Online Survey Released – Responses Needed by May 15

State Library Survey Open

April 18, 2016

Contact: Eric Hansen

Connecticut State Library Division of Library Development
(860) 704-2224

Online Survey Released – Responses Needed by May 15

Middletown, CT – The State Library service called researchIT CT(formerly iCONN) offers free online resources to all Connecticut residents. Users within a public, academic, K12 school, or Special library can access those resources 24/7 with a computer, tablet or smartphone. Those outside of those locations can still access the resources with a valid Connecticut public library card number.

Resources available from researchIT CT include magazine, newspaper, and journal articles, U.S. census information, and a collection of downloadable eAudio and eBooks for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices.

To ensure that the State Library is budgeting for researchIT CT content effectively, a survey is available online for any and all Connecticut residents who care to respond. The survey is anonymous and takes about 10 minutes to complete. It is available at and from this QR code:


QR CodeThe survey is available in hard copy for those who prefer to complete a paper survey. Check with your local public library to obtain one. Surveys must be completed and submitted by May 15, 2016.

The Connecticut State Library Division of Library Development sponsors a number of statewide services that benefit libraries of all types and their users throughout Connecticut, including the deliverIT CT statewide library delivery service, the borrowIT CT statewide borrowers card, the findIT CT statewide catalog, the requestIT CT statewide library sharing service, and the researchIT CT statewide research engine. The Division’s web site is