New and Noteworthy – Naval documents of the American Revolution Vol.12

Naval documents of the American Revolution

Washington : Naval History Division, Dept. of the Navy

StLib Federal Documents D 207.12: 12Cover of book

Volume 12 of this series of primary documents.

Description from Government Printing Office:

“With a foreword by President Barack Obama, the twelfth volume in the Naval History and Heritage Command’s Naval Documents of the American Revolution series tells the story of the Revolutionary War on the water during the period of April to June 1778. In the tradition of the preceding volumes–the first of which was published in 1964–this work synthesizes edited documents, including correspondence, ship logs, muster rolls, orders, and newspaper accounts, that provide a comprehensive understanding of the war at sea in the spring of 1778. The editors organize this wide array of texts chronologically by theater and incorporate French, Italian, and Spanish transcriptions with English translations throughout. Volume 12 presents the essential primary sources on a crucial time in the young republic’s naval history–as the British consolidate their strength in the Mid-Atlantic, and the Americans threaten British shipping in European waters and gain a powerful ally as France prepares to enter the war.

This book is a key scholarly resource for a narrow group–naval and military historians, and researchers of early American history and the Revolutionary War who require primary source documents. Potential interest may exist with some military or Revolutionary War history enthusiasts. Students studying these wars may be interested in the Naval perspective through this comprehensive resource.”