Constitutional Amendment Article XIV

Amendment Article XIV

Changes the voter registration period for pre-registering 17-year-olds.


SJR69             1979

            Senate:            4392-4393

            House:            11,825-11,832

            Committee:     Government Administration and Elections: 900, 911

                                                Total Pages: 12  pages


Adopted:  November 26, 1980 by a popular vote of 370,326 in favor and 326,503 against.


“[This] would remove … the four month time period limitation on pre-registration of 17-year-olds … [which] prevents … an effective voter registration drive … when school is in session.  A four month period begins in July, whereas a five or six month period could begin in May or June …”


–John Maloney [Elections Attorney and Director of Elections Division of the Secretary of State’s Office] explaining proposed constitutional amendment Senate Joint Resolution No. 69 at the Government Administration and Elections committee public hearing held on March 21, 1979.