2nd Amendment Rights…Interpreting the U.S. Constitution

Stephen Mirsky

No matter what side of the 2nd Amendment debate you’re on, A Well Regulated Militia: The Founding Fathers and the Origins of Gun Control in America, written by Saul Cornell, awaits further exploration in our collection. The title captivated me because it ‘s a topic that’s been such a long standing lightning rod for controversy.

After reading the synopsis, it dawned on me that this book is a clear case of how history can help us understand our current world. In this instance, the historical context is twofold drawing from both when the book was written 7 years ago in 2006 as well as the Constitutional analysis of a founding document drafted in 1791. The author makes the case that both sides of the gun control debate are wrong….the right to bear arms is neither strictly an individual right nor an absolute government power.

I’m sure that whether this is 2013 or 2113, the scholarship, debate, and at times political polarization of the subject into myopic talking points will continue.


2nd Amendment Rights...Interpreting the U.S. Constitution