RG 005:036, Ella Grasso (1975-1980) 1971-1982, bulk, 1975-1980

RG 005:036, Office of the Governor: Ella Grasso (1975-1980) Inventory of Records


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Part I Subject Files 1972-1977

Part II Subject Files 1971-1980

Part III Subject Files 1974-1981

Part IV Subject Files 1971-1982

Part V Subject Files 1979-1982

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Part VII Supplementary Files 1971-1980

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RG 005:036, Office of the Governor: Ella Grasso (1975-1980)

Inventory of Records

Finding aid prepared by Connecticut State Library staff.

Copyright 2007 by the Connecticut State Library

Overview of the Collection

Repository: Connecticut State Library
Creator: Connecticut. Governor (1975-1980 : Grasso)
Title: Ella Grasso records
Creation Dates: 1971-1982
Creation Dates: bulk, 1975-1980
Accumulation Dates: 1975-1980
Quantity: 367.5 cubic feet
Abstract: Includes correspondence, subject files, press releases, official statements, and speech files.
Identification: RG005_036
Accession: T001625
Language: The records are in English.

Biographical Note

Born: May 10, 1919, Windsor Locks, Connecticut.
College: Mount Holyoke College, Bachelor of Arts, 1940; Master of Arts, 1942.
Political Party: Democrat.
Offices: Connecticut House of Representatives, 1952-1957; Connecticut Secretary of the State, 1959-1971; U.S. Congress, 1971-1975; Governor of Connecticut, 1975-1980.
Died: February 5, 1981, Hartford, Connecticut.

The election of Ella Grasso in 1974 gave Connecticut its first female governor and its first governor of Italian heritage. Her election also gave the nation the first woman of any state to be elected governor in her own right, without having run on the record of a husband who had also been governor.

Born Ella Giovanna Oliva Tambussi, her parents James and Maria (Oliva) Tambussi were Italian immigrants who valued education highly and made it possible for her to attend private schools. She attended St. Mary's School, Windsor Locks, and the Chaffee School in Windsor and won a scholarship to Mount Holyoke College, where she received a B.A. in 1940 and an M.A. in economics and sociology in 1942. Convinced by her educational experiences that she should enter public service, Grasso served with Connecticut's War Manpower Commission during World War II. In 1942, she married Thomas Grasso. The couple had two children, Susanne and James.

Grasso's work for the Connecticut Democratic Party began in 1943. She was elected to Connecticut's House of Representatives from her hometown of Windsor Locks in 1952 and reelected in 1954, serving until 1957. Two years later she became Connecticut's Secretary of the State, holding that post for 12 years, longer than any Secretary of the State since 1835. In 1970, Grasso ran for the 6th Congressional District seat vacated by Republican Thomas Meskill, who was running for governor. She defeated Republican candidate Richard Kilborn in that election and was reelected in 1972. She served on the House Veterans' Affairs Committee and House Education and Labor Committee.

Accustomed to considerable influence in her home state, Grasso was frustrated with a system in Washington that left new legislators virtually powerless and by 1974 was receptive to the idea of challenging Meskill in the gubernatorial race. Her major opponent within the Democratic Party was Robert Killian of Hartford, the state's Attorney General, but Grasso's victory over Killian by a nearly 2,000-vote margin in the Hartford primary boosted her candidacy. Although her relationship with Killian was an uneasy one, as a unifying measure Grasso agreed to Democratic Party Chairman John Bailey's compromise plan to place Killian on the ticket as her running mate. Future governor William O'Neill served as her campaign manager. The Republicans nominated U.S. Representative Robert Steele, Jr. to oppose Grasso. Her victory, part of a complete sweep of the state by the Democrats that gave that party control of the General Assembly, set the stage for women like Madeleine Kunin of Vermont to assume the highest elected office available at the state level.

Ella Grasso took office in January of 1975 and almost immediately acquired the image of a "tough customer". Her records as governor demonstrate a hands-on approach to the administration of her office. She was a workaholic and expected her staff to perform with the same dedication and intensity; sometimes she would call the staff early in the morning to get them to the Capitol immediately for a meeting.

She initially faced problems similar to those that confronted Governor Meskill when he took office four years earlier. She inherited a seventy million dollar debt from the outgoing Meskill administration, forcing her to make some austere and unpopular moves. Without funding to carry out the social programs she had promised in her campaign, she chose to move slowly and offered only a few legislative programs during her first year in office. Legislation was passed to help consumers, and the Freedom of Information Act for Connecticut became law. The sales tax was raised to seven percent. Still the budget deficit grew, but, following the guidelines of Democratic Party Chairman John Bailey, she continued to oppose implementation of a state income tax. Grasso called a special session of the legislature in December 1975 and proposed tapping into the Veterans' Fund and requiring state employees to work more hours for the same pay. When the General Assembly refused to cooperate with her proposals, Grasso laid off 505 state employees just before Christmas. Her public image plummeted.

In 1976, Connecticut began its State Lottery. This, along with increases in the state's gasoline tax, an improved economy, and judicious use of state funds, finally gave Connecticut a budget surplus. As a result, most of the fired state employees were rehired. Ella Grasso still suffered from a negative image, but her ability to balance the budget, combined with increased aid to cities and towns and the reduction of some business taxes, improved public perceptions of her.

On the national political scene, Grasso's name was mentioned as a possible candidate for President or Vice President in the 1976 election. An early supporter of Henry "Scoop" Jackson, she saved herself considerable political embarrassment by switching her support to Jimmy Carter in June 1976. Grasso co-chaired the Democratic National Convention that July. Rumors circulated that Carter would name Grasso to his cabinet or as Ambassador to Italy, but Grasso had already announced her intention to run for another term as governor.

Grasso's popularity soared in February of 1978 when a huge blizzard hit Connecticut, paralyzing the state for days. Grasso went to the State Armory and took a personal interest in operations to help the citizens of Connecticut recover from the effects of the killer storm. The public now believed that it had not just a politician but a pro-active, caring, compassionate woman as governor. At the same time Grasso attempted to minimize Lieutenant Governor Robert Killian's political stock by not assigning him a substantive role during the crisis. That summer the Democrats nominated William A. O'Neill as their candidate for Lieutenant Governor on the ticket with Ella Grasso. Grasso's new image as "Mother Ella" helped her easily win reelection in 1978, defeating Republican challenger Ronald Sarasin by 189,000 votes. This huge victory was a testament to both her political shrewdness and her now immense appeal.

Grasso was in complete command at the beginning of her second term. Loyal Democrats controlled both houses. The large surplus continued, and she was able to increase social spending in some of the areas previously promised. Grasso's Urban Action Program directed funds to the needs of impoverished areas in the state, with money aimed at housing, mass transit, day care, and the elderly. However, the late 1970s were marked by an oil crisis that hurt the state's economy and required state aid for heating for the poor in the winter. This, and the increased operational costs of state government, forced Grasso to call for a tax increase for the first time in several years. Gasoline shortages in the summer of 1979 also tested her leadership abilities. A manageable system of odd/even rationing based on license plate number was instituted to ease hoarding and long lines. She opened an emergency gasoline center at the State Armory.

At the national level, Grasso was one of the first governors called to Camp David to discuss energy issues and was mentioned as a potential running mate in Carter's 1980 re-election campaign. But Connecticut's economic condition and Grasso's personal health both took a turn for the worse in 1980. Rising energy costs and increased unemployment contributed to a 128 million dollar revenue gap. Grasso had no choice but to call for an increase in the sales tax to seven and one half percent, one of the highest in the nation, as well as for increases in other taxes. In March she was diagnosed with cancer, and her condition worsened as the year progressed. Aware that her cancer was spreading, concerned about her service to the people of Connecticut, and feeling she was not able to function as governor in the way the people of Connecticut deserved, Grasso announced in early December that she would be resigning from office. Her resignation took effect on December 31, 1980, and Lt. Governor William O'Neill was immediately sworn in to replace her. Joseph Fauliso, President Pro Tempore of the Senate, took the oath as Lieutenant Governor.

Ella Grasso died at Hartford Hospital on February 5, 1981. Her body lay in state in the State Capitol for 24 hours, where she was mourned by the public and politicians of both parties. She was buried at St. Mary's Cemetery in Windsor Locks.

The people of Connecticut have honored Governor Grasso's contributions to the state in a number of ways. Streets in several Connecticut communities were named for her, including Ella Grasso Highway (Route 75) in Windsor Locks. State facilities in Groton and Stratford are named for her. Grasso received one of the highest honors that the State of Connecticut could bestow when a privately funded statue of her was placed in a niche above the south portico of the Capitol building. Only statues of Connecticut's most illustrious leaders are in the niches, and the statue of Ella Grasso was the first of a woman to be so placed.

Ella Tambussi Grasso's birthplace in Windsor Locks still stands, along with two houses she owned there. All are in private hands.


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Scope and Content

Includes correspondence, subject files, press releases, official statements, and speech files. Files from Gov. O'Neill's administration are also included as are files that may have been carried over from the Meskill administration to ensure continuity of executive actions.

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Arrangement is in parts conforming to successive transfers of files from the Governor's Office.

Part I Subject Files, 1972-1977.
Part II Subject Files, 1971-1980.
Part III Subject Files, 1974-1981.
Part IV Subject Files, 1971-1982.
Part V Subject Files, 1974-1981.
Part VI Subject Files, 1979-1981.
Part VII Supplementary Files, 1971-1980.

Inclusive dates of the seven parts overlap and contain similar subject files.

Researchers are advised to consult all seven parts for materials covering specific topics or periods of time. Also, searching for a particular subject may require a review of numerous file headings. For example, information on wife or child abuse may be alphabetical under those headings, or as a subheading of "Legislation," or filed under a particular state agency.

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Grasso, Ella


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Part I Subject Files, 1972-1977
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Letters answered by postcard (I)
Letter to printed (I)
Letter #31 Revised (B), 1977 July 25
Petitions (O)
Petition answered by postcard (B)
Petition answered by postcard, 1977 August
Platform Plak (B)
Support letters A-F (B)
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Wn-Wz (B)
Acknowledgments 17
Referral #17B (Jeremy) (B)
Referral #34a (B) 18
34b (Sent to Milano for response) (office of Policy and Management) (B)
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Action (B)
Administrative Services, Dept. of Aetna World Cup (B)
Aetna World Cup
Affirmative Action
Age of Majority
Aging 19
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H (B) 20
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M (B)
N (B)
O-P (B)
Q-R (B)
S (B) 21
T (B)
Advisory Council on Aging: (B)
Breakthrough to the Estuary and mid-state Region (B)
dept. on, #48, 1977 March 8
Landmark Square (I)
Letters to People being Replaced on Advisory Council on Aging (O)
Minority Elderly Action Team (O)
Misc. Material
New Clippings
1975 Legislative Proposals
Nutrition for - Pfeiffer (B)
Dept. on, #48 (B), 1977 March 8
Pre-Retirement (B)
Press Releases
Press Release from Governor’s office
Project STEP (B)
Project Triage #5 (B), 1977 September 22
Reports to General Assembly
Senior Intern Program
State Plan on, 1977
State plan on, 1978
Title XX
Pro Wilbur (B)
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C, D (B)
E, F (B)
G, H (B)
I, J (B)
K, L (B)
M, N (B)
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U, V, W (B)
X, Y, Z (B)
Board of (O)
Case-Collins (B)
Case - Hunt (B)
Connecticut Citizens for Food and Agriculture
Closed (B)
Experimental Station (I)
Food Distribution (O)
Future Farmers of America (B)
Humane Treatment of Horses Transported into Connecticut (B)
Land Use (B)
Milk Regulation Board (O)
Misc. Information
Misc. Material
press Releases from Governor’s Office
Stabilization and Conservation Service, Annual Reports (B)
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Yankee Milk News
Alaska pipeline (B)
Alcohol (ICS and Programs) (B)
Advisory Council (B) 24
State Alcohol and Drug Council
State Alcohol Council (B)
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T, U, V (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
Misc. Material
Prevention & Treatment
Shirley Frank Foundation (B)
Aliens (B)
All-American Teenager Pageant
Allegheny Airlines - Press Releases
Ambulance (B)
American Banker
American & Francophone Commission (B)
American Institute
American Mothers Committee (B)
American Security Council
Amnesty Week (B)
Animals (B)
Annual Reports (B) 25
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S-U (O)
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J. Blair - School Fin. (O)
Appreciation (O)
Appropriations (B)
Appropriations Committee
Arbitrators (B)
Architectural Registration Board (B)
Architectural & Transportation Barriers Compliance Board
Arts (B)
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W, X, Y, Z (B)
Art Commission Appointments
Arts Commission - Office & Printed Letter (I), 1975 March
Arts Commission - Letters, Grants
Art Grants 28
Arts Commission - Press releases
Art Foundation (B)
Art Foundation Grant:
Art Foundation Grant Recipients
Art Jobs (O)
Art - Misc. Material
Article (B)
Article on the Governor
Atomic energy Commission
Attorney General
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Auctioneers (B)
Audition (B)
Auditors 29
Auditors - Letters (B)
Auditors of Public Accountants - Mags #11 & 11a
Audrey Beck
A-L (I)
M-Z (I)
Awards 30
Bakers Association
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Banking - Misc. Material
Banking - Permanent Releases from Governor’s office
Banking Law - Advisory Committee to Study Reconciliation of
Barbers, Board of Examiners (B) 31
Bayh (B)
Better Business Bureau
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L (B)
M (B)
N (B)
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B)
T (B)
U, V (B) 33
W, X, Y, Z (B)
Bicentennial Gazette
Bicentennial - Louisiana Territory or Lewis & Clark Lost & Found
Bicentennial - Misc.. Material
Black Democrats (B)
Black Silent Majority
Black Safety Board
Bond Commission
[Bond Commission - State] - untitled folder
Bond Commission - Minutes & Agenda
Minutes, 1976 May 28 34
Agenda, 1976 June 25
Minutes, 1976 June 25
Agenda, 1976 July 23
Minutes, 1976 August 27
Agenda, 1976 September 17
Minutes, 1977 July 21 35
Agenda, 1977 August 25
Bond Misc. Material
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General Assembly (O)
General Assembly (O), 1977-1978
Budget hearings
Letters to chief elected official
Letter to Comm.., 1977 November 17
Invitations to Special budget Hearings for Municipal officials/First Selectman/Mayors (O)
Letters (O)
Budget Letters (I), 1975 May
Budget Letters (New) (B), 1975 August 8
Budget Letters #6 (B)
Budget Letters 6A to State Employees (B)
Budget Letters 6B sent to non-state employees (B) 37
Budget Letters 6C (B)
Memo’s to or from Conkling
Budget Message Request (O)
Budget Miscellaneous
Budget Surplus (B)
Budget (State) Surplus #7 (B)
Budget Surplus
New - Mag. #7 (B)
Budget Surplus
Mag. #7 (B)
Building Inspector (State) 38
Code Standards (B)
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Bureau of Census (U.S)
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Cerebral Palsy (B)
Challenges State Faces Today (B)
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Directors due to storm Eloise, 1975 October 23
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Civil Preparedness
Advisory meeting
Disaster Relief Act
Mag. Card., 1975 July 24
Mag. Card. - sent to all Commissioners Emergency Operations’ Plan, 1975 December
Memos to all commissioners, 1975 June 10
Memos to and from Sjostedt
Miscellaneous Matter
Press releases from Governor’s Office
Protest over discontinuance of Civil Preparedness Program for training (O)
Seminar (O), 1977 June 22
Civil Rights
Civil Service Commission (B)
Claims Commission (B)
Clippings 44
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Coalition of Northeastern Governors
Code Enforcement (B)
Combined Health Appeal
Commendation (O)
Commendation #12 revised 1977 October (B)
Commendation Letter Mag. #12 (B)
Commendation/Rocky Hill/Cheshire Jaycee Award (B)
A (B)
B (B) 46
C, D (B)
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H, I, J, K (B) 47
L (B)
M (B)
N (B) 48
P, Q (B)
R (B)
S (B)
T, U, V (B) 49
W, X, Y, Z (B)
American Bress Co.
Bridgeport Brass Co. (B)
Clippings, etc.
Commemorative Stamp (B)
“Connecticut ‘77” (O)
Connecticut State Day
Constructive Workshop, Inc.
Continental Can Corporation (B)
Council for Urban Economic Development (B)
Eastern States Exposition
Economic Planning Council
Digital Equipment Corporation
Fagan 50
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Fitzgerald Manufacturing Co.
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Imports - Letters to Congressional Delegation (B)
Independent (B)
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Italian Silk Factory (B)
J. C. Penny
Lebanon Industrial park
Memos to and from DeNoia
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Misc. Mat.
Monthly Forecast
Monthly Reports
National Economic Development Association
New England Council Board of Directors Meetings 51
New England Economic Project
New Jersey Economic Development
Nutmeg Development Corp.
Oil Refinery
Press Releases
Richardson - Merrell
Small Business Administration (B)
Siemens Dedication
Siemens Meetings
Stockton Comments Training for Economic Development and Seminar
Union Carbide Corporate headquarters
United Technologies
Urban Economic Development
US Department of Commerce
Wallingford Recycling Grant
Waterbury Letter on Business: (B) 52
Waterbury Meeting
Winchester (Olin)
Woodstock Industrial Development
Commission on Connecticut Future (B)
Commissioners Absences
Commissioners Bi-Weekly Reports
Commissions 53
Committee of Concern for Conn. Jobs
Communicators Commission
Common Cause
Community Affairs 54
A (B)
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E (B)
F (B)
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H (B)
I, J (B)
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N (B)
O (B)
P (B) 55
S (B)
T (B)
U, V (B)
W (B)
X, Y, Z (B)
Community Affairs (DCA)
Beardsley Terrace (Bridgeport)
Budget Cuts (B)
Bureau of Local Government
Cable Television
Child Day Care Council
Child Day Care Council - Appointments (O)
CRT (Community Renewal Team)
Connecticut Association for Community Action
Day Care (B)
Day Care #50 (B), 1977 March 30 56
Day Care Bridgeport
Day Care - Closed
Day Care - Eli Whitney (B)
Day Care - Griswold Project
Day Care - Groton (B)
Day Care - New Haven (B)
Day Care Petition Answered by Post Card
Day Care Stanford
East Hampton Child Development Center (B)
East Hampton Day Care Center (B)
Educational Instruction (B)
Housing Assistance Group (B)
Human Resource Development Spending
Letters to people being replaced on Child Day Care Council (O)
Local Assistance Program (B)
Memos to McCollam (B)
Memos to and from Pickens
Memos to and from Commissioner Rice
Memos to and from Roberts/Day Care
Memos to and from Sullivan 57
Monroe Glastonbury Bonding Commission
New Haven (B)
New Haven CPJ
New Haven Housing
Norwalk Day Care Center (B)
Plainfield Housing (B)
Press Release from Governor’s office
Solar Energy (B)
Solar Heating Lebanon Economic Development Commission
Tax Abatement
Themes Valley Council (B)
Urban League (B)
Van Block Housing (Hartford) (B)
West Hartford Redevelopment
Community Services Administration
Community Services Administration Grants
(10027-76/0) - Low Income Planning Hart, 1975 January 5
(10046-76/02) (O), 1975 November 14
Community Service Administrator Grants 58
(A, B, C, D Grants sent by telegrams) (O), 1976 January 12
Comptroller - General (B)
Comptroller - Memos to and from Caldwell
Concerned Citizens Letters (B) 59
Condolences (O)
Conference on state’s future
Conflict on interest
Congratulations - Ability Comts. Survey Awards (O)
Congratulations - Academics (O)
Congratulations: Anniversary 60
A (O)
B (O)
C (O)
D (O)
E (O)
F (O)
G (O)
H (O)
I, J (O)
K (O)
L (O)
M (O)
N (O)
O (O)
P (O)
Q, R (O)
S (O)
T (O)
U, V (O)
W, X, Y, Z (O)
Congratulations: - Anniversary May Card (O)
Avon, Candidates for May 5 Election (O)
Congratulations: - Birthday: 61
A, B (O)
C, D (O)
National Council of Teachers of English Award (O)
National Merit Scholarship Awards (O), 1977 May 6 62
National Volunteer Awards program (O)
Naturalized Citizens (O)
New Citizens (O)
Religious (O)
Retirement (O)
Special Revenues (O)
To ETG (O)
Budgets (O)
Delegates (I)
Pages (B)
Conn. Citizen Action Group
Conn. Citizen Research Group
Conn. Conference of Mayors
Conn. Conference of Municipalities 63
Conn. Fair Housing Authority - Mortgages (B)
Conn. Humanities Council (B)
Conn. Indians (B)
Conn. Product Development (B)
Conservation - Care - Maddocks (B)
Constitutional Amendment (O)
Constitutional Convention
Constitution (B)
Construction (B)
Consumer Advisory Council
Consumer Counsel (B)
Consumer Education (B)
Consumer News
Consumer Protection
A (B)
B (B)
C (B) 64
D (B)
E (B)
F (B)
G (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
L (B)
M (B)
N (B) 65
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B)
T (B)
U, V (B)
W (B)
X, Y, Z (B)
Consumer Protection
Case Saterno (B)
Case Stephens
Federal Legislation
Heslin Appointment (B)
Legislation for Establishing Agency for Consumer Protection
Magnason-Moss Warranty
Memos to and from Heslin
Miscellaneous 66
Misc. information
Press releases
Super Pricing (B)
U.S. Consumer Product & Safety Commission
Contraband (B)
Conventions (O)
Conventions - Regional
A (B)
B (B)
C (B) 67
D (B)
E (B)
F (B)
G (B) 68
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
L (B)
Ma/Mc (B) 69
Me (B)
N, O (B)
P (B) 70
Q, R (B)
S (B)
T (B)
U, V (B) 71
W (B)
X, Y, Z (B)
Adult Probation
Case - Carrona
Clemency Board (B)
Commission on Adult Probation (O)
Council of Corrections (B)
Corrections: - Crime
A (B)
B (B)
C (B)
D (B)
F (B)
I, J (B)
L (B)
M (B)
N (B)
O (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B)
T (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
Corrections 72
Crime Mag. Card #2 (B)
Enfield Prison
Memos to and from Manson (B)
Misc. Information
Misc. Material
National School Lunch & Child Nutrition Act
New Haven Correctional Center
Corrections - Pardons
A (B)
B (B)
C (B)
D (B)
E (B)
F (B)
G (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
L (B)
M (B)
N (B)
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B) 73
T (B)
U, V (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
Corrections: - Parole Board
A (B)
B (B)
C (B)
D (B)
E (B)
F (B)
G (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
L (B)
M (B)
N (B)
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B)
T (B)
U, V (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
Parole Board Appointment (O)
Parole Evaluation Techniques & Rehabilitation
Petition for Pardon of Augustus J. Pinto answered by postcard., 1977 October
Portland Corrections Camp (B)
Press releases
Prison reform
Research Institute
Somers 74
Somers Inmate Grievance procedures
Somers Weekly Scene
Correspondence from Governor Meskill to ETG (I)
Correspondence to Governor Meskill from Governor Elect ETG (O)
Cost Analysis
Cotter, William R.
Council of Churches (B)
Council on National Priorities & Resources (B)
Court Calendar
Court Case (B)
Court Case - Bhanshali vs. State of Connecticut
Credit Union League
Credit Union League
Crime Clippings
Crime Mag., 1975 September 16
Criminal Justice (B)
Criminal Justice Planning Administration
Criminal Records Statute (B)
Curtis 75
Danbury Limousine Service Mag. (B), 1975 June
Data Processing (B)
Daylight Saving time (B)
Dead Letter (I)
Deaf Commission (B)
Dedication (B)
Deeds Commission (O)
Defense Department
Delta Kappa Gamma Society
Democrat Misc. (B)
Democratic Gov. Conference
Democratic National Committee
Democratic National Convention 76
Democratic State Central - Invitation to Residence, Nov. 7, (O)
Democratic State Conventions
Democratic State Platform, 1970
Democratic State Platform, Education, 1974
Dentists (B)
Development Authority (Ct.)
Minutes, 1976 February 10
Minutes of June 8, 1976 July 13
Minutes of August 10, 1976 September 14
Minutes, 1976 September 14 77
Minutes, 1976 October 12
Minutes, 1976 November 22
Minutes, 1977 January 28
Minutes, 1977 March 1
Minutes, 1977 April 12
Minutes, 1977 May 10
Special meeting, 1977 June 22
Minutes, 1977 June 14, 27 78
Minutes, 1977 August 9
Minutes, 1977 October 11
Minutes, 1977 November 15
Minutes, 1977 December 13
Development Authority (Ct.)
Development Authority (Ct.) Appointments (B)
Development Authority (Ct.) Press Releases
Developmental Disabilities (B)
Disaster Relief (B)
Discrimination (B)
Divorce Laws (B)
Donations (I) 79
Donations of Fees #53 (B), 1977 April 13
Draper World Population Report
Drugs (B)
Drug Advisory Council (B)
Drug Marijuana (B)
Drug Misc. Information
Drugs Misc. Letters (B) 80
Drugs - New Hope Manor (B)
Eagle Scouts
Eastern Conn. Development Council
Eastern Conn. Rural & Industrial Areas Preservation Commission
Eastern Conn. Rural Meeting Oct. 1 - Mag. (O)
Eastern Conn. Rural - sent to legislators September 18, 1975, 1975 September 18
Eastern Office
Eastern States Exposition (B)
A, B (B)
C, D (B)
E, F (B) 81
G, H (B)
I, J (B)
K, L (B)
M, N (B)
O, P (B)
Q, R (B)
S, T (B)
U, V, W (B)
X, Y, Z (B)
Economic - Council on Advisors
Economic - Development Committee 82
Economic Development & Information - Ohio
Economic Forecasts & State Revenue Projections
Economic - Misc. Material
A (B)
B (B)
C (B)
D (B) 83
I, J
K 84
L (B)
M (B)
N (B)
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B) 85
T (B)
U, V (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
Academic Awards (B)
Academic Awards Board (B)
Adult (B)
Adult Basic Education (B)
Adult Education Mag. (B), 1975 June 23 86
Advisory Board on State Certification of Teachers (O)
Advisory Council on Vocational Ed. (B)
Advisory Council on Vocational Career Education (O)
Albert Prince regional Vocational Technical School (B)
American School for the Deaf
Arbitration Panel (O)
Asnuntuck College (B)
Asnuntuck Community College/Mag. Card
Autistic Children (B)
Barbara Erickson Scholarship Fund
Benhaven (B)
Bilingual Education (B)
Boards of Education - Conn.
Board of Trustees of Regional Community Colleges (B) 87
Board of Trustees for State Colleges
Board of Trustees for State Colleges Appointments (O)
Board of Trustees for State Colleges - Audit
Board of Trustees for State Colleges - letters (B)
Board of Trustees for State Colleges - Technical (B)
Bridgeport Adult Learning Center (B)
Budget Cuts (B)
Bullard - Haven Regional (B)
Bussing (B)
Calhoun College
Capitol Regional Education Council
Carnegie Commission 88
Care LeBlanc
Central Connecticut State College (B)
Central Connecticut State College - Audit Dean (B)
of Student Affairs
Certification (B)
Closed (B)
Education: - Commission on Higher Education (CHE)
A (B)
B (B)
C (B)
D (B)
E (B)
F (B)
G (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B) 89
L (B)
M (B)
N (B)
O (B)
P (B)
Q,R (B)
S (B)
T (B)
U,V (B)
W,X,Y,Z (B)
Education 90
Commission on Higher Education - (CHE) Misc.
Commission on Higher Education - Mag. letters to delegate on presidential veto
Commission of the States
Commission to Study School Finance and Equality of Education
Community Colleges (B)
Conn. Association for the Advancement of School Administration
Conn. College
Conn. Education Association
Conn. Education Council
Conn. Education Seminar
Conn. Institute for the Blind
Conn. Intercollegiate Student Legislative
Conn. Master Plan for Vocational and Career Education - Mag. Cand. (B)
Coordinating Council for Boards of Trustees (Minutes of meetings)
Department of Education Material
Eastern Conn.., Kimbro Matter (B)
Eastern Conn. Mag. Card Concerning Health Services (B)
Eastern Connecticut State College (B) 91
Emmett O’Brien Mag. (B)
Emmett O’Brien Vocational School (B)
[Essex] Satellite School (B)
[Essex] Satellite School Mag. Card (I)
[Essex] Satellite School # 42
Essex Satellite Vocational School (B)
Federal Fund
Financial Aid
General (B)
Goodwin Tech.
Greater Hartford Community College (B)
Groton Vocational Technical School (B)
Hartford State Technical Schools
Higher Education (B) 92
Higher Education Employment Contracts (B)
Higher Education - Misc. Information
Horace Wilcox Vocational Technical School
Housatonic C.C.
Housatonic Community College - Letters in regard to need for new campus (B)
Independent colleges (B) 93
Intercollegiate Student Legislature (B)
Litchfield High School (B)
Manchester Community College (B)
Master Plan (B)
Mattatuck Community College (B)
Memos to and from Commissioner Sheld
Middletown Community College
Minority Involvement in Higher Education (B)
Miscellaneous Information (I)
Miscellaneous material
Mohegan Community College (B) 94
Mohegan Community College Audit
Mount Holyoke College
Mystic Oral School (B)
Mystic Oral School Mag. (B)
National Council on Education Research
National Youth Service (O)
Naugatuck Valley Higher Education Center (B)
New Britain Teachers’ Dispute (B)
New England Association of Schools and Colleges
New England Board of Higher Education
New Haven Teachers’ Strike (B)
Noroton School (B)
Northwestern Community College (B)
Norwalk Community College (B)
Norwalk State Technical College (B) 95
Nursing Education/State Assistance (B)
Oak Hill School for the Blind
Occupational Training Grant (B)
Office of Veterans Affairs (B)
Osteopathic School (B)
Parent Teacher Association
Parochial Schools (B)
Partners of the Americans
Pending (B)
Platt Regional Vocational School (B)
Press Release CHE
Press Release from Governor’s Office
Project Matthew
Quinnebaug Valley Community College
Quinnebaug Valley C.C. Concerning Land Acquisition (B), 1975 November
Quinnebaug Valley Community College Site (O) 96
Quinnebaug Valley Community College - Tx’s to Members of Ad Hoc Site Committee (O)
Quinnipiac (B)
Sacred Heart (B)
Scholarship Commission
School Breakfast Program
School Bus (B)
School Construction (B)
School Finance Advisory Panel (B)
School Financing (B)
School Funding - Haton Case
School Lunches (B)
Services for the Blind (B)
South Central Community College (B) 97
Southern Connecticut State College (B)
SCSC - Ethnic Heritage Studies
Special Education
Special Education:
A-D (B)
E-H (B)
I-M (B)
N-R (B)
S-Z (B)
Special Education #5 (B)
Special Education Cost Committee Meeting, 1977 January 28
State Board of Education (B)
State Board of Education Meetings
State Colleges (B) 98
State College M. Majeske (B)
Student Loans Higher Education (B)
Teacher Ed. Pilot Project (B)
Teacher Retirement (B)
Teacher Retirement Mag. - September 16 (Cost of Living increases) (B)
Teachers’ Strike (B)
Teachers’ Strike/General Mag. (B)
Teachers’ Strike/Shelton Mag. (B)
Technical Colleges (B)
Technical Colleges Mag. Card (B)
Technical School - Mag. Card (B), 1984 August 15 99
Technical Schools - Mag. Card for Petition and Blue Collar Worker (I)
Technical Schools - Printed letter, 1975 August
Technical - Vocational Colleges, 1975 August
Themes Valley State Technical (B)
Transition Task Force for Education (I)
Truman Scholarship Fund (B)
Tuition (B)
Tunxis Community College
University of Bridgeport (B)
A (B)
B (B)
C (B)
D (B)
E (B)
F (B) 100
G (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
L (B)
M (B)
N (B)
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B)
T (B)
U, V (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
Board of Trustees 101
Board of Trustees
Board of Trustees Meeting, 1976 May 14
Board of Trustees of the University Hospital 102
Branches, closing (B)
CREUES, Center for Real Estate and Urban
Economic Studies/ Annual Report
Civil Preparedness (B)
Concern for the Branches #25 (B), 1977 March 8
Daily Campus
Dental School (B)
Finance Committee Board of Trustees Minutes, Financial Report (B), 1973-1974
Food Service
Graduate Library (B) 103
Groton Branch
Hartford Seminary Letter #28 (B), 1977 November
Health Center
Health Center Advisory Council
Home Economics School (B)
Hospital Board of Trustees, Minutes of Meeting
Internal Auditor’s Report
John Dempsey Hospital
Law School (B)
Law School - Purchase of Hartford Seminary Petitions Answered by Postcard, 1977 September
Legislation, 1975 104
Library (B)
Marijuana Course (B)
Medical School (B)
Meeting of the Board of Trustees, 1975 January - May
Meeting of the Board of Trustees - Minutes 105
Meetings of the Board of Trustees, 1975 December - 1976 June 106
Meetings of the Board of Trustees, 1976 September - 1977 June 107
Misc. Material 108
Nursing (B)
Operating Budget, 1976 - 1977
Puerto Rican Center (B)
School Of Agriculture
Special Commission to establish & detail the purposes and goals for the UCONN Health Center (O)
Stanford Campus (B)
Torrington Branch (B)
Torrington Branch Mag. Card (B)
Water Resources, Mag. Sept. 18 (B)
Waterbury Branch (B)
Work - Study
Education: - University of Hartford:
Vet. College
A (B)
F 109
I, J
Q, R
W, X, Y, Z
[Vet. College] Board of Registration and Examination
Vet. College (Misc. Mat.)
Vet. Medicine (B)
Vet. Medicine, Commission on Alternatives
Vet. School/Mag. Card/New England Regional College of Veterinary Medicine (I), 1975 June 25
Vet. School/New Letter/Renegotiating spaces (B), 1975 May
Vinal Tech in Essex (O)
Vocational and Rehabilitative Education (B)
Vocational Education (B)
Vocational Education Budget Cuts (B) 110
Voc. Ed. Master Plan
Vocation Rehabilitation (B)
Vocational/Technical Advisory Committee (B)
Voc./Tech Misc. material
Waterbury Higher Education Center (B)
Waterbury Inquiry
Waterbury State Technical Colleges (B)
Waterbury Technical School (B)
Western Conn. State College (B)
Western Conn. State College Concerning Construction (I)
Wethersfield Law School (B)
Windham Regional technical School (B)
Wisconsin System
Wolcott Technical School (B)
Wright Technical School (B)
Education - Yale 111
Elected Officials
Elections (B)
Elections (B)
Elections Commission (B)
Elections Commission - Ambrogio Assignment (B)
[Elections Commission] - Anon. Anti Ambrogio Letter
Elections - Special (B)
Elections Statistics
Electric Boat (B) 112
Electrical Examiners (B)
Electronic Fund Transfers, National Commission on
Elevator Installation, Repair and Maintenance Work (O)
Examining Board
Embalmers and Funeral Directors (B)
A-L (B)
Endorsements (B)
Endorsements (B)
A (B)
B (B) 113
C (B)
D (B)
E (B) 114
F (B)
G (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B) 115
L (B)
M (B)
N (B) 116
O, P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B) 117
T (B)
U, V, W (B) 118
X, Y, Z (B)
Advisory Board
Agency/Annual Report
Agency/Letters to Private Enterprise (B)
Agency/Press Releases
Agency/Speaking Engagements
Alaska Natural Gas Transportation
Alcan Pipeline
Artic Natural Gas - 34c (B), 1977 July 8
Assistance Program (B)
Assistance Program/Letter to Congressional Delegation (O)
Assistance Program/Tx’s for Participation (O), 1977 October 5
Atomic Energy Act (B)
Conservation (B) 119
Conservation/Funding for Community Services Administration (I)
Conservation Program
Conservation Program Feasibility Report
Court Cases
Crisis Intervention (O)
Crisis Management Program
Crisis Management Program (O)
Electrical Energy Needs #65 (B)
Emergency Fuel Bank (B)
Emergency Fuel Funds/Letters to Cong. Delegation (O), 1977 March 8
Emergency Plan
Emergency Plan, 1975 January 15
Federal Energy Adm. Grant
Federal Energy Agency (B)
Federal Energy Guidelines 120
Federal Energy Regulatory Comm. (I)
Governor’s Energy Project
Invitation to Forum on President Carter’s Energy Program (O)
Letter sent out by OPM to all Towns (O)
Letter sent to Cong. Delegation/Winter Summary (O)
Memo/Radioactive material (O)
Memos to and from Brooks 121
Memos to and from Harrison
Misc. material 122
Misc. material (Nuclear)
National Energy Act (B)
Natural Gas (B)
New England Energy Material
Nuclear Materials/Briefing, 1977 August 2
Nuclear Power (B)
Nuclear Power (B)
Nuclear Power Evaluation Council (B)
Nuclear Power Evaluation Council (O)
Nuclear Power Evaluation Council/
Nuclear Power Plant #64 (B)
Nuclear Power Plants #64 (B), 1977 April 13
Nuclear Reactors (B)
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (B)
Nuclear Safety Task Force
Nuclear Waste #38 (B)
Oil Refinery
Oil Tanker Terminal (B)
Omnibus Energy Bill
Planning and Energy Policy (B)
Press Releases from Governor’s office
Nuclear Power Evaluation Council, 2 folders 123
Nuclear Power Evaluation Council Mag. Letter, 1975 August 8
Nuclear Power Plant #64
Nuclear Power Plants #64, 1977 April 13
Nuclear Reactors
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Nuclear Safety Task Force
Nuclear Waste
Oil Refinery
Energy/Oil Tanker Terminal
Planning and Energy Policy
Omnibus Energy Bill
Energy Press Releases from Governor’s office
Seabrook (B) 124
Telegram to president Concerning Emergency Allocation Act
Westledge Center for Education (DPEP)
Engineers (B)
Environment (DEP)
A (B)
Ba-Bk 125
Bl-Bz (B)
C 126
F 127
H 128
I, J (B)
Mc (B) 129
Me (B)
N (B)
O (B)
P (B) 130
Q, R (B)
S (B) 131
T (B)
U, V, W (B) 132
X, Y, Z (B)
Environment (DEP)
Aerosol Cans (B)
Air Compliance
Air Pollution (B)
Algae Control (B)
Anti-Hunting (B)
Application of NELCO & CLP
Atlantic States Maine Fisheries Comm. 133
Auto Emissions (B)
Automobile Pollution Strategies
Bantam Lake (B)
Batterson Park (B)
Beaches (B)
Beaches/Mag. Card (B)
Beaches & Ned Coll #53A
Berkshire - Litchfield Council
Black Rock State Park
Bluff Point (B)
Boating (B)
Boating at Pachaug Pond (B)
Branford Pollution Control (B)
Branford Salt Marsh
Bride Brook
Bridgeport Hydraulic Co.. - Policy on Surplus Land
Byram River
Camping (B)
Candlewood Lake
Citizens Bulletin
Clean Air Act (B)
Clean Air Act/to Congressional Delegation (O)
Coastal Zone Management (B)
Collector Sewers
Commission on Environmental Protection and Economic Development (O) 134
Commissioner Gill Appointment (B)
Complimentary Licenses (O)
Conn. Environmental Policy Act (O)
Conn. Environmental Policy Act
Conn. Resources/Recovery Authority (B)
CRRA/Housatonic Valley Council (B)
Conn. River Basin (B)
Conn. River Gateway Commission (B)
Conn. River Valley Flood Commission
Conn. River Watershed Council
Conservation and Development Plan
Conservation Officers (B)
Conservation and Preservation
Conservation and Preservation Revenue
Container Deposit/Summary of Legislation
Cos Cob (B)
Council on Environment Quality 135
Council on Water Company Lands
Danbury Land Fill
Dinosaur State Park (B)
Diversion of Conn. River (B)
Diversion of Water from Conn. River at Northfield Mountain in Mass. - letter to Congressional Delegation (O)
Dog Racing Facility - Shelton
Dog Track
Dredging - Themes River #33 (B)
Dredging - Themes River Project (B)
Earthquake Victims - Haly (B)
Endangered Species
Environment Committee
Environment Meeting Mag. Card, 1977 February
Environment News
Environmental Caucus 136
Environmental Committee, 1/2, Mag. Card (O)
Environmental Concerns
Environmental Education (B)
Environmental Groups, Dec. 16 - Mag. Card (O)
Environmental Health
Environmental Impact Statements (O)
Environmental Quality control
Equine Council
Executive Order
Farmington River Valley (B)
Federal DEP
Fish & Game (B)
Fishway (B)
Floods (B)
Fresh River (B)
Geological Survey
Gillette Castle
Grant Applications (B)
Griswold Airport
Groton Sewers
Hammonasset (B)
Harbor Development
Harkness Memorial
Housatonic Basin Project (B)
Hunting (B) 137
Indirect Source
Inspection and Maintenance Program (B)
Ivy Mountain Farm/ Town of Groton
King’s Mark
Land Acquisition Unit
Land Conservation 138
Land Donation (B)
Land Gifts - Preservation
Landfill Mag. Card (I)
Landfill in Seymour/Beacon Falls area (B)
Land use
Legal Department (B)
Litter (B)
Lobster (B) 139
Long Island Sound
Long Island Sound Regional Study
Marine (B)
Mashamoquet State Park
Memos to and from Brampton 140
Memos to and from Gill
Memos to and from Greg Sharp
Memos to and from IPAC
Memos to and from Schneidermeyer 141
Meshomasic State Forest
Miscellaneous materials
Middletown Race Track (B)
Millstone Nuclear Power Plant Petition (B), 1977 October 7
Millstone Point
Mohawk Mountain Ski Area
Motor Vehicle Emission
Mystic River/Wetlands Application - Mag. Card
National Wild and Scenic River System
Natural/National Resource Council
Navigable Waters
New England Advisory Board for Fish & Game
New England Fisheries Steering Committee
New England Interstate Water Pollution Control
New England River Basin Commission 142
News Clippings
Niantic Farm
Noise Pollution (B)
Noroton River (B)
Northwestern Conn. Lakes/Mag. (B)
Norwalk River
Oil Refinery (B)
Oil Spills
Open Space in Seymour (O)
Open Spaces (B)
Outdoor Recreation
Outdoor Recreation - Mag. (B), 1976 January
Outer Continental Shelf - New England Seacoast (B)
Park River Local Protection Project (I)
Parks (B)
Park & Forests (B)
Pending (B)
Pesticides - Uses and Users 143
Pitch In/ Brooklyn Killingly Scout Troops
Point West (B)
Pollution Letters/ Petition by Hadassah (O)
Preservation and Conservation (B)
Press Releases
Press Releases from Governor’s Office
Pro Bampton (B)
Pro Gill
PT Barnum Housing Project
Public Hearings
Public Works Projects (B)
Radiation Sources and Radioactive Materials
Rainbow Dam (B)
Recreation (B)
Recycling (B)
Report on Conduct of DEP Employees
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976 (RCRA)
Rocky Neck
Rooster River (B) 144
Route 7
Septic System Regulation
Sewers (B)
Shepaug River (B)
Sherwood Island State Park (B)
Silver Sand State (Park) Mag. (B)
Soil Conservation (B)
Solid Waste
Solid Waste Management and Advisory Council
Solid Waste Management and Advisory Council - People who resigned (O)
Stanford Water Pollution
State Air Quality Implementation Plan
Steel Brook (B)
Stony Creek Quarry
Talmadge-Ann. Amendment/Water pollution- Letter sent to Delegation (B), 1975 August 11
Transportation Control Plan
Trumbull Lake Project
United States Environmental Protection Agency 145
Waste Treatment Grant
Water Company Lands
Water Compliance
Water Funds/Mag. 208 (B), 1975 September 11
Water Pollution
Water Pollution Control Act (Federal)
Water Pollution Control Project
Water Pollution 208 Funds - Letter to Congressional Delegation, (B)
1975 June 23
Water Resources
Water Supplies
West Rock State Park (B)
Wet Lands (B)
Wildlife (B)
Wolcott Race Track (B) 146
Yantic River Flood Control Project
Yantic River Watershed
Epilepsy Commission
Equal Rights (B)
Ethics (B)
Executive Orders (Meskill’s)
Fairfield Speech, 1975 September 9
Fairfield Visit (B)
Family Planning Reporter
Family Relations (B) 147
Federal Aviation Administration (B)
Federal Bureau Of Investigation (B)
Federal Communications Commission
Federal Council for Science and Technology
Federal Elections Commission
Federal Funding (B)
Federal Government (B)
Federal Grants 148
Federal I.C.C.
Federal Legislation (B)
Federal Matter
A (B)
B (B)
C (B)
E (B)
F (B)
G (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
L (B)
M (B) 149
N (B)
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B)
T (B)
U, V (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
Federal Matter/Petition Concerning Rent Increase at the Kingsway Appointments/Forwarded to Rep. S. McKinney (I)
Federal Misc. Material
Federal Misc. Material/ICC
Federal Paper Work Commission
Federal Power Commission
Federal Regional Council 150
Federal Register
Federal Technology Transfer
Federal Trade Commission
Finance Advisory Committee
Finance Advisory Committee 151
Finance Committee 152
Finance Committee Info.
Finance & Control
A (B)
B (B)
C (B) 153
E (B)
F (B)
G (B)
H (B) 154
I, J (B)
K (B)
L (B)
M (B) 155
N (B)
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B) 156
S (B) 155
T (B) 156
U, V, W (B)
X, Y, Z (B) 157
Finance & Control
Adjustment Requests
Block Grants to Municipalities to all legislators and Senators (O), 1977 April 15
Boston Ave. Industrial Park (B)
Budget (O)
Central Collections
Central Collections Annual Report
Commissioner (B)
Cost of Living Increases - Irate Retirees (B)
Edro Corporation (B)
Edro Corporation Mag. Letter
Enfield Industrial Park (B)
Griffenhagen Letters Mag.
Griffenhagen Letters (Response to WTNH Program) (B)
Griffenhagen Plan (B)
Laundry Contract/Ct. Valley Regional Laundry 158
Memos from Commissioner Conkling
Memos to Miliano
Memos to and from Miliano
Memos to and from Tepper, 1975 - 1976 October
Memos to and from Tepper, 1975 January - September 159
Miscellaneous Material
Misuse of State Cars
Off-track Betting
Planning & Budget Division
Press Releases
Press Releases from Governor’s Office
Purchasing (B)
Rail Line Between Vernon & Willimantic
Retirement Letter sent out by F & C, 1975 September 26
State Cars
State Contract Cleaning Proposal
State Owed Passenger Cars
Firearms Permit Examiners
Firearms Permit Examiners
Fire Codes Standards Committee
Firefighting Education
Firefighting Personnel Standards
Firefighting Personnel Standards - Press Release, 1975 January 24 160
Fire Marshal
Firemen (B)
Fire Prevention & Control, Commission on Fiscal Responsibility (B)
Fiscal Responsibility
Ford Foundation
Forfeited Rights
Former Members of Congress
Foster Children (B)
Francophone Cultural Commission (B)
Franklin Mint
Freedom of Information Commission (B)
Freedom Train
Friendship Force (B)
Fritch, Sophia (I)
Fuel Conservation (B)
Gasoline (B) 161
Gasoline Conservation (B)
Gasoline Prices (B)
Gasoline Rationing (B)
Gasoline Tax (B)
Gasoline Tax (B)
Genealogists (B)
General Accounting Office
General Assembly (B)
General Assembly - Communications Interim Appointments, 1976 February 4
General Fund
General Services Administration
Gengras Commission
Get Well (B)
Girl Scouts (B)
Good Samaritan Law
Good Speed Opera House
Government (B)
Government Productivity & Efficiency
Governor - Memos from (O) 162
Governor - Misc. Material
Governor - Misc. Material - Letters (B)
Governor - Personal
Governor’s Fitness Council
Governor’s Residence (B)
Governor’s Salary (B)
Governor’s Schedule
Governor’s Staff
Grants - Ashley (B) 163
Grants - Block Grants to all Cities & Towns, 1977 July 26
Grants - Fulton (O)
Grants - Misc. (B) 164
Grants - Newsman
Grants - President Ford’s Block Grants
Grasso, Dr.
Grasso for Governor Committee
Greater Hartford Jaycees
Greater Hartford Process (I)
Greetings (O)
Gun Control
Had Post Office
Halfway House (B)
Halpryh - memos to and from
Hand Deliver to Governor’s Office, 1977 March 3
Handicapped (B)
Handicapped, Commission for the Employment
Handicapped Committee/Minutes 165
Handicapped, Committee on (B)
Harbor Master (B)
Harbor Master Appointments (O)
Hartford Budget
Hartford Convention & Visitors Commission
Hartford Hospital
Hartford Neighborhood Center
Headstart (B)
A (B)
B (B)
C (B) 166
D (B)
E (B)
F (B)
G (B) 167
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
L (B) 168
M (B)
N (B)
O, P (B) 169
Q, R (B)
S (B)
T (B)
U, V, W (B) 170
X, Y, Z (B)
Addendum Waira Request for Health Service Area Designation Plan
Ad Hoc Advisory Committee to Study Education for Health in Schools
AMA News
Ambulance Commission Audit
Bureau Chief (B)
Cedarcrest Hospital (B)
Cedarcrest Hospital/Mag. Card (B)
Chronic Convalescent Nursing Homes
Combined Appeal
Conn. Comprehensive Health Care Act 171
Conn. Health & Educational Facilities Authority (B)
Conn. Health Systems Agency
Conn. Hospital Association
Conn. Hospital Association
Conn. Medical Examining Board
Conn. Regional Medical Program
Coordinating Council (B) 172
Cystic Fibrosis
Data Processing
Dental Commission (B)
Drinking Water
Easter Seals (B)
Emergency Medical Service
A (B)
B (B)
C (B)
D (B)
E (B)
F (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
L (B)
M (B)
N (B)
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
Emergency Medical Service Advisory Committee - Mag Card, sent to people being replaced (O), 1975 November 12
Emergency Medical Service Advisory Committee Meeting Notices
Emergency Medical Service Misc. Material
Emergency Medical - New Appointment (O), 1975 November 12 173
Epilepsy/Appoint Members “I.P. of Epilepsy” (O)
Epilepsy/Commission to Study & Investigate the Problems of Epilepsy and other Neurological Conditions
Fair Haven Health Center (B)
Fisher Island Civic Association
Fluoridation (B)
Fluoridation Legislation
Hartford Regional Center Council
Hearing Aid
Hearing Aid Advisory Council
Helicopter Emergency
Immunization (B)
Insurance (B)
Inventory of Health Services
Kidney Disease Advisory Commission (O)
Laetrile (B)
Legionnaire’s Disease
Letters of Intent Indicating You Expect to File an Application for Designating Health Systems Agency
Lloyd Reappointment - Anti Lloyd
Lloyd Reappointment - Pro Lloyd
Maintenance Organization
Meadowbrook Nursing Home
Memos from Commissioner Lloyd
Memos from Kerrigan 174
Mental Retardation
A (B)
C (B)
D (B)
F (B)
G, H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
L (B)
M (B)
N (B)
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B)
T (B)
U, V (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
Mental Retardation
Camp Harkness (B)
Council on Mental Retardation, Appointments (O)
Governors Council on
Group Homes (B)
John N. Dempsey Regional Center
Lower Fairfield County Regional center
Mental Retardation 175
Mansfield Training School (B)
Mansfield Training School - Appointments (O)
Mansfield Training School - Hepatitis Mag. Card #67 (B)
Mansfield Training School/Hepatitis #67, Revised (B), 1976 September 10
Memos to and from Thorne
Misc. Material
National Association of Coordinators
North Central Regional Center #20 (B)
Pro Thorne (B)
Seaside Regional
Southbury (B)
Special Olympics
State Investment vs. Federal Revenue
Misc. Material 176
Misc. Material
National Health Planning
National Health Planning Act
New Britain Annual Report
New Haven Health Care, Inc.
News Clippings
Nursing Home
Park City Hospital
Physical Fitness (B)
Planning (B)
Planning Council
Press Releases from Governor’s Office
Public Health Council
Public Health & Safety Committee
Sickle Cell
South Central Comprehensive Health Planning Bulletin
South Central Comprehensive Health Planning, Inc.
Speaking Engagements
Spina Bifada (B)
State Agency (B) 178
Statewide Health Coordinating Council (B)
SHCC #69 Appointments (O)
SHCC #69 Revised
SHCC #69 A
SHCC #69 B Recommendations
Summit Convalescent Home
Systems Agency Review Team - Appointments (O)
Systems Agency Task Force (B)
Systems Planning (Adams Study) 179
Tuberculosis (B)
Tumor Registry (B)
Uncas on Thames
Uncas on Thames Letters (I)
Uncas on Thames Letter #5 Sept. (I)
Uncas on Thames Returned Letters (O)
Vital Statistics (B)
Westport & Southport Strikers 180
Windham Community Hospital Strike
Windham Pediatric Clinic (B)
Women, Infants, & Children Program (B)
W. I. C. Program
Yale Cancer Center Grant
Yale cancer Research
Health, Education, & Welfare (HEW)
A (B)
B (B)
C (B)
D (B)
E (B)
F (B)
G (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
L (B)
M (B) 181
N (B)
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B)
T (B)
U, V (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
Health, Education & Welfare
Grants (O), 1976 February 19
Grants, Norwalk (O), 1976 January
Grants (O), 1975 December 4
Grants (O), 1975 November 18
Grants (O), 1975 October 31
Grant/Themes Valley Council for Community Action (O)
Misc. Material (O)
Health, Education & Welfare Report: Model Acts for Family Courts & State-Local Children’s Program 182
Heating, Piping, and Cooling Work Examining Board (O)
A (B)
C (B)
D (B)
E (B)
F (B)
G (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
L (B)
M (B)
N (B)
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B)
T (B) 183
U, V (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
Historical Commission (Conn.)
Historical Commission (Conn.) - #66 (B)
Historical - Misc. Material
Historical - Prudence Crandall House #47 (B)
Historical - State Historical Records Nominations Letters (O), 1976 June 3
Hitch-hiking (B)
Holiday Greeting Cards (I)
Honorary Appointments - ETG
Honorary Citizen (B)
Honorary Memberships
Horses (B)
Hospices Letters
Hospital Cost Commission - Appointments 184
Hospital Cost Commission - Press Releases
Hospital Cost Commission - Reimbursing State Agencies
Hospital - Misc. Material
Hospital & Health Care Commission (CH & HC)
A (B)
C (B)
D (B)
E (B)
F (B)
G (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
L (B)
M (B)
N (B)
O (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B)
T 185
U, V
W, X, Y, Z
Hospital & Health Care Commission (CH & HC)
Annual Report
Budget (B)
Minutes Of Meetings
Press Releases
Task Force on Open Heart Surgery
Windham Hospital Mag. #18A (B)
#69 (B)
#69 (B), 1977 June
House (O)
House of the Americas
Housing 186
A (B)
B (B)
C (B)
D (B)
E (B)
F (B)
G (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
L (B)
M (B)
N (B)
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B)
U, V (B)
W, X, Y, X (B)
Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA)
Elderly Housing (B)
Hockanum Federal Housing
Moderate Rental Housing Program
N.A.H.B. Journal - Scope
New Britain
New Haven (B)
Stanford (B)
Task Force on Housing
Urban Renewal
Willimantic Redevelopment Agency
Housing and Community Development Act
Housing and Urban Development (B) 187
Housing and Urban Development - (HUD) - United Jewish (B)
Housing and Urban Development - Hud/701
Humane Society
Humanities Council, 2 folders
Human Resources (B)
Human Resources Budget - People Who Visited Governor’s Office (O)
Human Resources - Letters (Returned)
Human Rights (B)
Human Rights - Press Releases from Governor’s Office
Human Rights & Opportunities (HR & O) 188
A (B)
B (B)
C (B)
D (B)
E (B)
F (B)
G (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
L (B)
M (B)
N (B)
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B)
T (B)
U, V (B) 189
W, X, Y, Z
Human Rights & Opportunities
Appointments (O)
Executive Committee on HR & O (O)
Redding Plan of Development
Human Services
A (B)
B (B)
C (B)
C (B)
D (B)
E (B)
F (B)
G (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
L (B)
M (B)
N (B)
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B)
T (B)
U, V (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
Human Services - Memo Concerning Title XX of Social Security Act 190
Human Service - Misc. Material
Human Services - Triage (B)
Hurricane Belle (B)
Hypertrichologists (O)
Immigration (B)
Inaugural Address - Request for (B)
Inauguration (B)
Independence Day (B)
Indian Affairs Council Minutes
Indian Land in Montville Area - Petition Answered by Letter, 7/21
Industrial Development Bonds
Industrial Relations (B)
Industry (B)
Inflation (B)
Information Bureau
Information - Task Force on
Insurance 191
A (B)
B (B)
C (B)
D (B)
E (B) 192
F (B)
G (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
L (B)
M (B)
N (B) 193
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B)
T (B)
U, V (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
Aetna Annual Report
Blue Cross
Correspondence to and from Commissioner Jackson
Flood Insurance 194
Massachusetts Acts - Insurance
No Fault
Press Releases
Press Releases from Governor’s Office
Report on Examination of Cons.
State Insurance Purchasing Board (B)
Italian Hall Of Fame (B)
Intergovernmental Cooperation
Intergovernmental - Misc.
Intergovernmental Programs
H 195
I, J
Q, R
U, V
W, X, Y, Z
Intergovernmental Relations
Interior Department
A (B)
B (B)
C (B) 196
D (B)
E (B)
F (B)
G (B)
H (B)
K (B)
L (B)
M (B)
N (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B)
T (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
Interior Department - Misc.
Intern (B)
Internal Revenue (B)
International Trade Commission
Interstate Compare on Juveniles (O)
Interstate & Foreign Commerce - Governor’s Statement to Committee
Interstate Sanitation Commission
Investment Advisory Council
Invitations (B)
Invitations/Acceptances (B) 197
Italian Economy
Italian Letters (I)
Italy - Boys Town of
Italy, Visit to (O)
Jobs (B)
Job Innovation & Development, Commission on
Joint Economic Committee
A, B, C (B)
D, E, F (B)
G, H, I (B)
J, K, L (B)
M, N, O (B) 198
P, Q, R (B)
S, T, U (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
Ad Hoc Judicial Committee
Anti - Gaffney Letters
Betty Kaplan Case
Circuit Court (B)
Common Pleas (B)
Common Pleas/Norwalk
Council, 24th Report
Report of Justice
First Circuit Court at Stanford, Audit
Josephine Kessler (I)
Memos to and from Reilly
Misc. Material 199
Report of the Judicial Dept.., 1975 January
Review Council (B)
Small Claims Court (B)
Superior Court (B)
Supreme Court (B)
Judgeships (B)
Judgeships - Gaffney (B)
Judgeships - Nominations 200
Judgeships - Press Releases
Justice Commission (B)
Justice Criminal History records Regulation
Justice of the Peace
Juvenile Court (B)
Juvenile Justice Board (B)
A (B)
Ba-Bo (B)
Br-Bz (B) 201
C (B)
D (B)
E (B)
F (B) 202
G (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B) 203
L (B)
Ma - Maz (B)
Mc - Mz (B) 204
N (B)
O, P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B) 205
T (B)
U, V, W (B)
X, Y, Z (B)
Labor 206
Apprenticeship Council
CETA (Comp. Employment - Training Act) (B)
Commission to Study & Make Recommendations Concerning Workmen’s Compensation Systems (O) 207
Compensation Commission (O)
Compensation Laws (B)
Department Bulletin
Employment Security
Employment Security Advisory Council
Employment Security Board (O)
Employment & Security of Review (B)
Federal Unemployment Tax Act (B)
Improving Occupational Regulation
Labor Relations Board
Mag. Letter #36 - 40 hr. Work Week
Manpower (B)
Manpower (B)
Manpower Services Council 208
Meditation & Arbitration (B)
Misc. Material
Occupational Licensing (B) 209
Occupational Safety & Health Act (B)
OSHA, Committee on
OSHA Memo on Training Seminar
News Clippings
Patient Worker Regulations
Press Release, Employment Security
Press Releases from Governor’s Office
Pro Santaguida (B)
Re-employment (B)
State Labor Council
Unemployment (B)
A - K (B)
K - Z (B)
Unemployment, Milford Office Closing, Mag. #38 (B) 210
Unemployment Tax
U.S. Department of Labor
Workmen’s Compensation
Labor - Workmen’s Compensation Commission/Appointments 211
Landscape Architects (B)
Land Surveyor
Law Enforcement (B)
Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA) (B)
LEAA Appropriations Bill - Letters to Congressional Delegation (O)
LEAA Grant (B), 1975 September 18
Law Library (B)
League of Women Voters
Legal 212
Advertising by Lawyers
Aid (B)
American Bar Association
Assistance Corporation (B)
Avcollie Case (Judge Cohen) (B)
Bernard Avcollie/S. Cohen (B)
Blue Laws (B)
Blue Laws (Sunday) Mag. #16 (B)
Blue Laws #16 Revised (B)
Blue Laws #16 Revised Again (B), 1977 February 23
Blue Laws #16 Revised, 1977 September
Bridgeport Bar Association
Bridgeport Jail - State of Conn. vs. David Friend
Capital Punishment (B)
Conn. Bar Association
Extradition (By Person Being Extradited) (O) 213
Judge Tedesco (B)
Misc. Material
New London County Bar Association
Peter Reilly (B)
Peter Reilly Case #56 (B), 1977 October
Peter Reilly #3 (B)
Services (Legal) (B)
Services (Legal) Advisory Council (B)
Youthful Offenders #6 (B), 1977 August 15 214
Youthful Offenders Letters with no Addresses (B)
Legal Matter
A, B (B)
C, D (B) 215
E, F (B)
G, H (B) 216
I, J, K (B)
L, M (B) 217
N, O, P (B)
Q, R, S (B) 218
T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z (B)
A (B)
B (B)
C (B) 219
D (B)
F (B)
G (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
M (B)
N (B)
O, P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B)
T (B)
U, V (B)
W (B)
Banking (B)
Bilingual Education (B)
Bottle Bill (B)
Energy/S. 2162 (O)
Fires and Quits Bill (B)
Letters to Congressional Delegation PAT’s S. 1967, H.R. 1300, S. 1587 (B)
Misc. Material 220
Public Works Employment Acts (B)
Social Security Bill HR 5322 - letter to Congressional delegation (B)
Social Security HR 7200, letter to Congressional delegation (B)
Water Company Lands (B)
Letters to Congress (O)
Library (B)
A (B)
B (B)
C (B)
D (B)
E (B)
F (B)
G (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
L (B)
M (B)
N (B) 221
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B)
T (B)
U, V (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
Conn. Library Association
Library Line (B)
Misc. Material
State Library Budget Request (B)
State Library Committee (B)
State Library Press Release
Licensing Board (B)
Lieutenant Governor (B)
Lipsett (B)
Liquor (B)
Liquor Control Commission (B)
Litchfield Hills Regional Planning Agency
Lobbying (B)
Local Matter
A - J (B)
K - Z (B) 222
Mail Report
Mallview Apartments - Waterbury
Maps (I)
March of Dimes (B)
Marketing Authority
Martin Luther King Day
Mass Mailings (B)
Mayaguez Con. (B)
Mayaguez Incident (B)
Mayors and First Selectmen Letters (O)
Medal of Honor (B)
Medical Examining Board (O)
Medicare (B)
Mediocolegal Investigations (B)
Meditation (T.M.) (B)
Memos to Ment
Memos to and from Plant
Memos to and from Shepard
Mental Health 223
A (B)
B (B)
D (B)
E (B)
F (B)
Ga - Go (B)
Go - Gz (B)
Ha - He (B)
Ho - Hz (B)
I, J (B)
K (B) 224
L (B)
M (B)
N (B)
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B)
T (B)
U, V (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B) 225
Mental Health
Alcoholic Clinic, Bridgeport, Mag. June 25
Annual Report, 1973-1974
Annual Report, 1974-1975
Association (of Conn.)
Bibb Matta (B)
Bridgeport Detoxification (B)
Commissioner (B)
Connecticut Valley Hospital (B)
Connecticut House, Middletown (B)
Detoxification Units (B)
Fairfield Hills Hospital (B)
Fairfield Hills Mag./Safety Standards (B)
High Meadows
Hungerford Hospital (B)
Institute of Living
Kendal Memos 226
Licensing Hospitals for Mentally Ill
Mental Deficient (O)
Misc. Material
New England Children’s Mental Health Task Force
News Clippings
Norwich State Hospital (B)
Pending (B)
Plant (I)
President’s Commission on Mental Health (B)
Press Releases from Governor’s Office
Pro-Shepherd (B)
Psychiatry’s Pay (B)
Shepard Nomination, State Board of Mental Health (I)
State Board of Mental Health (B)
State Plan, 1975
Undercliff (B)
Undercliff/Mag. Card (B), 1976 June 6
Undercliff/Mag. (B), 1975 June 18
Wheeler Affiliates (B)
Whiting Forensic Institute (B)
Gueger File
Mental Illness - Misc. Information 227
Metric Coordinating Council (B)
Metropolitan District Commission (B)
A (B)
B (B)
C (B)
D (B)
E (B)
F (B)
G (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
L (B)
M (B)
N (B)
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B)
T (B)
U, V (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
Adjustment General
Air Force (B)
Air National Guard
Army (B) 228
Army Corps of Engineers
Army Corps of Engineers, Water Resources Development
Christmas Message (B), 1977 229
Civil Air Patrol (B)
Civil Preparedness
Coast Guard (B)
Coast Guard Academy
Coast Guard Commendation (O)
Coast Guard, Environmental Impact Statement for Deepwater Parts
Governor’s Foot Guard (B)
Governor’s Horse Guard
Military Academics (B)
Military Staff
National Guard (B)
National Guard Camp (B) 230
Naval Academy (B)
Staff Christmas party (O), 1976 July 1
State Emergency Operations Plan
Submarine Base
Minorities (B)
Minority Contractors (B)
Miscellaneous: Correspondence
A (B)
Ba - Beril (B) 231
Brian - Bz (B)
Ca - Car (B) 232
Cas - Coh (B)
Cole - Cz (B)
D (B) 233
E (B)
F (B)
Ga - Giv (B) 234
Gla - Gz (B)
H (B) 235
I (B)
J (B)
K (B) 236
Ma - Mazz (B) 237
McAL - Mz (B)
N (B) 238
O (B)
Pa - Pett (B)
Pfan - Pz (B) 239
Q (B)
R (B)
Sa - Shus (B) 240
Sidd - Sz (B) 241
T (B)
U (B) 242
V (B)
W (B)
X, Y, Z (B)
Mobil homes (B) 243
Mune, John
Mune, Mrs.
Mother-of-the-year (B)
Motion Picture (B)
Motor Cycles (B)
Motor Vehicles:
A (B)
B (B)
C (B)
D (B) 244
E (B)
F (B)
G (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B) 245
L (B)
N (B)
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B) 246
S (B)
T (B)
U, V (B)
W (B)
X, Y, Z (B)
Motor Vehicle 247
AAMV Bulletin
Ansonia Office
Anti-Pac (B)
Dek Electro Study
Driver’s Licenses (B)
Dunn School Buses
Fleet Administrator
Inspection (B)
License Plates (B)
Memos to and from Muzio
Memos to and from Pac
Misc. Material
Motorcycle Helmet Laws (B)
Noise Pollution
Press Releases
Press Release from Governor’s Office
Pro-Pac (B)
Putnam (B)
Reflectorized Plates
Registration Fee (B)
School Buses (B)
Winsted Branch (B)
Mount Holyoke
Mount Sinai
Municipal Assistance Program - Mag. Card (O)
Municipal Finance Forum
Municipal Matter
Muscular Dystrophy 248
Mystic Seaport
National Alliance of Businessmen
National Articles
National Association of Coordinators
National Conference on Christians & Jews (B)
National Defense (B)
National Federation of Democratic Women
National Governor’s Association 249
National Governor’s Conference 250
National Governor’s Conference;
Federal/State Information Letter
National Governor’s Conference
Governor’s Energy Project 251
Printed Letters (B)
Special Letters
Task Force on Medicaid
Washington D.C. Winter Meeting, 1975 February 18-20
National Science Foundation 252
National Training 7 Development Service
National Youth Sport Program
Nation’s Cities
Nature Conservancy Board
Naturalized Citizens
Naturalized Citizen Letter
New America
New Britain
New Britain Firefighters (B)
New Britain Memorial Hospital
New Britain Museum
New Britain Talk
New Citizen 253
New England
New England Congressional Caucus
New England Council
New England Economic Project
New England energy Authority
New England Fuel Institute
New England Governor’s Conference
New England Governor’s Conference
Date, 1974
New England Governor’s Conference 254
Letters to Canadian Prime Minister (B)
Restoration of Salmon
New England Governor’s Reception, Mayflower Hotel, 1975 February 18
New England Governor’s Summer Meeting
New England Municipal Center
New England Regional Commission
New England Regional Commission 255
Alternates Meeting, 1975 October 16
Animal Export Facility at Bradley
Energy Programs
Energy Programs 256
Executive Session
Growth Center
Meeting Agenda
Meeting July 24/Background Info
Minority Contractor
Minutes of Meeting, 1976 February 19
Misc. 257
Misc. Material
Rail Planning Grant
Railroad Grant Agreement Between NERC & DOT
Task Force on Regional Labor and Capital Markets
New England Resource Agency
New England Resource Center for Occupational Education
New Englander
New Haven
New Haven Visit
New Horizons
Newington Home for Crippled Children
New York Fiscal Crisis
New York State
News Summaries 258
Nike Missile Base
Non-returnable bottles (B)
Norwich Office
Notary 259
Nuclear Power Plants #64 (B)
Nurse Practices Act SB 1485, Mag. Card (B), 1975 June 13
Nursing (B)
Nursing Examiners (B)
Nursing Home (B)
Nursing Home:
Administrators (O)
Committee Mag. Card (O), 1975 November 3
Committee Mag. Card (O), 1975 October 14
Greenwood Nursing Home, Mag. #5 (B) 260
Investigation Blue Ribbon Committee
Letters sent (O), 1976 February 23
Letters sent to all Commissioners (O)
Mag. Letters sent to Nursing Blue Ribbon Committee (O)
Press Release from Governor’s Office
Reimbursement - Mag. #25 (B)
Rates & Care #5 Revised
Statements by Nursing Home Committee
Tx’s to Members of Blue Ribbon Committee to Investigate Nursing Home Industry (O)
Nutmegger 261
O’Brian, John
Occupational Licensing/State Board for
Offerings (B)
Office of Economic Opportunity - OEO
OEO Grants
OEO Grants:
OEO - Press releases from Governor’s Office
Office Hours
A, B (B)
C, D (B)
E, F (B)
G, H (B)
I, J, K (B)
L, M (B)
N, O, P (B) 262
Q, R (B)
S, T (B)
Buck to Miliano, Office of Policy Management #23, 1977 October
Milford (B)
Public Office Hours #7
Stamford (B)
Winsted (B)
Office of Management & Budget
Office of Policy Management - OPM
A, B (B)
C, D (B)
E, F, G
H, I, J (B)
K, L (B)
M, N (B)
O, P, Q, R (B)
S, T (B)
U, V, W, X, Y, Z (B)
Office of Policy Management
Buck to Miliano, 1977 October
Memos to and from Miliano
Office of Technology Assessment (Federal) 263
Official Statements (B)
Oil (B)
Oil Conservation
Oil Import Tax
Oil Import Tax Letter (B)
Oil - Offshore Drilling 264
Oil Refineries (B)
Oil Refinery (B)
Oil Refinery #51 (O)
[Oil Refinery Task Force]
Proposals Pending
Refinery Proposals
Responses Municipalities (I)
Responses - Organizations (Oil Refinery Input) (I)
Oil Support (B)
Oil Tankers, Mag. Card #68 (B)
Old Lime Visit (B)
Old State House Mag. Card
O’Neill - Memos to
Opera Association
Opticians (B)
Optometry (B)
Optometry/Newspaper Ad Regarding the Delivery of Professional Vision (B)
Care/Mag. Card, 1977 November 2
Organization and Management of the Executive Branch - Commission on
Organized Crime - prevention and Control
Outer Continental Shelf 265
Out of State School Project (B)
Panama Canal (B)
Partners of the Americas’
Penal Codes (B)
Pension Funds (B)
Periodicals (B)
Permit Examiner’s Board (B)
Perry Optical #2 (B)
Perry Optical #5 (B)
A (B)
B (B) 266
C (B)
D (B)
E (B) 267
I, J
L (B) 268
M (B)
N (B)
O (B)
O, P (B) 269
Q, R (B)
S (B)
T (B) 270
U, V (B)
W (B)
X, Y, Z (B)
Affirmative Action
Appeal Board
Appeal Board Appointments (O)
Bureau of Disability Determination (B)
Collective Bargaining (B)
Collective Bargaining/letter to Agency Heads Concerning (O)
Compensation for Elected Officials
Compensation plan
Conn. State Employees Association (CSEA) (B)
CSEA News 271
[Conn. State Employees Union]
AFSCME Council 18
Defensive Driving Course
Employees Union
Emergency Employment Program (B)
Forty (40) Hour Week (B)
Forty (40) Hour Week/Mag. Letter (O)
Four (4) Day Work Week (B)
Griffenhagen Plan (B)
Holidays (B)
Interest in a Position/Mag. Card No. 8
Intern Recommendations
Interns, Summer, 1977
Internship (B)
Layoffs (B)
Layoff Mag. Card
Memos to and from Biloon 272
Memos to and from Phillips
Memos to and from Rossomando
Memos to and from Wnuk
Pending (B)
Policy Board (B)
Policy Board Agenda 273
Policy Board Appointment (O)
Press Releases from Governor’s Office
Salary Increases for State Employees - Mag. No. 57 (B)
State Employees (B)
State Employees Group Insurance
State Employees Group Insurance Commission
State Employees Raises - Letters Sent to Officials Who Voted it Approved (O)
State Employee Raises/ Use of Retirement Funds for Raises (B)
State Employee Raises #39 (B)
State Employee Retirement Benefits #66 (B)
State Employee Retirement Benefits #66 Revised (B)
State Employee Salaries (B)
State Raises Number 57A/letter to Non-State Employees
Suggestion Awards (B)
Summer Jobs (B) 274
Temporary Help
Toll Collector’s Meeting
Pharmacists (B)
Pharmacy Commission (B)
Pharmacy Commission #62, 1977 April 21
Pharmacy Letters/Mag. Card
Pharmacy License/People Receiving on (B), 1976 December 29
Photo Acknowledgment, Mag. #90 (B)
Photograph Requests
Physical Therapists 275
Physically Impaired New Services (PINS)
Planning Commission on Criminal Administration (PCCA)
PCCA - letter to People being by Justice Commission (O)
PCCA - Press Releases
PCCA - Speaking Engagement
Plumbing & Piping Work Examining Board (B)
Podiatry Board (B)
Police Matter (B)
Police Training - Municipal (B) 276
Polish American Congress
Politics (B)
Pornography (B)
Postal Service (B)
Post Office Commemorative Stamps
Post Office/First Day Cover
Power Commission - Federal
Power Commission - Federal - Letter Sent to Congressional Delegation, 1976 October 20
Power Facility Evaluation Council 277
Power plants & Capability/AVCCO Lycoming Report
Presidential Candidacy - Letters Urging (B)
Presidential Candidates, 1976
Presidential Classroom 278
Presidential Elections (B)
A (B)
B (B)
C (B)
D (B)
E (B)
F (B)
G (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
L (B)
M (B)
N (B)
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B) 279
T (B)
U, V (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
Articles on the Governor (B)
Brunch (O), 1975 April 26
Letter to Daily Newspapers, List of Agencies, Commissioners and Phone No.
“Meet the Press” (B)
Miscellaneous Material
Reception (O), 1975 May 7
Today Show (B)
Primaries (B)
Printing (B)
Prisoner of Wars (B)
Probate Court (B)
Probate Judicial Conduct (B)
Proclamation (B) 280
Proclamation Mag. Card (B)
Productivity Committee (B)
Program Review Committee
Properties Review Board
Prudence Crandall (B)
Public Defender (B)
Public Expenditure (CPEC)
[Public Expenditure Council] - SPEC Speech
Public Expenditure Council 281
Public Hearings (B)
Public Interest Research Group
Public Technology
Public Television (B)
Public Utilities Control Authority (PUCA)
Public Utilities Control Authority 282
A, B (B)
C, D (B)
E, F (B) 283
G, H (B)
I, J, K, L, M (B)
N, O (B) 284
P, Q (B)
R, S (B)
T, U, V (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
America Telephone & Telegram (B)
Bell Telephone/Possible Strike (B)
Bozrah Light & Power
Bridgeport Hydraulic Company (B)
Connecticut Light & Power (B)
Connecticut Light & Power - Mansfield, Willington 285
Piorio (B)
Fuel Adjustment
A (B)
B (B) 286
C (B)
D (B)
F (B)
G (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
L (B)
M (B)
N (B)
O (B) 287
P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B)
T (B)
U, V (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
Lebanon Water Company (B)
Memo to and from Commissioner Icleban
Miscellaneous Material
Natural Gas 288
New Fuel Adjustment Letter
New Utility Letter (B), 1975 August 8
Northeast Nuclear Energy Co.
Northeast Utilities
Organization Plan & Budget Dev.
Pennsylvania/Fuel Adjustment Clause
Pequot Gas Company
Press Releases
Reorganization Task Force
Reorganization Task Force - Meeting, 1976 February 11
Southern Ct. Gas
Southern New England Telephone Co.. (B)
Stanford Water Company (B)
United Illuminating 289
United Illuminating Case
Utility Changes, Mag. #14 (B)
Utility Changes, Mag. #14 New (B)
Utility Financing Mag. Card (B)
Western Union
Public Works
A, B (B)
C, D (B)
E, F (B) 290
G, H (B)
I, J, K (B)
L (B)
M (B)
N, O (B)
P, Q (B)
R, S (B)
T, U, V (B) 291
W, X, Y, Z (B)
Public Works
Beach Programs (O)
Buildings Codes
Capitol Preservation & Restoration Commission
Commissioner (B)
Construction Project #5 (B), 1977 April 13
Construction Project Petition Answered by letter (B)
Danbury Court House
Demolition Commission
Dinosaur Park (B)
Economic Development (B)
Economic Development Administration #46 (B)
Employment Act Title II - to all Legislators
Golden Hill Court Community College
Leasing (State) (B)
Leasing Sub-Committee Report, 1975 January 7
Memos to and from Commissioner Bergen
Memos to and from Commissioner Weinerman
Memos to and from Monofort
Memos from Public Works Department
Miscellaneous Material
New London Court House (B)
Press Releases
Press Releases from Governor’s office
Program Blue Ribbon Committee (B)
Quarterly Reports 292
Task Force on Public Works Construction Projects
Puerto Rican
Purchasing Management
Putnam Park
Quinlan Case (B)
Real Estate (B)
Real Estate Commission (B)
Recipes (B)
Recommendations (B) 293
Recommendations for Gill as DEP Commissioner (I)
Recommendations from Governor (B)
Red Cross (I)
Red Cross Volunteers - Mag. Card Sent, 1975 October 8
Regional Councils
Regional Planning Agency 294
Regrets (B)
Regulated Activities
Rehabilitation Facilities, Commission on Accreditation
Religious Groups (B)
Rent Commission (B)
Request (B)
A (O)
B (O) 295
C (O)
D (O)
E (O)
F (O)
G (O)
H (O)
I, J (O)
K (O) 296
L (O)
M (O)
N (O)
O (O)
P (O)
Q, R (O)
S (O) 297
T (O)
U, V (O)
W (O)
X, Y, Z (O)
Retirement Letters
T-7 (O)
1976 June 1 (O)
1976 July (O)
1976 August (O)
1976 September (O) 298
1976 October (O)
[1976] November (O)
[1976] December (O)
[1977] January (O)
1977 February (O) 299
1977 March (O)
1977 April (O)
1977 May (O)
1977 June (O)
1977 July (O)
1977 August (O) 300
1977 September (O)
1977 October (O)
1977 November (O)
1977 December (O)
Residence (B)
Residence - Governor’s (B)
Residence - Luncheon, 1975 February 5
Residence - Tea, 1975 March 11, April 8, 15 301
[Residence] - Tea, 1975 April 8
[Residence] - Tea, 1975 April 15
Residence - Use of (B)
Resignation (B)
Resources for Youth
Resumes (B) 302
Retail Merchants Association, Inc.
Retired Persons - AARP
Retirement Commission (B)
Retirement Commission - State Employees (B)
Retirement - Commission to Study Systems for Teachers and State Employees
Revenue (B)
Revenue Sharing (B) 303
Revenue Sharing - Distribution Letters (B)
Revenue Sharing Misc. Material
Revenue Sharing Press Release from Governor’s Office
Revitalization Corps
Reward (O)
Right-to-Know (B)
Right-to-Know Law Signed (O)
Rivers, Harbors and Bridges (B) 304
Rockefeller (B)
Roman Celebration
Safety Commission (B)
St. Joseph Manor
St. Michael’s Center - Supplemental
St. Patrick’s Day
Sale of Silver (B)
Sanford for President
Savings Bonds
Savings Bonds (U.S.) Mag. Card, 1975 July 24
Savings Campaign - Mag. to all Commissioners (O), 1975 August 4
School Prayer (B)
School Projects (B)
[Science] - National Youth Science Camp (O) 305
Scovill Manufacturing (B)
Secret Service (B)
Secretary of State (B)
[Secretary of State] - Memos to and from Schaffer
Security - Capitol (B)
Selective Service (O)
Senate (O)
Services (B)
Shakespeare Theater (B)
Shelton/Kelley (B)
Sheriffs (B) 306
Snowmobiles (B)
Social Security
A, B (B)
C, D
E, F
G, H
I, J
K, L
M, N
O, P
Q, R
S, T
W, X, Y, Z
Social Security Act Amendment
Social Security Act, Telegram Concerning Title IV-D
Social Security Act, Title XII
Social Services
A (B)
B (B) 307
C (B)
D (B) 308
E (B)
F (B)
G (B) 309
H (B)
I (B)
J (B)
K (B) 310
L (B)
M (B) 311
N (B)
O (B)
P (B) 312
Q, R (B)
S (B) 313
T (B)
U, V (B)
W (B) 314
X, Y, Z (B)
Social Services
AFDC Mag. #21 (B)
AFDC #21
AFDC #21 Revised, 1977 June 15
AFDC #21 Revised (B), 1978 February 1 315
AFDC #21 New (B)
AFDC #21C (B)
AFDC #21C Title XX (B), 1977 July 14
AFDC #21D (B)
AFDC/Letter to Delegation (B), 1977 September 7
Allotments - Welfare (Letters) (B)
Annual Report - Welfare
Budget - Welfare/Letters to Congressional Delegation & Weinberger (O)
Chronic Disease Hospitals (B)
Citizens Advisory Committee (O)
Citizens Advisory Council on Social Services (O)
Conditions at Dept. Social Services Office (B)
Conn. Child Welfare Association
Council on Human Services (B)
Cuts in Dental Services for Medicaid (B)
Deep River Convalescent Home (B) 316
Dental Services (B)
Emergency Assistance program
Flat Grants/Welfare (B)
Food Stamps (B)
Food Stamp Letter to Congressional Delegation (B)
Foster Children (B)
Foster Parents
Governor’s Testimony on Welfare Reform, New Haven, 1977 March 23
Information Bureau/Welfare
Information Bureau Mag. June 18
Medicaid (B)
Memos to and from Commissioner Maher
Misc. Material
Newsclippings/Welfare 317
Opposition/Welfare #22 (B)
Pending/Welfare (B)
Press Releases/Welfare
Press Releases/Welfare - from Governor’s Office
Proposal for Info Line Finding/Welfare
Reform Task Force/Welfare
Shadybrook Language & Learning Center/Welfare
Social Rehabilitation Service/Welfare
Strikers/Welfare to (B)
Summer Busing
Supplemental Security Income/Welfare
Title XIX (B)
Title XX
Title 20 - Letter/June 3rd, Sent to Congressional Delegation in Washington
Title XX - Letter/August 28 sent to Congressional Delegation
Title XX Memo, 1975 December 12
Unpaid Bills/Welfare (B)
Work Incentive Plan/Welfare
Social Services - Workers on Strike Benefits/Welfare (I) 318
Sohlberg, Leonard (I)
Solar Energy (B)
Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines
A, B (B)
C, D (B)
E, F (B)
G, H (B)
I, J (B)
K, L (B)
M, N (B)
O, P (B)
Q, R (B)
S, T (B)
U, V (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Found
Soldiers, Sailors and Marines Found - Opposition to use
Solicitations (I) 319
Sons of Italy
South Kent Post Office (B)
South Vietnam (B)
Southern Office
Southern Office - Internship Program (B)
Soviet Prisoner (B)
Spanish Misc. (B)
Spanish Speaking Mag. Card, 1975 June 9
Spanish Speaking Resume’ (Response to Letter)
Spanish Speaking Resume’ Response (Mag. Card), 1975 June 27
Special Association policy/Program (B)
Special Elections
Special Revenue
B (B) 320
C (B)
D (B)
E (B)
F (B)
G (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
L (B) 321
M (B)
N (B)
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B)
T (B) 322
U, V (B)
W (B)
X, Y, Z (B)
Special Revenue
Bridgeport Jail Alai (B)
Commission Appointments (B)
Connecticut Sport Enterprises
Dog Track (B)
Gambling (B)
Glenco’s Viewpoint on Ct. Lottery
Horse Race Track Mag./Opposition Letters (B)
Horse Race Track/Support (B)
Horse Racing
Horse Racing Mag. Card (B), 1975 September 17
Instant Lottery (B) 323
Lottery (B)
Lottery Presentation by McLaughlin, Del Vecchio & Casey
Lottery Ticket Statement
Memos to and from Kowalski
Memos to and from McDonald
Memos to and from Silvergleid
News clippings
Off Track Betting
Off Track Betting/Rescigno (I)
Racing Facility Mag. Card (B)
Saw Mill Brook Race Course
Study on Public Attitudes Towards Racetrack
Wolcott Race Track
Special Session
Sponsors (B) 324
Stafford Springs Office House (B), 1977 February 17
Stanford (B)
Stanford Office
Standardization Committee (O)
State Animal (B)
State’s Attorney (B)
State Central Chairman Endorsement (B)
State Central Committee (B) 325
State Department Bulletins
State Dept. Office of Protocol
State Fire Marshall (B)
State Governmental Council of
State Insect
State Legislative
State Owned Property (B)
State Plane (B)
State Planning Council
State Planning Council/Minutes of Meeting 326
State Planning - Office of
State Police
A (B)
B (B)
G (B) 327
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
l (B)
M (B)
N (B)
O (B) 328
P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B)
T (B)
U, V (B)
W (B)
X, Y, Z (B)
State Police
Barracks, Canaan/Petition
Commissioner 329
Electric Boat Incident (B)
Fire Statistics
Investigative Crime Task Force
Lt. Doris Hughes Case (B)
Memos to and from Commissioner Leonard
Memos to and from Fuessenich
New Speed Limits (B), 1975 June 4
Organized Crime Prevention (B)
Press Releases from Governor’s Office
Pro Leonard (B)
Report on Meriden Complex/Status
Speed Limits (B)
Speed Limits/Highway #35 (B)
Speed Limits #35 (B)
Speed Limits/Highway #53 (B)
Summons for Speeding - 35B (B), 1977 July 19
Unification Church (B)
State of State Message (B) 330
State of State Message (B), 1975 November 25
State of State Message (B), 1977 January 5
State Seal (B)
State Silver (B)
State Song (B)
State Statutes (B)
State Traffic Commission (B)
State/Urban Development Commission
Sterling Opera House (B)
Stock Exchange (B)
Strike Force for full Employment
Structure of State Government Committee
Structure of State Government & Mag. #10 (B)
Structure of State Government Mag. #10A (B)
Structure of State Government #10B - Ann Marie’s Letters (B)
Submarine Memorial Association, Incorporated 331
Sugar Prices (B)
Suggestion (B)
Support, Bureau of (B)
Support, Letters of #41:
A-J (B)
K-Z (B)
Surveys (B)
Sympathy (O)
Taft - Government
Tagan, Maxwell (I)
Take a kid Seriously (B)
Talcott Mountain Science
Talcott Mountain Science Center
Task Force on Public Services Company Bonding (O)
Tax 332
A (B)
B (B)
C (B)
D (B)
E (B) 333
F (B)
G (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
L (B) 334
M (B)
N (B)
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B) 335
T (B)
U, V (B)
W (B)
X, Y, Z (B)
Advertising Tax (B)
Capital Gains Tax 15 F-B (B)
Capital Gains Tax #15 FB (B)
Capital Gains & Dividends Tax (B)
Capital Gains & Dividends Tax - 15 F-A (B) 336
Capital Gains & Dividends Tax - 15 FA (B)
Capital Gains & Dividends Tax - #15 FA (B)
Capital Gains & Dividends Tax - 15 FA (B), 1977 May 5
Capital Gains & Dividends Tax - 15 FA (B), 1977 July 20
Capital Gains & Dividends Tax - Mag. #18
Capital Gains & Dividends Tax - Mag. Letter (B), 1975 June 10
Cigarette Tax (B)
Circuit Breaker
Corporation Tax (B)
Dispute/Channel 18 (B)
Dividends (B)
Dividends (B)
A (B)
C (B)
D (B)
E (B)
F (B) 337
G (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
L (B)
M (B)
N (B)
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B)
T (B)
U, V (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
Dividends Letters: - 15F
Dividends Letters: 338
New Mag. Letter, 1975 July 14
New Letter, Replaces Printed Letter (B), 1975 July 21
New Letter (B), 1975 August 8
15F (B), 1977 May 5
15FC (B), 1977 July
15FC, Revised (B), 1978 January
New Letter, Repeat Writers (B)
Returned Petition Letter (O)
Dividend Tax Petition
Elderly (B)
Entertainment (B)
Federal Income Tax
Gas (B)
Hospital Supplies 339
Income Tax
A (B)
B (B)
C (B)
D (B)
E (B)
F (B)
G (B)
H, I (B)
J (B)
K (B)
L (B)
M (B)
N (B)
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B)
T (B)
U, V (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
Income Tax [Letters]:
#32A (B)
Mag. Letter (B), 1975 June 12
#32 (B), 1977 February 24
#32,Revised (B), 1977 July 6
Income Tax, Opposition to-Post Card
Inheritance Tax
Investment Tax Credit
Leases & Rents (B)
Leases & Rents [Letters]: - Mag. (B), 1975 June 10
Leases & Rents [Letters] 340
Mag. (B), 1975 July
Mag. (B), 1975 August
Leases & Rents, Petition Sales Tax Extension to (O)
Leasing & Renting of Property
Letters/Mag. Card - sent to retires of Tax Dept. (O), 1975 December
Letters/Mag. Card 11/13 sent to employees of Tax Dept. (O)
Liquor Law & Taxes (B)
Luxury Tax (B)
Medical Equipment/Taxes on (B)
Memos to and from Commissioner Hefferman
Misc. Material
Personal Property - Sales Tax - Linen 7 Garment Rental (B)
Press Releases from Governor’s Office
Property Tax (B)
Property Tax From Letter (B)
Reform (B)
Registration (B)
Reinstatement on Dividends with Insert (B)
Relief for Farmers (B)
Revision of Conn. Tax Structure - Support for (answered by post card)
Sales Tax (B) 341
Sales Tax Letters:
Mag. (B), 1975 June 12
Mag. (B), 1975
#46 (B), 1978 March
In favor of an increase (B)
Sales tax on business services #60 Mag.
Sales tax on business services printed letter (B)
Statement of receipts
Tax on services
A (B)
B (B)
C (B)
D (B)
E (B)
F (B)
G (B)
H (B) 342
I, J (B)
K, L (B)
M (B)
N (B)
O (B)
P, Q (B)
R (B)
S (B)
T (B)
U, V, W (B)
X, Y, Z (B)
Tax on services (B)
Tax on services/Mag. Card Letter Petition on 7% Sales Tax (B), 1975 November 14
Tax on Services/Newsletter (B), 1975 August 8 343
Tax on Services/Jan. 1976 Post Card. Petition
Taxes on Special Revenue (B)
Taxpayer’s Association of Connecticut
Transcript/Tax Hearings
Veto Income Tax #326 (B)
Telegrams from ETG
Telegrams to ETG
Television (B)
Television and Radio (B)
Television Examining Board (B)
Thank you
A (B)
B (B)
C (B)
D (B)
E (B) 344
F (B)
G (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
L (B) 345
M (B)
N (B)
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B) 346
S (B)
T (B)
U, V (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
[Thank you/Congratulations-Letters] 347
Democratic Town Chairman - Losers (O), 1977 November
Democratic Town Chairman - Winners (O), 1977 November
For attending Ad Hoc Nuclear Safety Task Force Meeting (O)
1976 December 5
For contributions to Ray Baldwin Reception (O)
For Services (O)
Mayors and First Selectmen - Losers (O), 1977 November
Mayors and First Selectmen - Winners (O), 1977 November
Mrs. Grasso’s Letters to State Senators and Representatives - Losers (O)
Mrs. Grasso’s Thank You Letters to State Central Committee Members (B)
Mrs. Grasso’s Thank You Letters to Town Chairman (O)
Mrs. Grasso’s Thank You Letters to Vice-Chairman (O)
To ETG/A - L (I)
To Volunteers (O)
Torrington Visit (B) 348
Town Elections - Winners (O)
Town Elections - Losers (O)
Town Elections - To Chairman (O)
Town Elections - Winners (O), 1975 November 6
Town Elections - Losers (O), 1975 November 6
Town Elections - Town Chairman (Winners) (O), 1975 November 6
Town Elections - Town Chairman who lost (O), 1975 November 6
TX’s for Contribution as a Vol. at the Jewish Home for the Elderly (O)
TX’s for Message/Citizen of the Year Award from the Norwich Chamber of Commerce (O)
Town Matter (B)
Trade Show (B)
Transition Staff
Transition Staff Reception, 1975 March 19
Transportation (DOT):
A-Al (B)
Am-Av (B)
Ba-Baz (B)
Be-Bet (B) 349
Bey-Bj (B)
Bl-Bo (B)
Br (B)
Buc (B)
Bur (B)
Bus-Buz (B) 350
Ca-Cap (B)
Car (B)
Cas-Coh (B)
Col-Cut (B)
Cou-Cz (B)
Da-De (B) 351
Di-Dz (B)
E (B)
Fa-Fe (B)
Fi-Fu (B)
Ga-Gi (B) 352
Gl-Gu (B)
Ha-Har (B)
Has-He (B)
Hi-Hol (B) 353
Hom-Hz (B)
I (B)
J (B)
Ka-Ken (B)
Ken-Kn (B)
Ko-Kz (B)
La-Li (B) 354
Lu-Lz (B)
Ma (B)
Mc (B)
Me-Mz (B) 355
N (B)
O (B)
Pa-Pe (B)
Pf-Q (B) 356
Ra-Ri (B)
Ro-Rz (B)
Sa-Se (B)
Sh-Sk (B) 357
Sl-Sp (B)
Sr-St (B)
Su-Sz (B)
Ta-Th (B) 358
U, V
X, Y, Z (B) 359
Transportation (DOT)
Aeronautics (B)
Airports (B)
Artificial Grass (B)
Berlin Turnpike
Bike/Safety Education Conference Mag. 416
Bikeways (B)
Blind Products - Mobile Salesroom
Boardman Road Connector
Bradley Air Museum
Bradley Airport (B)
Bradley International Airport Mag. Card
Bradley International Airport Special Letter (B)
Bradley People Mover
Bridgeport (B) 360
Bureau of Waterways
Buses A-Z (B)
Buses Misc. Mat.
Canaan Airport (B)
Canal Line (B)
Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) (O)
Carpooling (B)
Chestnut Hill Bus Corporation (B)
Citizen/Government & Transportation Planning Center
Club Cars (B)
Coleman St. (B) 361
Commuter (B)
Commuter Action Committee
Commuter Car
Commuter, Enfield (B)
Commuter Fares (B)
Commuter Incentive Plan Mag. #24
Commuter Incentive Plan/to all Commissioners (O)
Commuter tax (B)
Ct. Citizen’s Action Group (CCAG)
Ct. Company (I)
Ct. Transportation Authority (B)
Ct. Transportation Institute
Ct. Turnpike
Ct. Turnpike, Exits 7 & 8 (B)
Ct. Turnpike Food Service (B)
Cos Cob (B)
Courtland Avenue Bridge (B)
Danbury Airport (B)
Delta Air Lines
Drake Hill Bridge, Simsbury (B)
Federal and Highway Amendments
Federal Aviation Administration
Federal Highway Administration (B) 362
Federal Project Agreements
General Electric Contract
Highways (B)
Highway Construction (B)
Highway Funds
Highway Lighting (B)
Highway Safety
Highway Sings (B)
Indian Field Road Bridge
Johnny Cake Airport (B)
Kings Highway Connector (B)
Land Use (B)
Land Use & Transportation Planning/Mag. (O)
Legal Notices
Lehigh Valley Road
Livestock/Transportation of (B) 363
Long Island Sound Ferry
Mass Transportation
Memo to and from Heintz
Memos to and from Kanell
Memos to and from O’Dell
Memos to and from Shugrue 364
Memos to and from Thompson
Merritt Parkway (B)
Merritt Parkway Advisory Committee
Merritt Parkway Commuter Facilities (B)
Merritt Parkway #39 Mag. Letter (B)
Misc. Mat.
Monorail (B) 365
Monorail Audit Report
Mount Carmel Connector (B)
National Highway Traffic Safety Action
National Safety Council
New Haven Harbor
New Haven Line
New Haven Railroad Electric Cars
New Haven Union Railroad Center
New London Pier (B)
New London Union Station
Northeast Corridor Improvement Project
Nutmeg Inn
Nutmeg Inn Petitions (I)
Old Lime - Old Saybrook
Old Rock Road Corporation
Overweight Vehicles
Planning and Research
Press Releases
Press Releases from Governor’s Office
Public Bids
Public Hearings
Race Track
Race Track
A, B (B)
C, D (B) 367
E, F (B)
G, H (B)
I, J (B)
K, L (B)
M, N (B)
O, P (B)
Q, R (B)
S, T (B) 368
U, V (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
Abandonment (B)
Advisory Board Mag. (O), 1975 October 7
Advisory Task Force (B)
Advisory Task Force/People Who Are Being Replace (O)
Amtrak (B)
Amtrak Cut Back in service (B)
Amtrak Cut Back in Rail Service #77 (B), 1977 September 23
Amtrak/Mag. Letter Sent to Cong. Delegation (O)
Rail/Railroads: 369
Berkshire Railroad Proposal
Conrail (B)
Conrail Service Mag. #28 (B)
Freight Service (B)
New Canaan Train Crash
Norwich - Worcester R.R. (B)
Passenger Service (B)
Penn Central (B)
Providence-Worcester R.R. (B)
Rail & Motor Carrier Services
Regional Rail Organization Act (B)
Reorganization Act Letter - Letter sent by Kanell to Delegation, 1975 October 20
Services (B) 370
Services Act (B)
State Rail Plan
Tax Forgiveness Benefits
Title IV Funds
Tracks from Willimantic to Manchester/Mag. (B)
U.S. Railway Association (B)
U.S. Railway Association/Mag. Letter to Con Delegation (B)
Rental of Various Types of Equipment and/or Services
Rest Areas #54
Rest Stops (B)
Revenue Report
Rights of Way (B)
Right of Way Screening Committee
Robertson Airport (B)
Rochambeau Bridge (B)
Route 1 (B)
Route 2 (B)
Route 4 (B)
Route 5 (B)
Route 7 (B)
A (B)
B (B)
C (B)
D (B)
E (B)
F (B)
G (B)
H (B) 371
I,J (B)
K (B)
L (B)
M (B)
N (B)
O (B)
P (B)
Q,R (B)
S (B)
T (B)
U, V (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
Route 7
Route 7 - Brookfield (B)
Route 7 Mag. Cand. (Response to Mrs. Fox Statement) (B)
Route 7 & 8 Exit (B)
Route 8 (B)
Route 9 (B)
Route 10 (B)
Route 12 (B)
Route 15 (B)
Route 20 (B) 372
Route 22 (B)
Route 25 (B)
Route 25 (B)
Route 25 Letters/Petitions (I)
[Route 25] Pat’s Mag. Card Letters (I)
Route 25/Returns (I)
Route 27 373
Route 31 (B)
Route 32 (B)
Route 33
Route 34
Route 39 (B)
Route 44 (B)
Route 59 (B)
Route 66 (B)
Route 67
Route 68 (B)
Route 72 (B)
Route 72 Petition
Route 75
Route 81
Route 82 (B)
Route I-84 (B)
C (B) 374
D (B)
E (B)
F (B)
G (B)
H (B)
I, J (B)
K (B)
L (B)
M (B)
N (B)
O (B)
P (B)
Q, R (B)
S (B)
T (B)
U, V (B)
W, X, Y, Z (B)
[Route] I-84 375
[Route] I-84 Eastern Ct. Representatives (B)
[Route] I-84 Opposition to/new #3
[Route] I-84/Opposition to, in Eastern Ct. - Mag. Card (B)
[Route] I-84 Post Card Letter of Support (I)
[Route] I-84 Support - Mag. Card #3B (I) 376
[Route] I 84-86 (B)
[Route] I 84-86 Petition Answered by Post card
Route I-84-86 and I 284 (East Hartford/Manchester) - Petition for completion of
Route I-84 and Route 7 Ramps (B)
Route 85 (B)
[Route] I-86 (B)
[Route] I-91 (B)
Route 95 (B)
[Route] I-95 (B)
[Route] I-95 (B)
Route 101 (B) 377
Route 104 (B)
Route 136 (B)
Route 156 (B)
Route 190 (B)
Route 194
Route 195
Route 201
Route 214
Route 218 (B)
Route 229 (B)
Route 289
[Route] I-291 (B)
[Route] I-291 Mag. Letter (B)
Route 322
Route 341
Route 572 (B)
Route 611 (B)
Route 649 (B)
[Route] I-684 (B)
Saw Mill Brook Race Course
Shenecusset Underpass (B)
Sherman Ave. Project (B)
Sherwood Connector
Snow Removal (B)
Southport car (B)
Speed Limits (Highway) (B)
State Owned car (B)
Statewide Transportation Planning
Steward Airport
Toll Investigation (B) 378
Tomlinson Bridge, New Haven (B)
Topics (B)
Traffic Commission (B)
Transit Management Plan
Transportation Control Plan
Transportation Control Plan to Reduce Motor Vehicle Emissions
Transportation Fund
Trout Brook Connector
Truck Weights
Trumbull Airport (B)
Tweed - N.H. Airport
Unified Transportation Fund (B)
United Transportation Union
Urban Mass Transit Act of 1974 (B)
Urban Mass Transportation Administration (B)
U.S. Dept. of Transportation
Weekly Activities
Westbrook Harbor (B)
Windham Airport (B)
Wolcott Race Track (B) 379
A, B (B)
C, D
E, F
G, H
I, J, K (B) 380
L, M (B)
N, O (B)
P, Q, R (B)
S, T (B)
U, V, W (B)
Misc. Mat.
Press Releases
Memo’s to and from Parker 381
Treasury - U.S.
Tree Association (B)
Tree Examining Board (B)
Tri-State Regional Citizen Advisory Commission (O) 382
Tri-State Regional Planning Commission [Minutes]
Tri-State Regional Planning Commission, 1976 June 10
Tri-State Regional [Planning Commission - Minutes and reports - Mostly 1975]
[Tri-State Regional Planning Commission - Minutes and Reports] 383
[Tri-State Regional Planning Commission - Minutes and Reports] 384
[Tri-State Regional Planning Commission - Minutes and Reports] 385
Tri-Town Meeting 386
Unions (B)
Unions - Misc.
Uniroyal (B)
United Action to Save Our State
United Nations (B)
United Nations Day - Sent to Mayors and Selectman (O), 1977 August 25
United Nations - Mag./Signed by Goldfarb, 1975 September 12
United Negro College Fund (B)
United Technologies
United Way
Unity Contractor’s Association 387
Urban League
Urban Renewal (I)
U.S. Labor Part
Vacation Schedules (Ann-Marie’s)
Vacation Schedules, 1976
Vacation Schedules, 1977
Vacation - Travel Council
Vendors (O)
Venetian Earthquake Relief Fund
Veterans (B)
Veterans Administration (B) 388
Veterans Benefits (B)
Veterans Benefits - Letter to Congressional Delegation (B), 1977 February 8
Veterans Bonus (B)
Veterans/Eastern Ct. Hospital
Veterans/Educational Benefits & Tuition (B)
Veterans Home & Hospital Commission (B)
Veterans Home & Hospital - (Newington) (B)
Veterans Home - Rocky Hill (B)
Veterans/Indochina 389
Veterans - Legislation to increase Allowance at Veterans Home in Rocky Hill (I)
Veterans - Medical Clinic in Fairfield (B)
Veterans - Miscellaneous Material
Veterans Nursing Homes
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Veterans/Tax Reform Act of 1974 (B)
Veterans/Vietnam (B)
Veto’s (O), 1975
Vietnam (B)
Vietnamese Letter - Letter of Welcome for Arrivals (O)
Vietnamese Refugees Statement
Voluntary Action (B) 390
Voluntary Action (O), 1975 August 18
[Voluntary Action]/Challenge to Youth Conference (O), 1977 April 1
[Voluntary Action]/Letter to High Schools on Meetings for Voluntary Action (O)
Voluntary Action - Mag. Card sent to Congressional Delegation, 1975 June 30
[Voluntary Action] - Senior Volunteer Program, 1977 April 30
[Voluntary Action] - Tx’s for Participating in the Winter of Concern (O)
Conference, 1976 December 7
Volunteerism - Mag. Card/American National Red Cross, October 8 (B)
Voter - Connecticut
Voter - Investigation (B)
Voting (B)
Voting Rights - Letters Sent to Delegation Concerning District of Columbia (B)
Wadsworth Athenaeum
Washington Liaison Commission (B)
Washington Office
Watergate (B) 391
Weather Bureau
Well Drilling Board (B)
West Indian Week
Whales (B)
White House (B)
White House Conference (B)
Who’s Who
Wilderness School (B)
Wilderness School Letter (B)
Wildey (I) 392
Windham 393
World Affairs
World Hunger (B)
World Hunger Petition (O)
Women (B)
Women - Commission on Status of (B)
Women - Connecticut’s Outstanding Women 394
Women - International Women’s Year
Women - International Women’s Year - Miscellaneous
Women - International Women’s Year - Miscellaneous 395
Women - International Women’s Year - Miscellaneous 396
Women - Literature, Papers
Women of the Year Award (I)
Women - Press Release from Governor’s Office
Women’s Political Caucus
Women’s Strike, October 29 - Letters in Support of Governor (B)
World Trade Conference
Wulf (Ronald) - Case (B)
Young American Medals for bravery & Service Awards
Young Women’s Christian Association
Youth Conservation Corporation (B)
Youth 7 Youth Services Workshop
Zoning (B)
Zuckerman (B)
Letters from Gov. Grasso 397
Arr-Ah (O)
Aid-Amx (O)
Ana-Arm (O)
Arna-Az (O) 398
Baba-Bapt (O)
Bark-Bazz (O)
Beach-Benz (O) 399
Beril-Berr (O)
Bh-Bly (O)
Boa-Boz (O) 400
Brac-Brit (O)
Broad-Bruz (O)
Bry-Buz (O) 401
Caba-Cao (O)
Carr-Caz (O) 402
Cear-Chot (O)
Chi-Cly (O)
Coa-Cok (O) 403
Col-Coz (O)
Cr-Cz (O) 404
Da-Del (O)
Del-Don (O) 405
Donahue, Leo (O)
Don-Dorn (O)
Doro-Epst (O) 406
Epst-Feyr (O) 407
Fi-Fl (O)
Foc-Fys (O) 408
Gab-Gew (O)
Gfe-Gok (O) 409
Gola-Gozz (O)
Gra-Gs (O) 410
Guag-Gz (O)
Haac-Hann (O)
Hand-Hirs (O) 411
Hirt-Hott (O) 412
Hou-Hy (O)
Iaco-Jaro (O)
Jaro-Jone (O) 413
Jones-Jus (O)
Kaat-Kazm (O)
Ke (O) 414
Kh-Kn (O)
Koba-Kowa (O)
Kowa-Kyle (O) 415
Lab-Lar (O)
Las-Led (O)
Lee-Lezo (O) 416
Lhe-Lon (O)
Look-Luby (O)
Luby-Mars (O) 417
Mars-McKe (O) 418
McKe-Mess (O) 419
Mia-Mis (O)
Mit-Mom (O) 420
Mon-Mori (O)
Morl-Nard (O)
Nard-Nh (O) 421
Nia-Nys (O)
Oma-Oz (O)
Pabi-Papa (O)
Papa-Pete (O) 422
Pete-Pezz (O) 423
Pfa-Pla (O)
Poad-Pros (O)
Prut-Q (O)
Raab-Robe (O) 424
Robe-Roja (O) 425
Rok-Rox (O)
Roy-Rz (O)
Saa-St.V (O)
Salk-Salu (O)
Salu-Schl (O) 426
Sa-Sm (O)
Sap-Schaff (O)
Schm-Scz (O)
Seab-Simt (O) 427
Smith (O) 428
Snav-Spur (O)
Sq-Stav (O)
Syc-Swif (O)
Swif-Sull (O) 429
T-Taz (O)
Te-Tez (O)
Th-Thz (O) 430
Ti-Toz (O)
Tra-Tur (O)
Part II Subject Files, 1971-1980
The code in parentheses denotes whether correspondence in the files is incoming (I), outgoing (O) or Both (B).
Abortion Letter #31 (B), 1978 March 431
[A-L] (O), 1978-1979
[M-Z] (O), 1978-1979
[Administrative Services] (O), 1978-1979
[Affirmative Action], 1978-1979
[Affirmative Action - Annual Reports], 1974-1975
[Affirmative Action - Status Reports], 1978
[Aging - Blue Ribbon Committee], 1978
[Aging] 432
[Home Care Budget] (I), 1979
Letters to and from Charles Odell, 1975-1977
[Project Triage] (B), 1977-1979
[Sail Program] (I)
State Plan on Aging, 1979
Waiving Parking Fees at State Parks (B), 1977-1979
Wyandover Nursing Home (B), 1977
[Agriculture] - memos to and from Commissioner Wilbur, 1975-1976
[Alcohol/Alcoholism] (B), 1978-1979
[Anthropology - Margaret Mead Fund], 1980
[Annual Reports] (B), 1975-1977 433
[Annual Reports] (B), 1978
[Annual Reports] (B), 1979
[Appointments] (B), 1978-1979
[Architects, Archeology] (B), 1978
Armory - Bristol (B), 1978
Armory - New Britain (B), 1975-1978
[Arts - Conn. Commission On]: [Letters A-G] (B), 1978-1979 434
[Arts - Grants] [H-Z] (B), 1978-1979
[Arts - National Endowment for], 1978
[A-G] (B), 1978
[Banking - Glastonbury Bank & Trust], 1979
[Banking - Misc..], 1978-1979
Blizzard ‘78 - General (B), 1978
Blizzard ‘78 - #30 (B), 1978 February 435
[Blizzard ‘78] Taxes for Help During Storm Larry - U.S. Department of Transportation (O)
[Bond Commission] (B), 1978
Bond Commission/Minutes of Meeting, 1979 June 22
[British Railways Board], 1979
Budget Request #10 (B), 1978
[Building Inspector] (B), 1978-1979
[Canada], 1980
[Carnegie Corp. of N.Y.], 1979
Caucus of Conn. Democrats, 1978
Challenges Our State Faces Today (B), 1978
Chamber of Commerce, 1978-1979
[Child Abuse] (B), 1978
[Children and Youth Services (DCYS)] (B), 1979 436
[Children and Youth Services]
[Group Homes] (B), 1978
[A-C] (B), 1978-1979
[D-G] (B), 1978-1979
[H-Q] (B), 1978-1979
[R-Z] (B), 1978-1979
Memos to and from Maloney, 1975-1979
Civic Center Roof Collapse (B), 1978
[Civil Aeronautics Board], 1979 437
Civil Preparedness Conference for Hispanics - Tx’s for Attending (O), 1978, 1979 July
[Civil Preparedness - Letters A-Z] (B), 1978-1979
[Civil Preparedness - Misc..] (B), 1978-1979
[Civil Preparedness - Waterford Drill], 1978
[Civil Rights Commission - U.S.], 1978
[Civil Science Commission - U.S.], 1978
[Claims Commission] (B), 1978-1979
Clippings A-Z (B), 1978-1979
[Coalition of New England Governors (CONEG)] (O), 1978-1979
Commendation/Highway Departments for Work During Winter Storms (O), 1978
Commendation/People who Worked During Winter Storms (O), 1978
Commendations #12 (B), 1978-1979
[Commerce - Hartford Camber of], 1979
[Commerce - Letters:] 438
A-D (B), 1978 -1979
E-H (B), 1978-1979
J-O (B), 1978-1979
P-Z (B), 1978-1979
[Commerce - Misc.], 1978 439
[Commerce - Small Business Admin.], 1978
[Commerce - Stanford Weather Station] (B), 1978
[Commerce - U.S. Dept. of], 1980
[Communication - Emergency System], 1979
[Community Affairs - DCA]
[Day Care] (B), 1978-1979
[Day Care - Labor]
[A-I] (B), 1979
[J-Z] (B), 1978
[Memos to and from Rice], 1978
[Misc.] (B), 1978-1979
[Community Affairs (DCA) - West End Civic Assoc.], 1978 440
[Community Services] (B), 1978-1979
Community Service Programs (B), 1978
[Comptroller - Letters A-Z] (B), 1978-1979
[Comptroller - Memos to and from Caldwell], 1978-1979
[Concerned Citizens Letters A-K] (B), 1978
[Concerned Citizens Letters L-Z] (B), 1978
[Conference of Municipalities - Conn..], 1979
[Congressional Awards Program], 1979
Congressional/Clearinghouse on Women’s Rights, 1978 441
[Congressional Delegation] (O), 1975-1978
Conn. Product development Corp. (to Commercial Banks) (O), 1979 April 18
[Constitution - Amendments], 1971-1973
[Construction - Misc.], 1978
[Consumer Advisory Council], 1978
[Consumer Counsel] (B), 1978-1979
Consumer Protection - Home Insulation (General), 1977-1978
Consumer Protection - Home Insulation Task Force, 1987
[Consumer Protection - Letters]
A-G (B), 1978-1979
H-M (B), 1978-1979
N-Z (B), 1978-1979
[Consumer protection - memos to and from Commissioner Heslin], 1978-1979 442
[Convention bureau] (B), 1978
Corrections/Public/Private Expansion Program (B), 1979 March 27
[Develop Authority of Conn. - Minutes], 1979, 2 folders
[Development - Project Turtle], 1978-1979
[Discrimination Against Women State Employees] (I), 1979
[Discrimination Against Women State Employees] (I), 1979 443
[Drugs - Council on Alcohol &Drug Abuse] (B), 1978
Drugs - Discrimination of Marijuana (B), 1978-1979
[Eastern States Exposition], 1978
[East Hartford], 1979
[Economic Development Authority] (B), 1978-1979
[Economic Development - Hartford Corp.], 1979
[Economic Development - Housing] (B), 1979
[Economic Development - Title IX, Waterbury], 1979
[Economy - Misc.] (B), 1978-1979
Editorials, 1978-1979
[Education] 444
[Adult], 1979
Allocation of State Aid to Education (B), 1979 February 14
[Alternative Education for Prevention of Delinquency], 1980
[Board of Higher Education], 1979-1980
[Board of Trustees], 1978-1979
Bridgeport teachers Strike
Budget Cut Petitions
[Carnage Council On Higher Education], 1980 445
[Central Connecticut State College] (B), 1978-1979
[Commission of the States], 1978-1979
[Commission on Higher Education]
Letters A-I (B), 1978-1979
Letters J-Z (B), 1978-1979
[Community Colleges] 446
Budget (B), 1978
[Budget Letters] (I), 1979, 3 folders
Budget Proposal #23 (O), 1979 February 2
[Budget] (B), 1978-1979
[Community Colleges] (B), 1978-1979 447
Community Colleges Professional Staff Negotiations (B), 1979 August
Manchester Community College - Permanent campus (B), 1978
Tunxis Community College Purchase (B), 1979 October
[Connecticut State Board - Minutes], 1980 May 7, 1980 September 3
[Connecticut Student Loan Foundation], 1975
[Founding] (B), 1978-1979
[Miscellaneous], 1979-1980
[Memos to and from Mr. Toftulon], 1978
[Miscellaneous Correspondence] 448
A-L (B), 1978-1979
M-R (B), 1978-1979
S-Z (B), 1978-1979
[Petition COPUS/CSICP] (I), 1978-1979
[Racial Imbalance] (B), 1978
[Reading is Fundamental - RIF] (I), 1978
[Special Education - Including the Blind] (B), 1978-1979 449
[State College Budget letters] (I), 1979, 3 folders
[State Dept. of, Bulletin], 1979
[Teacher’s Retirement] (B), 1978-1979
[University of Bridgeport]
[UCONN Board of Trustees]: Finance Committee, 1979
[UCONN Board of Trustees] 450
[Finance Committee], [1980], 3 folders
[Health/Hospital Meetings], 1978-1979
[Meeting Agenda], 1979 January 12-February 9
[Meeting Agenda], 1979 March 16-July 13 451
[Meeting Agenda], 1979 July 13-1980 January 11 452
[Meeting Agenda], 1980 February 8-1980 June 13 453
Meeting Minutes, Misc., 1979-1980, 3 folders 454
Miscellaneous, 1979-1980 455
Miscellaneous, 1979-1980, 2 folders
[Branches/Schools], 1978-1979
[Budget] (B), 1979-1980
[Centennial], 1979-1980
[Health Center Letters] (B), 1978-1979
[Health Center Misc.]
[Master of Business Administration, Letters] (B), 1979
[Miscellaneous] (B), 1978-1979
[Miscellaneous Correspondence] 456
A-F (B), 1978-1979
G-M (B), 1978-1979
N-Z (B)
[Veterinary School] (B), 1978-1979
[Vocational/Rehabilitation] (B), 1978-1979
[Western Conn. State College] (B), 1978-1979
[Yale/Trinity], 1978-1979
Elections (B), 1977-1979 457
Electric Boat Layoffs #33 (B), 1978 January
Electrical Examiners (B), 1978
[Embalmers/Funerals] (B), 1978
[Employment], 1978-1979
[Employment - Recommendations] (B), 1977-1979
Conservation Awareness Program by Pequabuck Valley District Boy Scouts (O)
Crisis Intervention (B), 1978
Emergency Assistance Letter to Gas &Electric Companies (O), 1978 November 16
Gasoline Shortage - Letters (I), 1979, 3 folders
Gasoline Shortage - letters (I), 1979, 2 folders 458
Governor’s Southwestern Meeting, 1979 June 27
Mayors &First Selectman/Energy Situation (O), 1979 June 1
[Nuclear Power]
[Letters] (B), [1978]
[Letters] (B), [1979]
[Letters] (B), [1979] 459
Millstone Power Plant #38 - 2778 (B)
Millstone/Tx’s to Nuclear Regulatory Comm., 1978
Petition to Investigate Millstone I (I), 1978 June 15
Power Plants #64 (B), 1978
Seabrook (B), 1978
Seabrook Nuclear Power site Petition &Letters (B), 1978 June 14
Office of Policy &Management (COPM)
Energy Congress (B), 1978
Energy Exemptions (Requests for) (B), 1979
Energy/Gasoline Pricing (O)
Repetitions, 1979 May 15
Energy/Gasoline Shortage to all Major Oil Companies (O), 1979 July 3
Office of Policy &Management (DPM) 460
[Letters A-D] (B), 1978-1980
[Letters E-G] (B), 1978-1979
[Letters H-M] (1978-79) (B), 1978-1979
[Letters N-R] (B), 1978-1979
[Letters S-Z] (B), 1978-1979
Letters Mis-directed to Motor Vehicles (B), 1979
[Miscellaneous], 1978-1980
Office of Policy &Management 7 (OPM) 461
Odd-Even Mag. (B), 1979 September
Odd-Even Rationing (B), 1979
[Solar] (B), 1978
Weekend Closing (B), 1979
Shutoffs for this Winter (B), 1978 December 1
Solar Energy Alliance (B), 1978
Engineers (B), 1978
A (B), 1978-1979
B (B), 1978-1979
C (B), 1978-1979
D (B), 1978-1979 462
E, F (B), 1978-1979
G (B), 1978-1979
H, I, J (B), 1978-1979
K, L, 1978-1979
M (B), 1978-1979 463
N,O,P (B), 1978-1979
R (B), 1978-1979
S (B), 1978-1979
T,U,V (B), 1978-1979
W,X,Y,Z (B), 1978-1979
[Environment] 464
[Air Quality], 1979
[Air Quality Letters] (B), 1979
[Air Quality/Pollution/Compliance] (B), 1978-1979
[Clean Air Act] (B), 1978-1979
[Coastal Area Management] (B), 1978-1979
[Communications From Sec. of Army, (water resources)], 1979
[Conn. Resource Recovery Authority CRRA] (B), 1978-1979
[Conn. River] (B), 1976-1978
[Conservation/Preservation] (B), 1978
[Council on Environmental Quality CEQ] (B), 1978-1979
[Flooding/Fisheries] (B), 1978-1979 465
[Housatonic River], 1978
[Lakes/Rivers] (B), 1978
[Landfills] (B), 1977-1979
[Long Island Sound - Bridge/Ferry] (B), 1977-1979
[Military/Dams] (B), 1978-1979
[Misc. Correspondence] (B), 1978-1979
[Oil/Outer Continental Shelf], 1978
[New England River Basin Commission - NERBC], 1978 466
[PCB’s], 1980
[Solid Waste] (B), 1978-1979
State Owned Land for a Landfill Operation (B), 1978
[State parks/Outdoors] (B), 1978-1979
[Washington State], 1980
Western Ct. Water Supply (Housatonic River) (B), 1978
[Water Quality/Wetlands], 1978
[Wildlife/Plants/Endangered Species] (B), 1978
[ERA]: A-Z (B), 1978-1979
ERA - Encouragement &Support #8 (B), 1978 July
ERA - Opposed - #8A (B), 1978 467
ERA - State Funds for Travel through Unratified States (B), 1978-1979
Ethnics Comm., 1978-1979
[Executive Orders], 1975-1979
Extradition/Mag. (B), 1979 January
[Family Relations] (B), 1978-1979
[Farmer’s Home Administration], 1979
[Federal Communications Commission], 1978-1980
[Federal Matter] - A-L (B), 1977-1978
[Federal Matter] - M-Z (B), 1978-1979
[Federal Trade Commission - ETC] (B), 1978-1979 468
Filer Commission (B), 1978
Finance Advisory Committee - Minutes Meeting
Flags/Granted (B), 1978 - 1979
Fire Marshal/Enfield Faith Baptist Church (B), 1979 February 8
Fire Marshal/Michael Sinsigalli (B), 1979 February
[Fire Prevention/Firefighters], 1978-1979
[Fire Protection - North Eastern Forest Fire Protection Comm.], 1978
[Fire - U.S. Fire Administration], 1980
Foster Grandparent Program (O), 1978
Foster Grandparent Program/Thames Valley Council 10th Anniversary (O), 1978
[Freedom of Information] (B), 1978-1979
[General services Administration - US], 1979-1980
[Get Well] (B), 1978-1979
[Girl Scouts/Goodspeed Opera House] (B), 1978-1979
[Government - Citizens Commission for Effective Government], 1980 469
[Government - Hay Association - Salary Survey], 1979
Governmental Expenditures, 1978
Governor’s Committee on Fitness (B), 1978-1979
[Governor’s Office - Activity Record], 1979
[Governor’s Office - Activity Record], 1978
[Governor’s Office - Staff/Misc.] (B), 1978
[Governor’s Study Commission - Limitations of Gov’t. expenditure], 1978
[Gun Control] (B), 1978
Guyana, Jonestown (B), 1978-1979
Health 470
[Arthritis], 1980
Canton Wells Contamination, 1978
[Commission on and Hearing Impaired], 1980
[Commission on Hospital &Health Care], 1978-1980, 2 folders
CH &HC/Panel Report on Yale - New Haven Hospital, 1978
[Conn. Hospital Association Bulletins], 1979
[Dental Commission] (B), 1978-1979
[Emergency Medical Service] (B), 1978
Epilepsy (B), 1978
[Handicapped] (B), 1978-1979 471
[Health System Agency], 1978-1979
[Hospitals] (B), 1978-1979
[Immunization] (B), 1978
Incentive Plan (B), 1978
Job Action by Health Care Workers (B), 1979 June
Kellogg Foundation Grant (B), 1978
A,B (B), 1978-1979
C,D,E (B), 1978-1979
F,G (B), 1978-1979 472
H-L (B), 1978-1979
M (B), 1978-1979
N-R (B), 1978-1979
S (B), 1978-1979
R,U,V (B), 1978-1979
W,X,Y,Z (B), 1978-1979 473
Mental Health (B), 1978-1979
Mental Health/Deaf &Hearing Impaired (B), 1979 May 474
[Mental Health Misc.] (B), 1978
Mental Retardation/FREDD Program (B), 1978
[Mental Retardation - Letters A-G] (B), 1978-1979
[Mental Retardation - Letters A-Z] (B), 1978-1979
[Mental Retardation Misc.], 1978
[Mental Retardation - Seaside Regional Center] (B), 1976
Mental Retardation - Stonegate School (B), 1978
[Miscellaneous] (B), 1977-1978
[Nurses/Nursing Homes] (B), 1978-1979
[Robert Wood Johnson Foundation] (B), 1978-1979
Shellfish, 1977
Southington Water (B), 1979
[Southwest Conn. Health Systems Agency], 1980
[Statewide Coordinating Council], 1978-1979 475
Yale-New Haven Hospital Expansion (B), 1979 March
Yale-New Haven Hospital Misc., 1978-1979
Health, Education &Welfare (HEW) (B), 1978
[Health, Education &Welfare - U.S. Dept.], 1977
[Health &Human services - U.S. Dept. of], 1978-1979
[Historical] (B), 1978-1979 476
[Hospice] (B), 1978
[Central Housing Committee], 1978-1979
Conference (B), 1978 April 11
[Conn. Housing Finance Authority - CHFA], 1978-1979
Court/Job as Housing Specialist, 1979 March 16
[HUD] (B), 1978
A-L (B), 1978-1979
H-L (B), 1978-1979
M (B), 1978-1979 477
N-Z, 1978-1979
[Housing - State Housing Advocate - M.M. Sharp] (B), 1978
[Human Services - AFDC], 1978-1979
[Human Services - Misc.], 1978-1979
[Human Services Reorganization Commission], 1975-1977 478
[Human Services Reorganization Commission], [1978], 3 folders
[Human Services Reorganization Commission], [1979] 479
[Income Maintenance - Title XIX (B), 1979
[Info Line], 1978
[Information Bureau - Governor’s], 1978-1979
[Insurance - Aetna], 1980
[Insurance - Letters]
A,B,C (B), 1978-1979
D,E,F,G,H (B), 1978-1979
I,J,K,L,M (B), 1978-1979
N,O,P,Q,R (B), 1978-1979
[Insurance - Letters] (B), 1978-1979 480
[Intergovernmental Programs/Relations] (O), 1978
[Interior Dept. - Conn. Funding], 1978
[Interior - U.S. Dept. of], 1978-1979
[Internal Revenue Service]
Internal Catamaran Challenge/Trophy Match Races for “The Little America
Cup”, 1978
[International Trade Commission], 1978
[International Year of the Child] (B), 1978-1979
[Interstate Commerce Commission], 1979
[Interstate Commerce Commission], 1979-1980 481
[Interstate Commerce Commission - Transportation Maps of the States], 1977
Israel Visit (O), 1978
A-F (B), 1978-1979
G-P (B), 1978-1979
R-Z (B), 1978-1979
[Judicial - Conn. Justice Commission] (B), 1978-1979
Judicial/Judge Walter M. Picket (B), 1978 482
[Judicial-Misc.] (B), 1978
[Justice/Criminal - Search Group], 1979
A-C (B), 1978-1979
D-F (B), 1978-1979
G-I (B), 1978-1979
M-P (B), 1978-1979 483
Q-S (B), 1978-1979
T-Z (B), 1978-1979
[CETA] (B), 1978-1979
CETA/Petition for Extension of Funds (B), 1979
Memos to and from Reilly, 1978
[Miscellaneous], 1977-1980
Press Releases, 1978-1979
State Employment Training Council Project Class Plus (O), 1979 August 16
[Unemployment] 484
A-H (B), 1978-1979
I-Z (B), 1978-1979
[U.S. Dept. of Labor], 1978
[Workman’s Compensation] (B), 1975-1979
7001 Project, 1978
[Law Enforcement - N.E. Institute], 1979 485
[Attorney General] (B), 1978-1979
[Blue Laws - Letters]
A-D (B), 1978-1979
E-L (B), 1978-1979
M-P (B), 1978-1979
R-Z (B), 1978-1979
[Legal] 486
Blue Laws Revised (B), 1978 January
Blue Laws Revised - #16 (B), 1978 November
Blue Laws #16 (B), 1979 May 4
Blue Laws Revised #16 (I), 1979 July
[Capital Punishment] (B), 1978-1979
Corruption in City of Stanford (B), 1978
Geradi, Ginger (I), 1978
[Legal Matter]
A-B (B), 1977-1979
C (B), 1976-1979
D-G (B), 1978
H-K (B), 1978-1979 487
L-M (B), 1978-1979
N-R (B), 1978-1979
S (B), 1978-1979
T-Z (B), 1978-1979
[Manchester CDBG Suit], 1979
[Miscellaneous] (B), 1978-1979
[Probate Court] (B), 1978-1979 488
[States Attorneys] (B), 1978-1979
[Planning Commission on Criminal Administration], 1975
A,B (B), 1978-1979
C,D (B), 1978-1979
E,F,G (B), 1978-1979
H,I,J (B), 1978-1979 489
K,L (B), 1978-1979
M (B), 1978-1979
N,O,P,Q (B), 1978-1979
R (B), 1978-1979
S (B), 1978-1979 490
T-Z (B), 1978-1979
[Bottle Bill - A-L] (B), 1978
[Bottle Bill - M-Z and Misc.] (B), 1978
[Bottle Bill After Signing] (B), 1978-1979
[Clifford Beer Guidance Clinic] (B), 1979
[Correspondence - Misc. Bills] (B), 1978-1979
[Discrimination/Sexual Orientation] (B), 1979 491
[Drinking Age] (B), 1979
[Equality of Education] (B), 1979
[Federal Assistance Program], 1978-1979
[Hospital Costs] (B), 1979
[Household Abuse/Battered Women] (B), 1978-1979
[Housing], 1979
[Insurance] (B), 1979
[Lobbyists], 1978
[Medical Bill #694/Medicaid] (B), 1979
[Medical insurance, General Assembly #5609], 1979 492
[Memos to Congressional Delegation] (B), 1978-1979
[Miscellaneous], 1978-1979
[Plant Relocation #334] (B), 1979
[Product Liability #230 - A-L] (B), 1978
[Product Liability #230 - M-Z] (B), 1978
[Product Liability #5870 - A-Z] (B), 1979
[Production Liability - Miscellaneous], 2 folders 493
[Property Tax Relief] (B), 1978
[Retirement Benefits] (B), 1979
[Right to Die] (B), 1979
[Solid Waste Management - Opposition] (B), 1978
[Solid Waste Management - Support] (B), 1978
[Taxes] (B), 1979
[Teachers, Binding Arbitration] (B), 1979
[Teacher’s Union #7827] (B), 1979 494
[Tipping #792] (B), 1979
[Transportation] (B), 1978-1979
[Trapping Wild Animals] (B), 1979
[Water Resources Planning Acts] (O), 1979
[Legislative Management - Joint Committee] (B), 1977-1979
[Library - A-Z] (B), 1978-1979
[Library, Conn. State - Library line], 19763-1975
Library Line #22 (B), 1979 February
Library - Middletown Library Service Center (B), 1979 April
Liquor Control Commission/Proposed Abolishment of Mandatory Wholesale and Retail Liquor Mark-ups (B)
[Local Matter] (B), 1978-1979 495
Mail Reports, 1978
[Metropolitan District Commission], 1978
[Military-Army Corps of Engineers, New England Division], 1978-1979
[Military-Letters] (B), 1978-1979
Military/Christmas Message (O), 1978 December
[Military/Christmas Message] (O), [1979 December]
[Miscellaneous Correspondence - To be Filed] (B), 1978-1980 496
[Miscellaneous Letters]
A-F (B), 1978-1979
G-L (B), 1978-1979
M-T (B), 1978-1979
U-Z (B), 1978-1979
[Music - Kay gale - tape]
[Mystic Seaport], 1978
NAACP (B), 1978-1979 497
[National Governor’s Association] (B), 1978-1979
[National Governor’s Conference], [1973]
[Office of Policy &Management - OPM]
A,B (B), 1978-1979
C,D (B), 1978-1979
E-G (B), 1978-1979
H (B), 1978-1979
I-L (B), 1978-1979 498
M-O (B), 1978-1979
P-R (B), 1978-1979
S,T (B), 1978-1979
U-Z (B), 1978-1979
[Office of Policy &Management - Misc.], 1978 499
[Opportunity Funding Corp.], 1979
[Optometry] (B), 1978
Panama Canal (B), 1978
A-C (B), 1978-1979
D-G (B), 1978-1979
H-L (B), 1978-1979
M-R (B), 1978-1979
S-Z (B), 1978-1979 500
AFL/CIO, 1977-1978
Collective Bargaining (B), 1979
Collective Bargaining - No. # (B), 1978
Council 16 AFSCME, 1978
Epilepsy (B), 1978
Holidays (B), 1978
Johnson, Vannette
[Misc.] (B), 1976 - 1979
Retirement Benefits for State Employees #43 (B), 1978 February 501
Retirement Benefits for State Employees (B), 1979 July
State Scene Magazine, 1978
Summer Interns/Southern Office, 1978
[Unions], 1978
Pharmacy License/Congrats (O), 1978-1979 January 10
Pharmacy License/People Receiving (O), 1978 January 11
[Police Matter A-Z] (B), 1978-1979
[Politics - Misc.], 1978
[Postal Service - U.S.] (B), 1978
[Power Facility Evaluation Council], 1978-1979
[Power - MMWEC], 1979
[Power Plants - Nuclear], 1976-1978
President’s Budget Analysis by OPM (O), 1979 February 2
President’s Budget/Briefing to the Congressional Delegation (O), 1979 February 1
Press/Information about Governor (B), 1979 March
[Press - Misc. Correspondence] (B), 1978-1979
Press/Vacation at home Campaign) (O), 1979 September
[Proclamations] (B), 1977-1979
[Public Expenditure Council - Conn.], 1978-1979 502
[Public Safety]
[Speed Limits] (B), 1977-1979
Seed limits Revised (B), 1979 October
Speed for Speeding # 35B (B)
Revised, 1978 April - 1979
[Public Utilities Control Authority - PUCA]
A-D (B), 1978-1979
E-I (B), 1978-1979
J-L (B), 1978-1979
M-Q (B), 1978-1979
R-Z (B), 1978-1979 503
[PUCA - HELCO/CL &P], 1976, 3 folders
[PUCA - Misc.], 1976-1979 504
[PUCA] - Northeast Utilities Rate Increase #14A (B), 1979 July
PUCA - Occum Water Co., 1977-1978
[PUCA] - United Illuminating Application for Rate Increase, 1979 March
Public Works (B), 1976-1979
Real Estate Comm. (B), 1978
[Red Cross], 1979
[Requests] (B), 1978-1979
[Resignations] (B), 1978-1979 505
[Retirement] (B), 1978-1979
[Revenue Sharing], 1978-1979
[Sanitation - Interstate Commission], 1978
Scouts - Eagle (O), 1978
Scouts - Eagle (O), 1979
Skywalk - Mag. (B), 1979 January 24 506
[Social Services]
A,B (B), 1978-1979
C (B), 1978-1979
D,E (B), 1978-1979
F,G (B), 1978-1979
H-K (B), 1978-1979 507
L-M (B), 1978-1979
N-O (B), 1978-1979
P-R (B), 1978-1979
S,T (B), 1978-1979
U-Z (B), 1978-1979
[Social Services] 508
[AFDC] (B), 1978-1979
[Dept. of/Bulletins], 1979
[Emergency Assistance and Food Stamps], 1978-1979
Food Stamp Program/ to the Congressional Delegation (O), 1979 May 24
Management Reports, 1978
Medicard & AFDC Funds/Letter to the Cong. Delegation (O)
[Medicaid Costs], 1976-1977
[Medicaid/Medicare Misc.] (B), 1978-1979
[Payments] (B), 1978-1979
[Press Releases], 1978
Southport Manor or Soundview Title XIX Ins. (O), 1979
[Title XX] (B), 1978-1979
Welfare Fraud #25 (B), 1979 April
[Welfare Misc.] (B), 1978
[Soldiers, Sailors, &Marines Fund], 1979
[State Police]
A,B (B), 1978-1979
C-F (B), 1978-1979 509
G-K (B), 1978-1979
L-N (B), 1978-1979
O-S (B), 1978-1979
T-Z (B), 1978-1979
[State Police-Misc.], 1978-1979
[State Police - School Violence], 1973-1978
State Song (B), 1978-1979
State Song #18 (B), 1978 March 510
State Song &Proposal #18A (B), 1978 March
Support/17C (B), 1978 December 1
A-C (B), 1978-1979
D-F (B), 1978-1979
G-L (B), 1978-1979
M-S (B), 1978-1979 511
T-Z (B), 1978-1979
[Capital Gains &Dividends - 15FA] (B), 1978-1979
Dividends (B), 1978
[Dividend Tax - 15FC] (B), 1978-1979
[Income Tax] (B), 1978
(Miscellaneous) (B), 1977-1979
Petition/Assessment rate by Town of Danbury (O), 1978
[Property Tax Relief #52] (B), 1978
[Proposition 13] (B), 1978
[Sales Tax] (B), 1978-1979
Sales Tax #46A (B), 1978 April 3
[Thank You] (B), 1978-1979
[Tornado - Emergency Funds] (O), 1979 512
A (B), 1978-1979
B (B), 1978-1979
C (B), 1978-1979
D (B), 1978-1979 513
E (B), 1978-1979
F (B), 1978-1979
G (B), 1978-1979
H (B), 1978-1979
I, J, K (B), 1978-1979
L (B), 1978-1979 514
M (B), 1978-1979
N,O (B), 1978-1979
P,Q (B), 1978-1979
R (B), 1978-1979
SA - SL (B), 1978-1979 515
SM - SZ (B), 1978-1979
T,U,V (B), 1978-1979
W,X,Y,Z (B), 1978-1979
[Transportation] 516
[Air], 1977-1978
[Amtrack] (B), 1978-1979
Amtrack/ to Congressional Delegation (O), 1979 May 1
Beebe Transit Co. (B), 1978
Ben Stallmacher (B), 1978
Bicycling Task Force (B), 1978
[Bradley Airport] (B), 1978-1979
[Buses] (B), 1978-1979
Canaan Airport #53 (B), 1978 October 19
[Civil Aeronautics Board - CAB] (B)
[Conrail] (B), 1978-1979 517
Conrail #49 (O), 1978 May
[Construction Bids], 1979
[Construction Projects], 1978
[Cos Cob Power Plant] (B), 1978
[Hazardous Materials - Transp] (B), 1978
[Highways - Misc.], 1978
[Legislative Acts], 1979-1980
[Memos to and from Shugrue] (B), 1978
[Miscellaneous], 1978-1980
[Motor Vehicles]
A,B (B), 1978-1979
C,D,E (B), 1978-1979 518
F,G,H (B), 1978-1979
I,J,K,L (B), 1978-1979
M,N (B), 1978-1979
O,P,Q,R (B), 1978-1979
S,T (B), 1978-1979
U,V,W,X,Y,Z (B), 1978-1979 519
[Motor Vehicles - Accidents], 1978-1979
[Motor Vehicles - Misc.], 1977-1979
A-F (B), 1978-1979
G-L (B), 1978-1979
M-Z (B), 1978-1979
[Rail Advisory Task Force]
[Rail Misc.], 1978-1979
Rail/Stamford R.R. Station, 1979 July 6
[Routes 1,4,6,8,10,25] (B), 1978-1979 520
[Route 7] (B), 1978-1979
[Routes 25,32,34,39,44] (B), 1978
[Routes 53,57,66,72,81,91,95,104) (B)
[Route I-84 YES Committee] (I), 1980
Route I-84 #3 (B), 1978 March 22 521
[Route I-84/I-86 (B), 1978-1979
Routes 109,117,138,140,146,159,187,190] (B), 1978
Route 190 #24 (B), 1978 January
[Routes 291,484,691] (B), 1978-1979
[Route 291 - Yes Petitions] (I), 1979
Stafford Springs Senior Citizen Van (B), 1978
[State Traffic Commission] (B), 1978-1979
[Tolls] (B), 1978-1979
[Trade-in Funds], 1978
[Trumbull - Tweed Airports], 1978
[Urban Mass. Transportation] (B), 1978
Tri-State Letters (B), 1977-1979
Tri-State Regional Comm./Petition Answered by Letter (O), 1978 September 5
[Tri-State Regional Planning Commission], 1977-1979 522
Tri-State #23 (B), 1978 March
[United Nations], 1978
United States Jaycees, 1978
[United Way of Conn.], 1978-1979
Upward Mobility Committee, 1978
[Urban Action Task Force], 1978
[Vacation Travel Council - Governor’s], 1978
Veterans (B), 1978-1979
[Veterinarians] (B), 1978
[Volunteers] (B), 1978
[Women - Misc.] (B), 1978-1979
[Women - Permanent Commission on Status of] (B), 1978-1979
[Women - Politics] (B), 1978
Part III Subject Files, 1974-1981
The code in parentheses denotes whether correspondence in the files is incoming (I), outgoing (O) or Both (B).
[Abortion] (B), 1978-1979 523
Ab-Be (B), 1978-1980
Bi-Ca (B), 1978-1979
Ce-Cr (B), 1978-1979
Cr-Du (B), 1978-1980 524
Dr-Fi (B), 1978-1980
Fl-Go (B), 1978-1980
Gr-Gy (B), 1978-1980
Ha-He (B), 1978-1980 525
Hi-Ja (B), 1978-1980
Je-Kn (B), 1978-1980
Ko-Li (B), 1978-1980 526
Lu-Ma (B), 1978-1980
Mc-Mo (B), 1978-1980
Mu-Un (B), 1978-1980 527
Pa-Po (B), 1978-1980
Pr-Ro (B), 1978-1980
Ru-Sh (B), 1978-1980
Si-Sto (B), 1978-1980 528
Str-Tr (B), 1978-1980
Ts-Wa (B), 1978-1980
We-Z (B), 1978-1980
[Acknowledgments - “Life of Brian”] (B), 1979
[Administrative Services A-Z] (B), 1978-1980 529
[Affirmative Action] (B), 1978
[Age of Majority] (B), 1978
A-Ci (B), 1978-1979
Cl-Ga (B), 1978-1979
Ge-L (B), 1978-1979
M-Q (B), 1978-1979 530
R-S (B), 1978-1979
T-Z (B), 1978-1979
ACTION (B), 1978
Bella Vista, 1978-1979
[Dept. on Aging], 1978-1979
E. Norwalk Program (B), 1980 June
Ferry Point
Groton Regency Retirement & Nursing Center, 1978
[Home Care], 1980
[Jewish Home for the Elderly] (O), 1979
Medicard Fraud
Memos to and from Ratchford, 1977-1978 531
[Memos to and from Shealy], 1978-1980
[Miscellaneous], 1978-1980
[Nursing Homes] (B), 1978-1980
Passes for Senior Citizens to State Parks #20 (O), 1978 July
SAIL Program #44 (O), 1978 March 7
SAIL Program #44, 1978 - 1979 May 9
[State Plan], 1979
Triage (B), 1979
Triage Project - #5 Rev. (O), 1978 February 1
A-G (B), 1978-1980
H-Mc (B), 1978-1980
Me-Z (B), 1978-1980
[Conn. Experimental Station] (B), 1978-1979 532
[Krogh], 1978-1979
[Miscellaneous], 1978-1979
Spay & Neuter Clinics, 1978-1979
Air New England, 1979
[Airplane - Corporate Jet Comfort]
[Alcohol & Drug Abuse - Conn. Council] (B), 1979-1980
[Alcohol & Drug Abuse - Misc.] (B), 1979
[Allegheny Ail Lines], 1979
[Architecture] (B), 1979
[Arts] (B), 1979
[Arts - Conn. Commission] (B)
[Attorney General]
A-O (B), 1979
[Attorney General - Memos to and from Ajello], 1975-1979 533
Attorney General - Oil Company Tax (B), 1980
[Auction] (O), 1980
[Banking - A-Z] (B), 1979-1980
[Dept. of], 1977-1979
Memos to and from Bergin, 1975-1978
Memos to and from Commissioner Connell, 1975-1978
[Miscellaneous], 1977-1979
[Bonds], 1980
[Budget] (B), 1978-1979
[Building Inspectors] (B), 1979
[Business Regulation - Dept. of], 1979-1980 534
[Children & Youth Services - DCYS] (B)
A-I, 1979-1980
[Children & Youth Services - DCYS]
A-I (B), 1979
J-M (B), 1979
N-Z (B), 1979
[Children & Youth Services - DCYS]
Adolescent Units, 1978-1979
Asylum Hill Group, 1975-1979
[Budget] (B), 1980
[Child Care-Misc.], 1979
Leyes Relacionadas con el Nino, Padres y Estado, 1980
Long lane School, 1978-1979
Lausa Case (B), 1952, 1979
[Memos to and from Marcus], 1979-1980 535
[NCSL Seminar], 1979
Norwich H.S. Public Hearing, 1979
[Press Releases], 1978-1979
Prevention Conference, 1978-1979
[Sexual Trauma Treatment Program], 1979
[Civic Center - Hartford] (B), 1979
[Civil Aeronautics Board]
[Civil Preparedness] (B), 1978-1980
[Civil Preparedness - Memos to and from Mancuso], 1975-1977
Civil Preparedness/Radiological Emergency Planning Process, 1979
[Civil Rights - U.S. Commission]
[Claims - Commission on] (B), 1977, 1979
[Defense Industry Conversion], 1968-1977
F.N. Burt Company, Inc. (B), 1979
Housing division (1979) (B)
Industry Week Magazine Luncheon, 1979 June 20
International Silver Company, 1978-1979
[Commerce] 536
[Letters], 1979
A-E (B), 1979
F-L (B), 1979
M-R (B), 1979
S-Z (B), 1979
[Letters - A-Z] (B), 1980
Memos to and from John Carson, 1979
[Commerce] 537
[Memos to and from Stockton], 1975-1979
[Miscellaneous], 1978-1980
[Small Business Administration] (B), 1979-1980
[U.S. Dept. of], 1979
[Commissioner’s/Agency Heads - Misc.]
Commissioner’s Biweekly Reports
Communications - Emergency Study Commission, 1979 539
[Community Affairs] - Amistad House, 1978
[Community Services Administration] (B), 1978-1979
[Comptroller - Memos to and from Caldwell], 1979-1980
[Comptroller - Misc.] (B), 1979-1980
[Concerned Citizen] (B), 1979-1980
[Condolences] (B), 1980
[Congratulations]: A-L (B), 1979-1980
[Congratulations]: - M-Z (B), 1979-1980 540
[Anniversary - Wedding] (B), 1980
[Birthday] (B), 1980
[Eagle Scouts] (O), 1980-1981
[Election - Congressional Delegation] (O), 1979
John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellow (O), 1979
Military/Airforce ROTC College Scholarship Congratulations (O)
from ETG, 1980
[Miscellaneous] (O), 1979-1980
Misc. - 1979 Writing Awards (O), 1979
National Merit Scholarship Finalists, 1980
On Election to all Representatives & Senators, 1978 December 28
On Election to Democratic Gov (O), 1978 November 16
To ETG (I)
Misc. - Writing Awards (O), 1979
Congressional Black Caucus, 1979
[Connecticut Conference of Municipalities] (1979)
Connecticut Product Development Corporation (B), 1979 541
Constitution (B), 1979
Constitutional Amendment/ District of Columbia (B), 1979
[Consumer Advisory Council], 1980
[Consumer Counsel] (B), 1979
Consumer Protection/Crack the Codes
[Consumer Protection - Letters]
A-J (B), 1978-1979
K-Z (B), 1979-1980
[Consumer Protection - Misc.], 1979
[Convention bureau] (B), 1979
[Conventions - Political] (B), 1979
[Corrections - Dept. of - Letters]
A-B (B), 1978-1980
C-H (B), 1979-1980
I-P (B), 1978-1980 542
R-Z (B), 1979-1980
[Council of State Governments], 1979-1980
[Crime Commission], 1980-1981
[Crime - Grant Case] (B), 1975-1979
[Crime - Letters] (B), 1979-1980
[Criminal Justice - Dept. of Adult Probation] (B), 1978-1979
[Criminal Justice - Pardon] (B), 1978-1979
[Criminal Justice - Parole] (B), 1975-1980
[Day Care] (B), 1979-1980 543
Deeds (B), 1979
Democratic National Committee, 1979
Development Authority (Conn.) CDA
Special meeting, 1978 November 2 544
Special meeting, 1978 November 20
1979 January-July 545
Misc., [undated] 546
Misc., [undated]
[Development Authority] (Conn.) - [CEA - Audit], 1978
[Drinking Age Letters] (B), 1979-1980
[Eastern States Exposition], 1980
Economic Development & Authority - EDA (B), 1979
Economic Development - Memos to and from Duffy, 1975-1977
Economic Development/Miles lab luncheon (O), 1979 September 13
[Economic Development - Misc.], 1980
[Education] 547
[Budgets], 1980
[Camp School, New Britain] (B)
[Central Conn. State College] (B), 1979-1980
[Commission of the States], 1980
[Commission on Higher Education - Letters]
A-H, 1979-1980
I-Z (B), 1979-1980
[Community Colleges, Board of Trustees], 1978-1979
[Community Colleges, Misc.] (B), 1978-1979
Conn. Education Council, 1979
[Conn. State Board of Education], 1979-1981
[Education Commission of the States], 1979 548
[Elementary/Secondary Education Plan], 1979
A-H (B), 1979-1980
I-O (B), 1978-1980
Marivon School, 1979
[Memos to and from Shedd], 1978-1980
[Miscellaneous] (B), 1978-1981 549
Mystic Oral School, 1979
[Presidential Classroom for Young Americans], 1980
[Proposed Aircraft School, Stratford] (B), 1980
Regional Community College Budget, 1979
[School Health Task Force], 1979
[Southern Conn. State College] (B), 1979
Special Education Contract, Norwalk (I), 1980
[State Aid to Towns] (I), 1981
[State Aid to Towns - New Canaan] (I), 1981
[State Colleges, Board of Trustees] (B), 1979 550
Teacher’s Retirement] (B), 1979
Board of Trustees Meeting (O), 1980 November 14
[Health Center A-Z] (B), 1979-1980
[Health Center Misc.], 1979-1980
[Letters A-Z] (B), 1979-1980
[Library] (B), 1980
[Miscellaneous] (B), 1979-1980
[University of Hartford], 1980
[Vet School] (B), 1979
[Vocational Rehabilitation], 1979
[Vocational/Technical Schools] (B), 1979-1980
[Western Conn. State College] (B), 1979-1980 551
[Yale] (B), 1979-1980
Yale Students, Gun Control (O), 1978
[Elections] (B), 1979-1980
[Employment] (B), 1979
[Employment] (B)
Board of Registration for Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors, 1979
Energy - CONEG (B), 1979 October
[Environment - DEP]
A-B (B), 1979
C-D (B), 1978-1980
E-H (B), 1979-1980 552
I-L (B), 1978-1979
M-P (B), 1979-1980
R-S (B), 1979-1980
T-Z (B), 1979-1980
[Environment - DEP] 553
Bauca Island (B), 1979
Bristol Landfill, 1979
[Clean Air/Air Quality] (B), 1978-1979
[Coastal Management]
[Colchester Landfill] (B), 1978-1979
Colchester Landfill (B), 1980 January
Compo Cove (B), 1980
[Conn. Resource Recovery Authority CRRA], 1979-1980
[Conn. River Diversion], 1979
[Conservation/Milford Point] (O), 1979
[Council on Environmental Quality CEO] (B), 1979
[Dams] (B), 1978-1979
[East Windsor Landfill] (B), 1979
[Flooding/Flood Control] (B), 1978-1979
[Hazardous Waste] (B), 1978-1979
[Indian Affairs] (B), 1979-1980
[Long Island Sound/Bridge] (B), 1978-1979
[Memos to and from PAC], 1978-1979 554
[Miscellaneous] (B), 1978-1980
[Noise Pollution] (B), 1978-1980
North Haven Mall (B), 1979
Orton Farm In Sherman (B), 1979
[Outer Continental Shelf] (B), 1978-1980
[Rivers] (B), 1979
[Safe Boating]
[Solid Waste], 1979
Southington Well Contamination, 1979
State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan, 1979
[State Parks] (B), 1979
[UpJohn Chemical Co.], 1979
[Water Pollution/Quality] (B), 1978-1979
Youth Conservation Corp, 1979
[Equal Rights Amendments] (B), 1979-1980
[Executive Orders], 1974-1979
[Family Relations] (B), 1979 555
White House Conference on (WHCF), 1979
WHCF, 1979-1980
WHCF - Proposed Budget & Names of WHCF Participants
WHCF Task Force Report, 1980
[Federal Budget] (O), 1979
[Federal Communications Commission], 1979-1980
[Federal Matter - Letters]
A-K (B), 1979-1980
L-Z (B), 1979
[Federal Trade Commission], 1979-1980
[Finance Advisory Committee], 1978-1979 556
Finance Advisory Committee/Minutes of Meeting, 1979 April 4
[Firearms] (B), 1979
[Fire Prevention Committee] (B), 1979
[Flags - Conn.] (B), 1979
[Freedom of Information] (B), 1979
[Get Well Letters] (B), 1979-1980
[Governor - Misc.], 1979
[Governor O’Neill], 1981
Governor, Office of, 1978-1979
[Grants], 1980
Grants, 1980
[Health] 557
CAT Scanner (B), 1980
[Commission on Hospital & Health Care] (B), 1979-1980
[Deaf & Hearing Impaired] (B), 1979
Dental Commission, 1979
[Emergency Services] (B), 1979-1980
[Fluoridation] (B), 1978-1979
[Handicapped] (B), 1979
Laurel Heights (B), 1980
[Mansfield Training School] (B), 1979
[Memos to and from Kerrigan], 1978-1979
[Memos to and from Lloyd], 1978-1979
[Memos to and from Thorne], 1979
[Mental Health] 558
Community Service Grants (B), 1979
[Conn. Valley Hospital] (B), 1979
[Fairfield Hills Hospital] (B), 1978-1979
[Institute of Living]
A-G (B), 1979
H-M (B), 1979
[Memos to and from Plant], 1978-1979
[Miscellaneous] (B), 1979 559
[Norwich State Hospital], 1979
[Transcendental Meditation], 1977-1978
Waterbury YMCA (B), 1980
Mental Retardation/Central Conn. Regional Center, 1979
[Mental Retardation - Dept. Audit], 1979
[Mental Retardation - Letters] (B), 1978-1980
[Mental Retardation - Misc.], 1979-1980
[Merck Foundation] (B), 1979
[Miscellaneous], 1979-1980
[Northwest Conn. Health System Agency], 1979
[Nurses/Nursing] (B), 1979-1980
[Nursing Homes] (B), 1979 560
[Seaside Regional Center] (B), 1979
[Southbury Training School] (B), 1979-1980
[Statewide Health Coordinating Council] (B), 1979-1981
[Travel Expenses], 1978-1979
[Health, Education, & Welfare - HEW]
A-B (B), 1979
F-P (B), 1979-1980
R-T (B), 1979
[HEW - Memos to and from Califano], 1978-1979 561
[HEW - Miscellaneous], 1979
[HEW - Refugees], 1978-1980
[Health Services]
A-B (B), 1979-1980
C-D (B), 1978-1980
E-H (B), 1979-1980
[Health Services] 562
I-L (B), 1979-1980
M-Q (B), 1978-1980
P-S (B), 1979-1980
T-Z (B), 1979-1980
[Heating, Piping & Cooling Work Examining Board] (B), 1978
[Historical - Letters A-Z] (B), 1979
[Historical - Miscellaneous] (B), 1979
[Historical - Old State House] (B), 1979-1980
[Holidays] (B), 1979 563
[Holocaust] (B), 1979
[Hospices] (B), 1979
[Hostages] (O), 1980
Condominium Conversions (B), 1979-1980
[Federal Home Loan Bank], 1979
[Finance Authority - CHFA] (B), 1979
A-D (B), 1979
E-L (B), 1978-1979
M-R (B), 1978-1980
S-Z (B), 1979 - 1980 564
[Memos to and from Sharpe], 1979-1980
[Miscellaneous Correspondence], 1979-1980
[Housing & Urban Development - HUD] (B), 1975-1980
[HUD-701], 1975-1979
[Human Resources - Letters]
A-G (B), 1979-1980
H-Z (B), 1979-1980
S-Z (B), 1979-1980
[Human Resources - Memos to and from Manning], 1979-1980 565
[Human Resources - Miscellaneous], 1980-1981
[Human Resources - Weatherization Program], 1979
[Human Rights & Opportunities (HR & O) - Letters] (B), 1979-1980
[Human Rights & Opportunities - Memos to and from Green], 1978-1979
[Human Rights & Opportunities - Misc.], 1981
Human Services - Annual Agenda for Title XX Mailing List 566
Human Services - (Commission on the Reorganization), 1978-1979
[Human Services - Connecticut Association of], 1980
[Human Services - Misc.], 1979-1980
[Humane Society] (B), 1979
[Humanities Council] (B), 1979
[Income Maintenance]
[AFDC] (B), 1979
[Food Stamps] (B), 1979
A-C (B), 1978-1979
D-H (B), 1979-1980
I-M, 1978-1979 567
S-T (B), 1979
[Memos to and from Maher] (B), 1978-1979
[Miscellaneous], 1979
[Press Releases], 1979-1980
[Title XX], 1977-1979
Indochinese Refugees (B), 1979
[Inflation] (B), 1979
[Info Line], 1979-1980
[Information Bureau], 1979
Information Bureau-Commendation Letter (B), 1978 January
[Insurance - Letters]
A-L, 1979-1980
M-Z (B), 1979-1980 568
[Intergovernmental Programs] (O), 1978-1979
[Intergovernmental Relations] (O), 1979-1980
[Interior Dept. - U.S.] (O), 1978-1979
[Internal Revenue Service] (B), 1979
International Year of the Child, 1979-1980
[Interstate Commerce Commission], 1980, 2 folders
Invitation/Regional Meeting or Export Activities (O), 1979 June 29
[Judicial] 569
A-M (O), 1979
N-Z (B), 1979-1980
Litchfield Ct. House (B), 1979-1980
Medical Emergencies (B), 1979
[Miscellaneous], 1979-1981
[Small claims Court] (B), 1979
[Justice - Conn. State Commission On] (B), 1978-1980
[CETA Letters] (B), 1979-1980
[CETA Misc.], 1981
[Conn. State Dept. of], 1980
[Letters] 570
A-C (B), 1979-1980
D-I (B), 1979
J-M (B), 1978-1979
N-R (B), 1979
S-Z (B), 1978-1980
[Memos to and from Peraro], 1978-1980
[Memos to and from Santiguido], 1977
[Misc.], 1979-1981
Olin Plant (B), 1979
[Unemployment A-Z] (B), 1979
United Air Lines Strike (B), 1979
[U.S. Dept. of]
[Workman’s Compensation/Arbitration] (B), 1978-1979
[Law Enforcement and Assistance Administration], 1978-1979 571
Barbara Gibbons Case (B), 1978
Capital Punishment (B), 1979
[Legal Matter]
A-D (B), 1979
E-Z (B)
Sunday Closing
A-M (B), 1978-1980
N-V (B), 1979-1980
W-Z (B), 1979-1980
[League of Women Voters] (B), 1978
[Library - Letters A-Z] (B), 1978-1980
[Liquor Control Commission - Letters A-Z] (B), 1975-1979
[Local Matters - Letters A-Z] (B), 1978-1979 572
[Management - Miscellaneous], 1978
[Metric Conversion], 1978
Army Corps of Engineers/Stamford & New Haven Dredging Project (B), 1979
[Corps of Engineers - N.E. Division], 1979-1980
Helicopter Transportation, 1979
[Letters A-Z] (B), 1978-1980
[Miscellaneous] (B), 1978-1979
[Nautilus] (B), 1978-1979
[Miscellaneous Letters]
A-C (B), 1979-1981
D-G (B), 1979-1980 573
H-K (B), 1979-1980
L-O (B), 1979-1980
P-S (B), 1979-1980
T-Z (B), 1979-1980
[Motor Vehicles - Letters]
A-D (B), 1979-1980
E-I (B), 1979-1980 574
J-O (B), 1979-1980
P-S (B), 1979-1980
T-Z (B), 1979-1980
[Motor Vehicles - Memos to and from Auger & Muzio], 1977-1979
[National Governor’s Association - Misc. Letters] (B), 1978-1980
[National Governor’s Association - Misc. Material], 1978-1980 575
[National Governor’s Conference]
National Youth Science Camp (B), 1978-1979
[Nautilus Committee], 1981
[New Citizens], 1979
New England Congressional Caucus, 1978
[New England Governor’s Association]
[Energy Conference] (O), 1978
[Urban Affairs] (O), 1979
[New England Regional Commission] (B), 1978-1979
[New England Resource Agency - Inf. Exchange], 1978-1979
[Northeast - Midwest Congressional Coalition], 1978-1979
[Nuclear Power]
[Conn. Yankee], 1978-1979
[Nuclear Power - Nuclear Waste/Radiation] (B), 1979 576
Office Hours - Governor’s
[Office Hours - Letters]
A-B (B), 1978-1979
C-E (B), 1978-1979 577
F-H (B), 1978-1979
I-L (B), 1978-1979
M (B), 1978-1979
N-Q (B), 1978-1979
R-S (B), 1978-1979 578
[Office Hours - Towns]
[Ansonia] (B), 1978
[Avon] (O), 1979
[Bethel] (O), 1979
[Bristol] (O), 1979
[Colchester] (O), 1978
[East Haven, Ellington] (O), 1978-1979
[Greenwich] (O), 1978
[Groton] (O), 1978
[Guilford] (O), 1979
[Greenwich] (O), 1978
[Groton] (O), 1978
[Guilford] (O), 1979
[Killingly] (O), 1979 579
Meriden (O), 1978
Middletown (O), 1978
Norwalk (O), 1978
Norwich (O), 1979 December 19
[Old Saybrook] (O), 1979
West Haven (O), 1979
Westport (O), 1979
Willimantic (O), 1978
[Woodbury] (O), 1978
[Office of Management & Budget - Federal], 1980
[Office of Policy & Management - OPM]
CETA legislation (O), 1978
[Office of Policy & Management - DPM]
Alliance Steering Committee, 1978
[Conservation], 1979-1980
Emergency, 1979
[Emergency Assistance], 1978-1979
Emergency Declaration, 1979
Federal Emergency Conservation Plans (to Congressional (O)
[Four Day Work Week] (B), 1979 580
Fuel Assistance (B), 1979
[Gas Prices], 1979-1980
Gas Pricing Investigation Task Force, 1979
[Gas Rationing], 1979-1980
[Independence], 1981
A (B), 1979
Ba (B), 1979
Be - BZ (B), 1979-1980
C (B), 1978-1979 581
D (B), 1978-1979
E-F (B), 1978-1979
G (B), 1978-1979
H (B), 1978-1979
I,J,K, 1978-1979 582
L (B), 1978-1979
M (B), 1978-1979
N-P (B), 1979
Q-R (B), 1979
S (B), 1979 583
T-Z (B), 1979
[Miscellaneous], 1979-1981
[Miscellaneous] (B), 1978-1979
[Miscellaneous letters] (B), 1979-1980
[Solar] (B), 1979
Southern Connecticut Energy Meeting, 1979 June 22
Stonington Meeting, 1979
Volunteer Service Organizations Fuel Needs (B), 1979
[Frisbee - Hearthstone] (B), 1979
A-C (B), 1978-1980
D-E (B), 1978-1979 584
F-K (B), 1978-1980
L-M (B), 1979-1980
N-P (B), 1979-1980
Q-Z (B), 1978-1980
[Memos to and from Burns] (B), 1978-1979
[Memos to and from Milano], 1978-1980 585
[Miscellaneous], 1979
[Nuclear Power], 1978-1980
[Nuclear Regulatory Agency], 1978-1980
[Office of Personnel Management - Federal], 1980
Official Statement - Muhammed Ali to Hartford (B), 1979
[Oil - Home Heating] (B), 1979-1980
Oil - Letters for Governor from oil Companies (I), 1979
[O’Neill Miscellaneous] (I), 1981
[Opticians/Optometry] (B), 1979
Pavane Presentation, 1978 586
Clerical job classification (B), 1979 March
Collective bargaining contracts, 1977
Collective bargaining private file, 1978-1979
A-B (B), 1978-1979
C-F (B), 1978-1980
G-L (B), 1979-1980 587
M-Q (B), 1979-1980
R-Z, 1979-1980
[Memos to and from Biloon], 1979-1980
[Miscellaneous], 1979-1980
Retirement Benefits for the State Employees (General) (B)
Strike by State Employees, 1979
[Suggestion Awards] (B), 1979
[Summer Employment], 1979
[Pharmacy Commission], 1979
[Physical Fitness], 1978-1980
[Police Matter] (B), 1979
[Politics - Election], 1979-1980
[Politics - Election, Open Convention], 1980 588
[Pornography] (B), 1979
[Postal Service] (B), 1979
[Power Facility Evaluation Council], 1979-1980
President Carter’s Inauguration, 1976-1977
[President’s Anti-inflation Program] (B), 1978-1979
President’s Reorganization Project, 1978-1979
[Press] (B), 1979-1980
Press/ “Ask the Governor” - WTIC, 1979 June 23
[Probate Court] (B), 1979
[Proclamations], 1979
[Public Expenditure Council], 1979-1980
[Public Safety]
Budget (B), 1979
[Memos to and from Long], 1978-1980
[Miscellaneous], 1978-1980
Speeding (B), 1978-1979
[State Police Letters]
A-D (B), 1979-1980
E-K (B), 1978-1979
N-S, 1978-1979 589
[Public TV - CPTV], 1978-1979
[Public Utilities Control Authority - PUCA]
Advertising by Public Utility Companies (B), 1979
[CLP/HELCO], 1980
[CNG], 1980
Directory Assistance Charge, 1978
Harrisburg Assistance Charge, 1978
A-E (B), 1978-1981
F-K (B), 1978-1981
L-R (B), 1978-1981 590
S-Z (B), 1978-1980
[Miscellaneous], 1979-1980
[Moratorium Policy], 1978
New Britain to Hartford - Toll free service (B), 1978-1979
[Northeast Utilities (NU) - Letters] (B), 1979-1980
[NU - Millstone], 1977-1979
[NU - Miscellaneous], 1979
[Letters] 591
[NU Miscellaneous], 1980-1981
[NU - Nuclear Regulatory Agency], 1979-1980
[So. Conn. Gas Co.], 1979-1980
[Telephone], 1979-1980
[United Illuminating], 1978-1979
[United Illuminating], 1980
Yankee Atomic Power Co., 1979
Public Works - Juvenile Detention Center on Whalley Avenue in New Haven (B), 1979
[Public Works - Letters] (B), 1979
Purchasing Bureau (B), 1979
[Questionnaire] (B), 1978-1979
[Real Estate Commission] (B), 1978-1979 592
[Recommendation - Miscellaneous] (B), 1978-1980
Recommendation Winthrop Rockefeller Award (B), 1979
[Red Cross], 1978-1979
[Retention], 1978
[Regrets - Israel Trip] (O), 1978
Reorganization - Abolishment of Boards Councils (O), 1978
of the Executive Branch of State Government, 1977
of the State Government, 1978-1979
of the State Government Luncheon - Residence (O), 1979 January 12
[Requests] (B), 1978-1980
Residence, 1979
Residence/Meeting to Discuss Problems Confronting the (O)
Hispanic Community, 1978
[Resignations] (B), 1979
[Restitution Commission] (B), 1978-1979
[Resume] - Christie law, 1979
[Resumes - Letters]
A-G (B), 1976-1979
H-Z (B), 1978-1979
Resume #26 (O), 1979 March
[Retirement Commission] (B), 1978-1979
“To make a difference,” Presentations on the Reorganization of the 758
Executive Branch of Connecticut’s State Government, December 14,
(audiovisual presentation including 4 canisters of color, 1979
slides and script).
[Revenue - Proposition 13] (B), 1978-1979 593
[Revenue - Savings Bonds], 1978
[Revenue Services - Letters]
A-D, 1978-1979
E-L, 1978-1980
M-Z, 1979-1980
[Revenue Service - Miscellaneous], 1978-1980
[Revenue Sharing], 1978-1981
[Revenue Tax]
[Alcohol] (O), 1979
[Dividends & Capital Gains] (B), 1978-1979
[Income Tax] (B), 1978-1979
[Memos to & from Dubno], 1979-1980
[Memos to and from Heffernan], 1978-1979
PILOT Payments on Tax Exempt Property (B), 1979
[Sales Tax] (B), 1978-1979 594
Sales Tax #46 (B), 1979 February
[Rentalization Corps] (B), 1978
[Rewards] (O), 1979
[Ribicoff], 1978
[Safety Commission] (B), 1978-1979
[Savings Bonds], 1977-1979
[School Project] (B), 1978-1979
School Project/Study of Connecticut (B), 1979
[Science - National Foundation of], 1978-1979
[Secretary of State - Letters A-Z] (B), 1978-1979
[Secretary of State] - Memos to and from Cohn, 1978
[Secretary of State - Miscellaneous], 1978-1980
Skywalk (B), 1978-1979
[Social Services]
[Domestic Violence], 1979
[Emergency Assistance], 1979-1980
[Letters A-Z] (B), 1975-1979
[Medicare/Medicaid], 1979
[Memos to and from Maher], 1978-1979 595
[Miscellaneous], 1978-1979
Prescription Payments, 1979
[Welfare Reform], 1975-1978, 2 folders
[Soldiers, Sailors, & Marines Fund] (B), 1978-1979
[Soldiers, Sailors, & Marines Fund - Affirmative Action Plan], 1978
[Southern Office] (B), 1978-1980
[Soviet Prisoners], 1978
[Spanish Speaking Community] (B), 1978-1979
[Special Revenue]
[Gambling/Jai Alai] (B), 1978-1980
A-E (B), 1978-1980 596
F-L (B), 1978-1979
M-Q (B), 1978-1979
R-Z (B), 1978-1979
[Miscellaneous], 1980, 2 folders
[State Animal] (B), 1979
[State Dept. - U.S.], 1979
State Frog, 1979
[State - Miscellaneous] (B), 1978
[State’s Attorney - Letters A-Z] (B), 1979 597
State’s Attorney Victims/Witness Assistance Unit (O), 1979 June 16
[Statewide Emergency Communications Study Commission], 1978
Sunday, 1978
[Support - Bureau of] (B), 1979
[Support/Kind words - Letters] (B), 1978-1979
[Surveys] (B), 1978-1979
[Television] (B), 1978-1979
Thank you - Letters]
A-L (B), 1978-1980
M-Z (B), 1978-1980
[Thank you - to ETG] (I), 1978-1979
[Thank you - Tornado Fund Letters] (B), 1979-1980 598
[Conn. Construction Industries Assoc.], 1979
A (B), 1978-1979
B (B), 1978-1980
C (B), 1978-1980
D (B), 1978-1980 599
E,F (B), 1979-1980
G (B), 1978-1980
H,I (B), 1978-1980
J,K (B), 1978-1980
L (B), 1978-1980
M (B), 1978-1980 600
N,O (B), 1979-1980
P,Q (B), 1978-1980
R (B), 1978-1979
S (B), 1978-1980
T,U,V (B), 1979 - 1980
W,X,Y,Z (B), 1979-1980 601
[Mary DeAngelis]
[Memos to and from Powers], 1979-1980, 3 folders
[Miscellaneous], 1974-1980 602
[Niantic Bridge] (I), 1979
[Projects], 1978-1980
[Railroads], 1978-1979
[Safety], 1980
[U.S. Dept. of] (B), 1978-1979
TX’s - Cliftside Party - Military (O), 1979 December
TX’s for Assistance at Statewide Energy Conference (O), 1979 July 3
TX’s for Help During Fuel Emergency (O), 1979 March
TX’s - President Carter’s Visit (O), 1979 September
TX’s - Secretary Califano’s Visit to Conn. (O), 1978
TX’s - Christmas Card (O), 1979 December
[Voting Districts], 1981
Part IV Subject Files, 1971-1982
The code in parentheses denotes whether correspondence in the files is incoming (I), outgoing (O) or Both (B).
[Acknowledgments] 603
A (B), 1980
B (B), 1980
C (B), 1980-1981
D (B), 1980
E (B), 1980
F (B), 1980
G (B), 1980
H,I (B)
J,K (B), 1980-1981 604
L (B), 1980
M (B), 1979-1982
N,O (B), 1980
P,Q,R (B), 1979-1980
S (B), 1980
T (B), 1979-1980
U,Z (B), 1980
[Administrative Services] 605
[Job Evaluation]
A-D (B), 1980
E-K (B), 1980
L-P (B), 1979-1981
Q-Z, 1980
[Memos to and from Freedman], 1979-1981
[Retirement], 1980
[Affirmative Action], 1980
[Aging] 606
[Home Care/Day Care] (B), 1980
A-I (B), 1979-1980
J-Q (B), 1979-1980
R-Z (B), 1979-1980
[Memos to and from Shealy], 1979-1981, 2 folders
[Miscellaneous], 1975-1981 607
[Nursing Homes] (B), 1979-1980
Project Triage (I), 1980
PSA Designation
Sail Program (General) (B), 1980
State Plan on Aging, 1979-1980
[Letters A-Z], 1980
[Miscellaneous], 1980-1981
[U.S. Department of], 1980
[Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council] (I)
[Alcohol and Drug Abuse - Letters] (B), 1980-1981
[Alcohol and Drug Abuse - Miscellaneous], 1980
[Appointments] (B), 1979-1980
[Arts Commission] (O), 1980 608
Asbestos, 1977-1978
[Attorney General - Letters] (B), 1980
[Attorney General - Memos to and from Ajello], 1980
Auction, 1980
[Banking - Commissioner], 1980
[Banking - Letters]
[Budget - Letters] (B), 1980-1981
[Business Regulation - Letters] (B), 1980
[Census], 1980
[Children and Youth Services (DCYS)]
[AFDC Case Loads], 1980
[Altobello Center], 1979-1980
[Cavallo File] (B), 1980
[Danbury Office/Fire Hazard], 1979
[Job Prep Program], 1979-1980 609
A-G (B), 1980
H-P (B), 1980-1981
R-Z, 1979-1980
[Memos to and from Marcus], 1980
[Civil Aeronautics Board], 1980
[Civil Preparedness] (B), 1980
[Claims Commission] (B), 1980
[Combined Health Appeal], 1980
[Commendations] (B), 1980
[Commerce, U.S. Dept. of], 1980 610
[Commission on Connecticut Future], 1980
[Commissioner’s Absences], 1980
[Commissioner’s - General], 1980
[Complaint - A.A. Constentine] (B), 1979-1980
[Comptroller - Half fare Airline Coupons] (B), 1979-1980
[Comptroller - Miscellaneous] (B), 1980-1981
[Concerned Citizens - Letters], 1980
[Birthdays] (B), 1980-1982
[Miscellaneous] (B), 1980-1981
[Miscellaneous] (B), 1979-1981 611
[Weddings, Anniversaries], 1981
[Conn. Business & Industry Association News - CBIA], 1981
[Conn. Conference of Mayors], 1980
[Conn. Resource Recovery Authority - CRRA], 1980-1981
Conn. Resource Recovery Authority - CRRA, 1974-1979
[Consumer Counsel] (B), 1980 612
[Consumer Protection]
A-F (B), 1980
G-O (B), 1980-1981
P-Z (B), 1980
[Memos to and from Heslin]
[Miscellaneous], 1980
[Conventions], 1980
[Corrections, Dept. of] (B), 1979-1980
[Deaf and Hearing Impaired] (B), 1980
[Drinking Age] (B), 1980
[Eastern Office - Governor’s], 1980
[Economic Development - China] (B), 1979-1981
[Economic Development, Dept. of - Letters] 613
A-D (B), 1980
E-K (B), 1980-1981
L-S (B), 1979-1980
T-Z (B)
[Economic Development, Dept. of - Press Release], 1980
[Annhurst College], 1971-1980
[Commission of the States], 1980
[Commission on Higher Education] 614
A-L (B), 1980-1985
M-Z (B)
[Community Colleges] (B), 1979-1980
[Eastern Connecticut Performing Arts Center], 1980
[Higher Education System], 1979-1980
A-D (B), 1979-1980
E-M (B), 1980
N-R (B), 1980 615
S-Z (B), 1979-1980
[Memos to and from Shedd], 1979-1980
[Miscellaneous], 1979-1980
[Other Colleges/Universities] (B), 1980
[State Aid to Disadvantaged Children] (B), 1980
[State Colleges] (B), 1980
[State Technical Colleges] (B), 1980
[Centennial Coordination Committees], 1980
[Connecticut Polls], 1980
[Health Center] (B), 1980
[Letters] 616
A-K (B), 1980
L-Z (B), 1980
[Miscellaneous], 1980-1984
[News Forum], 1980
[Vocational Rehabilitation] (B), 1980
[Vocational/Technical Schools] (B), 1980
[Elections], 1980
[Embalmers] (B), 1980
[Endorsements] (O), 1980
[Air Quality], 1980
[Bottle Bill], 1980
[Connecticut River Assembly], 1980
DEP Organization, 1975-1977
[DEP Reorganization], 1976-1978
DEP Reorganization Package Including Proposed Regulations (1977)
[East Hartford Dike Raising], 1980
[Environment] 617
EPA, U.S., 1980
[Farmington River] (B), 1980
[Hazardous & Radioactive Waste] (B), 1979-1981
[Housatonic Rivers] (B), 1980
[Indian Affairs] (B), 1980
A (B), 1980
B (B), 1980
C (B), 1980
D,E (B), 1980
F (B), 1979-1980
G (B), 1980-1981 618
H,I,J (B), 1980
M (B), 1980
N,O,P (B), 1980
Q,R (B)
S (B), 1980 619
T-Z (B), 1979-1980
Miscellaneous (B), 1980
[Long Island Sound], 1975-1980
[Long Island Sound Heritage Bill], 1976-1977
[Miscellaneous], 1977-1980
[Motor Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance Program], 1980
[New England River Basin Commission], 1977-1980
[Northeast Utilities/Conn Yankee Atomic Power Plant], 1980 620
[Northeast Utilities - Plan to Burn PCB’s] (B), 1980-1981
[Nuclear Power], 1980
[Oil Dependence], 1980
[Radiological Emergency Response Plan], 1981
[Recreation and Parks], 1977-1980
[State Beaches/Shore Parks], 1977-1980, 2 folders
Talks with PAC (DEP), 1975-1976
[U.S. Department of Interior], 1980-1981
[Environment]: - [Water Quality/Pollution] (B), 1979-1982 621
[Equal Rights Amendment], 1979
[Ethics Commission], 1978-1980
[Federal Communications Commission - ATT Long Lines], 1980-1981
[Federal Communications Commission - Miscellaneous], 1980-1971
[Federal Communications Commission - Rochester Telephone], 1981
[Federal Matter - Letters]
A-K (B), 1980-1981
[Federal Trade Commission], 1980 622
Flags - Requests (B), 1980
[Freedom of Information] (B), 1980
[Commission on Hospital and Health Care] (B), 1976-1980
[Emergency Medical Service], 1980
Governor’s Nursing Home Committee, 1979-1980
[Handicapped m] (B), 1979-1980
[Handicapped Letters]
A-L (B), 1980
M-Z (B), 1980
[Handicapped Workshops] (B), 1980
[Hospital & Medical Care Division], 1976-1977
[Lorraine Manor], 1978-1979 623
Lorraine Manor, Dept. of Health, 1979
Lorraine Manor, Dept. of Mental Retardation, 1979
[Memos to and from Kerrigan], 1980
[Mental Retardation]
C.A.R.E., 1979-1980
Informed Consent (B), 1980
A-F (B), 1980-1981
G-Z (B), 1979-1981
[Mental Retardation] 624
[Mansfield School] (B), 1980
Merck Center, 1979
Merck Foundation/Emotionally Disturbed, 1979
Mystic Oral School, 1979-1980, 2 folders
[Mystic Oral School - Miscellaneous], 1980
[Nurse Examinations] (B), 1980
[Nursing Homes]
[Nursing Homes - Letters] (B), 1980 625
[Southbury Training School]
[Statewide Coordinating Council], 1980
[Health and Human Services - Group Homes], 1980-1981
[Health and Human Services - Misc.], 1980-1981
[Health, Education, and Welfare - HEW], 1979-1982
[Health Services - Letters]
A-B (B), 1980-1981
C-D (B), 1980
E-H (B), 1980 626
I-L (B), 1980
M-O (B), 1978-1980
P-R (B), 1980
S-Z (B), 1980
[Health Services - Miscellaneous], 1979-1980
[Historical Commission] (B), 1979-1980 627
[Historical - Old State House] (B), 1980
[Historical Preservation], 1978-1980
[Hostages] (B), 1980
[Annual Report, State Dept. of Housing], 1980-1981
[Council on Development Choices for the 80’s], 1980
A-D (B), 1980
E-J (B), 1980-1981
K-O (B), 1980
P-Z (B), 1980 628
[Memos to and from Canale], 1980
[Miscellaneous], 1980-1981
[Task Force, 3 year Housing Plan], 1980
[Housing and Finance Authority] (B), 1980
[Housing and Urban Development - HUD]
[Human Resources] 629
A-M (B), 1979-1980
N-Z (B), 1980-1981
[Memos to and from Manning], 1980
[Memos to and from Rivera], 1980
[Miscellaneous], 1980-1981
[Summer Busing], 1979 - 1981
[Title XX], 1978
[Workfare], 1980
[Human Rights and Opportunities - Letters]
A-I (B), 1980
J-Z (B), 1980-1981
[Human Rights and Opportunities - Misc.], 1980-1981 630
[Income Maintenance]
[AFDC] (B), 1980-1981
Kilpatrick, 1981
A-C (B), 1980-1981
D-G (B), 1980
H-M (B), 1980
N-R (B), 1979-1980
S-Z (B), 1980
[Income Maintenance]: - Medicard Management Information System (MMIS), 1976-1980 631
[Memos to and from Maher], 1979-1980
[Miscellaneous], 1980
[Information Bureau], 1980-1981
[Insurance - Arson Task Force], 1979-1980
[Insurance - Letters]
A-H (B), 1980
I-Z (B)
[Insurance - Miscellaneous], 1980 629
[Intergovernmental Relations] (B), 1980 632
[Connecticut Justice Commission] (B), 1980-1981
Court Unification, 1978
A-M (B), 1980
N-Z (B), 1980
[National Criminal Justice Association], 1980-1981
[U.S. Department of Justice], 1980-1981
Basic Machine (B), 1980
Electric Boat (B), 1980
[Labor] 633
A-C (B), 1979-1981
D-J (B), 1980
K-M (B), 1980
N-S (B), 1979-1980
T-Z (B), 1980
Long Range Planning, 1978 634
Meditation and Arbitration (B)
[Memos to and from Peraro], 1980
Pottiger, Jean, 1980
[Unemployment Compensation] (B), 1980
[U.S. Department of labor], 1980-1981
[Workmen’s Compensation] (B), 1980-1982
[Legal - Letters]
A-C (B), 1980
D-H (B), 1980-1981
I-R (B), 1980 635
S-Z (B), 1980
[Library - Connecticut State] (B), 1980
[Liquor Control Commission] (B), 1980
Lobbying, 1975
[Local Matters - Letters] (B), 1979-1980
[Mental Health]
[Hospitals] (B), 1979-1980
[Huxley Institute], 1979
[Institute of Living], 1980 636
A-G (B), 1978-1980
H-Z (B), 1980
Memos to and from Plant, 1979-1981
[Miscellaneous], 1980
[Norwich Petitions] (I), 1978
Sexual Assaults/Offender Treatment, 1976-1977
[Military - Affirmative Action], 1980
[Military - Christmas Message] (O), 1981
[Military] 637
[Miscellaneous Letters] (B), 1979-1982
[Gladis Mowry]
Indo China Clippings, 1979
Iran (B), 1979-1980
A-D (B), 1979-1981
E-O (B), 1980-1981
P-S (B), 1980
T-Z (B), 1980
[Motor Vehicles] 638
[Emissions Test], 1980
A-F (B), 1980-1981
G-K (B), 1980
L-P (B), 1980-1981
Q-Z (B), 1980
[National Governor’s Association], 1980 639
[Northeast-Northwest Congressional Coalition], 1980
[Office Hours]
[Derby] (O), 1980
Fairfield (O), 1980
[State Capitol] (O), 1979-1980, 2 folders
[Sterling] (O), 1980
[Office of Policy and Management - OPM]
[Census], [1980]
[Energy]: Gasoline/Odd-Seven, 1979
[Energy]: Gasoline/odd-Even, 1979-1980 640
A-C (B), 1980
D-K (B), 1979 - 1980
L-R (B), 1980
S-Z (B), 1980
[Energy] 641
[Miscellaneous], 1980-1981
Nuclear Energy, 1980-1981
[Nuclear Power Plants], 1979-1980
A-C (B), 1980
D-J (B), 1978-1981
K-R (B), 1979-1980 642
S-Z (B), 1980
[Memos to and from Burns], 1980
[Memos to and from Miliano], 1979-1980
[Miscellaneous], 1980
[Statewide Facility & Capitol Plan], 1980
[Personnel - Letters]
A-D (B), 1980
N-Z (B), 1980-1981 643
[Personnel - Memos to and from Biloon], 1980
[Personnel - Miscellaneous], 1980
[Public Safety]
[Legislation], 1980
A-E (B), 1980-1981
F-L (B), 1980-1981
M-Z (B), 1980-1981
[Miscellaneous], 1980-1982
[Public Utility and Control Authority - DUCA]
[Dockets], 1981
[Letters] 644
A-F (B), 1980-1981
G-P (B), 1977-1981
Q-Z (B), 1980-1981
[Miscellaneous], 1980-1981
[Northeast Utilities] (B), 1980-1981
[United Illuminating] (B)
[Public Works] (B), 1980
[Questionnaire], 1980-1981
[Racism] (B), 1980
[Real Estate Commission] (B), 1980
[Refugees], 1980 645
[Requests] (B), 1980
[Revenue Services]
[Capital Gains and Dividends Tax] (B), 1980
[Income Tax] (B), 1980
A-H (B), 1980-1981
A-H (B), 1980-1981
J-R (B), 1980
J-R (B), 1980
S-Z (B), 1980-1981
S-Z (B), 1980-1981
[Memos to and from Dubno]
[Miscellaneous], 1980-1981
Tax on Gas (B), 1980
[Revenue Sharing] (B), 1980-1981 646
[Rewards], 1980
[Savings Bonds], 1978-1980
[Soldier’s, Sailor’s and Marine’s Fund] (B), 1980
[Southern Office], 1980
[Special Revenue - Gaming Policy Board], 1981
[Special Revenue - Letters]
A-K (B), 1980
L-Z (B), 1980-1981
[Special Revenue - Miscellaneous], 1980-1981
[State Animal], 1980
[State Attorney] (B), 1980
[State, Secretary of - Letters] (B), 1980 647
[State, Secretary of - Miscellaneous], 1980-1981
Transportation - DOT
[Aviation Miscellaneous] (B), 1980-1981
[Bradley Airport] (B), 1980
Bradley International Airport Authority, 1977
Bradley - Name Change (B), 1981
[Bus Service] (B), 1980-1981
Buttonball Bridge (B), 1980
Conn. Company - Buses, 1973-1975
Connecticut Transit, 1979
Control Plan, 1976-1978 648
[Governor’s Railroad Advisory Task Force], 1980-1981
A (B), 1980-1981
B (B), 1980-1981
C (B), 1980-1981
D (B), 1980
E,F (B), 1980 649
G (B), 1979-1980
H-J (B), 1980
K-L (B), 1980-1981
M (B), 1980
N-O (B), 1980 650
P-R (B), 1980-1981
S (B), 1980
T-U (B), 1980-1981
V-Z (B), 1980-1981
Merritt Parkway, 1973-1980
[Miscellaneous], 1979-1981
[Motor Vehicles] (B), 1980
Niantic River Bridge - Groton - East Lime (B), 1979-1980 651
Poughkeepsie Bridge, 1979-1980
[Rail - Letters]
A-K (B), 1980
L-Z (B), 1980
Rail Users Meetings (O), 1980 August 29
[Ridesharing] (B), 1980 652
[Ridesharing Reports], 1980
[Route 6,7,9] (B), 1980
[Route I-84] (B), 1979-1980
[Route I-84/Union Carbide], 1978-1979
[Route I-91 and I-95] (B), 1980
Route 364 (B), 1980
[Southwest Conn. Energy Meeting/Van Pooling), 1979 June 27
[State Rail Plan], 1980
[Snow and Ice], 1980
[Toll Plazas] (B), 1980-1981
Town and Assistance Program (B), 1980
[Van Pooling]
[Treasurer, Conn. State] (B), 1980-1981 653
Tributes to ETG (B), 1981
[Tri-State Regional Planning Commission], 1980
[United Way], 1980
[Urban Action Task Force, 1978-1979
[Veterans Administration] (B), 1980
Veterans - Fairfield Site (B), 1980
[Visa] (B), 1980-1982
[Volunteer Activity]
[Wadsworth Athenaeum], 1981 654
[Washington Office], 1980
[Welcome] (O), 1980
White House Conference on Aging (B), 1980 March
White House Conference on Families (B), 1980
[White House Conference on Families], 1978
White House Conference on Families - Appointments (O), 1980
[Wildey, William] (B), 1972-1980
[Women - Hartford College], 1980
[Women - Miscellaneous], 1980
[Women - Permanent Commission on Status of Women] (B), 1980-1981
Part V Subject Files, 1979-1982
The code in parentheses denotes whether correspondence in the files is incoming (I), outgoing (O) or Both (B).
Ack (B), 1978-1980 655
Acknowledgments (B), 1978
[Acknowledgments - condolences], 1981
[Acknowledgments - condolences] (B), 1981 656
[Acknowledgments - condolences], 1981 April 657
Donations/Contributions in Memory of Ella Grasso (O), 1981 658
For Flowers or Special Items for Governor’s Lying-in-State and Funeral (O)
For Get Well Letters and Cards (O), 1981
For Mass Cards (O), 1981
For Special Gifts and Cards Sent to Governor Grasso (O), 1981
For Telegrams Sent on Occasion of Death of Ella Grasso (B), 1981
For Telegrams sent on Occasion of Governor’s Passing (B), 1981
[Acknowledgments - Get Well Letters], 1980
[Acknowledgments - Get Well Letters] (O), 1980 659
[Acknowledgments - Get Well Letters] (B), 1980
[Acknowledgments - Memorial Gifts] (B), 1981
[Acknowledgments - Memorial Gifts] (B), 1981 660
[Acknowledgments - Misc.] (B), 1981
Acknowledgments - to Participants in Lying-in-State and Funeral (O), 1981
Acknowledgments to Schools/Students for Cards, Messages, (O)
Notes, etc., 1981
Administrative Services, 1979
Aetna, 1979
Aging, 1979
Appointments (I), 1978
Appointments for Schedule - Letters Written (B), 1974-1975
Appointments with Governor/Requests for (B), 1979
Articles, 1978 661
Arts, 1979
Bank Accounts, 1975
Bank Account, 1976
Bankers - New York, 1976
Banking, 1979
Barney House, 1979 March 6
Bicentennial Council of the Thirteen Original States, 1979
[Bond Commission], 1978-1979
Bond Commission, 1975 662
Books (B), 1978
Books - Thanks, 1975-1976
[Branford House - UCONN], 1979
Budget, 1979
Budget Analisis (O), 1979
Budget Presentation
Campaign File, 1978
Campaign, Governor’s, 1978
[Carmelite Sisters Golden Jubilee], 1979
Cecchini (Lebanon Girl Who Died), 1978
Central Connecticut State College, 1979
Checks to General Fund, 1975-1976
[Children and Youth Services] - DC + YS, 1979
China Trip, 1980
China Visit, 1979-1980
City of Hartford, 1978
Christmas Cards (B), 1978-1979
Civil Preparedness, 1979 663
Clippings, 1979
Commerce, 1978-1979
Commerce Department, 1978
Commerce/Ground Breaking in Marlborough, 1979
Comptroller, 1979
Condolences (B), 1979-1980
Condolences to Grasso (I), 1981
CONEG, 1979
Congrats from ETG (B), 1979
Congrats to Governor (B), 1979
Congressional Record, 1974
Connecticut Conference of Mayors, 1975
Connecticut Farm Bureau Association, 1979
Connecticut State Employees Association (B), 1974-1975
Consumer Advisory Council, 1979
Consumer Protection, 1979
Contributions (B), 1979
Contributions (B), 1974-1975
Contributions (B), 1976
Contributions (B), 1978 664
Council of Economic Advisors (B), 1978
[Danbury State Fair - Ribbon], 1979
Democratic National Committee, 1979
Democratic Town Committee, etc., 1978
Dinosaur State Park (I), 1979
Discretionary Fund (B), 1978-1979
Distinguished Service Award - Honorable Ella Grasso, 1979 August 6
Donations, Small Gifts, Requests, 1975
Dynamics Unlimited, 1979
Easter Cards (B), 1979
Easter Greetings (B), 1978
Editorial Writers, 1975
[Education - CEA Midwinter Meeting], 1979
[Education - Suffolk University School of Law], 1980
Electric Boat, 1979
Employment, 1979
Endorsements, 1979
Energy, 1979
[Environment] - DEP, 1979
Federal Government, 1978
Fenn, Albert File (B), 1978
Finance Advisory Committee - Bond Authorization, 1975 665
[Finance Advisory Committee] - FAC Procedure, 1975-1977
Flowers - Hospitalization (B), 1980 April
Flowers from the Governor (B), 1979
Flowers Sent, 1978
Flowers to Governor (B), 1979
Funeral Clippings, 1981
“Georgie” Keel - Laying Ceremony, 1979
Get Well (B), 1981
Get Well Greetings - Hospitalization (B), 1980 April
Get Well Greetings - Hospitalization (B), 1980 April 666
[Get Well Letters] (I), 1980
Get Well - Sympathy (O), 1978
Gifts from Governor (B), 1979
Gifts (B), 1978
Governor’s Birthday (B), 1980 667
Governor’s Friday Evening Schedule, 1975 May 16
[Governor’s Illness], 1980
[Governor’s] Luncheon, 1827 December
Governor’s Party 12/23 - 6:00 Guest List
Governor’s Personal Information, 1977-1978
Governor’s Personal Letters
Governor’s Personal List of Addresses, 1976-1977
Governor’s Christmas Donations, 1978
Governor’s Christmas List, 1978
Grasso, Doctor, 1979
Grasso, Doctor, 1977-1978
Grasso, Susane, 1977
Gridiron Dinner, Washington D.C., 1975 March 22
Hartley, 1978
Health, 1979
Helicopter, 1978
Highway Safety, 1978
Hold (B), 1977-1978
Honorariums (B), 1978
Honorary Chairperson (B), 1977-1978
Honorary Chairperson (B), 1979
Honorary Membership (B), 1975 668
Honorary Membership (B), 1976
Honorary Membership (B), 1978
Honorary Membership (B), 1979
Housing (I), 1979
HUD/Meeting With Secretary Harris, 1978-1979
Hudak, Eva (B), 1979
[Inaugural - Invitations Lists], 1979
Inauguration, 1975 January 8
[International Women’s Year] - IWY, 1979
[Invitations] (B), 1978 - 1979
[Invitations], 1978 January 1-March 26 669
[Invitations], 1978 March 27-May 28 670
[Invitations], 1978 May 29-August 13 671
[Invitations], 1978 August 14-October 22 672
[Invitations], 1978 October 23-December 31 673
Invitations Received (I), 1981 673
Iranian Situation, 1979
Italian Family File, 1976-1978
Italian Historical Society, 1976-1977
Italian Papal Trip (O), 1978 October
Judicial, 1979
Labor, 1979
Lauralton Hall - Diamond Jubilee, 1980
Legislation (B), 1977
Legislation, 1979
[Library and Information Services - Governor’s Conference], 1978
Manchester Community College (B), 1979
Mass Cards (B), 1978
Mass Cards - Hospitalization, 1980 April
Mass, Gifts, Special Letters - Duplicate List
Masses - Thank You (B), 1978 674
Meet the Press, 1975
Memorandum File - Confidential, 1978
Mental Health, 1979
Mental Health/Blue Hills Hospital, 1979
Mental Retardation, 1977
Mental Retardation, 1979
Military, 1979
Miscellaneous (B), 1978
[Miscellaneous], 1976-1977
[Miscellaneous - Book and Pamphlets], 1979-1980
[Miscellaneous Letters] (B), 1975-1976
[Miscellaneous], 1979-1980
Miscellaneous [Letters] (B), 1979-1980 675
National Governor’s Association, 1977-1978
New London Drop-in Learning Center, 1978-1979
News clippings and Photos (B), 1974-1977
Norwich Office (B), 1975
Office of Administrative Services, 1977-1978
[Office of Policy and Management] OPM, 1979
Open - Sometime (B), 1975-1976 676
Paid Speeches, 1975-1976
Painter - Governor’s Portrait - Mrs. Patricelli (B), 1976
Personal (B), 1974-1975
Personal (B), 1978-1980
[Personal II] (B), 1980 677
[Personal III] (B), 1979-1981
Personnel (B), 1978
Personnel, 1979
Photos (B), 1979-1980 678
[Photos - ETG - Education & Research Systems], 1980
[Photos of the Governor]
Photographs (B), 1978
[Photographs - Album of the American Family], 1980
[Photographs - Hedges], 1981
Portrait (I), 1979
[President Carter/Camp David], 1979
Press Releases, 1981
Public Safety, 1979 679
Public Safety Commissioner - TX’s for Recommendations - (O)
1979 January 10
PUCA, 1979
[Rao, P.J. Jr. - “The Rock, the Torch and the Gavel”], 1978
Recommendations (B), 1978
Recommendations Denied (B), 1979
Recommendations from Governor, 1979
Recommendations to Governor, 1979
Registrar of Voters List, 1974
Requests, 1979
[Requests], 1981
Requests for Governor Pix & Eulogy, 1981
Residence, 1979
Residence File, 1978
Resignation, 1978-1979
Resolutions, 1980-1981
Resolutions in Honor of Governor Ella Grasso, 1980-1981
Resume, 1979
[Revenue Services], 1979
[Saint Patrick's Day], 1980
Salt II Conference, 1978 December 5
Saturn Phot., 1980
Weekend, 1975 680
[Miscellaneous], 1975
, 1976 January-June
1976 July-1977 December 681
19778-1979 682
1980 683
Seasons Passes (B), 1979
Secretary of State, 1979
[Sendzimir, Inc.], 1980
Silver Bowl Log and Letters (I), 1976-1977
Social Services (B), 1978
Social Services, 1979
Solicitations (I), 1978
Solicitations (I), 1980
[Southern Office - David Mack], 1979
[Special Olympics], 1979
Special Revenue
Speech Fees, 1975-1978 684
Speed List, 1975-1976
Stanford Office, 1975
State Convention Delegates, 1978
[Stonington - Development Grant], 1980
Subscriptions, 1974-1978
Support (B), 1979
[Tape Recording - Misc.]
Tax, 1979
[Technical Papers - Sheridan/Kelly]
[Thank Yous]
A (O), 1977-1979
Ba-Bl (O), 1977-1979
Bo-Bz (O), 1977-1979
Ca-Ci (O), 1977-1979 685
Cl-Cz (O), 1977-1979
D (O), 1977-1979
E (O), 1977-1979
F (O), 1977-1979
G (O), 1977-1979
H (O), 1977-1979
I (O), 1977-1979 686
J (O), 1977-1979
K (O), 1977-1979
Ma-Me (O), 1977-1979
Mac-Mc (O), 1977-1979
Mi-Mz (O), 1977-1979
N (O), 1977-1979
O (O), 1977-1979
P (O), 1977-1979
Q (O), 1977-1979 687
R (O), 1977-1979
Sa-Sh (O), 1977-1979
Si-Sz (O), 1977-1979
T (O), 1977-1979
U (O), 1977-1979
V (O), 1977-1979
W (O), 1977-1979
X (O), 1977-1979
Y (O), 1977-1979
Z (O), 1977-1979
[G-P] (O), 1980-1981 688
[R-Z] (O), 1980-1981
[Thank you - Birthdays] (B), 1979
[Thank You - Birthdays] (B), 1979 689
Thank You - Canate - Mag. Letter (B), 1978
[Thank You], 1978 December
Thank You Gift
Thank You - (General) (B), 1979-1980 690
[Thank You - Invitations Refused] (B), 1980
Thank You Letters (I), 1978-1980
[Thank You Letters]: 691
A-C (O), 1979-1980
D-H (O), 1979-1980
I-M (O), 1979-1980
N-S (O), 1979-1980
T-Z (O), 1979-1980
[Thank You - Memorials] (B), 1981
Thank You - Miscellaneous] (B), 1976
[Thank You - Miscellaneous] (B), 1978 692
[Thanks to Ching Delegation]
Transportation, Department of, 1977-1978
[Transportation], Dot, 1979
Travel, 1975
Treasurer, 1976-1979
Tufts School, 1979
TX’s to ETG (B), 1979-1980
United States Reps and Senators, 1977
UCONN, 1978-1979
UCONN/Fine Arts Facility Ground Breaking, 1978
UCONN Newspaper, 1980
Western Conn. State College, 1979
WCSC Campus - Information, 1979
White House Info and Correspondence (B), 1976-1978
Women, 1979
Women’s Political Caucus, 1975
Yale - New Haven Hospital, 1979
Part VI Subject Files, 1979-1981
There are no boxes 701-730.
Acknowledgements, 1980 693
Aging, 1980
Aging - Nursing Home Committee, 1979-1980
Appointments, 1980
Arts, 1980
Auditors, 1980
Banking, 1980 694
Children, 1980
Children - memos to & from Commissioner Marcus, 1980
Civil Preparedness, 1980
Civil Preparedness - memos to & from Director Mancuso, 1980
Combined Health Appeal, 1980
Commissioners Biweekly Reports
1979 March 9-August 7
1979 August 14-1980 May 7 695
1980 May 8-December 16 696
Comptroller - memos to & from Caldwell, 1980 697
Corrections, K-T, 1980
Corrections, A-Z, 1980
Council of State Governments, 1980
Eastern Office, 1980
Economic Development, 1980
Economic Development - Taiwan, 1980
Education, A-Z, 1980 698
Education - Aid to Disadvantaged Children, 1980
Education 0- Higher Education, 1980
Education - Miscellaneous, 1980
Education - UConn, 1980
Education - Vocational, 1980
Elections Commission, 1980
Environmental Protection, A-Z, 1980
Environmental Protection - Long Island Sound, 1975
Environmental Protection - Silver Sands, 1979
Filer Committee, 1980
Handicapped, 1980
Health, 1980
Health - memos to & from Douglas Lloyd, 1980
Housing, 1980 699
Human Resources, 1980
[Human Resources - memos to & from Commissioner] Manning, 1980
Income Maintenance, 9180
Legis[lation], 1980
Mental Health, 1980
Mental R[etardation], 1980
Misc[ellaneous], 1980
OPM [Office of Policy & Management[, 1979-1980
OPM - Energy Conservation - Liquor Distributors, 1979-1980
P[ublic] W[orks], 1980
Resume, 1980
Rev[enue] Ser[vices], 1980
Sec[retary] of [the] St[ate], 1980
Spangler, Jon Eric, 1980
DOT, 1980
[DOT - memos to & from Commissioner] Powers, 1980 700
[Lauralton Hall - Diamond Jubilee], 1981 731
[Photo - ETG - Education & Research Systems], 1979
[Saturn Photo], 1980
Part VII Supplementary Files, 1971-1980
Gubernatorial Campaign, 1974 732
Candidacy Announced, 1974 January 19
News Releases - Index
[News Releases: #1 through #124]
Gubernatorial Campaign, 1974 733
[News Releases: #125 through #185]
Index of Speeches
[Speeches #1 through #39]
Gubernatorial Campaign, 1974 734
[Speeches #40 through #53]
[Other news releases, statements, etc..]
Public Transportation (5-3)
Utilities, 25 issues for and against (5/20)
Statement at Vallee's Dinner (5/20)
Why I Should be Nominated for Governor (7/11)
Oil Refineries (7/22)
Statement in Democratic Newsletter
Cyprus (8/30)
Income Tax (9/6)
Ford’s Pardon, Nixon (9/8)
5th Democratic Primary Results (9/10)
Super Pricing (Elderly) Norwich (9/12)
Caldwell Hits Ford on Economy (9/19)
Key Issues - Pitney Bowes (9/25)
Key Issues - GE (9/25)
Release for Reps/Sens Housing (10/14)
Files Injunction (10/16)
PUC Injunction Writ (10/17)
For Waterbury Republican (10/24)
Super pricing, Stratford (10/25)
Letters, DTC/high school (10/25)
Proposed Release (10/29)
Bailey Chides Laudone (10/30)
[Notebook - Copies of Newspaper Campaign Stories]
Gubernatorial Campaign, 1974 735
Ella - New Releases Washington
Congressional Press Releases
Notebook: Member’s Personal Voting Records - 92D Congress, 1971-1972
Ella T. Grasso
Notebook: Member’s personal Voting Records 93D Congress, 1973-1974
Ella T. Grasso
Legislative Matter 736
[Blue Laws] (B)
1978 May
[Collective Bargaining]
1978 May (B)
1977 January (B)
1977 February 1 - 14 (I)
1977 February 15-28 (B)
1977 March 1-20 (I) 737
1977 March 20-30 (B)
1977 April 1-10 (B)
1977 April 11/19 (I)
1977 April 20/25 (I)
1977 April 26-30 (B) 738
1977 May 1/15 (I)
1977 May 16-31 (I) 739
1977 June 1-15 (I)
1977 June 15-30 (B)
1977 July 1-15 (B)
1977 June - 1978 May (I)
1979 740
[Gay Rights Bill]
[Labor Legislation]
[Legislative Acts Signed]
1978 March 2, March 7, March 20, March 22
1978 March 29, March 31, April 4
1978 April 11, April 12, April 13, January 14
1978 April 19
1978 April 20
1978 April 25
1978 April 26
1978 April 27
1978 May 1, May 2, May 3
1978 May 4
1978 May 10 741
1978 May 17
1978 May 18
1978 May 23
1978 May 24
1978 May 25
1978 May 26
1978 May 29, May 30
1978 June 1 742
1978 June 1
1978 June 2
1978 June 6
1978 June 7
1978 June 8 743
1979 March 5
1979 March 7
1979 March 29
1979 April 3
1979 April 17
1979 April 18
1979 April 23
1979 April 26
1979 April 30
1979 May 2
1979 May 3
1979 May 7
1979 May 8
1979 May 9
1979 May 10
1979 May 14
1979 May 15
1979 May 16
1979 May 17
1979 May 21
1979 May 23 744
1979 May 24
1979 May 25
1979 May 29
1979 May 30
1979 June 1
1970 June 4
1979 June 5
1979 June 12
1979 June 14 745
1979 June 18
1979 June 19
1979 June 20
1979 June 21
1979 June 22
1979 June 27
1979 June 28
1979 June 29 746
1979 July 3
1979 July 6
1979 July 11
1979 July 16
[Miscellaneous], 1978
[Miscellaneous Legislative Acts], 1978
Legislative Matter 747
[Notices of Bills Signed/Vetoed], 1979 March 2-June 8
Receipts - Public Acts, 1978
Receipts - Special Acts, 1978
Resolutions, 1979
Telephone Calls Received, 1979
Press Releases
Index, 1975 April 28-1979 December 31 748
1980 759
1978 May 15-1979 December 31 748
1977 February 1-1978 May 14 749
1976 January1-1977 January 31 750
1974 November 20-1975 December 31 751
Official Statements, 1975-1980, 3 folders 752
Index, 1974 November 20 - 1979 December 6
This index lists speeches maintained at one time by the office of the Governor. Addendum One which follows in this register lists those speeches which were transferred to the State Library. As far as could be determined, the Governor’s Office has no additional speech files from this period. Researchers may want to check appropriate subject files for missing speeches.
Connecticut Bakers Association Rally, 1974 November 20
Connecticut Bakers Association Rally, 1974 November 20
Statement by Governor-Elect at Budget Hearing, Budget Speech, 1974 December 4
Inaugural Message, 1975 January 8
Budget Briefing, 1975 January 9
Meet the Press Transcript, 1975 January 12
Speech to Chamber of Commerce, 1975 January 17
Connecticut Economic Summit Conference, 1975 January 23
Energy Conference, 1975 January 27
Budget Message, 1975 February 13
Conference of Mayor Annual Meeting, 1975 February 15
Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner, 1975 March 1
Connecticut Child Welfare Conference, 1975 March 4
Intercollegiate Student Legislature, 1975 March 7
Annual Meeting of Chamber of Commerce, 1975 March 12
Dedication, Riverview School, Connecticut Valley Hospital, 1975 March 19
Greater Hartford Executive Association, 1975 March 20
Board for State Academic Awards, 1975 March 20
Winsted Hearing, 1975 March 20
Gridiron Club, 1975 March 21
Budget Meeting, New London, 1975 April 2
Enfield Neighborhood Center, 1975 April 9
Municipal Finance Forum, 1975 April 10
1975 Environmental Conference, 1975 April 11
Greater Hartford Better Business Bureau, 1975 April 17
Senior Citizen, Plainville, 1975 April 20
Alpha Omega Dinner, 1975 April 21
Black People’s Union, 1975 April 21
U.A.W. Women’s Conference, 1975 April 25 753
Eastern Star, 1975 April 25
Democratic State Central Com. (also Statements by Barbieri, O’Neill) Central Connecticut Council of Chambers of Commerce, 1975 April 28
Episcopal Social Services, 1975 May 1
Budget Hearing, Derby, 1975 May 5
Mother-Daughter Banquet, 1975 May 7
Members of Faculties of 4 State College, 1975 May 9
Task Force on Public works Construction Projects, 1975 May 14
Connecticut public Expenditure Council, 1975 May 14
American Airlines Press Conference (by Stockton), 1975 May 15
Tolland County Democratic Association (Right to Know), 1975 May 16
Manufacturing Association of New Haven County, 1975 May 19
Greater Hartford Chamber of Commerce, Charter Oak Leadership Luncheon, 1975 May 21
Unico Southington Chapter Gold Medal Award Banquet, 1975 May 21
Health, Planning & Delivery, 1975 May 22
H. Healy Dinner, 1975 May 23
Old Lime Memorial Day, 1975 May 26
Greenwich Chamber of Commerce, 1975 May 26
Mt. Holyoke Commencement, 1975 June 1
Connecticut Bar Association, 1975 June 2
Warehouse Point Receiving Home, 1975 June 3
General Assembly, 1975 June 4
League of Women Voters, 1975 June 10
Conference on Jobs, 1975 June 18
Comstock Bridge Rededication, 1975 June 21
Eagles Convention, 1975 June 21
Senior Citizens, Hubbard Park, Meriden, 1975 June 21
Connecticut health Association, 1975 June 24
Regional Occupational Training Center, 1975 June 25
John Groppo Testimonial Dinner, 1975 June 26
Boys State, 1975 June 26
Connecticut Chiefs of Police, 1975 June 26
Thomaston Centennial, 1975 June 28
Girls’ State, 1975 July 2
Jordan Schoolhouse & Green Dedication, 1975 July 5
UCONN Groundbreaking for New Library, 1975 July 10
Dedicating Addition to Danbury Hospital
Transfer of Fairfield Hills Property, 1975 July 17
Porcumac Groundbreaking, Plainfield, 1975 July 18
Summary of First 30 Weeks-at Old Saybrook, 1975 July 26
Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, 1975 August 13
Operation Peace of Mind, 1975 August 14
Savings Bond Kickoff Meeting, 1975 August 14
Unico Receiving Rizzuto Award, 1975 August 16
Torrington Flood Commemoration, 1975 August 19
Beta Sigma PHI, 1975 August 20
Dedication Lego Mfg., 1975 August 21
United Cerebral Palsy Association at Harkness, 1975 August 22
Presentation of Payment to Independent Colleges Windsor Locks Women Club, 1975 August 22
New London Town Democratic Committee Victory Dinner, 1975 August 28
Municipal Assistance Program, 1975 September 5
Pete Walker’s Banquet, 1975 September 6
Westchester Corp. Exec. Luncheon, GE HQ Fairfield, 1975 September 9
Laurel Club, 1975 September 10
Labor Convention, 1975 September 10
Announces Scholarship Award of the Eastern States Exposition Connecticut Trustees, 1975 September 17
Eastern States Expo Connecticut Trustees, 1975 September 17
Jewish Historical Society of Greater Hartford, 1975 September 17
Siemens Corp. Dedication, 1975 October 3
Columbus Day Dinner, Stamford Italian Center, 1975 October 3
Democratic Women, Stanford, 1975 October 4
“Whalers Salute”, 1975 October 5
Rotary Club, Danbury, 1975 October 8
DEP Seminar, 1975 October 9
20th District Democratic Fund Raiser, 1975 October 10
Garibaldi Society Dinner, Middletown, 1975 October 11
Casimer Pulaski Day New Britain, 1975 October 12
Center Church, Hartford, “Founders Day”, 1975 October 12
Columbus Day Parade, America Legion Association, Stamford, 1975 October 12
Eli Lilly Co. Dedication, 1975 October 14
Southbury Training School 35th Anniversary, 1975 October 15
Connecticut Grange 91st Session, 1975 October 16
Connecticut Employees Independent Union Convention, 1975 October 16
Al Smith Dinner, New York, 1975 October 16
Windsor Locks Public Health Nursing Association 50th Anniversary, 1975 October 17
Connecticut State Federation of Women’s Clubs, 1975 October 18
Accepting 1975 Woman of Achievement Award before American Committee on Italian Migration, 1975 October 19
Church Women United-Hartford Methodist Church, 1975 October 20
Testimony by Brooks before U.S. Senate Committee on Surface Transportation, 1975 October 21
Helikon Inc. Dedication, 1975 October 22
Enfield Women’s Club, 1975 October 22
New Haven Homebuilders Association, New Haven, 1975 October 22
Civic Center Shops Opening, 1975 October 23
Motor Transport Association Convention, 1975 October 23
the Connecticut Bar Association, 1975 October 25
Ham Radio Broadcast, 1975 October 28
Star (Retarded) Volunteer Luncheon, 1975 October 28
Bicentennial Forum on Agign, Hartford Civic Center, 1975 October 28
Peg Donohue’s Reception, 1975 October 30
Essex Satellite Vocational School, 1975 October 31
Speaks at Education Colloquium, 1975 November 5
Conference of State Developmental Disabilities Advisory Council, Lakeville, 1975 November 5
Connecticut Association of Soil & Water Conservation District Meeting, 1975 November 8
Salisbury Rotary Club, 1975 November 11
Salvation Army Award Luncheon, 1975 November 13
Connecticut Social Welfare Conference, 1975 November 13
Statement on U.S. Zionist Resolution, 1975 November 14
Federal Regional Council Indian Task Force, 1975 November 19
Farm Bureau Federation, 1975 November 19
Tax Collectors Association, 1975 November 19
100 Club, 1975 November 21
PTA Convention, 1975 November 21
State of the State, 1975 November 25
Conference on Juvenile Justice, 1975 December 1
Lions Club Oak Hill School Christmas Party, 1975 December 4
Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce 100th Anniversary, 1975 December 8
Tractor Inc. Opening, Groton, 1975 December 9
25th Contact Centers, 1975 December 10
Connecticut Business and Industry Association, 1975 December 10
Connecticut Conference on Energy, 1975 December 11
Connecticut Editorial Association, 1975 December 12
Job Innovation Commission, 1976 January 8
Ives Co. 100th Birthday, 1976 January 8
Rotary Club, Bridgeport, 1976 January 13
Pharmacists Meeting, 1976 January 14
Meriden-Wallingford Manufacturing Association, 1976 January 15
Awards to 6 Internat’1 Women’s Year UN winners, 1976 January 28
J. Carey’s Testimonial, 1976 January 29
John Daley, East Windsor Retirement, 1976 January 30
Budget Message, 1976 February 4
Budget Hearing, Watertown, 1976 February 11
Budget, Hearing, Waterbury, 1976 February 11
Budget Hearing, Norwich, 1976 February 18
Dedication of New Haven Correction Center, 1976 February 18
Connecticut Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives, Torrington, 1976 February 20
Long Island Board of Realtors, 1976 February 25
Smith College, 1976 February 26
“Over 60 Club,” Madison, 1976 March 3
Inter-Collegiate Legislature, 1976 March 5
Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey Dinner, 1976 March 6
Groundbreaking of General Dynamics, Norwich, 1976 March 8
Banker’s Club, NY (Selling of Bonds), 1976 March 10
St. Vincent’s Hospital, 1976 March 26
Political Women’s Caucus, 1976 March 27
Danbury Regional YMCA Annual Dinner, 1976 March 30
Winsted Memorial Hospital Groundbreaking, 1976 April 5
Phoenix Mutual’s 125th Anniversary, 1976 April 6
Reasons for not attending Ladies Home Journal Show, 1976 April 6
Connecticut Education Council Meeting, 1976 April 8
National Collegiate Honors Program, 1976 April 10
Chamber of Commerce, Rockville-Vernon, 1976 April 14
Lantern Presentation at Essex Forge, 1976 April 19
Energy Breakfast, 1976 April 22
Eastern Star 102nd Session, 1976 April 23
Calvin Bullock Forum, 1976 April 27
Deed to Fishway at Rainbow Dam on Farmington River, 1976 April 28
State Medical Society Annual Meeting, 1976 April 28
Arbor Day Ceremonies, 1976 April 30
Arbor Day, Gideon Welles, 1976 April 30
Barbara Erickson Day, 1976 May 2
Close of ‘76 Legislative Session, 1976 May 5
Award from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 1976 May 12
Johnson Dinner, 1976 May 13
Bay Path Commencement Speech, 1976 May 15
State Police Auxiliary Gold Badge Dinner, 1976 May 16
Welcoming Queen of Denmark, 1976 May 16
Windsor Needle Club, 1976 May 17
Memorial Day Ceremonies, State Employees Post 6041, 1976 May 20
UMTA Check for Connecticut Company, 1976 May 20
State Eployees Post 6041, State Capitol Rotunda, 1976 May 22
Emmanuel College Speech, 1976 May 23
Wallingford Bicentennial Industrial Expo, 1976 May 25
Presents Award of Excellence for Energy Conservation to Olin, 1976 May 25
Child Development Continuity Conference, 1976 May 26
Chiefs of Police North Atlantic Region, 1976 May 26
Connecticut Public Expenditure Council, 1976 May 26
Philips Park Dedication, Essex, 1976 June 5
Connecticut Trade Show, Civic Center, Hartford, 1976 June 9
Conference on Consumerism, Dialogue ‘76, 1976 June 9
Windsor High School Graduation, 1976 June 10
Regional Export Council, 1976 June 10
Parke Davis Dedication, 1976 June 11
Ladies VFW, 1976 June 11
Gilbert School Commencement, 1976 June 11
Prof. Glynns Testimonial, 1976 June 12
New England Clambake, O’Neill Theater, 1976 June 13
Women’s Economic Club, Detroit, 1976 June 15
Homebuilders Women’s Auxiliary, 1976 June 16
Boys State, 1976 June 22
Connecticut Mutual Bicentennial Meeting, 1976 June 24
State Agency Emergency Preparedness Seminar, 1976 June 24
Home Economists in Business, Minneapolis (Women), 1976 June 26
Girls’ State, 1976 June 29
Unveiling of General Pulaski Monument, 1976 July 3
4th of July Hartford Courant, 1976 July 4
American Legion Auxiliary, 1976 July 8
American Legion Convention, 1976 July 9
St. Raphael Hospital Dedication, 1976 July 22
Annual Lithuanian Day, 1976 July 25
White House Conference on Handicapped, 1976 July 31
Solar Energy Armory, Norwich, 1976 August 11 754
Bravery Awards, Connecticut State Police, 1976 August 11
General Telephone Good Government Club (on Surplus), 1976 August 17
Bond Campaign, 1976 August 18
Smaller Manufacturers Association of Waterbury, 1976 September 8
Groundbreaking Park River Flood Control, 1976 September 13
General Dynamics Eastern Data Service Center, Norwich, 1976 September 21
Connecticut Union of Telephone Workers, Ramada Inn, East Hartford, 1976 September 21
Associated Press Circuit, 1976 September 21
Big E Connecticut Truestees Luncheon, 1976 September 22
Awards Big E Scholarship ($1000) Virginia Nunez, 1976 September 22
Awards Big E Scholarship ($500) Cheryl Clenott, 1976 September 22
Windsor Home-Coming, 1976 September 25
“Day of Pride” Dinner, Sheraton Hotel, Hartford, 1976 September 25
National Association of Bank Women, Waldorf, N.Y.C., 1976 September 26
National Association of Insurance Commissioners, 1976 September 27
Board of Directors of Greater Hartford Urban League, 1976 September 28
Mental Health Association, Hartford Hilton, 1976 September 28
Background Material for Pulaski Parade, 1976 October