Constitutional Amendment Article XXVIII

Amendment Article XXVIII


Spending Cap.

HJR 205                     JUNE 5th SPECIAL SESSION 1991

            Senate:            187-211, 395-401

            House:            796-808, 1307-1314

            Committee:     None-hearings are not usually held during special sessions, but see Regular Session hearing for failed HJR 18 on the same topic :         Government Administration & Elections Committee: 557-579, 587-588, 610-611, 617-619, 624-633

                                                Total Pages: 38  pages


Adopted: November 25, 1992 by a popular vote of  829,868 in favor and 195,630 against.


“this is not as much of a control of expenditures as one might think … because … the exclusion of programs such as Medicaid, AFDC, some grants and so forth to our towns …[will amount] … to about half the state budget …  If you exclude consent decree and programs in the Department of Income Maintenance, debt service and town grants … the figure of about $2.6 billion … would have to be excluded from any kind of a cap, so I don’t see that this amendment is going to do a whole lot to control expenditures …”


Sen. Fleming speaking to the Connecticut Senate on August 21, 1991 about proposed constitutional amendment House Joint Resolution No. 205 which would establish a spending cap.  On this same day, the General Assembly had already passed a bill establishing an income tax.