of sponsor agencies in Connecticut.

1As early as January 15, 1936, a newsletter indicated that the editors had completed the copy on tours for the Guide, staff workers were studying ethnic group organizations for another major project, material was being collected for a guide to New Haven parks, people were conducting interviews for a folklore survey, the architectural survey group were getting out reports on 4,500 old houses and planning a booklet on Connecticut architecture and a series of town histories was projected.
2A good brief account of white collar projects in Connecticut, including a partial list of projects, is in Professional and Service Division, Connecticut WPA (New Haven: Works Projects Administration, 1940?), mimeo, 31, XIV pp. A copy is in Box 333.

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Grouped by the following: Writers' Project, Guide, New England Guide, Coastal Guide, Pictorial Guide, Connecticut Fact Book, Connecticut Place Names, Ethnic Groups Survey, Town and City Histories, Histories of City Parks, Hartford Flood, Bridgeport Library System, History of Norwalk Schools, History of Hartford Public High School, History of Labor in Connecticut, "Patriotic Pamphlets", Studies of New England Life, Folklore and Folkways, New Haven Tercentenary, Survey of City Governments, W.P.A. Histories, Hurricane, United States Travel Atlas, Vacation Guide, New Haven Summer Recreation Guide, Coast Guard Academy History, Miscellaneous Writers' Project Material, Architectural Survey, Historic American Buildings Survey, Historical Records Survey, Church Records Survey, Manuscripts Inventory, Federal Art Project, American Imprints Inventory, Maps and Charts, Publications.

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Restrictions on Access

All records except for the Ethnic Groups Survey are stored at an off-site facility and therefore may not be available on a same-day basis.

See the Rules and Procedures for Researchers Using Archival Records and Secured Collections policy.

Restrictions on Use

See the Reproduction and Publications of State Library Collections policy.

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Related Material

Headquarter records of the W.P.A. are in the National Archives, Washington, D.C. Records of the Connecticut State W.P.A. other than those which came to the State Library have not been located; some of them may possibly be in the hands of project sponsors or State government agencies.

RG 012, Connecticut State Library. Contains correspondence and other materials pertaining to sponsorship projects by the State Library.

RG 032, Emergency Relief Commission, 1933-1937. Contains some materials on F.E.R.A. projects that were completed by W.P.A.

Copies of many W.P.A. publications as well as photostats of some unpublished manuscripts are in the book collection of the State Library; most of those produced by the Connecticut Writers' Project are also in this record group.

Papers originally a part of this record group pertaining to the "History of the New Haven Theatre" were withdrawn by the W.P.A. and deposited with the Yale University Drama School, May 4, 1942. Those pertaining to the "Guide to the United States Coast Guard Academy" were withdrawn by the W.P.A. on August 18, 1942 to be turned over to Devon-Adair, prospective publishers.

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Index Terms


United States. Work Projects Administration for Connecticut
United States. Works Progress Administration for Connecticut


Daly, Matthew H


American guide series
Architectural surveys -- Connecticut
Art, American -- Connecticut
Connecticut -- Surveys
Ethnic groups -- Connecticut
Federal Art Project -- Connecticut
Federal Writers' Project -- Connecticut
Federal aid to the arts -- Connecticut
Floods -- Connecticut -- 20th century
Hartford Public High School (Hartford, Conn.) -- History
Historic American Buildings Survey -- Connecticut
Hurricanes -- Connecticut
Labor -- Connecticut -- History
Parks -- Connecticut -- History
Public libraries -- Connecticut -- Bridgeport -- History
Public schools -- Connecticut -- Norwalk -- History
United States. Work Projects Administration for Connecticut -- Records and correspondence
United States. Works Progress Administration for Connecticut -- Records and correspondence

Document Types:

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Project manuals
Surveys (documents)

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Administrative Information


Most of the records in this record group were transferred to the State Library in May 1942, although some were stored in the Sterling Library of Yale University until 1950. The latter included the files of the Historical Records Survey (many of them later destroyed or lost) and the American Imprints Inventory.

Processing Information

These records were found in 1972 to be in a state of confusion. The reasons are many and were probably unavoidable: the rather sudden closing of the W.P.A. program left little time for orderly retirement of files; workers often were occupied with several projects simultaneously and mixed their papers together; materials used for one project (the Guide, for example) were often used later for another project and thus separated from related papers; turnover of staff and changes of assignment often left incomplete files; records were moved several repacked after arriving at the State Library. The result is that the archival integrity of the records had been much impaired and could not be fully restored. It has been impossible, for example, to distinguish clearly between head office files and those of the district offices. A number of the series listed below are artificial groupings of materials which probably did not exist as such in the W.P.A. offices. Wherever it could be done, the original arrangement of papers has been restored; when that was impossible, records have been grouped by project of subject as seemed most useful. The record group still contains a great deal of duplication, although a substantial amount of material was destroyed after appraisal. Other records (including substantial map materials are known to have been destroyed some years ago.

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Container List

Series 1. Writers Project
1. Correspondence, 1940-1942 1
Correspondence, mostly outgoing, with Washington Headquarters and others about progress and status of projects, with some editorial comments and criticisms. A general file of Washington correspondence includes material on the final disposition of project records.
Arranged according to project and numbered A-1 to A-41.
2. Contract file, 1938-1941 2
Signed copies of form "Request for Writers' Project Activity" describing the nature, scope, publication plans and estimated staff and other costs for each proposed project. Many bear the signatures of sponsor, co-sponsor and State and Washington W.P.A. officials. Followed by a similar group of copies of form "Application for Permission to Publish".
Each group arranged by project number A-1 to A-39. Forms on the Guide, unnumbered, are on top.
3. Instructions and manuals, 1936-1941
A small group of letters, memoranda and mimeographed items concerning techniques and procedures for work of the Guide projects, other Writers' Project manuscripts, newspaper indexing, library service and book mending.
4. Publicity material, 1936-1941
Press releases and drafts of press releases and other information material, newspaper clippings, and correspondence pertaining to the work and the publications of the Writers' Project. Also texts of a series of eight radio talks by William B. Gardner, State Director of the National Archives Project (Survey of Federal Archives).
5. Card summary of completed work, 1941, undated 3
Index card record, by subject or title, containing information on source, number of words, date completed, file location or other information about finished copy.
Series 2. Guide
The American Guide series was one of the first, and in the event, one of the most successful of W.P.A.'s white-collar projects. For Connecticut the guide was published in 1938 by Houghton Mifflin under the title Connecticut: A Guide to its Roads, Lore and People. Work on it began in the latter months of 1935 with a staff controlled from the New Haven Office but working from several district offices as well. Project workers ("field writers") gathered factual material from various sources and reduced it to reports called "field continuity". This was then rewritten into "field edited copy" and later to "State edited copy" which was sent to Washington for clearance. Thus many files are marked "FC", "FEC", or "SEC". The later printer's copy and galley proofs have been discarded, along with many duplicates and slight variants of the edited copy. What remains, in items 9-14 below, itself contains a great deal of duplication.
These files reflect the structure of the Guide, and other information materials about towns and their people, industries, buildings, parks and recreational facilities. There are also chapters on agriculture, art, education, Indian lore, music, architecture, etc.
6. Instructions, 1935-1937 4
Mimeographed copy of a 13-page initial plan for the Guide, with an incomplete set of "Supplementary Instructions to the American Guide Manual".
7. Administrative correspondence, 1935-1938 4-5
Correspondence with Washington office and others concerning editorial and publication details, with some correction and criticism notes.
Arranged by subject.
8. Consultant file, 1936 5
Lists, correspondence and memoranda concerning persons who assisted the Guide staff as expert, unpaid consultants.
9. Field continuity, 1935-1937
Field workers' drafts, based on their research work, together with related notes and memoranda. There are sometimes several versions of the same material, often with editorial changes marked. Principally concerned with the topography and history of individual towns.
Ansonia-Cheshire 6
Cheshire-Essex 7
Guilford-Madison 8
Middlebury-New Haven 9
New Haven 10-12
New London-Saybrook 13
Seymour-Waterbury 14
West Haven-Yalesville 15
10. Field edited copy, 1935-1937
Drafts of Guide material, as prepared by editors from field workers' continuity.
Connecticut - Introductory essay 16
Cultural Centers in Connecticut
Education in Connecticut
Geology of Connecticut
Government of Connecticut
Health and Social Work
Connecticut's Historical Tours
Indian Lore
Industry and Commerce
Literature in Connecticut
Musicians in Connecticut
Bristol-Essex 17
Fairfield-Hartford 18
Hartford-Ledyard 19
Lisbon-New Haven 20
New Haven-Scotland 21
Seymour-Wallingford 22
Warren-Woodstock 23
11. State edited copy, 1935-1937
Guide copy as submitted to Washington for approval, together with various preliminary drafts, related papers, Washington comments and corrections, etc.
Agriculture 24
Ethnic Groups
Flora & Fauna
General Description
Health and Social Work
Indians of Connecticut
Industry and Commerce
Introductory essay 25
Labor in Connecticut
Music, 2 folders
Points of Interest, 2 folders
Tours 25-26
Andover-Milford 27
Naugatuck-Waterford 28
Watertown-Woodbridge 29
12. Bridgeport Office file, 1935-1937
Work materials and copy files for the Guide and other projects.
Field continuity files for the Guide 30-31
Work files for the Guide 31-33
Field edited copy for the Guide 33-34
Work files on other projects 34
Edited copy on other projects 35
Project reports on other W.P.A. projects
Administrative materials, contracts for publication, book lists, etc. 36
13. Hartford Office file, 1935-1937
Tours (for the Guide) 37
Municipal government survey
W.P.A. reporting project 38
Towns (for the Guide)
Bethlehem-Canaan 38
Canton-Hartland 39
Harwinton-Salisbury 40
Sharon-Woodbury 41
14. Tour drafts, 1935-1937 42
Drafts of tour descriptions, with weekly progress reports and lists of "points of interest" in individual towns.
15. Map file, 1935-1938
Maps of individual towns, with "points of interest" marked.
Arranged alphabetically by town, each with a list of "points of interest." At the beginning are more general maps and some related administrative papers.
General 43
Brooklyn-Granby 44
Greenwich-Monroe 45
Montville-Oxford 46
Plainfield-Tolland 47
Torrington-Woodstock 48
16. Bibliography Index cabinet, drawer 20
Card bibliography of Connecticut history and other sources. There are other are also smaller card lists on ""Hartford churches and sermons" and other subjects.
Arranged in two groups: by subject according to the table of contents classification for the Guide; and alphabetically by town.
Series 3. New England Guide
This guide, apparently never published, was intended (like the state guides) to be made up of tour descriptions, chapters on history, cultural resources and activities, industry and commerce, labor, etc., and accounts of selected cities and scenic and recreation areas. Most of the Connecticut data had already been collected, of course, and needed only to be written to fit the regional plan.
17. Drafts and copy, 1937-1938 49-50
Drafts, notes and copy for the guide, with some administrative instructions and correspondence.
Arranged by subject.
Series 4. Coastal Guide
A guide to New England coastal waters was planned and begun in September 1937, sponsored by the New England Council. A substantial monograph history of "Maritime Connecticut", together with descriptions of Thames River and Connecticut River side trips, was completed and sent to Washington, but it was evidently not published.
18. Drafts, copy and correspondence, 1937-1939 51-56
A copy of the final drafts of the monograph history and the side trip descriptions, followed by voluminous but disarranged notes on many aspects of Connecticut marine and maritime life: commerce, shipbuilding, life at sea, early ships and voyages, yacht clubs, coastal geography, etc.
Part of the material is alphabetical by town; some is arranged by subject.
Series 5. Pictorial Guide
A Connecticut volume in the American Pictorial Guide Series, to be entitled Connecticut: A Profile of the Constitution State, was prepared, 1940-1941, but never published.
19. Drafts and working papers, 1940-1942
Photographs 57
Final manuscript, 2 folders
Working papers 58
Series 6. Connecticut Fact Book
In 1940, following publication of most of the State guides, W.P.A. decided to place "the major emphasis" of the Writers' Projects on the preparation of a series of uniform State fact books. In Connecticut, work began in June 140 and completed text (23 pages) was sent to Washington on April 7, 1941.
20. Manuals, instructions and administrative correspondence, 1940-1941 59
21. Final draft and working files, 1940-1941 59-61
Final draft, followed by working files
Preliminary drafts and reference materials arranged by subject; some unarranged papers at the end.
Series 7. Connecticut Place Names
This project, sponsored by the State Library, was designed to determine the origin and meaning of place names in Connecticut and to collect brief historical sketches for each entry in a proposed published study. Begun in March 1941, the project apparently ceased by October of the same year without completing anything for production.
22. Bibliographies and administrative files, 1941 62-64
Manual of procedure (March 1941), instructions, lists of cities and other political units by towns in which they are located, and bibliographies.
Three main files, the first general, the second by town, the third by county and there under by town.
Series 8. Ethnic Groups Survey, Accession: 1942-012
A survey of the racial make-up of Connecticut formed one chapter of the Guide. This project, a much more extensive exploration of the same subject, was sponsored by the Yale University Department of Sociology. It resulted in the collection of a large amount of material on the various ethnic groups in the state and the preparation of a number of studies, not all of which were published.
The project files were found in a state of extreme confusion; a few groups and series could be reconstructed, but the present arrangement is for the most part a rough grouping of similar materials under broad headings.
The researcher is warned that folder titles are often inaccurate or incomplete. The following is a list (probably incomplete) of finished and edited studies:
23. Administrative Materials, 1936-1941 65
Fragments of files including work assignment lists, progress reports, manuals and instructions, lists of files, plans and outlines of studies, bibliographies, etc.
Tentative Outline for History of Bridgeport
C.E. Triggs Director Community Service Projects
Writers’ Reports
Bibliography Dr. Koenig used in pamphlet on immigration, published November 1, 1938
Ethnic Studies: Personnel
Ethnic Studies: Reports on Conferences
Index: Material on file (ethnic survey)
Index: Ethnic Copy on Shelves
A field workers’ manual of the study of life histories of 1st & 2nd generation immigrants, 1937 August
Instructions- (1937) Racial groups survey-reports, outlines
A field workers’ manual of the study of life histories of 1st & 2nd generation immigrants, 1938 November
Labor: labor organizations outline (Dr. Rodnick)
Connecticut Racial Groups & their characteristics: a guide for the collecting of data
Racial groups survey of Connecticut-its aims & objectives
Ethnic factors in Connecticut life-outline (Dr. Koenig)
Ethnic factors in Connecticut life-Joseph Youngs
Ethnic factors in Connecticut life- (a tentative outline)
Ethnic groups in Connecticut-a guide for field workers
Connecticut’s racial groups (a guide for the collecting of data)
Connecticut’s racial groups & their characteristics (a guide for the collecting of data)
Questionnaire for interviewing industrial workers
Questionnaire for the use of field workers investigation organizations
A social history of Stamford and New Britain- (tentative outline)
The Greeks in America – instructions for socio-ethnic field studies (Youngs)
Memorandum of growth of Worcester
Racial groups-bibliography
24. "Ethnic factors in Connecticut life: a survey of social, economic, and cultural characteristics of the Connecticut population" 66
Two copies of a typed manuscript, by Samuel Koenig and David Rodnick: with the assistance of the W.P.A. Connecticut Writers' staff, sponsored by the Department of Sociology, Yale University, Maurice R. Davie, Ph.D., Chairman. This is a major product of this project. Most of the materials in items 25-39 were collected or prepared as drafts or working materials for this study.
Part 1: carbon copy of "Ethnic factors in Connecticut life" by Koenig: Roderick
Part 2: carbon copy of "Ethnic factors in Connecticut life" by Koenig: Roderick
25. Edited copy of papers on ethnic groups, 1936-1938 67
Short reports or monographs by field workers or editors on individual ethnic groups in different towns or on various aspects of the life and culture of ethnic groups.
Racial geography of Connecticut (mostly Hartford) Part 1
Racial geography by town (mostly Hartford) Part 1
Racial geography by town B-G
Racial geography by town M-T
Racial geography by town W
Racial elements survey by towns (1-43) 68
Racial elements survey by towns (44-90)
Racial elements survey by towns (91-151)
Racial elements survey by towns (1101-1159) 69
Racial elements survey by towns (1750-1802)
Armenians 70
French Canadians
Hungarians all Norwalk
Irish (folder #1) 71
Irish (folder #2)
Italians – the companions
Italians (of New Haven)
Jews (folder #1)
Jews (folder #2)
Jews (folder #3) 72
Jews (folder #4)
Negroes (folder #1)
Negroes in Connecticut (folder #2)
Poles (folder #1)
Poles (folder #2)
Russians 73
26. Occupational distribution materials, 1938 74
Working papers, analyses and tabulations of the occupational distribution of different ethnic groups, based on a name analysis of city directories. A statement on methodology is followed by analytical reports and tables and by work materials alphabetical by city.
Occupation distribution 3% sample study work sheets & notes
Occupation distribution – New Haven and Hartford
Occupation distribution of the ethnic groups of Hartford, New Haven, Waterbury, New Britain, Stamford, Bridgeport
Methodology for occupation distribution
Analysis of Connecticut occupational distributions: New Haven, Bridgeport, Stamford, Hartford, New Britain, Waterbury-Butts & Evans
Occupational distribution of the major ethnic groups in New Haven, Hartford, Waterbury, Bridgeport, New Britain, Stamford (Based upon a 3% sample of family names of each group taken from the city directories of 1937)
Analysis of a 5% sampling of the active files of the Connecticut State employment service
Directory addresses, etc. 3% samples 75
Hartford directory names, 1937
Bridgeport directory names, 1867, 1890
Bridgeport directory names, 1910
Bridgeport directory names, 1917
Bridgeport city directory names, 1918
Bridgeport city directory names, 1937
New Britain Directory Names, 1937 76
New Britain Directory Names, 1910
New Britain Directory Names, 1900
New Britain Directory Names, 1885
Alleged Russian names – New Britain
Superfluous New Britain names: Polish, Hungarian, Slovak, Ukrainian
New Haven directory names, 1890
New Haven directory names, 1910
New Haven directory names, 1918
New Haven directory names, 1937
Stamford city directory names, 1879-1880, 1885-1886 77
Waterbury directory names
Directory names – Stamford directory, 1890
Stamford directory names, 1910
Stamford directory names, 1917
Stamford directory names, 1937
27. New Haven post office nationality questionnaires, 1940
Forms giving name, sex and nationality.
Grouped by nationality.
28. Files on agriculture studies, 1937-1940 78
Drafts of monographs or proposed chapters on "Ethnic factors" in the Connecticut agricultural community, with working papers and reference materials.
New England agriculture (Kostolefsky)
Percentages of farmers
Agriculture (1880 – 1921) – abandoned farms, etc.
Connecticut agriculture before 1880
Agricultural letters
Ethnic factors in Connecticut agriculture 5 - town survey (Kostolefsky)
Italians in agriculture
Agriculture in Connecticut
5 sets of charts of ethnic groups of Connecticut farmers
4 sets of tables – population by nativity for countries by minor civil divisions – 1930
1 set of tables of ethnic origins of Connecticut farmers in 1920
2 sets of tables of ethnic factors of Connecticut farmers by countries
1 set of tables of farm info of 5 countries of Connecticut
1st set of tables of cash income farm sales 1937
1st set of tables of town population of Connecticut with reference to nativity
1st set of tables on ethic groups of farm & total population
Summary of New England agricultural statistics 1 set tables
Incomplete sets of 14th U.S. census, Connecticut agriculture
Inventory of crops and animals 79
Foreign born Italians
Foreign born Non-Italians
Native born of native parents
Native born of foreign parents non-Italians
Assessment records – all farmers Ellington, Connecticut all property – agriculture, 1937
Assessment records – individual returns Ellington, Connecticut all property – names Aberle, H. to Zahornacky, S., 1937
Assessment records – individual returns – Goshen, Connecticut, 1938 80
1938 assessment records – all farmers – Goshen, Connecticut real estate
Assessment records – individual returns – Lebanon, Connecticut all property, 1938
Assessment records – individual returns – Lebanon, Connecticut – non-resident names, 1938
Assessment records – all farmers – Lebanon, Connecticut all property, 1938
1938 assessment records – individual returns – Newtown, Connecticut all property; names – Allen, S. & T. to Jones, I.S.
Assessment records – all farmers – Newtown, Connecticut all property, 1938
Assessment records – individual returns – Newtown, Connecticut all property, names – Kach, Michael to Zymbaluk, F., 1938
Assessment records – individual returns – Newtown, Connecticut – all property, foreign names, 1938
Old age assistance records names – Newtown, Connecticut ages 21-60, 1938
Assessment Records – all farmers, North Haven, Connecticut – all property, 1938
I. section III tables on choice of types of occupation 81
II. section V types of farming entered by each of the ethnic groups
III. section V types of farming entered by each of the ethnic groups work sheets
IV. section XII worksheets quality of farmland
V. section X worksheets standard of living
VII. work folder for North Haven
VIII. work folder for Goshen
IX. work folder for Canterbury
X. work folder for Lebanon
XI. work folder for Newtown
XII. work folder for Ellington 82
XIV. sheet A age statistics work sheets on identification and education
XV. sheets B-C-D-E-F-G, work sheets
XVI. sheets H & J work sheets
XVII. sheets K & L work sheets on organizational leisure time, hobby, and affiliations
XVIII. sheet M worksheets on problems
XIX. sheet N and O work sheets
XX. duplicate material five town survey
XXI. duplicate material
XXII. work sheets on North Haven survey 1939
XXIV. bibliography
XXV. pomological society: history – bibliography
Agriculture – farm descriptions – biographies – Clifford 83
Bibliography on farm abandonment, etc
Agriculture – notes by M. Bishop
Notes taken by L. Fugazy
Agriculture – miscellaneous agricultural background material, economics, sociology, ethnology
Agriculture – copy for typist
Agriculture, outlines of research in rural subjects background material
Agriculture, Mr. Kostolefsky
Boston poultry show Vol I 84
Boston poultry show Vol II
History of the Boston poultry show 1839-1939 vol. 1
A bibliography of newspapers and other periodicals published in Boston of special value in search of items on Boston poultry show
29. Files on study of organizations, 1936-1940 85
Edited copy of papers on ethnic organizations, together with lists, working papers and related materials.
Ethnic organization lists (previously unfiled) part 1
Ethnic organization lists (previously unfiled) part 2
Mutual aid societies (Mittelstein), 1939
Foreign community clubs, lodges, societies & organizations
Organizations – index – folders on societies, organizations, and clubs
Checko – Slovaks organizations II
Lithuanian organizations III
Canadian organization IV
Greek and Polish organizations V, VI
Irish organizations VIII
Italian & Jewish organizations IX & X
Russian and Hungarian organizations XI & XII
Norwegian, Danish & British American organizations XIV, XV, XVI
English, Scotch, and Yankee organizations XIX & XX
Covers of empty folders of ethnic organizations
Organizations: Hartford, New Britain, Bridgeport, Waterbury, New Haven, Stamford 86
Ukrainian organizations of Connecticut
Miscellaneous data on Connecticut organizations
Organizations in Bridgeport: Slovak, Norwegians, English, Russian
Summaries of organizations
Organizations, clubs, societies
Ethnic distribution of organizations
Organizations in New Haven
Organizations, New Haven and Hartford
Organizations in New Britain
Organizations in Waterbury
Armenian organizations and names 87
Irish organizations of Connecticut
French-Canadian organizations of Connecticut
German organizations of Connecticut
Greek organizations of Connecticut
Irish organizations-Hartford manuals and pamphlets
Italian organizations of Connecticut 88
Italian organizations
Italian organizations
Italian organizations of New Haven
Italian organizations of New Haven-newspaper clippings
Jewish organizations of New Haven 89
Hartford Jewish organizations of New Haven (mutual aid)
Italian organizations of New Haven
Italian organizations of New Haven
Ethnic group, the Jews 90
New Britain – Ukrainians of New Britain
Modern Stamford – ethnic studies – Jews – Swedes – Russians – Greeks
Jewish organizations of Hartford
Jewish organizations of Hartford (social & cultural societies)
Lithuanian, Magyar & Russian organizations of Connecticut
Negro organizations
Ethnic distributions of organizations in Connecticut 91
Yankee group interviews by John P. Kilgore (corrected original copies)
Polish organizations of Connecticut
Portuguese of Connecticut: organizations, living conditions, etc.
Swedish organizations of Connecticut: New Haven & Hartford
30. Reports of interviews (“Biographies”), 1937-1940 92
Reports of detailed interviews with members of ethnic groups concerning their history, status, opinions about their life and place in the community, etc.
French-Canadians of Bridgeport
Life histories – Jews – Hartford
Life histories – Jews – Hartford
Life histories – Jews – Hartford
Biographies by Rahel Mittelstien – December 7, 1939
Jewish biographies – New Haven
Jewish biographies by Jason Kohn (mostly New Haven)
Jews of Hartford – biographies (Morton Tonken)
Lithuanians in Waterbury
Poles of New Britain
Biographies of the Swedes of New Haven 93
Swedes of Bridgeport
Slovaks of Bridgeport
Swedes (life histories)
Portuguese – Manuel Oliveira (Clark)
Portuguese survey (Robertson)
Portuguese survey – McKenna
Portuguese survey – Manuel Chaves (McKenna)
Abstract – background – Portuguese of Hartford (Clark)
Previously unfiled – speech by E. A. Buitt 94
Interviews: ethnic studies – list of persons interviewed on ethnic survey
Yankee interviews
Yankee interviews – J. Kilgore (Part 2)
Yankee interviews – J. Kilgore (Part 1)
Yankee interviews – J. Kilgore (Part 3)
Stamford – miscellaneous biographies 95
Henry Gogay
Biographies Yankees – Thomaston, Connecticut
Biographies by Francis Donovan
Hartford – Yankee biographies
Life histories
31. Materials on ethnic factors in industry, trade and commerce, 1937-1940 96
Drafts, working papers, correspondence and reports dealing with the ethnic make-up of industries, trades, professions, individual firms and institutions, with unemployment and the problems of youth, and related subjects.
Industry – domestic workers – Hartford and New Haven
Trade jargon – submitted to regional – (Youngs)
Connecticut Mutual Life Ins. Co. – Hartford
Studies of neighborhoods
Industry – neighborhood studies
Previously unfiled
Trade and commerce
Industries of Connecticut
Industry – New Haven
Trade & Commerce – Finished essay (Evans)
Industry – unemployment & problems of youth
(Evans) – trade & commerce – tables dealing with material already written
Business firms in New Haven from 1937 directory
Mary Lent
Dept of Labor wages & hours of work in the Lock & Wood Screw Industries (Lenk) (previously unfiled)
Interviews with older employees of Seth Thomas Clock Co.
Trade & commerce – Evans
New Britain industries
Katz – businesses to be examined (previously unlabeled)
Notes & information on fisheries 97A
Thomaston industrial questionnaires
Bridgeport industrial questionnaires
Industrial distribution – work sheets
Industry miscellaneous
Survey of business establishments in Connecticut
Questionnaires for interviewing industrial workers of New Britain, Connecticut
Industry – Waterbury
Six professions in six Connecticut cities 97B
Bridgeport, Connecticut – statistics of industrial workers – 52 cases (males & females)
Notes & data on industry at present
Oyster industry in Connecticut – L. R. Fugazy
New Britain, Connecticut statistics on industrial workers – 22 cases
Thomaston, Connecticut – statistics on Indus trial workers – 30 cases (all males)
32. Materials on ethnic factors in cultural life, 1937-1940 98
Drafts, working papers and reference materials on art, music and the theatre in Connecticut.
Hartford art
Art & science
New Haven drama tournament groups – Earle, 1940
Art in Connecticut
Literature & art – Stamford & case memorial library
Theatres in Connecticut (McKenna)
Art & music & drama correspondence
Music, drama, art organization program
New Haven music 99
Summer Theatre in Connecticut
Music & art societies & summer theatre
Summer theatre programs
Manuscript – drama music – Dr. Albert
Drama – newspaper clippings, pamphlets, etc.
Art and science (Young & Gottlieb)
Art and science in Connecticut
Music in Connecticut (biographies & membership lists)
33. Materials on ethnic factors in education, 1937-40 100
Drafts and working papers on ethnic factors in Connecticut education.
Education in Connecticut (copy 3) by Butts – Youngs
Education in Connecticut (Butts – Youngs) part IV, chapter 1
Education – manuscript copy
Education – Connecticut State College (degrees & diplomas)
Teachers colleges – educational statistics
Education – grammar, high & parochial schools in 169 towns
Parochial schools (duplicate)
Parochial schools
List of publications
List of students
Lists of teachers, principals, and boards of education
Biographies of schools principals – Darien, Derby, Norwalk, Putnam, Stamford, Wallingford, Waterbury, Windham, Meriden, Deep River, New Haven, Newington
Parochial schools
Biographies of school principals – New Haven
Education (general) New Haven, New Britain, Hartford & Bridgeport 101
Education – Bridgeport – state trade schools
Education – Bridgeport
Education – Bridgeport, New Britain, etc
Education – Bridgeport – Central High School
Bridgeport community studies – school statistics
Education – Bridgeport – state trade schools
Education – Hartford
Education – New Haven
Education – Milford
Education – New Haven public schools
Interviews with principals of public schools in New Haven
34. Completed studies, 1940-1941 102
Outline for a study of the Jews
History of Stamford Jewish community – field copy
Modern Stamford – correspondence
Contemporary Connecticut – economic & social structure
Social maladjustment in Connecticut
35. Miscellaneous drafts, working papers and reference materials, 1936-1941 103
Religion – church statistics
Sunday schools & Jewish education
Sunday schools – New Haven
“Incomplete work”
Foreign press in Connecticut
Foreign language newspapers
Foreign language press – Groboski
Hartfonder Stadt – Bote – German (Katz)
Churches of New Haven
Churches & affiliated institutions – New Haven, Hartford, Waterbury, Bridgeport, New Britain
Foreign language newspapers
Population – files used in population study 104
Portuguese of Connecticut – by Youngs
The Portuguese by Dr. Rodnick
Portuguese: outline
Percentage of each ethnic group in the total population of Connecticut
Population statistics – data – used
Ethnic grouping of officers & members of the House of Representatives by counters 1776, 1780, 1820, 1840, 1867, 1890, 1910, 1918, 1937
Ethnic composition of the National Guard – New Haven
Ethnic origin of New Haven city employees
Connecticut National Guard – 169th infantry regiment, Hartford district
13th, 14th & 15th U.S. census – Youngs
Colonial Connecticut – a homogenous commonwealth (part 3 – chapter 1) 105
Miscellaneous essays & data
Famous Americans of foreign stock – field copy
Juvenile delinquency – Jack H. Katz
Mental disease statistics (notes)
Ethnography – foreigners in New Haven
Ethnic – Stamford
(Previously unlabeled) Italian votes in New Haven
Contents of the various volumes of the biblioteca delle tradizion, poplar, sialliane by Dr. G Pitre
Clubs, org. – Robertson
Ethnic studies by New Britain workers
36. Newspaper excerpts on ethnic matter, 1915-1940 106
Summaries and transcriptions of material from leading Connecticut newspapers pertaining to ethnic groups or individuals and related matters.
Newspaper excerpts – Groups I. Jews, Poles, Italians, etc
Newspaper excerpts II, economic life
Newspaper excerpts II, immigration
Newspaper excerpts, religion
Newspaper excerpts II, social life
Newspaper excerpts II, labor
Newspaper excerpts II, politics
New Britain Record – ethnic studies 107
Hartford Courant – ethnic studies
Hartford Times – ethnic studies
Hartford Daily Courant – ethnic studies
Journal Courier New Haven – ethnic studies
Milford Citizen – ethnic studies
New Haven Palladium – ethnic studies
Daily Morning Courier New Haven – ethnic studies
New Britain Record – tabulation of articles & notes on ethnic groups of New Britain
New Haven Sunday Register 108
New Haven Register
New Haven Times Leader
New Haven Union – ethnic studies
Newspapers excerpts – criminal cases
Newspaper excerpts – miscellaneous
37. Bridgeport office file, 1936-1940 109
Work files, drafts of copy and other related materials, often essentially duplicated in central office files.
Hungarians – Norwalk (work files) – H. Lee Conner
Hungarians – Norwalk (edited copy) – H. Lee Conner
Racial survey by town – Sherman, New Fairfield, Fairfield – Harold Drews
Racial survey by town – Bridgeport, Fairfield – Jeanette Winkel
Racial survey by town – Stamford, Bethel – Rhonda Cameron
Poles - Stamford - Rhonda Cameron
Darien & New Canaan – H. Lee Conner
Norwalk, Westport – C.L. Dennis
Germans – Bridgeport – Harold Drews
Wilton, Weston, Redding – T. O’Coner Sloane, 3rd
Greenwich & Brookfield – Frank Vanderhoof
Connecticut folklore – Frank Vanderhoof
English – Bridgeport – B. Vincent Healy
Norwegians – Bridgeport – Jeanette Winkel
Greeks – Bridgeport – Jeanette Winkel
Bridgeport – C. L. Dennis
Great Russians – Bridgeport (work file) – William J. Becker 110
Hungarians – Norwalk (work file) – H. Lee Conner 1
Hungarians – Norwalk (work file) – H. Lee Conner 2
French – Bissonette
Greeks (Stamford) – (work file) – Rhoda Cameron
Poles – Stamford (work file) – Henry Coles
Czecho-slovak – Bridgeport (work file) – Louise E. Doyle
Great Russians – Bridgeport, Stratford (work file) – Mary Gaffney
Norwegians – Bridgeport (work file) – Vincent B. Healy
Lithuanians – Bridgeport (work file) – Genevieve McGrath
Ethnic survey – Marshall V. Rourke
Lithuanians – Bridgeport (work file) – Joseph Skubas
Armenians – Bridgeport (work file) – Marjorie Stuart
List of organizations (work file) – Mabel Sheehan
English/Scotch – Bridgeport (work file) – Marjorie Stuart
Great Russians (edited) – William J. Becker 111
Greeks & Poles - Stamford – Rhoda Cameron
Poles – Stamford (edited) – Henry Coles
Hungarians – Norwalk – Conner, H. Lee (edited)
Czecho-slovaks – Bridgeport (edited) – Louise E. Doyle
Great Russians – Bridgeport, Stratford (edited) – Mary Gaffney
Norwegians – Bridgeport – Vincent B. Healy
Lithuanians – Bridgeport (edited) – Genevieve McGrath
Lithuanians – Bridgeport (edited) – Joseph Skubas
List of organizations (edited copy) – Mabel Sheehan
Armenians – Bridgeport (edited) – Marjorie Stuart
English/Scotch – Bridgeport (edited) – Majorie E. Stuart
Germans in Bridgeport – Louise E. Doyle 112
Holland Dutch of Bridgeport
People of Connecticut – French – Canadians
Germans of Bridgeport
Germans of Bridgeport
British Americans – Yankees – Bridgeport – Interviews – 1
British Americans – Yankees – Bridgeport – Interviews – 2
Peoples of Connecticut – Hungarian study 113
Hungarians of Bridgeport 1
Hungarians of Bridgeport 2
Interviews – Pearl K. Russo, 1940
Irish of Bridgeport 1
Irish of Bridgeport 2
Irish interviews – May G. Finnell
People of Connecticut – job incentives among ethnic groups – Italian interviews Bridgeport 114
Irish interviews – Elizabeth M. Buckingham
Italians of Bridgeport 1
Italians of Bridgeport 2
Italians of Bridgeport 3
Jews of Bridgeport 115
Negroes of Bridgeport
Peoples of Connecticut – Negro interviews
Poles of Bridgeport
Poles & Italians (edited) – Vincent Frazzetta – 3
Poles & Italians (edited) – Vincent Frazzetta – 2
Poles & Italians (edited) – Vincent Frazzetta – 1
Russians in Bridgeport 116
Scots of Bridgeport
Peoples of Connecticut – job incentives among ethnic groups – Polish interviews of Bridgeport
Peoples of Connecticut – interviews with Swedes
Swedish interviews – William J. Smallwood
Interviews (edited) – Marshall V. Rourke 1
Interviews (edited) – Marshall V. Rourke 2
Interviews – Frank E. Nolan 117
Interviews with students – Bridgeport
Biographies – Bridgeport 1
Bridgeport – biographies 2
Bridgeport – biographies
Bridgeport community studies 118
Interviews – William Spelman
Peoples of Connecticut – ethnic studies 1
Peoples of Connecticut – ethnic studies 2
Newspaper survey 1920 – 1921 – George Fisher 1
Newspaper survey 1920 – 1921 – George Fisher 2
Bridgeport community studies – Block survey 119
Bridgeport block questionnaires – (covering 2 blocks, predominantly Slovak, in Hell’s kitchen tenement area
Block survey, Bridgeport 1
Block survey, Bridgeport 2
38. Hartford office file, 1936-1940 120
Work files, drafts of copy and other related materials, often essentially duplicated in central office files.
Hartford – Swedes – Johnson
Hartford – Danes – Hinrichs
Cromwell – racial elements – Cole
Torrington – Swiss – Cole
Torrington – Czecho-slovaks – Cole
Thomaston – racial elements – Cooper
North Canaan – racial elements – Cole
Waterbury – Lithuanians – Cooper
Hartford – Danes – Hinrichs
East Hartford – racial elements – Hinrichs
New Britain – racial elements – Fink
New Hartford – racial elements – Cole
New Milford – racial elements – Keating
Cromwell – racial elements – Hinrichs
Manchester – racial elements – Johnson
Wethersfield – racial elements – Hinrichs
Winsted – racial elements – Cole
Woodbury – Indian lore – Keating
2 – field file – racial geography – (L. J. Robertson & Elsie MacKenzie) 121
4 - editorial file – Torrington racial elements – (Carrington Phelps)
3 – work file – racial geography – Hartford (Robertson & MacKenzie)
2 – field file – Hartford racial elements (Robertson & MacKenzie)
4 – editorial file – Irish (Robertson)
4 – editorial file – racial elements – Poles in New Britain (McCourt & Fink)
Editorial file – French Canadians (McDermott)
2 – field file – Poles in New Britain (MacKenzie)
1 - Reference file – French Canadians in Torrington (Phelps)
Hartford – Jews – Rosoff 122
Hartford – Jews – Rosoff (work file)
Hartford – racial elements – Ireland (free state) – Smith
Hartford – racial geography – Robertson & MacKenzie
Berlin – racial elements – Rosoff
Middletown – Poles – Scully
Middletown – Poles – Scully
Hartford – Russians – Stanley
Hartford – Russians – Stanley
Newspaper excerpts – Katz 123
Dept. stores: schools – domestics etc – Katz
Irish group – Curry
Polish group – Curry
National group names – Polish – Ostapkevich
New Britain – city impr. – industry – emigrant – slavery – colonial data – Curry
Newspaper excerpts – miscellaneous nationalities – Curry
Germans – Curry
Swedish group – Curry
Yankee – Curry
Negro group – Curry
New Britain Poles – Fink
Foreign press & inter & intra state buses – school data – 169 towns – Katz
Ethnic study – state depts. – McKenna
“Gilpin players – international night” – McKenna
Art, music, drama, etc – McKenna
Connecticut charter copy – McKenna
Block survey – Jews – McKenna
Block survey – French Canadians – McKenna
Hartford – Russians – Ostapkevich 124
Ukrainians – Ostapkevich
French Canadians – New Britain – provost
Stores – ins cos – school data – McKenna
Irish interviews – block survey – McKenna
Block survey – French Canadians
Block survey – interviews with Jews in Hartford – Historical data on Old Goodwin Tavern 1782
Block survey – interview with Poles
Block survey – Polish – Governor St – Sheldon St – McKenna
“Living in Connecticut” – Bigelow Sanford Co. – McKenna, Robertson
Foreign motion pictures – McKenna
Barnard material (a new slant on Barnard) – McKenna, Robertson
Poles – New Britain (editorial file) – Fink
Sons of Italy membership – Ostapkevich
Early Swedish history – New Britain – Riley
H. P. H. S. Radio sketches – Robertson
British American club – Robertson
Music – Sugden
State depts. – Sugden
Previously unfiled
Newspaper accounts on labor strikes in Hartford 1 125
Newspaper accounts on labor strikes in Hartford 2
Newspaper accounts on labor strikes in Hartford 3
Newspaper accounts on labor strikes in Hartford 4
Newspaper accounts on labor strikes in Hartford 5
Ethnic studies in Hartford education – Katz & McKenna 126
State dept of health, physicians
Jews of Hartford
Previously unfiled
Office files & racial groups material
Life history survey
Labor history of Hartford
Newspaper excerpts – Sugden
Folklore – folkways
Survey of business areas – Katz
Federal writers project – (Previously untitled)
Hartford Public High School
Art, drama & musical groups
Business firms & ethnic group of employees
Jews – Tonken 1
Jews – Tonken 2
39. New Britain office file, 1936-1940 127
Edited copy, drafts, interview reports and working papers, often essentially duplicated in central office files.
New Britain – industry & labor organizations
New Britain – labor leaders interviews
New Britain – maladjustment survey
New Britain – art survey
New Britain – ethnic studies
New Britain community studies – early social history
New Britain – juvenile delinquency
New Britain – study of streets
New Britain
New Britain, community studies – German group
New Britain, community studies – cultural study
Italians of New Britain 128
Germans of New Britain
Jews of New Britain
Germans of New Britain
Lithuanians of New Britain
Americans of New Britain
British Americans of New Britain
French Canadians of New Britain
Irish of New Britain
New Britain Poles – life histories 129
Poles – life histories
New Britain – Lithuanians
New Britain – Lithuanians
Poles of New Britain – economic life 1
Poles of New Britain – economic life 2
Poles – New Britain – general
New Britain – Swedes 130
Poles of New Britain – organized life
Poles of New Britain – Polish organizations
Poles of New Britain – personal histories, interviews 1
Poles of New Britain – personal histories, interviews 2
Poles of New Britain – personal histories, interviews 3
Poles of New Britain – personal histories, interviews 4
Series 9. Town and City Histories
After the completion of the Guide, the Writers' Project staff prepared a number of histories of Connecticut towns and cities. Only two appear to have been published, but the drafts and notes are retained here.
40. "Bridgeport, Connecticut: the story of its economic and social growth", 1939-1941 131-137
Drafts, reference materials, notes and working papers. Several successive drafts of the history are followed by edited copy of research papers on various related subjects, with notes and reference materials.
There are several identifiable series, arranged by subject, and some unarranged folders.
41. "Clinton, 1663-1937" 138
Completed typewritten text, with illustrations, dated May 1, 1937 (281 pages).
42. Materials for a history of Fairfield County, 1940-1941 139-140
A prospectus for a history, with a few draft chapters covering the early period and research materials dealing primarily with "morals" (social customs), recreations, folklore, witchcraft and harbor stories.
43. "Farmington: a New England town", 1939-1941 141-145
An edited draft, in popular style, of a history of Farmington. Also included is an earlier draft (1939) of "A history of Farmington (for the use of schools of Farmington, Conn.)" by L.J. Robertson, Jr. Followed by preliminary copy and related materials
Some arranged by subject, some by chapter.
44. "Madison, 1645-1938" 146
Two copied of a 515-page, typed manuscript history by Louise E. Dew Watrous, with some field notes of other staff workers.
45. Materials for History of Milford, Connecticut, 1639-1939, 1936-1939 147-153
Field notes, drafts, edited copy and other working materials preliminary to the printed history published in 1939 by the Milford Tercentenary Committee, Inc. A copy of the book is in the CSL collection [F104.M7 W7 1939].
Largely unarranged.
46. Materials for a history of New Britain, 1938-1940 154-144
Draft chapters, field notes, edited copy and other materials pertaining to the history of New Britain. There seems to be no completed manuscript.
47. "The Chronology of Norwalk, 1640-1940", 1938-1940 156
Completed manuscript, by Patten Beard, (four slightly different copies) with small amount of related notes and correspondence. Also typed manuscript of "the story of our town, for Norwalk boys and girls", by Patten Beard.
48. "The making of modern Stamford", 1938-1941 157-169
Completed manuscript (118 typed pages), with earlier drafts, field notes, preliminary reports and drafts, reference materials and correspondence. Included are biographical notes, ethnic studies materials, bibliographies, etc.
Unarranged except for a few groups by subject.
49. Materials for History of West Haven, Connecticut, 1936-1940 170-176
Field notes, drafts, edited copy and other working materials preliminary to the printed history, published in 1940 by the Town of West Haven.
Largely unarranged.
Series 10. Histories of City Parks
Historical and descriptive accounts of the parks and other recreational facilities of several cities were prepared, presumably with the expectation that they could be published by local authorities as tourist information or promotional material.
50. "Recreational facilities of Bridgeport, the Park City", 1938-1941 177-180
Completed, typed manuscript, with related correspondence, work and reference materials, preliminary drafts, etc.
51. Material on the history of Hartford parks, 1938-1940 181-184
Drafts of historical and descriptive material on Hartford parks.
Two main groups, each alphabetical by name of park, with some general material.
52. Material on the history of New Britain parks, 1938 185-186
Drafts of historical and descriptive material on New Britain parks.
An empty folder is labeled "A guide to the principal parks of New Britain - File copy", but no manuscript has been found.
53. "New Haven Park Guide", 1936-1938 187-190
Manuscript guide (two versions) to New Haven parks, including historical notes, with manual, administrative correspondence, and drafts, working papers and reference materials.
See also item 68.
Series 11. Hartford Flood
The disastrous storm and flood of March 1936 led W.P.A. officials to turn their efforts wherever possible to assistance, relief and rehabilitation programs. The Writers' Project assigned many of its people to collecting information to document the story of the disaster, of people's reactions to it, and of the rehabilitation work. In Hartford a special effort was made, at the Mayor's request, to prepare a history of the flood, but it appears never to have been completed. A map of Hartford showing flooded areas is in item 105, number 12.
54. Edited copy and draft materials, 1936-1937 191-194
News accounts, interview reports and historical sketches on the experiences of individuals and the performance of various public and private agencies and institutions.
Two main groups: the first roughly by subject but in numerical folders (incomplete: 8, 10-23, 25-32), the second by name of field worker and there under by subject (unarranged).
Series 12. Bridgeport Library System
A project for the preparation of a history of the Bridgeport public library system was begun in 1938. An 84 page draft entitled "The Bridgeport library system" was completed in 1941 but never published.
55. Final draft and working materials, 1938-1941 195
Two copies of the final text, a corrected copy of the preceding draft, material on the librarian's comments, and working materials and preliminary drafts.
Series 13. History of Norwalk Schools
A substantial amount of work was done by Miss Patten Beard for a publication on this subject, to be entitled "The development of a New England school system". Evidently no manuscript was completed.
56. Field copy and administrative correspondence, 1940-1942 196-197
Series 14. History of Hartford Public High School
57. Field notes, copy and drafts of reports and radio scripts, 1938 198
Series 15. History of Labor in Connecticut
58. Field notes, copy and drafts of reports, 1938-1939 199-200
Initiated as part of the Ethnic Groups Survey.
Materials on the history of labor in the state and in individual cities, with biographies of leaders, newspaper excerpts, etc.
Series 16. "Patriotic Pamphlets"
W.P.A. agreed with the State Department of Education to prepare a series of pamphlets on various aspects of Connecticut history to be used in the schools. Substantial progress was made on some of them, up to the point of dummies and edited copy, but evidently nothing was published except Koenig, Immigrant Settlements in Connecticut, 1938.
59. Drafts, notes and research materials, 1938-1942 201-204
Roughly grouped by topic: a comparison of Connecticut life in 1841 and 1941, "The clockmakers of Connecticut", "Defenders of democracy (biographical sketches), "Settlement of western lands of Connecticut", "shipping and shipbuilding on the Connecticut River" (completed manuscript), and "the Farmington Canal" (completed manuscript). The last item was printed but withheld from distribution; a copy is in the file, titled Boats Across New England Hills
Series 17. Studies of New England Life
The New England Regional Office planned a study in 1938 to consist of sketches of individual New Englanders in varying occupations and of different ethnic origins. The text of the proposed book was intended to be presented largely in the words of the subjects, describing their own lives, but with accompanying historical and folklore material. Nothing appears to have been published, but the project remained active for several years in Connecticut and a good deal of preparatory material was collected. The plan underwent several modifications and was known at different times as "Living lore in New England", "Living in New England", "Working in New England", "Men at Work" and "Hands that built New England".
60. Field notes, drafts, working papers and correspondence, 1938-1941 205-209
Subjects include, e.g., Portuguese, tobacco, Remington arms, knife makers, brass industry, clockmakers, Henry Barnard (19th century educator), "May breakfast" (later designed for the "America eats" project.
Largely unarranged although in folders labeled by subject with a numbered series at the beginning.
Series 18. Folklore and Folkways
61. Outline and working files, 1936-1937 210-211
Interview reports, notes and drafts.
Unarranged but labeled by subject.
Series 19. New Haven Tercentenary
62. Pamphlets and related materials, 1938-1939 212-214
Final texts of pamphlet copy on historical subjects by Iveagh H. Lewis and William H. Garrigus, printed posters/broadsides, and related notes, drafts and other preparatory materials for these and for a proposed pageant or radio program on New Haven history.
Series 20. Survey of City Governments
This nationwide project, later known as the Municipal Government Subproject, was sponsored by the United States Conference of Mayors to collect a reference file of source materials and reports on the structure, laws, codes, and administration of the larger cities.
Instructions, reports, reference materials and field notes, 1936 215
Grouped by city.
Series 21. W.P.A. Histories
64. Summary accounts of the Connecticut W.P.A. program, 1935-1937 216-217
Brief histories, by town, of the W.P.A. accomplishments in each town as of approximately January 1937. Also field notes on this subject, followed by accounts of individual projects. Miscellaneous material at the beginning includes a chronology of the Connecticut W.P.A. from June 8, 1935 to May 20, 1936.
Series 22. Hurricane
At the time of the great hurricane and flood of September 1938, all Connecticut W.P.A. writers were asked to record their personal experiences and impressions and to collect other human interest and news stories. (A separate undertaking resulted in the publication of a pamphlet A photographic history of the hurricane and flood which devastated Connecticut on September 21, 1938. A copy is in Box 333.
65. Field notes and copy, 1938 September-October 218
Series 23. United States Travel Atlas
66. Final copy and work files, 1941 218
Material on Connecticut for a proposed country-wide project.
Series 24. Vacation Guide
67. Work files, 1939 219
Preliminary material for a pamphlet guide to be called "Your vacation in Connecticut". Published in 1940 as Connecticut: American Recreation Series, by Bacon and Wieck, Inc. (copy in first folder).
Series 25. New Haven Summer Recreation Guide
68. Drafts and related papers, 1937-1941 219
Drafts, copy, notes, correspondence and mimeographed published copies (1939 and 1941) of "A guide to summer recreation", published by the New Haven Council of Social Agencies.
Series 26. Coast Guard Academy History
69. Text and related notes, undated 219
An incomplete text (26 pages) and some notes for a proposed pamphlet history of the Academy at New London.
Other records including manuscripts, notes and photographs, were removed on August 18, 1942 by Lucy R. Holabird of W.P.A. Headquarters, New Haven.
Series 27. Miscellaneous Writers' Project Material
70. State editorial copy - miscellaneous, 1936-1938 220
Includes related administrative correspondence.
Arranged by subject.
Guide makers and making
America eats
Connecticut arms
Health and social work
Liquor laws
Washington trip across Connecticut
Makers of the Constitution
Moodus noises (see item 105, number 22)
New Britain social survey - girls
Speech essay
Trade jargon
US1 guide book
Skiing almanac
71. Pageants and radio programs, 1936-1940 221-222
Scripts, texts and related materials.
72. Miscellaneous drafts, notes, etc., 1936-1941
"Speech essay" copy on Connecticut dialects 223
Louise E. Dew Watrous papers
Moodus industry notes
"I slept with a gorilla"
"What my Writers' Project job means to me"
Index lists, 3 folders 224
Bibliographies of Connecticut history, 3 folders
New Britain maladjustment survey papers ("Juvenile delinquent study" probably a part of the Ethnic Groups Survey work)
Work files of individual workers, containing materials on various projects, 4 folders
"Arborial bearings" containing two watercolor renderings of the State seal
Stratford town history
Lists of Writers' Project publications, 2 display cards
Series 28. Architectural Survey, Census of Old Buildings,
This project began as a part of the task of compiling material for the guidebook Connecticut, A Guide to its Roads, Lore, and People. Mr. Elmer D. Keith, who had edited the important Colonial Dames books on historic Connecticut houses, was responsible for "the architectural end." Using the Colonial Dames books, the Heermance (State Planning Board) guide, and actual one-day visits to each town by members of his small staff, he compiled form reports on nearly 5,000 buildings, illustrated with photographs, and also prepared descriptions of nearly all towns, with reference to their historic buildings.
73. Building survey reports, 1934-1937, Accession: 1942-013
Form reports (FW-6), with attached photographs, containing architectural and historical data on individual houses and other buildings.
Arranged alphabetically by town, there under by number.
A duplicate set is available for reference use, Accession T003061. Other sets were deposited with the Antiquarian and Landmarks Society and the Connecticut Historical Society.
Andover-Bloomfield 225
Bolton-Chaplin 226
Cheshire-Danbury 227
Darien-East Hartford 228
East Haven-Essex 229
Fairfield-Goshen 230
Granby-Guilford 231
Haddam-Killingworth 232
Lebanon-Manchester 223
Mansfield-Montville 234
Morris-Newtown 235
Norfolk-Old Lyme 236
Old Saybrook-Portland 237
Preston-Saybrook 238
Scotland-Southbury 239
Southington-Stratford 240
Suffield-Voluntown 241
Wallingford-Westbrook 242
Weston-Westport 243
Wethersfield-Windsor 244
Windsor Locks-Woodstock 245
74. "Keith write-ups", 1935-1937, 2 binders 246
Accounts of the buildings of historic and architectural interest in each town. These were drafts of what became, after cutting and editing, the text of the Guide.
Arranged alphabetically by town, with a table of contents.
75. Guide copy and reference material, 1935-1939 247
Drafts of copy for the Guide or other publications, on buildings, architecture, etc., with related notes, lists and memoranda; correspondence on "Dictionary of American architects".
76. Lists and inventories of building survey reports and photographs, 1935-1937 248
These are mostly shipping lists or control inventories. The first one, "Index to Architectural Survey", appears to be useful complete list of survey reports and photos.
77. Photographs, undated
Pictures, generally postcard size, of historic buildings and "scenic and marine" subjects.
Ansonia-Rocky Hill 249
Roxbury-Woodstock 250
Scenic and marine, by town 251
Houses, by town (incomplete)
Franklin, Haddam-Wethersfield 252
Winchester-Woodstock 253
Scenic and marine, by town
Unidentified and miscellaneous
Glass plate negatives, Accession: T001012
Bridgeport 1
Fairfield 2-4
Monroe 4
Newtown 5
Norwalk 6
Ridgefield 7
Trumbull 7-8
Weston 8
Series 29. Historic American Buildings Survey
The Survey, whose purpose was "the creation of a permanent graphic record of the existing architectural remains of early dwellers in this country", was first organized as a Federal project under the Civil Works Administration in November 1933. It was continued under the Emergency Relief Administration and the WPA until June 30, 1937, when the Federal project ended, to be succeeded in Connecticut by a state project sponsored by the State Library. It evidently ceased in June 1939, but a continuing United States agency remained, operated by the National Park Service, with the permanent file of drawings and photographs held by the Library of Congress.
78. Building file, 1933-1939
Reports, data and correspondence concerning individual buildings surveyed. Included are "Progress record of survey" forms, summary cards, mounted photographs, summary histories, etc.
Arranged numerically according to assigned numbers; a list is in the first box. An incomplete card index by number and by title is in the last box.
List, 3-1 - 3-19, 11-24 254
25-45 255
46-64 256
65-84 257
85-125 258
501-516, card index 259
79. Building history notes, 1933-1939
Summary histories of the buildings surveyed, usually taken from local histories or other published sources.
Arranged numerically as in the preceding series.
80. "Priority cards", 1933-1939 260
Card list of buildings proposed for survey, often with small attached photograph.
Arranged roughly by county and there under by town.
81. Control cards, 1933-1939
Summary cards similar to those in item 78, often with mounted photographs. This series includes also buildings which had not been surveyed and, filed separately at the end, demolished buildings.
Arranged alphabetically by town.
Ansonia-New Canaan 260
New Haven-Woodstock 261
82. Field note books, 1933-1939 262
Survey books containing penciled detail drawings of building layouts, elevations and construction elements. Includes about sixty buildings.
83. Measured drawings and photographs, 1933-1942
Completed architectural drawings as filed in the Library of Congress, with related photographs.
Photostat of pages from 1941 catalog, annotated with file numbers as in item 78. 263
Photostats (reduced size) of drawings of numbers 24, 64, 68, 70, 72, 76, 81, 82, 83, 84 and 85
Glossy photographs of buildings, Approximately 5 x 8 in. 264
84. Administrative records, 1933-1937 265-268
Correspondence, bulletins and instructions, progress reports, applications for employment, bills, vouchers, payrolls, time slips, and related papers.
Unarranged but folders are mostly labeled by subject.
84A. Microfiche of photographs and copies of measured drawings and index to measured drawings
Microfiche of photographs of historic Connecticut buildings was donated in December 1983 by the Connecticut Society of Architects. Copies of measured drawings were accessioned into the State Archives in 1980 under RG 024. Index to drawings was prepared in 1981 by Jessie Kenny, a volunteer worked from the Hartford Architecture Conservancy. Index is arranged by names of buildings and in a separate alphabet, by town.
Another copy of the microfiche is classified under: Hist Ref NA 705 .H537 1980.
Microfilm of measured drawings is classified under: Hist Ref NA 705 .H537 1974.
A checklist of Historic American Buildings Survey buildings is in Historic America: Buildings, Structures, and Sites, Library of Congress, 1983. It includes some different buildings from the ones in the microfilm or fiche.
Microfiche of photographs and index to measured drawings 268a
1-40 268b
41-63 268c
64-102 268d
Series 30. Historical Records Survey
This project, a country-wide effort directed from Washington by Luther Evans, was one of the major white-collar projects. Its principal objective was to make an inventory of public archives in the States, particularly those at the county, city and town level. Standard techniques and forms were developed, and hundreds of thousands of record series were found and described. Eventually several hundred mimeographed inventories of State, county, town and municipal records were published. In Connecticut the project was supervised by Norbert lacy and resulted in the publication of three volumes of lists of town archives (see item 106, box 317). Unfortunately a large quantity of preliminary, unpublished material (described as "65 cases") appears to have been lost or destroyed by the State Library in the 1950s; it evidently included form inventory sheets of town proceedings and other town records for more than a hundred towns.
A number of other projects were either subordinate to or closely related to the Historical Records Survey. These included the Survey of Federal Archives in the States (which became a part of HRS in July 1937), the Church Records Survey, the Manuscripts Survey and the American Imprints Inventory. All of these were active in Connecticut. The SFA published inventories of several United States agencies in Connecticut (see item 106, box 319), but the State Library has no working papers or draft material. The Church Records Survey completed inventories of the records of several denominations, of which those for the Lutheran and the Protestant Episcopal Churches were published (item 106, box 316); completed by unpublished inventories and working materials are described below.
The W.P.A. also supported a large number of other records projects in Connecticut (see item 88). Although these were not usually directed by the HRS, the same field workers often took part, and the work may have been carried on simultaneously with that on the town record survey. Much useful work was completed, such as the indexing of town land records, the installation of filing systems for school departments, the making of card lists and indexes of property records for local taxation purposes, and the indexing of vital records.
85. Manuals and instructions 269
Processed copies of technical procedures manuals for the Historical Records Survey (January 1936), the Manuscripts Survey (October 1940), Vital Statistics Indexing (October 1936), Footnotes and Bibliography (September 1940) and other subjects, issued by Washington Headquarters. Also letters of instruction and other directives issued by the Connecticut Director.
86. Articles on the work of the Historical Records Survey, 1936-1941
Processed copies of articles or speeches describing or commenting on the work of the Survey, together with the proceedings of a Regional Conference in Chicago, May 1936. Authors of papers include Luther Evans, John C.L. Andreassen, J.M. Scammel, William R. Hogan, Sargent B. Child and Don Lacy.
Arranged chronologically.
87. Newsletter, 1936 April-September
Five issues of a mimeographed monthly newsletter for Survey staff.
88. "Index of Public Records Projects", 1935-1940
Form sheets identifying each project, with number, location, title, sponsor, supervisor, brief description, date begun and date ended. Some are on forms named "Index of research projects".
Arranged numerically in a binder with a numerical list.
89. Miscellaneous, 1936-1941 270
Typed copies of Connecticut statutes pertaining to records of births, marriages and deaths, 2 folders
Early miscellaneous documents
Preliminary list of organizations which may be available for civilian defense, 1941 December 15
Collection of [printed] materials relative to organizations in the field of public administration, 1940
Outline of "the growth and organization of the various branches of the Federal Government with offices outside Washington" by R. A. McLeod, 1936 June 25
Photographs 334
Old records in basement vault of New Britain town hall
Workers in basement vault of New Britain town hall sorting and classifying old records
Series 31. Church Records Survey
90. Correspondence, 1936-1941
Correspondence files of Nelson R. Burr, Assistant Director of the Connecticut Historical Records Survey. Dr. Burr was involved with other projects, notably the Manuscripts Inventory, but he was principally concerned with the Church Records Survey, with which most of these papers deal.
Luther Evans (in Washington) 271
Norbert B. Lacy (State Director)
Field workers 272-273
Others 273
D.A.R. officials 274
Churches 275
By denomination.
91. Manuals, instructions and administrative material, 1936-1941 276
Mimeographed manuals, instruction sheets and directives, forms, samples and models, reference materials, newspaper clippings and related correspondence.
92. Materials on Washington, D.C. church records survey, 1936-1937 277
Survey forms, draft inventories, related correspondence, instructions, church history drafts, reference materials and "An introduction to the Diocese of Washington church records inventory" (36 pages typed with bibliography).
Dr. Burr was Editor, Church Records Survey, before coming to the Connecticut W.P.A.
93. Historical and bibliographical data cards
Three card files containing notes of source materials, summaries of church histories and descriptions of their records.
Denominations 278
Towns (Congregational)
Counties (Baptist) 279
94. Inventories of church records
Survey forms, notes, correspondence and drafts of final texts of inventories.
Text of final inventory, 1 binder 280
Forms and notes, 6 binders
Entries "sent for checking and returned", 1 envelope
Forms and notes, 10 binders 281
Draft of "Introductory history", 1 envelope 282
Text of final inventory, 1 binder
This was published in March 1941; See item 106, box 316.
Forms and notes, 1 binder, loose papers
Entries "sent for checking and returned", 1 envelope
Draft inventory, typed in binder + handwritten loose papers 283
Introductory history, 1 envelope
Forms, 3 binders
Forms, 12 envelopes 284
Inventory and forms, 1 binder
Inventory, 1 folder
Notes, loose papers
Universalist and Unitarian
Forms and notes, 1 binder
Universalist inventory and notes, 1 envelope
Protestant Episcopal
Inventory, 1 binder 285
This was published in September 1940; See item 106, box 316.
Forms and notes, 5 binders
Jewish and Hebrew
Forms, notes and a draft introductory history, 1 binder + 9 envelopes 286
Roman Catholic
Inventory, handwritten draft, 1 binder 287
Forms and notes, 5 binders
Minor denominations and non-denominational
Forms and notes, 6 binders 288
95. Notes on church records and church history, 1937-1940 289
Reports, notes, memoranda and correspondence, including lists of churches, descriptions of church records and church history material in libraries and historical societies, material on church history in Rhode Island, etc.
Grouped by subject.
Series 32. Manuscripts Inventory
This project in Connecticut consisted of a survey, conducted my mail, to collect information for the planned guide to manuscript depositories and a detailed listing of some of the collections of a few major depositories in Hartford. No lists, calendars or inventories were published.
96. Instructions and administrative correspondence, 1937-1938 290
97. Reports on depositories, 1938
Completed copies of "The Manuscript Depository Form" describing physical facilities, principal holdings and services available, together with related instructions, notes, correspondence and lists.
Grouped in labeled folders.
98. Inventory forms, 1938
Completed copies of "The Individual Manuscript Form" describing items in manuscript collections. There are multiple copies of many forms.
Watkinson Library, Wadsworth Atheneum
Watkinson Library Collection 291-292
George L. Parmelee Genealogy Collection 292-293
Charles Dudley Warner Collection 294-296
With draft inventory.
Williams Collection 297
Thrall Collection
J. Hammond Trumbull Collection 298
With draft inventory.
Map Collection 299
Miscellaneous small collections 299-300
Morgan Memorial
Henry Barnard Collection 301-304
Morgan Memorial, Wadsworth Atheneum
Wadsworth Atheneum Collection 304
Wadsworth Collection
Wadsworth and Trumbull Collection
Trumbull Letters
Samuel Colt Collection 305
Miscellaneous small collections
Congregational House
Arranged alphabetically by states.
Connecticut-Missouri 306
Nebraska-Ohio 307
Pennsylvania-Wisconsin, miscellaneous 308
Trinity College
Series 33. Federal Art Project
This project was the successor, on November 02, 1935, to the former Public Works of Art Project of FERA. Its purpose was to utilize the services of unemployed professional artists for the production of paintings, murals, sculptures and other works of art which could be used to decorate public buildings and for other educational and cultural purposes. A valuable unit of the project was the Index of American Design, which employed artists to copy and thus preserve design elements of earlier American history, such as costumes, ceramics, glass, furniture, tapestries, wall coverings, etc. A 37-page mimeographed "Preliminary checklist of American portraits, 1620-1825, found in Connecticut" is in Box 333.
99. Correspondence, reports and administrative papers, 1935-1942 309
Correspondence, periodic reports on project work, manuals, publicity material and related material. One folder on the Index of American Design.
100. Personal history cards on artists
Brief biographical notes, presumably intended for public relations use.
Arranged alphabetically.
101. Card records of artists' work, 1935-1942 310
Large (8 x 11 inch) cards for each artist, listing completed works, with notes of allocation or exhibition.
Arranged alphabetically by name of artist.
102. Allocations record, 1936-1942 311-313
Form receipts for the loan or deposit of a work, grouped by type and there under chronological. Also a card record by town and there under by institution.
Somewhat disarranged.
103. Photographs of art works, undated
Photographs, undated 314-315, 315A-D
Glossy photographs, mostly 8 x 10 inch but some larger and some mounted, of paintings, murals, sculptures and other completed art works. Some but not all have captions or identifications.
Glass plate negatives, Murals, undated, Accession: T001012 9
Series 34. American Imprints Inventory
This was a nationwide effort to locate all copies of all items published in the United States prior to 1877. Workers transcribed information for library catalogs, and their slips were later checked and typed, with the ribbon copy going to a central office and a carbon to the file in the custody of the sponsor, the State Library. The central file is now in the custody of Rutgers University. This project became the basis for the National Union Catalog.
104. List of early American imprints in Connecticut libraries Index cabinet, drawers 1-19
Author file (somewhat disarranged) of slips containing bibliographical data and a symbol indicating location of each copy (separate slips for copies in different libraries; location code on card at front of file). The main file is followed by draft slips, some that appear to have been typed but not "checked", some that seem not to have been typed, for items in the Sterling Memorial Library and the Law Library at Yale University.
Series 35. Maps and Charts
105. Maps and charts, 1937-1940, 23 items Oversize
Tracings, prints and drawings of maps and charts prepared for various publications
Item numbers are for reference only and do not appear on the documents. Identification numbers in pencil on some items are noted when present.
Ethnic Groups Survey Charts, ink drawings
1. Percentage of each ethnic group working in skilled capacities, Bridgeport. Based upon a 3 percent sample; Percentage of each ethnic group engaged in the professions, Bridgeport. Based upon a 3 percent sample, 1937
2. Percentage of each ethnic group engaged in business, Bridgeport. Based up on a 3 percent sample; Percentage of each ethnic group working in skilled or semi-skilled capacities. Based upon a 3 percent sample, 1937
3. Distribution of Stamford Jews according to nativity, 1938
4. Distribution of Stamford Jews by age, 1938
5. Age group distribution of gainfully employed Stamford Jews, 1938
6. Occupational distribution of gainfully occupied Stamford Jews over 16 years of age, 1938
7. Employment status of gainfully occupie [sic] Stamford Jews over 16 years of age, 1938
8. Connecticut towns surveyed for study of the ethnic groups in Connecticut agriculture, 1939
Ethnic Groups Survey Charts, tracings
9. Per cent distribution of foreign white stock by country of origin for the nine geographical divisions of the United States. Based upon figures of the 1930 United States census, 1940
Number 42 penciled on item.
10. Per cent distribution of population in the individual states of the union according to nativity and race. Based upon figures of the 1930 census of the United States
11. Per cent distribution of population in the individual states of the union according to nativity and race. Based upon figures of the 1930 census of the United States, 1940
Number 43 penciled on item.
Maps, tracings
12. Hartford and vicinity showing area flooded, 1936 March
Number 24 penciled on item.
13. Map of Hartford , 1938
Number 25 penciled on item.
14. The Connecticut River, 1940
15. Map of New Britain, 1938
Number 29 penciled on item.
16. A map of Stamford, 1940
Number 29 penciled on item.
17. Connecticut State map, 1937
Number 38 penciled on item.
18. Key to Connecticut tours
Number 39 penciled on item.
19. Location of Connecticut State parks forest and historic sites
Number 40 penciled on item.
20. Connecticut topography and urban development, 1936
Number 41 penciled on item.
Miscellaneous Items
21. The Farmington Canal circa 1840 showing locks, arches & feeders, printed map mounted on cloth
22. Science explains the Moodus noises, printed map mounted on cloth
23. Waterbury, New Haven County, Connecticut 1936 motor vehicle accidents, photostat of annotated printed map
Series 36. Publications
106. File copies of W.P.A. publications, 1936-1942
Mimeographed, photo-offset or other printed copies of publications by the W.P.A. or by sponsors or others using W.P.A. project material. This is by no means a complete file, even for the Connecticut W.P.A.
Historical Records Survey inventories of church archives and Guide to Vital Statistics in Church Records 316
Historical Records Survey inventories of town and city archives and Introduction to Town Government 317
American Imprints Inventory manuals and instructions 318
Survey of Federal Archives inventories of Federal archives in Connecticut 319
Agriculture, fisheries 320
Economic and planning surveys 321
Directory of colleges, universities and professional schools 322
Bridgeport adult guidance
Fairfield County public forums 323
Recreation study
Ground water survey 324-326
Conservation 326
Waste disposal
Studies of city facilities 327
Trade and industrial training instructional material 328-329
Housekeeping aide workbook 329
Wages and hours studies
Traffic safety and control 330-331
New Haven Community Chest and Council of Social agencies 332
Society for Research in Child Development
Miscellaneous 333