Constitutional Amendment Article VIII, sec. 1

Amendment Article VIII, Section 1


Justices of the Peace.

SJR 22                        1973

            Senate:            3640, 4350-4355, 4362-4363

            House:            7327-7336, 7830-7833

            Committee      Government Administration & Policy: None

                                                Total Pages: 23  pages


Adopted: November 27, 1974 by a popular vote of  301,707 in favor and 236,692 against.


“There was some concern … that this amendment meant to eliminate justices of the peace … All we’re trying to do … is remove the constitutional requirement that justices of the peace must be elected … There’s been a recent judge’s ruling which says that all justices of the peace must have their names printed on the ballot … some cities have 150 justices of the peace … [and] that would move the vote off the machine and on to paper ballots”.


–Rep. Eloise B. Green, speaking during the house debate on Wednesday, May 23, 1973 regarding proposed constitutional amendment S.J.R. No. 22.