Municipal Records Management Program

Contact: LeAnn Power, 860-757-6540

Retention and Disposition

PRP 05: Disposition of Public Records
Municipal Records Retention Schedules
Form RC-075: Records Disposition Authorization

Volume of Records Measurement Guide

Form RC-076: Request for Removal of Public Records Personal Data Files

State Archives Memorandum of Transfer

Form RC-073: Post-1921 Probate Records Disposition Authorization

Email Management

GL 2009-2: Management and Retention of Email and other Electronic Messages

Email Management Guidance

Email FAQ

Digital Imaging (Scanning)

PRP 02: Digital Imaging
Digital Imaging Standards

Form RC-075.1: Authorization for Disposal of Original Paper Records Stored as Digital Images


GL 96-2: Standards for Microfilming Public Records
Microfilm Certificate of Compliance
Microfilm Target – Public Records Certification
Microfilm Target – Land Records Certification

 Records Storage Facilities

PRP 03: Standards for Public Records Storage Facilities
Form RC-150: Public Records Storage Facility Pre-Inspection Profile


Standard for Fire-Resistive Vaults and Safes (Conn. Agencies Regs.)
Guidelines for Vault Size
GL 86-15: Combination to Town Vault(s)

Land Records

Examination of Land Records (Conn Agencies Regs.)
Form RC-074: Examination of Indexes and Inspections of Land Records of Towns
GL 92-2: Corrections to Land Records Index Volumes
GL 2006-01: Format Requirements for Land Records and Indices
GL 2010-3: Recording of Land Record Instruments Containing Graphical Representations
Filing Requirements for Maps (Conn Agencies Regs.)
GL 2005-1: Licensing Requirements for Design Professionals Filing Maps
Real Property Electronic Recording (Conn Agencies Regs.)
Electronic Recording FAQ

Additional Resources

Compilation of Public Records Laws
Records Management Terms
Form-RC-104: Records Inventory List
Recommendations of the State Librarian for Establishing Standards and Guidelines for the Preservation and Authentication of Electronic Documents
GL 91-1: Standard Paper for Permanent Records
Use of Portable Flatbed Scanners to Copy Public Records (General Letter 2010-2)
PRM 102: Filing of Military Discharge Documents (DD Forms 214, 214C, and 215)
Form RC-001: Records Disposition Policy Acknowledgement of Receipt
Form RC-010: Public Records Complaint