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Guide to Connecticut Legislative History

There are three types of legislative history documents that relate to each act passed by the Connecticut General Assembly:

  1. House of Representatives proceedings
  2. Senate proceedings
  3. Public hearing transcripts

Complete legislative histories begin with acts passed in 1953. Public hearings from this year back to 1899 are also available for some committees.
You can obtain copies of this material by:

  • Visiting the State Library in person or placing an order by phone. Please see our policy on photocopies.
  • Searching the library's database by act or bill number (full-text 2009-present)

Other Sources

The Judicial Branch Law Libraries have legislative histories from 1980 to 2009 on microfiche. 

The Connecticut General Assembly search page offers full-text transcripts of House and Senate proceedings and Committee public hearings from 1988 to the present online. *Please note this material is not paginated, indexed, or corrected.  Submitted testimony for the public hearings is not available prior to 1999. 

For self-paced  instruction on how to effectively access these online transcripts, visit our Legislative Search Instructional Video and the Judicial Branch's step-by-step tutorial.

Landmark Legislative Histories

Separately prepared volumes contain compiled legislative histories on select landmark Connecticut legislation.  In addition to the complete official transcripts, volumes include:

  • Act summaries
  • Glossary of terms
  • Relevant supporting material from the Permanent Bill File Archive and the State Documents Collection.

Online versions are also available:

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Last Revised May 2010